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Whilst waiting to get some work on new puter, i found out about the "Bloop", a strong sound picked by SOSUS- Sound Surveillance System, put throughout the world's oceans to track Russian subs. 



At the same time, I thought I'd go and have a look at what is considered, the "Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility", the point in the Pacific Ocean furtherest from any landmass. But Captain Nemo has beaten me there and left his mark ROFL






Cords for Bloop-  50° 0'26.42"S 100° 0'12.97"W

Coords for POI -  48°52'35.00"S 123°23'36.29"W


Please put other weird shit you find on GE here, but we should keep serious Matrix locations elsewhere



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Wow an anomaly in the title of the thread, Bot... :-


Now you face to the same frustration as I had on my threads...we can't fix it from our end...llllllollllll >:D

(If you know how to go around, please let me know! But so far, I had to ask Aco to fix the titles I made mess of.)

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unity, that title was on purpose, as my eyes goggled when I saw Nemo's mark  8)


Hope you can see it in first image

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llllollll Now I See (Goggling...) Bot! DOH for me of "not getting it"...hehehe lost in translation... :wink:

BTW, are there any systems that can penetrate deeper than bottom of the sea to see cavities etc on the scale covered like GE existing for us to see??

Of course, the miners have the techs but I'm talking about the free source for all of us to look into the "underground" in the depth of beyond 30km or further via satellite...


And I'm  :bump: ing the thread.

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Sorry unity, didn't realise you had posted this question, was checking an EQ today that I thought might be close to "Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility".


Yes, there are some powerful sub-sea-floor penetrating sonar, but to date I haven't found any raw data I can get hold of although haven't checked for while. Still waiting to see Oceanographer for Spires stuff (mate thinks he's at sea atm), and I was planning to ask about subsea-floor data. Hope it won't be long.


It is mining co's that want the subsea-floor data in some very deep waters, although from what I've read so far, they can only penetrate ~10 or so metres.

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Ok, this is from the 3rd Phase. 

So don't take anything of what they are saying as serious.

BUT their viewers are NOT the 3rd Phase....


A viewer of their channel send them some almighty interesting images on Google Earth images.

They are all enhanced to show the details.

They are from South America.

Just WTH.....amazing.


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Who Used Such Large Construction Machines on Sea Floors?

(´; ω ;`)

I could cry looking at what I was seeing on the screen as I was going through the sea floors around the world.

Earth has been raped badly before we started to trash her.

 And that's been done on a far bigger scale than us Humans doing on Earth's surface right now.

I can't recall where the vid was posted but a while ago phil posted the vid of showing the massive trails left on sea floors.

I went to have a look at Google Earth Free version. We know it's already altered but they didn't think about those gigantic sized trails left all over the world under the sea...so we still can gaze over them now.

I post series of screen shots here.

It's sooooo sobering....this is our mother Earth....gasping with horror and sadness....


Starting with off the coast of Japan....one by one, it's getting closer to the water.


All images (c) Google Earth. Shared only for educational purpose.




On the sea floor now.


And looking down on the sea floor from above. Some weird rectangular shaped objects are found on the floor. Not sure if those are buildings, but anyway....move on....



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Not convinced on what I was saying? Keep on seeing more screen shots I provide for you.....

Focus your eyes to the dark straight line appearing on the centre of the pic.

It looks like....a CATERPILLAR (machinery) TRAIL to me....


Let's follow the trail to the left to see where it goes...


..."It" didn't care about a bit of bump. Just went over the top....


Check out the fancy clean bend on it's trail......GE_8.jpg

The size...


Well...what would you think made this trail...?




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If you can download free Google Earth, please try seeing them yourself. It's savage, and sobering.....

Also, we tend to think constructions gets done on the ground just because we do it that way.

But those who got aerial hovering ability could use unknown energy to penetrate sea water through and create easy-to-work flooring at first. It could have been done from outside of Earth's air bubble even.

Anyhow, whoever had knowledge and had gears to do what they did, they were NOT us, Humans, yeah?




What do you think about this...?


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South Australian coast...getting closer and closer from above down to the sea floor.



I take your eyes are getting used to spot the anomalies on the sea floors by now....


...The construction below reminded me of Abydos Temple in Egypt. The system to resurrect dead Osirus again.


A triangle...? WTH was that for I wonder, apart from going back to where it came from...

"Oh sh*t, I left my lunch at home...!" moment? Or...even worse I could think of but let's avoid writing it down.

GE_36_Sth of Tassy.jpg

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One thing I think to be careful with - is how accurate these images are.  At times I feel they are not very accurate, at least to the degree that we are seeing on the pictures..

