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Clif High - Human Origins and Biblical misrepresentations


Interesting dot connection job done by Clif High.


(Geez he always goes like a machine gun...LOL)


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Stan Romanek Case


Just as a gateway for his incredible stories...



Some almighty awesome links provided on the poster's note section in the vid below!


And to be on the even keel for the information, here's someone pointing out possible deterioration of integrity. 




But again, if the change occurred in 4~5 years, then the original images/stories that were brought out by Stan might have been very true and accountable still.


It's difficult for me to decide to discard what Stan had presented before abruptly, because he might developed some reason to change since the incidents happened.(Before 2010? The vid is in 2014.)


There could have been many reasons and something we don't know nothing of happened to him and the family.

.....He might had to "play the role" to save his and his family's life.


From here, I'd like you to imagine this....

Maybe he was threatened by someone to LOOK UNACCOUNTABLE to diffuse the leaking info that's got possibly a bit too much too fast for the faction that was involved in.


I care for our fellow researchers, abductees/experiencers and informants, and also care for the dependable clean-cut-ness that should exist in debunking and believing in research of hidden information.

And as a human, I can only understand that he'd do whatever he had to do his best to protect his family, if their lives were threatened.....and perhaps Stan had to play it stupid to denounce his credit in the world, if so, I support his decision.


We can't save his family's lives, can we?

We can say anything we want to if we can assure the safety for everyone involved in. But we know we can't, yeah?

Then we'd come to the conclusion that we shouldn't really be upping and tearing him down for him being unable to commit to "our side".


I'm writing this because I noticed the similar stories happening to some of the peeps who are leaking information---the pattern is that from the beginning they make sure that there's something that make them looking un-accountable. Often having those silliness publicly shown, or wording of discrediting themselves in their conversation.(You will probably forget hearing it after a while, but still, it's important for the informants because by them doing so, they have followed the faction's instructions. Thus they are not threatened of their lives.) It's their life insurance against the factions, too.


At least he did that and left the whole thing recorded on the vid, so it's up to us to read into the info deeper and understand that he maybe not be able to give us further info freely, take all we can take from his past info.

I wouldn't like to just jump on and discount on anyone without knowing their real circumstance and why he had to "change"...which we may never know.......ummmmmmmmmm.


I just discovered Stan's own explanations in July 2015---I was right for my guess but....daunting that the harassment always works; "they" take your loved ones hostages to use the card against you when you want to disclose stuff out there:

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Haven't watched this yet.




Gordon Bowden on Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ Paedophiles & David (porky) Cameron.

Posted By: AndiV
Date: Sunday, 7-Feb-2016 17:00:57






Gordon gives Evidence of Unprecedented Money Laundering To Fund Endless Wars And Coups!


Ex Royal Air Force Engineer Gordon Bowden gives SHOCKING disclosure of his knowledge of the dark side of geopolitics and the war machine from dummy corporations (MISSING NUCLEAR BOMBS) the "death" of Dr David Kelly to nasty aristocratic types.


THE BBC WERE HANDED THESE DOCUMENTS ON 1ST MARCH 2015. David Cameron and Tony Bair will go to Jail.


This Video is downloaded onto a memory stick and will be used along with other proof of a cover-up by SUSSEX POLICE in Brighton Magistrates Court on 27th November 2015 John Paterson v Sussex Police.


ALL ROADS LEAD TO 788-790 FINCHLEY ROAD (Pandora's Box) Gordon has the keys


Abel Danger Global - Ex Marine Field McConnell and Forensic Economist David Hawkins


Feel free to download and make this viral.. thank you JP

Huc tendimus omnes. TRANSLATION: We all strive for this


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=39537

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maybe the message was received by those it was intended for and they also responded, we are very nieve if we think we are the only sentient beings on this planet, good or bad.. but then of course we all know NASA is the center of the known federation of underverses don't we? lol

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a short docu but worth the knowledge if one is interested



Published on Jan 24, 2016

The possibility that the earth contains massive subterranean cavers or is at least partially hollow, accessible through passages at the poles, and that ancient secret breakaway civilizations flourish within it, has fueled people's imagination for centuries.

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The Proof of Gray Aliens' existence AND the Connection of Grays and Cattle Mutilations




(His website got links to other vids you can watch on his Ranch, too.)


John Edmons' ranch called the Stardust Ranch has been known as a full on alien hot spot.


Now we all have the proof....go check it out on his site yourself for what he had written down about the Forensic Test done on the Real Samples he got from......chopping up Gray into almost 2 halves with his Samurai sword....


Don't piss humans off!!


