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The Viktor Leonov never works alone mainly because she is equipped for close range combat and defence , thus the need for a SUBversive element to her character

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Dutch UN attack helicopters strike Mali rebels in north


Jan. 20, 2015



"Dutch United Nations attack helicopters carried out air strikes on Tuareg rebel forces in northern Mali on Tuesday, the first such engagement by Dutch forces serving in the U.N. mission in Mali.

The U.N. mission, known as MINUSMA, said it was responding to heavy weapons fire directed at its peacekeepers in the town of Tabankort. It said the helicopters only destroyed a rebel vehicle after firing warning shots that were ignored.

A spokesman for the MNLA Tuareg separatist rebels, who are involved in peace talks with the Malian government in Algeria, denied warning shots had been fired and said five fighters had been killed and several others wounded."





At least 13 stabbed in Tel Aviv bus attack

Jan. 21, 2015


Suspect shot and apprehended after stabbing 13 people in coastal Israeli city, police say


"A Palestinian man on a bus in central Tel Aviv stabbed at least 13 people, wounding some of them seriously, before he was chased down, shot and arrested, Israeli police said Wednesday, describing the assault as a "terror attack."

The assault was the latest in a spate of attacks in which Palestinians have used knives, acid and vehicles as weapons in recent months, leaving dead and injured.

Police identified the assailant as a 23-year-old  Palestinian from Tulkarem in the West Bank and said he had entered Israel illegally.

The assailant, who tried to escape the scene on Wednesday, was shot by police and wounded in the leg before being apprehended, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

The attack occurred during the morning rush hour on Wednesday, after the assailant boarded the bus on Begin Road, a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv.

The assailant began stabbing people, including the driver, then managed to get out of the bus and started to flee.

Officers from a prison service who happened to be nearby and saw the bus swerving out of control and a man running away, gave chase, shot the man in the leg, and subsequently arrested him.

"We believe it was a terror attack," said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld. He said four people were seriously hurt and another five sustained lighter wounds. The stabber was in custody and the police are questioning him, he said."





Pakistan Arrests Local Islamic State Commander:  Report


January 21, 2015



"LAHORE: Pakistani security forces have arrested a man they believe is the commander of the Islamic State group in the country as well as two accomplices involved in recruiting and sending fighters to Syria, intelligence sources said on Wednesday. 

Authorities in South Asia are concerned about the rise of the jihadist group in a region already beset by home-grown insurgencies fighting to topple local governments and set up strict Islamic rule."





Heavy weapons in Ukraine must be pulled back urgently – ‘Normandy Four’

Jan. 21, 2015



"Top diplomats from France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to strongly support the pullback of heavy artillery by both sides in the Ukrainian conflict, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. The Normandy Four also urged the reactivation of talks.

“The most important decision adopted today...was strong support for immediately withdrawing heavy artillery from the line of contact, which has been established in the Minsk agreements,” Lavrov said.

Following talks that ended late on Wednesday near Berlin, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that progress has been made and an agreement had been reached on establishing security zones between the Kiev military and eastern Ukrainian militia.

Lavrov added that the ‘Normandy Four’ called for the activation of the contact group for further meetings in order to agree on a peaceful settlement for the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as well as proposing the creation of more working subgroups.

The contact group meetings are attended by Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov, former Ukrainian President, Leonid Kuchma, and representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)."





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Heavy weapons in Ukraine must be pulled back urgently – ‘Normandy Four’

Jan. 21, 2015



"Top diplomats from France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to strongly support the pullback of heavy artillery by both sides in the Ukrainian conflict, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said. The Normandy Four also urged the reactivation of talks.

“The most important decision adopted today...was strong support for immediately withdrawing heavy artillery from the line of contact, which has been established in the Minsk agreements,” Lavrov said.

Following talks that ended late on Wednesday near Berlin, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that progress has been made and an agreement had been reached on establishing security zones between the Kiev military and eastern Ukrainian militia.

Lavrov added that the ‘Normandy Four’ called for the activation of the contact group for further meetings in order to agree on a peaceful settlement for the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as well as proposing the creation of more working subgroups.