Most of these 'maps' have been put together from composites of soundings, some up to several hundred years old.

It is only in the past few years, that we have started to get equipment that can accurately give measurements at those depths, and at the same time, actually record a path wider than maybe a metre or so. And also, how many have been able to allow for tides, etc. ?  Now we can with GPS, but not before.

It could be that some of these tracks are from a different survey ship, and the actual 'track' shows because that ship actually recorded the true depth, while the surrounding 'country' is the 'averaged' from previous charts.

Just me playing the Devil's Advocate...

(and I do know there are a lot of things down there that are not explainable)


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OIC! Great points there, EagleWings! I agree to watch out for those possible reasons....!

Always appreciating your posts....(・ω・)ノ

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@unity, as the old saying goes = "There is no such thing as a dumb question..."

And posts like yours are really questions of what is out there, under the waves...

And considering how much on dry land we are finding, there must be as much (%-wise) under the water, maybe more...

All I was trying to say, some of those pics will be showing 'not natural' things (like, straight lines don't occur in nature), but likewise, the technology that is showing us the information may not be showing us the correct (or full) lot of information...

But then, in seeing something "Odd", we need to question it - first, is it real, second, are we seeing it correctly, then, finally, we can try to figure it out..


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I stumbled across this video the other day. 

The title is misleading (no ice wall, no flat earth) and land masses are maddeningly unlabelled.  No text, just images of plotted points running from pole to pole, along the seafloor, not actually reaching the poles.  New Zealand and Antarctica keep coming up.  As the points come into view, a seemingly solid wall begins to rise from the floor.  (Is this just the way the images have been put together for the map?)  The wall, and it continues to be measured in kms, has variations in its shape when those 'tractor' lines come along.  I was unable to find this wall myself, but it could be tricky to actually pinpoint the location, and it may even be a computer glitch.  Nevertheless, it's interesting.

Globe 1 (640x414).jpg

Globe 1.2 (640x419).jpg

Globe 1.3 (640x413).jpg

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An article about that "wall".

Mysterious ‘underwater wall’ that encompasses the entire planet found on Google Earth

March 27, 2017

"A mysterious video posted on YouTube claims there is a supermassive wall located beneath Earth’s oceans, encompassing the entire planet.

This mysterious wall, found by a YouTube channel called ‘Flat Earth Arabic’ claims the massive wall tens of thousands of miles across beneath the ocean.

In the distant past, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have found countless unexplained things on Google Earth. From pyramids to mysterious towers, petroglyphs, and even sunken cities, Google Earth has unleashed the imagination of people around the globe.

Not long ago we reported about a supposed discovered just off the coast of Mexico—12°8’1.5″N, 119°35’26.4″W—where a researcher discovered a  humongous underwater pyramid. Among the many structures that are said to remain hidden beneath the ocean, ‘researchers’ have found things that—supposedly—challenge everything we know about our history.

snip  protected image

Last year, a teenager using Google Earth ‘discovered’ what researchers are calling one of the largest, previously unknown ancient cities belonging to the Maya.

In similar ways, researchers all around the globe have been hunting for Pyramids and lost structures that have eluded experts for decades.

In 2012, American researcher Angela Micol discovered ‘Pyramids larger than those found on the Giza Plateau, using satellite images.

But countless different discoveries have been made using Google Earth.


But an entire wall that encompasses Earth?
A lot of things can have played a role in creating such an effect. Illumination, point of view, reference, and many other things may have played a crucial role in this massive error. One of the most likely reasons for the seam appearing could be the background changing between two images for the same continuous foreground."



Deekin has posted the video above, and I agree, though interesting, it's dizzying to follow. The article mentions possible image stitching.


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Wow that was insane!!

Now I guess kinda safely say those "caterpiller trail" like things are also "artificial" creations, then? It was uncanny to see the trails actually cross over the Wall and the Wall has been narrowed on those particular areas. Also the Wall itself seem to have very regular bumps on its sides, as if some containers were linked.....

I started cracking up for realising the sheer size of that wall!! It was a great find!

The construction size also nudge us to think they weren't really made for tiny humans....just jaw dropping! 

So glad to see the vid!! Thank you for the link and thoughts, peeps!(・ω・)ノ

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The Norway Fjord Incident 

Err...IF the report made by the peeps who actually went underwater and saw the bloody thing with their own eyes was true, then the Incident happened everywhere on Earth went on, methinks. (See older screenshots posts with trail marks from GE. Lots of them exist.)