Also, as kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot crew went there, they were welcomed by a huge UFO presence and they got it on the real footage...


How much more proofs are we gonna keep on asking to say the aliens do exist, and they do what they do?


Well, for John and his wife, that's been their reality for almost 2 decades, fighting back the beings just coming in to their private life.... 


According to Linda Moulton Howe, the US gov was doing its best to try to hide the connection of Grays to the Cattle Mutilation cases.


Well it's clearly out now.



This gets more human-like situation...

This is according to several big cats of CT world being the sources talking about it...


Grays are jealous about us, the Humans, who always get help from Gray's boss, the Dracos and its associates.

Grays think the Humans are nothing different from them, and Grays are more clever than humans.

Grays often behaves like a snotty older brothers/sisters, who always try to pinch humans' nose when the parents aren't watching, and make us cry....but still, we belong to the family....

Grays were told to Look After the Humans, because "they are older brothers/sisters to the Humankind, so be nice to the Humans."

But their bosses didn't really make Grays to feel honoured to do that job well for the humans.... 


So when we deal with Grays, PLEASE do consider they might have been very unhappy the way they had been treated by their bosses.

You know how you'd be affected if you got a bastard boss, yeah?

Then it's the same thing.



(Ammm, I think it's best not to try to chop them up with a Samurai sword, even if you have one...)


If you don't like anyone doing nasty to you, you'd better not to instigate it yourself.

Let's try to be considerate and nice to them as much as we can, when we think that's the right thing to do.


We can't just leave them in dust and be happy.

At least I want ALL OF US to be happy.


I dunno how we achieve it, but I want that complete happiness for all. No less.

Because we got almighty creative power, let's aim high, see if we can really reach it well.

Imagining the happiest conclusion doesn't hurt anyone as far as I consider.


We are one in the eyes of our Creator Goddess.

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What Cabal is trying to do to us with Hormone Disruption


This is from Alex Jones' Info Wars bracket, but I found the content was simply put, and easy to grasp the flow of the things.

So though you gotta be aware you need to have a pinch of salt, just to look into the issue in a quick manner, it was worthwhile, I found.


BPA, BPS, plastic as a whole...mmmmm.


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Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi (1943) - WW2 Animated Propaganda Film by Walt Disney


Let's juxtapose the story to what's happening to ourselves since our childhood, educated to distrust mothers and conditioned to look down women for decades...and what's been presented by the famed peeps on MSM like Hanna Montana to Lady GaGa, we need to cleanse out the forced inputs and release ourselves.


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well this is probably the most intense rapid information dump covering everything that has had you all connected during this epoc..


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A Caged Death Match of the Big Cats of the CT world : 2009


This issue has been out in the public for quite a while...and seems to be still dividing the CTs.

Though some of the peeps might find the whole segment very difficult to watch as it's continuous argument, especially when unfortunately Kerry's expression might be too emotional and not so descriptive of what really is, perhaps. But all were very worthwhile discussion.

We need to find the best tactful way to deal with what we are facing.

What would be better than those who studied about the field we study to belch out and try out all their theories together?


I appreciated that they had this segment made.


Well, very interesting to see all the comments what peeps left along side of this vid due to the title of the vid...


Many peeps seemed to get annoyed at what Kerry was saying to Dr. Greer but to me she does present an aspect that's important to us.

But that should not be the top priority in the big scheme, I feel. (There might be other, much more important points the Humans gotta take grip on. But as she said, not accepting all "aliens" are "nice" aliens, is certainly resonating well with me.)


But I equally value Dr. Greer's info and perspective on the issue.

Because we, the Humanity, has been kept in the dark for a long time, and still not getting full story to us, we want to know as much as possible...that's only natural. But we also got to sift through possible mis-info, dis-info, total self-absorbing-crap and all sorts of waste of time info, too. We cannot stop this yet because as we are still kept in the dark, yeah?


Now, when you are ON THE SAME CHOICE LEVEL as the technologically advanced races, you will come to different conclusions....that's our future answers to the issue.

So it's ok to sway both ends a bit to see how the situation is evolving! All is well.(・ω<)☆Let's not stomp on our growth, hey...


Knowing that should give us some leveraging space to have ears to listen to both sides of the discussion, I think.



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Aliens worked with US military 2013 March 23 Australian TV


The segment from an Aussie tv station.

Charles Hall speaks up about the interactions with 3 types of aliens.

Quite cool as he goes into explaining biological differences of the aliens and how they were to us, the Humans.


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No one could see the color blue until modern times




It was a very interesting vid to me.