The contact group meetings are attended by Russian Ambassador to Ukraine, Mikhail Zurabov, former Ukrainian President, Leonid Kuchma, and representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)."




Isn't it funny (and very predictable) that there is always a necessity for negotiations AFTER the stall of an Ukrainian offensive?


German FM Steinmeier is called "Steinheilig" by some german commentators, which stems from german "scheinheilig" -> sanctimonious :wink: .


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2 Japanese hostages taken by IS


Rather than starting up another thread, I will just add this post here...


My personal overview of this situation. My view can change a lot as things unfold so please just be aware.

And sorry, I'm adding a bit by bit as I find more to add. :ph34r:


@1 of the hostages, Haruna Yukawa, who is alledged to be beheaded by now, Jpnse gov knew about it back in August 2014. The other journo guy, Goto got caught by IS back in end of October 2014 as soon as he arrived in Syria, and Jpnse govmt knew about it by the start of November 2014. <info from numerous vids of Jpnse political commentators. One of those here_No sub. www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNF_rFgA-_0>


@So Jpnse gov was telling these guys family members to be aware of the issue, maybe their lives would be lost...


@ "72 hours limit" was only recently given.


Early overview after IS released the vid with 2 Jpns hostages.



@1977(?) Dakka hostage situation was proven to be massively bad news for the world...Jpnse gov paid out millions of bucks to save lives of those Jpnse hostages straight away under PM Takeo Fukuda, that world view on Jpnse gov decision was "friggin stupid you bloody inconsiderate useless idiots!!!!!! You have stepped out of the [superficial but front line] of war against terrorism..." and because of that, this time, PM Abe is taking heavy steps to deal with it. The current gov is totally unwilling to pay nothing to IS. (Mind you, saying so, UK and US and others had back doors opened and trading that way. So no ground to piffle off Jpn saying it was a unified fighting front. Bull shitting is the tactics of politics, so...ummmm what can I say...) 


@ Latest IS changed the ransom of $200 million bucks but an exchange with a female suicide bomber in Jordan. Jordan pays IS to save themselves, thus they kind of have neutral pipe to negotiate. So Jpnse gov was in talk with Jordan. That's why PM Abe went to visit there recently.


NBC news on the recent change of demand: http://player.theplatform.com/p/2E2eJC/nbcNewsOffsite?guid=nn_3_isis_japanese_hostages_150124"


Now, I found an unbelievable journalistic mistake, or ANOTHER INFO ALTERATION in the above news clip.


In the above vid, the reporter says the Mother of Mr. Goto, the Journo, said she recognised that the voice was of her son's.

But in this news footage from Japan  http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/videonews/fnn?a=20150125-00000088-fnn-soci, the narration says the mother said the voice didn't sound like her son's, in regards to the same latter announcement from alleged IS.


BUT...the image shown as the latest vid possibly was faked big.

No logo there to start with.

The messages were written in "the fundamentalist threads" that anyone who can write Arabic can post.

One of those messages was the latest demand with the exchange instead of money, saying "IS isn't in a hurry"....that sounds rather Amateurish strategy to phrase it like that...just MHO.

And what if that was FAKED BY THE PERSON WHO BECAME THE PIPE LINE BETWEEN JPNSE GOV&IS, made up the vid himself so he could save whom he loves (or something...anyway, she must be an important person to the poster), thinking photoshopping can fool Jpnse gov...

So that demand is under serious questioning at the moment.


However, there was another post that had a realistic location used as where it was posted re:Jpnse hostages. So we can't totally say that every single post out there is fake either.


However, with my CHANI glasses on...(or just twisted thinking,,,LOL) this latter demand with the exchange of hostage and death sentenced prisoner, MAY BE PLANNED BY JPNSE GOVMT. In other words, it maybe Japanese intel work.

It will help IS to go "wtf" and their plan will go disarray and will buy some time to sort as they have been releasing their posts strategically, to get the best bargaining power to themselves.  