And IF that story was true, then that insanely huge, long and dead straight wall stretching to Antarctica shown in the vid above (!! unfortunately it must had been taken down from YT(´Д`)...here's deekin's post with some screen shots) also starts to have real weight in the story, too....:

I found it pretty amazing that it's only back in the 70's, they were actively doing something on the sea floor that way. Wow.


I wondered if this trail marking business could have a thread on its own with this vid....(´・ω・`)

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What are these...?: Off West Coast of Japan

41°05'49"N 138°28'13"E 

40°05'00"N 138°08'18"E


Some Japanese researchers are claiming they are all pyramids.






While I was doing my run on Ggl Eth, I realised there were more than one of those placed strategically.

Whether they were constructed to gather/transmit energy, IDK. But surely weird to see so organised pattern appearing on the sea bed.


The second batch looks like this:


Err...our little fish friends do make beautiful geometrical formations on sea beds, too.

Can't forget about them.(*´ω`*)

The above vid turned out to be a privately set vid.....I have no idea if everyone can watch it for how long. If you are keen to watch the beautiful shots, please go see it asap.(・ω・)ノ

In case the gate shuts...here are some screen shots from the vid. (c)PBS Thank you for such a beautiful footage!


Amazing. Absolutely amazing. The little puffer fish knows what ART is.....whoa.......he's picking up a white shell to drop on the centre of his nest circle.


The hard work....


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People have been wondering about the trails on the sea floor. 

There was a vid about the issue. It's been removed, but for the reference, I leave the YT link here, in case it gets re-uploaded.

A person managed to save the correspondence left in the comment section of this vid.

One of the comments pointed out "These are trails from sonar equipment being dragged by ships to map the ocean floor ."

Another comment was replied to it: 
"Good job! So you mean those huge tracks are illusions caused by resolution difference, right? But I'm afraid your resolution difference theory can't explain the following points:1)  There are so many long and straight tracks more than thousands of kilometers, which are almost impossible to be left by human-made ships which are subject to waves and currents.2)  Some tracks are too wide and (more than 15 km) and too distinct to be explained by sonar vessels.3)  The bumps and dents on the seafloor should be independent of sonar operation. So why do some tracks have scale-like lines always at right angle to the tracks even when the tracks trun right or left? 4)  Some tracks form very peculiar formations, which can be hardly explained as a result of sonar investigation.5)  You say tracks are high resolution area and the surrounding smooth surface is low resolution area. Your argument sounds very Ptolemaic. I think smooth areas are simply mud-covered seafloors and distinctive tracks are depressions made by sometihng other than sonar. Is my argument illogical?"

I still have no idea what's the truth with those trails.

A person was arguing that Sonar Ocean Mapping is after all different from the land mapping altogether, and we shouldn't be trusting the images appearing on Ggl maps.

But that won't stand the way when you see those massive number of bumps geometrically appearing next to Northern Japan in Sea of Japan side, so I'm still ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH? for all.


At least we should be cataloging what we think of as weird, methinks. Not knowing where they are in the first place would probably mean delay in research about what kind of activities are happening and happened on sea floors.


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I need your help....it's near Timisoara in Romania.

45°42'06.01"N  21°10'10.36"E, according to the other researcher.


I got your attention, I hope.

Yeah, it's there in the middle of field.

And this is what a Japanese researcher called Shin Gen (he's copping Targeting at the moment from whoever we suspect of) found out when he went so close and touching that ship like shaped object, then he discovered that his Ggl Eth had shown this weird SPACE, directly underneath. SPACE, peeps, space. (Mind you, Shin Gen might had discovered about this particular weird anomaly from some other researchers from East EU countries and he might be just merely re-checking the info himself.)

Screenshot: (c)Shin Gen 2018


I went wtf and wanted to see it myself.

Do you think I could reach to see the space inside the "UFO" thingy?


There seems like limit of height I can get down to close into the object, which stopped at 113m.

I went around other near by space to get down on the ground to go to touch the object that way. Nah.

Suddenly the Green rocky formation engulf the entire view, then everything STOPS. Total darkness but no stars, and the bloody system get frozen so I have to back off full on to be able to use Ggl Eth again. 

Can you people still able to access to see the weird space appearing INSIDE the thing??

I even failed to enter the exact location shown in the above space-pic.

I'm frustrated over this problem and wondering if anyone else actually can see the anomaly still.

This is how the guy had shown to zoom towards the object.




Now from the opposite direction:


And here's Shin Gen's vid talking about his find. Jump to 8:55~ for zooming into the area from space.

(c)Shin Gen 2018


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