It posed a LOT of questions for many things...such as those super realistic 3D holograms, we might be easily get fooled believing that they are real, because we haven't had experienced much to differentiate it well from other stuff we are seeing.


"There’s some evidence that we didn’t see the color “blue,” at least not in the way we see it today, until far later than other colors that are more common in nature. This is how researchers figured it out. 

Produced by Grace Raver. Original reporting by Kevin Loria. "

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Welcome to yet another rabbit hole...


R. Hoagland site: http://enterprisemission.com/

Here's some write up "NASA" + "wrong-doing" = "Richard C. Hoagland" : http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/hoagland_owls.htm


4th Reich (the break away human race residing away from Earth, that's trying to come back and take control of Earth), Benevolent alien races trying to give us hands (providing we are "ready" to take up on the offer), nasty bunch of aliens taking control of Earth already, all hovering around Earth.


Elenin's core is still out there.

The one that's timed with 911 in the US.


Richard Hoagland explains the whole lot.


But please be aware...I think this recording could go back a fair bit, though it was posted on 21st Feb 2016.

As for archiving of what's out there as CTs, I'm posting the vid here.







"Hang on...it's changing the course...!"

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Interesting video-at least to me.

Has government cover ups,tall blond haired skeletons, Persians,and a giant skull, as well as a very similar image of an Annunaki from Peru compared with one from the Middle East.

Basic premise: a band of Persians left the border of India on the Persian Empire about 4000 years ago after war with a dark skinned race there, and made their way to New Zealand via South America,(Peru and Mexico), to Easter Island and thence to New Zealand.

(One part I find a little puzzling: the people are described as Persian, yet have DNA in common with Basque and Welsh and many obviously Celtic characteristics).


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Karen Hudes on Homo Capensis etc


Sometimes Karen really cracks me up laughing by the way she say things.


Here's a decent article that covers all different angles to talk about what she claimed:



 “There is a second species on this planet. They’re not extraterrestrials. They’re very much with us. They have made maps in the previous ice age. The remnants of their civilization are all over the place, a lot of time along the coast. It’s submerged, because the sea level has gone by over 400 meters, but this group has large brains. They’re very distinct from Homo sapiens. Their DNA is so different that if the two species mated, their offspring would be infertile, and we know this because their DNA was just tested. There are skulls all over the place on Earth, because they have been with us, but after the ice age, there weren’t that many of them, and so they’ve been hiding, and one of the places that they’ve been hiding is in the Vatican. That’s why the Vatican are wearing those mitres. It turns out that’s also what the high priests wore in the early beginnings of Judaism… Not only is Homo capensis trying to keep human beings under control by divide and conquer using our money system, they have also been doing this with our religions, organized religions, trying to get human beings to hate people of different religious faiths so that they will kill each other off, so that the people in the back of manipulating human beings could stay in, what can I say, to use us like cattle. That’s what’s been going on through our history.”


Karen Hudes Discloses The Presence Of Aliens Ruling Our Society Video


And here's Karen's appearance on RT:



1 1/2hr heavy full on info filled vid. Karen's soulful shouts there.╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  But anyhow covers most of everything she's been trying to tell peeps about.


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The man who changed Iceland - the message for Greece.


Published on: 2012/07/22 


From the Publisher's note:

"The man who forced the government of Iceland to resign and kicked out the IMF representatives from his country, Hordur Torfarson, is now teaching meta-modern democracy throughout Europe.The rest of the world would benefit from following the example set by Iceland: Arresting the corrupt bankers who are responsible for the current economic turmoil. "


The note on YT page got loads of links which may interest you.


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The Real Reason America Dropped The Atomic Bomb. It Was Not To End The War


Personally I was going "WooHooooo!!!! Finally people started to absorb these info in!!! Time to wake up about what really happened in WW2!!!"...because I had to take huge hours and do heck a lot of researching about it myself to accept those information presented in this vid.

I literally had to break away from the War Guilt Information Program installed by the GHQ, which tickled down generation by generation for 70 years. 

...Talk about mind control....I cannot sneer about it anymore as I experienced how deep it affects us as first hand experience.


The A-bombs were dropped onto Japan that was already indicating to end the war in September, and the US dropped them in August, NOT to end the WW2 in a hurry to reduce the number of lives getting lost.

And what the US dropped were 2 different sorts of nuke bombs in order to experiment (and show the power to Soviet) on the "yellow monkeys" who stuck nose in during WW1 and earned too much respect from EU, not them.


...But then I realised something recently.

Can you see how cruel the attitude of decision makers were?

Just something that I cannot arrive to think someone else's sons or daughters could ever think in such bent manner and feel good about it.