So whether the timing to act to prove whose demand is the truth, IS would need to act upon proving it. 


The problem for that idea is that it's someone who is on a death row legally, then to swap her with a journo...? It sounds interfering someone else's constitutional rights IMHO, so that's a dodgy line to tread over. 

Would Jpnse gov ever take such dodgy approach?

Yes Jordan said they want to help Jpn but....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Let's wait to see what happens the next.

I only wish those 2 civilians to be safe.


<Add to edit: Latest info is that IS pocket is hurting since the allied bombed their oil plants in Dec 2014.

Now they are desperate for any cash.

Their stance is that even if half of that $200 million bucks to be paid, they'd be happy.

Plus oil price fall also helped to strangle IS by the competition becoming harder for IS to sell their oil.

Around 300 of IS members got slaughtered last month for trying to run away from them---to them apparently life is tough with IS when no cash to go around; basically if you don't do what you are told to do, you'd be killed.

They must had thought "No money? Then why should they risk their life and live under oppression?"... So IS is imploding right now by the sound of it.> 

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Mariupol Shelling, Kiev's Latest False Flag?

Jan. 25, 2015

Stephen Lendman



"Previous Kiev false flag attacks suggest Saturday’s Mariupol shelling perhaps its latest. It remains to be seen what further evidence discloses.

Throughout months of fighting, Kiev sought to blame Donbass self-defense forces for its crimes of war and against humanity.

Including gruesome atrocities. Use of cluster bombs, chemical and other illegal weapons. Downing MH17.

Systematic shelling of residential and other non-military areas. Recent Volnovakha and Donetsk bus attacks. Willfully murdering civilian men, women and children.

On Saturday, shelling killed a reported 30 people in Mariupol. Rebels and Kiev exchanged blame.

A Donetsk region state administration statement said:

“A total of 23 people, including one child, died instantly. Ninety-three people, including eight children, were hurt.”

“Seventy-five people were taken to hospitals. Seven, including one child, died of wounds in hospital.”

A rebel spokesman said “(o)ur militias have no weapon systems near Mariupol that would be able to shell that region. Our positions are simply too far away.”

“According to our intelligence, the artillery was fired from the Stariy Krim neighborhood (less than 10 kilometers from central Mariupol).”

“Ukrainian troops are stationed there. We believe it was a provocation committed by the Ukrainian troops.”

Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) deputy parliamentary speaker Denis Pushilin called the incident “yet another (Kiev) provocation.”

Saying “(i)t is all clear who shelled Mariupol: from which regions they are, from which spot and where the artillery was located.”

“As far as I know, Grad multiple rocket launcher” fire was responsible. “Our militia units don’t have artillery capable of reaching the location of the shelling.”

Pushilin blamed Kiev for “doing everything possible” to suspend peace talks."






CIA Covert Ops in Nigeria: Fertile Ground for US Sponsored Balkanization

This is an article written in 2012 by Nile Bowie. Reposted today, and an interesting read.


"While the Sahel security crisis continues to deteriorate following Tuareg rebels’ declaration of an independent state in Mali’s troubled northern territory [1], recent events in Nigeria indicate a potential for increased regional instability. Boko Haram, a Salafist organization seeking to overthrow the secular administration of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, has recently killed 38 civilians in a suicide car bomb targeting nearby churches holding Easter services in the northern city of Kaduna [2].


As part of an ongoing campaign of sectarian violence, the group has strived to implement sharia law through the establishment of an Islamic State in northern Nigeria [3]. The group’s belligerent acts of violence claimed more than 500 lives during 2011 [4], prompting President Jonathan to call the current security crisis more dire than that experienced during 1967’s Biafran civil war, adding that jihadi sympathizers have successfully infiltrated his government and security agencies [5].


