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Congo Ebola outbreak spreading faster than ever: WHO

April 1, 2019     

(The April 1 story corrects paragraph 5 to show more than half of last week’s deaths occurred outside treatment centers, not three quarters)

"GENEVA (Reuters) - Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak is spreading at its fastest rate yet, eight months after it was first detected, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday.

Each of the past two weeks has registered a record number of new cases, marking a sharp setback for efforts to respond to the second biggest outbreak ever, as militia violence and community resistance have impeded access to affected areas.

Less than three weeks ago, the WHO said the outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever was largely contained and could be stopped by September, noting that weekly case numbers had halved from earlier in the year to about 25.

But the number of cases hit a record 57 the following week, and then jumped to 72 last week, said WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier. Previous spikes of around 50 cases per week were documented in late January and mid-November.

More alarmingly, more than half of the Ebola deaths last week occurred outside of treatment centers, according to Congo health ministry data, meaning there is a much greater chance they transmitted the virus to those around them."




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Sharp increase in Congo Ebola deaths as medical teams hit by attacks

April 30, 2019

"KINSHASA, Congo — Ebola cases and deaths in eastern Congo have risen sharply in the past week, authorities said Tuesday, placing the blame on recurrent attacks on treatment centers and health workers.

There were 126 new cases and 83 deaths between April 22 and April 28, according to the Ministry of Health in Kinshasa.

The number of fatalities has risen rapidly, from around 600 at the end of March to over 900 a month later.

“As soon as there is a security incident, such as the destruction of the Ebola treatment centers or the murder of our colleague (from the World Health Organization), the main response activities are suspended for an indefinite period,” ministry spokeswoman Jessica Ilunga told dpa.

“Without these activities, the virus continues to spread and kill more people in the community,” she added.

So far there have been 1,480 cases and 970 deaths, since the outbreak — the second-largest in history — began last year.

Numerous militia groups operate in eastern Congo, most fighting over the country’s rich natural resources."



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‘The world has never seen anything like this’: WHO chief on battling Ebola in a war zone

May 2, 2019            Amy Maxmen

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus talks about fighting the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo amid attacks on health workers.

"The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is distraught. The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to worsen, and his front-line responders are under attack.

On 4 May, Ghebreyesus will attend the funeral of a 41-year old epidemiologist, Richard Mouzoko, who was shot dead in the city of Butembo on 19 April by men who reportedly shouted, “Ebola doesn’t exist!” Dozens of other Ebola responders have been assaulted in recent months in the northeastern DRC — a region that has been wracked by conflict for decades.

Since the outbreak started nine months ago, nearly 1,000 people have died from Ebola, and the rate of new infections is climbing. Nature spoke with Ghebreyesus shortly after he returned from a visit to Butembo. The conversation has been edited for length and clarity..

How was your visit with Ebola responders?
When we arrived, they were waiting for us in big numbers. I couldn’t stop thinking about Richard. I couldn’t even control my emotions. I was supposed to speak with them, but it was difficult to express how I felt. I just broke. I was thinking of his four kids, and looking at his friends there in the field, and thinking about the risk they were taking to save others.

How did they feel?
I could see how shocked they were. But at the same time, many said, “We are life-savers — we will not be intimidated by this attack. We will strengthen our resolve, and we will fight to finish Ebola.”

They could have said, “Take us away, we don’t want to risk our lives.” They didn’t say that. They said, “We will fight,” and I was so humbled and proud.

You should imagine the conditions they are living in. They have a curfew of 6 p.m. Getting hot water for baths is difficult. There is the risk of Ebola infection. And the attacks are frequent.

Why do the responders stay?
The commitment they have to their profession. They are saying that they promised to save others — to serve others. It’s an oath that is driving them. And they see people suffering from three decades of conflict with all types of disease. They see the level of poverty, and all of the problems the population faces, and they feel that what they are doing is right."




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Redd's already posted about this outbreak in China from the Bloomberg link on Human/Animal Disease thread, but here to tie up with the human cases, I post an RT link of the same pig cases here.


The implication is quite weird but I suspect the mutation is on agenda by using pigs as carriers, which CAUSE A PAUSE FOR the IPS CELL TREATMENTS IF TO GROW THE ORGANS WITHIN THE PIG'S BODY.

This is possibly just one tool to DELAY the Humans receiving life saving technical development we were promised by the friendly alien allies. (Yeah they were talking about extending our life, saving us from loads of diseases.....it has began, but the opponents are also waging in to destruct the process, too. )

...........Mind you, saying the above.....I actually oppose growing anything of human parts within pig's body. That's still morally wrong I feel (Apparently, the body of the pigs being used for growing human parts are also ok to consume the rest of the body after the parts are harvested, but.....BUT......would you feel ok to eat them while they had a human parts, human cells in the body interacting with pig's blood? I really want to avoid using pigs or any living animals for the production of new body parts. ), and creates basically thinner wall for pig's disease to jump into the Humans.

If I'm wrong on this understanding, please let me know and direct me with the correct way to see the situation.

China’s pig ‘Ebola’ outbreak 'will move markets, influence geopolitics' for years to come

Published time: 3 May, 2019 09:33Edited time: 3 May, 2019 09:41


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I'm with you unity, 100% against growing human organs via a pig or any animal.  In forensics, if they're trying to determine how long a body was deceased/buried, they have body farms where they bury part of a pig to determine state of decomposition for human remains, because the flesh is so comparative to human.  No thanks.

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Ebola cases top 1,700 in DRC as 4 health workers infected

Stephanie Soucheray              May 13, 2019


"Editor's Note: The original headline for this story was incorrect. Four new cases involve healthcare workers, not necessarily doctors. The headline was corrected later on May 13.

Once again, violent clashes in the Ebola outbreak region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have resulted in a spike of cases. Over the weekend and through today, the DRC's ministry of health recorded 56 new Ebola cases, including 4 in healthcare workers, and 19 new deaths.

The new cases bring the outbreak total to 1,705, including 1,124 deaths. A total of 251 suspected cases are still under investigation. The total number of health workers infected during the outbreak is now 101.

All newly infected health workers, from Mabalako, Kalunguta, Butembo, and Manugurujipa, were unvaccinated. The DRC health ministry reported 13 new cases on May 11, 18 yesterday, and 25 today.

As of today, 114,553 people have been vaccinated against Ebola, including more than 28,000 front-line health workers. 

Several cities and villages reported new cases over the last 3 days, including 14 in Kalunguta and 13 in Mbalako. Of the 19 deaths, 15 took place in the community, which raises the risk of further disease transmission.

Evaluating treatment center after MSF departure
Two months ago, Doctors without Borders (MSF) withdrew staff from Butembo and Katwa amid increasing security threats, and the operation of Butembo and Katwa's Ebola treatment centers (ETCs) transferred to the ministry of health, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF.'



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