I really REALLY don't think that kinda attitude belongs to us, the Humanity.

We all hear that the intensity of mind required to be impacted by horrible experiences of life and death, yet still keeps on immersing ourselves with mass killings like broken dolls repeating the same words again and again....

I think it's a learned behaviour.



This is just my thoughts but I suspect it was the Archons seeping through the top Dracos & other races that had governance war on Earth, also hijacked loads of humans as well. (And the ritual formulas used by the Dracos as well on top of that. It's more than just one layer of issue here.)

Harald Khurz' experience he talked in one of his vid gave me a light bulb moment.

Harald said at 17 yo age, he was told by a physician that he was presenting the end results of sexual molestation which he never physically went through. So he knows it was a genetic memory appearing on physical body level. 


The amplified effect spilling over different levels, going down to everyday ordinary citizens in all involved countries before, during and after the war....

That effect is also carried on as genetically scarred memory literally, making many people's SADISTIC LEVEL to go worse and worse as generation goes by, by promoting more wars and other hideous programmings.


(I came from the background of believing in all humans are good humans to start with.

This thinking pattern is so deeply imprinted into me, I'm hoping I'm not presenting the view of that side only---because I want to be able to clearly see where is a neutral stance, so that we all can take a good look into this matter by ourselves....as a human being. Please straighten me up if I'm not sitting on the fence!)


So I'm a believer that the humans was never such cruel beings.

I want to think it's a learned behaviour in the beginning.


1) We need to undo it if so.

2) We need to learn how to stop such effect by applying techniques of stopping psychological attacks on us.


Especially 2) is a brand new learning curve for the Humanity.

Collectively (including kids as well) we gotta learn how to get rid of Archons to Dracos or anyone else trying to psychically attack us.

Physical attacks to us to induce our depression state such as continuous exposure to loud low frequency and microwaves we already know about they exist, yeah?

And we want that to be stopped, yeah?

Also you know about the exposure we all are copping mind control via MSM and advertisement, yeah?

This is just one more thing to add; PSYCHIC ATTACKS.


How to stop anyone peeking into your thoughts, how to avoid the negative intentions coming to you, all sorts of stuff to be learned, or at least come to aware of it.

We need to learn them quickly I feel. 



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Astronauts’ immune systems go haywire after space trips - study




" “What would form a mild immune response in the blood of a healthy person on Earth seems to cause immune cells in astronauts to go haywire, overreacting to some of the foreign threats,” said lead investigator Professor Alexander Choukèr, whose study took five years.

“What was striking and unexpected was the ambiguous immune response we saw in the astronauts’ blood – we saw an over-reaction coupled with severe immune suppression in some areas.” "

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3rd Eye Cleansing Techniques


Out of lack of relevant thread in the Health section, I just throw this vid in here.


Don't just disregard the content...

Try them all and see what they do to your brain first, then decide if you liked them or not.


I was laughing as I was trying to do them and thinking "OMG this is looking sooooo stupid", then I noticed....maybe not so stupid after all....

Some peeps may find the knowledge beneficial.

See how you go. 

At least I had a good chuckle. LOL


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Top Illuminati Grand Wizard: “We Control Islam and We'll Use It to Destroy the West.” (WW3)


"Islam is merely a tool to destroy the Western Christian"...Albert Pike wrote.






Not saying this was absolutely a complete truth, but I personally felt this was a genuine recruiting offer done by...someone.


Watch out for the contacts made by "Vogue Confidential", beautiful and brainy girls....big grin.

Probably outrageously good pay package presented in front of you, generally check their background anyhow...


From the Poster's Note:

"Posted on 2016/03/24

If you get emails from russel@voguemagazine.uk OR russell@voguepublications.com IGNORE THEM.

Also numbers +447424897873 and +1(631) 327-4589 "



USA, Russia & Other Govs Preparing for Planet X - Nibiru Arrival and Aftermath.


And a little bit of current news...


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This is well worth listening to, understand how history is repeating, the same plans are the real agenda same family names, same free trade agreements just different acronyms 




Wake up America - Dr John Coleman 



Want to know more about the 300 read this


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Planetary Appearance+α:  

Steve Olson & WSO's Air Sample Result




In the following vid, Steve talks about why he did what he did.

Anyway, this paper is in the public domain now, it's for real.

It means peeps are breathing in powdered Aluminium, Barium, and Strontium.



That's where a lot of us are wondering. Not only arriving to one possible reason but arriving to MANY reasons...

And how can we stop this?


Oh, hey, by the way, after his experiment using the high rise balloon, he came to the conclusion that the Earth is NOT FLAT. LOL


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