The group has claimed responsibility for the August 2011 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in the Nigerian capital, Abuja [6], and its adoption of sophisticated tactics indicate that Boko Haram is receiving arms and training from abroad. Mainstream outlets can now be seen readying public opinion for an increased presence in Africa under the Right to Protect Doctrine (R2P) by warning of increased terrorist attacks in Europe, following shifts in Islamist activity away from Iraq and Afghanistan, to the “ungoverned spaces” of the Sahel [7]. While the ongoing War on Terror provides the needed justification for the US Africa Command (AFRICOM) to expand its base of operations throughout the Sahel and the troubled regions of east and central Africa, the modus operandi of Boko Haram indicates foreign nurturing in numerous mediums."




Then this one:


The Destabilization of Africa and the Role of “Shadowy Islamists”. From Benghazi to Boko Haram

This article was first published by Black Agenda Report on May 14, 2014 and by Global Research on May 16, 2014.

You can’t understand the threat posed to Nigeria by Boko Haram, or the ghastly destruction of Syria over the past three years, outside the context of “the vicious NATO obliteration of the state of Libya.” One huge crime begets many consequences, including the death of the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi. The Left should be outraged at Obama policies – in North Africa, in Syria, and in backing neo-fascists in Ukraine.


Seemingly out of nowhere, Boko Haram burst into the awareness of people around the world as a shadowy group of Islamists with the ability to carry out audacious attacks that paralyzed the army of the most populous country in Africa. People now want to know the group’s origins, where they came from, why they are kidnapping girls and how they became such a powerful threat. All important questions – but questions that cannot be answered by just looking at the internal politics of Nigeria, as important as those are, because Boko Haram is incomprehensible when decontextualized from the destabilization, death and destruction unleashed across Africa from the Sahel into West Africa as a result of one historic event – the vicious NATO obliteration of the state of Libya.


African Union Commission chief Jean Ping warned NATO, during its bombing campaign and arming of so-called rebel forces in Libya, that the weapons they provided the “rebels” would end up in the hands of al Qaeda throughout Africa. He said,

“Africa’s concern is that weapons that are delivered to one side or another … are already in the desert and will arm terrorists and fuel trafficking.”

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo expressed what many in Africa feared from the NATO attack on Libya:

“We knew that at the end of the Libya operations, there would be fallouts. And the fallout would be where would all the weapons go? Where would be some of those who have been trained how to use weapons [and] how would they be accounted for? … Part of what is happening in Mali is part of the fallout from Libya, and we should not expect that Mali will be the last.”





Then this from Today:


Boko Haram terrorists seize Nigerian town of Monguno: Sources

Jan. 25. 2015



"Takfiri Boko Haram terrorists have captured Nigeria’s northeastern town of Monguno after fierce clashes with the West African country’s army, security sources say.

"We fought them all night long but they took over the town, including the military barracks there," a senior Nigerian military officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Sunday.

Another military source confirmed that the militants had seized the town, which is located about 137 kilometers (85 miles) from the Borno state capital, Maiduguri.

"Our troops had to withdraw after fighting the terrorists for several hours. They came in full force and at the end overpowered our men," the source said.

Earlier in the day, Nigerian forces had repelled attacks by Boko Haram extremists on the nearby cities of Maiduguri and Konduga.

Nigerian Defense spokesman Chris Olukolade said a 24-hour curfew had been imposed on Maiduguri following the scuffles.

Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden,” controls large parts of northeastern Nigeria."



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Japanese government exploits hostage crisis to push remilitarisation

Jan. 28, 2015

Ben McGrath



The Japanese government has announced that it will use the current parliamentary session to push through a raft of legislation to codify its “re-interpretation” of the country’s constitution to allow for “collective self-defense.” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is exploiting the current hostage crisis, in which Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has killed one Japanese citizen and continues to hold another, in a bid to overcome public opposition to remilitarisation.

The regular 150-day session of the Japanese parliament or Diet that began on Monday is the first since the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won reelection in December. Among some 80 bills expected to be submitted are 10 to remove restrictions on the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), Japan’s military. The LDP will begin negotiations with its coalition partner Komeito in early February and plans to submit the bills for a vote following April’s local elections.

Speaking to Japan’s NHK public broadcaster on Sunday, Abe declared: “The legislation is aimed at protecting the lives and well-being of the people by structuring a seamless legal security structure. For example, if Japanese abroad come under harm’s way, as in the recent case, the Self-Defense Forces currently aren’t able to fully utilize their abilities.”

These new laws are being drawn up not to protect Japanese citizens, but to facilitate the Japanese military’s involvement in US wars of aggression, in particular its war preparations against China as part the US “pivot to Asia.” The legislation is in line with new defense guidelines that Washington and Tokyo agreed to last October."




Then there is this from earlier today


ISIS & Japan agree on hostage swap, Japanese journalist to be freed 'within hours'

Jan. 28, 2015


"Japan and ISIS have agreed on an exchange of journalist Kenji Goto, held hostage by the Islamist militants, for Sajida al-Rishawi, the Iraqi woman who killed 60 people in a 2005 Jordan bombing, a senior Japanese diplomat said."




mmmm, Seems to me I recall that Japan agreed after WWII, that they would never again become a military power,  So does this mean that agreement is now null and void. Damned convenient, no?

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US military budget increase directed at Russia: Analyst

Jan. 28, 2015


A substantial share of the increase in the US military budget that President Barack Obama has asked for will ultimately be directed against Russia, a political commentator says.


“I should mention that the F35, the submarines, the ships and so on are ultimately directed against China and Russia,” Michel Chossudovsky, the founder and director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) told Press TV on Wednesday.

According to a report circulated by the media, the US Defense Department was set to increase its military budget by eight percent.

Some 57 next-generation F-35 fighters, nine new ships and submarines as well as construction of new long-range Air Force tankers are among the items included in the budget.  

"A large component of this military budget increase will be used to extend the process of militarization in Ukraine on Russia’s doorsteps,” Chossudovsky noted."






Islamic State operative confesses to receiving funding through US - report

Jan. 28, 2015


"A man believed to be a Pakistani commander of Islamic State or Daish, Yousaf al Salafi, has confessed to law enforcement agencies in Pakistan to getting funds via the United States, according to a leading Pakistani newspaper siting its sources.

Al Salafi and two companions were arrested in Lahore, Pakistan on January 22, according to AFP.

“During investigations, Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organization in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria,” a source close to the investigations revealed toUrdu-language Daily Express on condition of anonymity, according to its sister English newspaper The Express Tribune. The newspaper also claimed that Al Salafi was in fact arrested last year sometime in December.

Al Salafi also allegedly confessed to recruiting jihadists to send them to Syria and was receiving about $600 per person. He also admitted that he had been working with a Pakistani accomplice, who was reportedly the Imam of a mosque.

“The US has been condemning the IS activities but unfortunately has not been able to stop funding of these organizations, which is being routed through the US. The US had to dispel the impression that it is financing the group for its own interests and that is why it launched offensive against the organization in Iraq but not in Syria,” a source said.

However, it was not made clear where exactly the funds came from within the US."



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The Next War In The Middle East Has Begun And Israel Vows "To Act Powerfully On All Fronts"

 by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, on January 28th, 2015


Israel and Hezbollah are at war.  On top of everything else that is going on in the world, now we have a new war in the Middle East, and nobody is quite certain what is going to happen next.  Israel has been preparing for this moment for more than 8 years.  So has Hezbollah.  According to some reports, Hezbollah has amassed an arsenal of 50,000 rockets since the end of the Hezbollah-Israel war in 2006.  If all-out warfare does erupt, we could potentially see tens of thousands of missiles rain down into an area not too much larger than the state of New Jersey.  And of course the Israeli military is also much more sophisticated and much more powerful than it was back in 2006.  If cooler heads do not prevail, we could be on the verge of witnessing a very bloody war.  But right now nobody seems to be in the mood to back down.  Hezbollah is absolutely fuming over an airstrike earlier this month that killed six fighters and a prominent Iranian general.  And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel is “prepared to act powerfully on all fronts” in response to a Hezbollah ambush that killed two Israeli soldiers and wounded seven.  Just such an incident is what sparked the war between the two sides back in 2006.  But this time, a conflict between Israel and Hezbollah could spark a full-blown regional war.

Earlier this month, Israel launched a surprise assault against a group of Hezbollah fighters that Israel believed was planning to conduct terror attacks inside their borders.

But in addition to killing six Hezbollah fighters, a very important Iranian general was also killed.  Needless to say, Iran is furious


Read more... http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/next-war-middle-east-begun-israel-vows-act-powerfully-fronts



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Mmm so the bankers have got there war whilst the rest of the world decides the next steps... Habebe gets to play with his toys finally and rack up some REAL debts with the masters of the Earth verse

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U.S. Ally Yemen in Danger of Splitting into Two – Again

Thalif Deen

Jan. 29, 2015


"When North and South Yemen merged into a single country under the banner Yemen Arab Republic back in May 1990, a British newspaper remarked with a tinge of sarcasm: “Two poor countries have now become one poor country.”

Since its birth, Yemen has continued to be categorised by the United Nations as one of the world’s 48 least developed countries (LDCs), the poorest of the poor, depending heavily on foreign aid and battling for economic survival.

But the current political chaos – with the president, prime minister and the cabinet forced to resign en masse last week – has threatened to turn the country into a failed state.

And, more significantly, Yemen is also in danger of being split into two once again – and possibly heading towards another civil war.

Charles Schmitz, an analyst with the Middle East Institute, was quoted last week as saying: “We’re looking at the de facto partitioning of the country, and we’re heading into a long negotiating process, but we could also be heading toward war.”

In a report released Tuesday, the Brussels-based International Crisis Group said the fall of the government has upended the troubled transition and “raises the very real prospect of territorial fragmentation, economic meltdown and widespread violence if a compromise is not reached soon.”




Nigeria army was warned prior to Baga attack: Amnesty

Jan. 29. 2015


"Amnesty International says the Nigerian military had been warned of a deadly attack by Boko Haram terrorists in early January but failed to take any action.

The UK-based rights group said on Wednesday that it obtained information from senior military officers and other sources indicating the country’s defense officials had prior knowledge of the January 3 attack that left as many as 2,000 people dead in the northeastern town of Baga, according to some reports.

"It is clear from this evidence that Nigeria's military leadership woefully and repeatedly failed in their duty to protect civilians of Baga and Monguno despite repeated warnings about an impending threat posed by Boko Haram," said Amnesty's Africa director Netsanet Belay.

In Baga, troops had reported a build-up of Takfiri militants, signifying an imminent attack in the area, according to the rights groups.

The terrorists had themselves warned the civilians of the impending onslaught, which forced hundreds to flee."





Russia preventing US to establish hegemony over world: Mike Harris

Jan. 29, 2015

Mike Harris


"An American political commentator says the United States wants to establish hegemony over the world, but Russia is standing in its way.

Mike Harris, an editor of Veterans Today, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday while commenting on Washington’s latest threats to impose further sanctions on Russia because of its alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.

“The entire US foreign policy regarding the situation in Ukraine is extremely misguided,” Harris said.

“First, you have to realize that Russia has never been the aggressor in Ukraine,” he stated. “We have Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland on record stating that the US spent over $5 billion to destabilize and topple, to arrange the coup [against] the elected regime in Ukraine of Viktor Yanukovych.”

Last year, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland disclosed that Washington has “invested” some $5 billion in “promoting democracy” in Ukraine over the past two decades.

In February 2014, Nuland visited Ukraine and held meetings with anti-Kremlin politicians who organized anti-government protests that led to the ouster of Yanukovych, the country’s democratically-elected president.





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Children bear brunt of NATO’s unexploded Afghan bombs

Jan. 29, 2015



"NATO troops leaving Afghanistan have left behind them a legacy of unexploded ordinance that is killing civilians at the rate of more than one a day, the majority of whom are children.

Since first invading Afghanistan in 2001, NATO air forces have dropped 20,000 tons of bombs on the country. About 10 percent do not detonate on contact with the ground and some malfunction, theGuardian reports.

Coalition soldiers have also set up firing ranges in dry riverbeds, fields and valleys, which are now scattered with unexploded shells and undetonated ammunition.

Helmand is one of the worst-affected provinces, as well as shells and bombs there are 91 known minefields covering an area of 63.8 square kilometers.

The UN-backed Mine Action Coordination Center of Afghanistan (Macca) recorded 369 casualties, including 89 deaths last year among the civilian Afghan population because of unexploded ordinance. In some cases, de-mining sappers themselves have been targeted directly by insurgents.

It’s often children that bear the brunt of the mess coalition forces have left behind. Last fall, four siblings were collecting firewood near their home when shells that had been lying there unexploded went off in the children’s hands, killing two of them instantly and injuring their two brothers."



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The last guy from 2 Japanese hostages got beheaded by ISIS in Syria.


I have just checked the image and it looks genuine. The friggin thing looked like a 4k high resolution HD shot, too.

And it is very traumatizing image that I will not post it here.


Source: http://daily.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/newsplus/1422735312/


According to Japanese 2 channel (like 4 channel in the US, it holds the biggest thread boards and known to have the fastest news before news stuff) Jordanian pilot's alleged beheaded image links are there, too, but I have no idea if the guy shown really is the pilot.

Besides, the image was cut, copy & paste and arranged the way that I can't really be sure even about the "beheaded" description---the guy just maybe beaten crap out of him and bleeding, lost consciousness...? 

...But then again, yes, objectively looking at the place of where the head was put on the back next to the arms tied at the back was the same as Goto's beheaded picture that's looking genuine...so when you add that info to look at the alleged Jordanian pilot...then urgh...yes, that can well be a beheaded head part.

Because I don't have the whole image, I can't even check on that properly.

But honestly, if you see the 2 people's front hair line, they are distinctively DIFFERENT.

I am wondering if the person who was killed was NOT Jordanian pilot after all...??


So for now, I want to believe this is a hoax pic...

<WARNING: GRAPHIC> If anyone so keen to see the image, go here (it will take a long time to load the image BTW): http://2-ch.biz/x/i/ <Edit to add: sorry though I wouldn't be able to tell if they were the real deal pics but in case they are...for honouring the family and friends of those who were killed by IS, I removed the extension to get to the image. I'm sure you can dig it up on your end. >


Also this image was posted but do you think it's the Jordanian Pilot?? I honestly can't really see the guy as the same person!!! I really hope at least he is still kept alive...and wish the guy in the pic being saved, too...urgh!!!


<WARNING: it's kinda graphic> For the image, go here: http://2-ch.biz/x/i/ISIL_Syokei_007.jpg

<Add to edit: Considering it could be from a plain threat vid, I retain this link for educational purpose.>


Well, if Goto was killed, then Japan would have enough reason to change their Constitutions, so in future their Defense Force can go out and do the tasks that involves weapon firing.

There were still many people against that change in Constitutions in Japan but I think the real history of WW2 started to sink into Japanese psyche, re-starting to feel pride in the country, and without becoming military crazy as the West got the picture stuck in their heads with ever since WW2, Japan can start protecting their own citizens abroad whom got into difficult situations like what these Japanese hostages presented.


Anyway, at least Japan has PROVEN their hard ass stance against "terrorism" to the rest of the world, unlike the situation back in 1977 in Dakka. 

And loads of peeps are leaving their posts on the thread saying "don't look away-watch it-the guy gave us the insight-we must face to the reality"...


Mods: if links are inappropriate, please get rid of them. I don't mean to be disrespectful to anyone. I just want to believe these are faked...(ノД`)・゜・。

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To continue the convo in the shout box....


Again, I am not an "everything is fake" person - I cannot wrap my head around the possibility that Sandy Hook was a staged event with no casualties....but this stuff just seems bizarre to me.....


Why cut out the most disturbing part of the video if you want to instill fear, especially now as MSM has been reporting that the videos are shot on green screen. The Mexican Drug cartel is an example of REALLY pushing fear - with actual acts.


How do these videos in their edited versions stay on Youtube?


ISIS is a real entity, but not one created from the ground up - it was a concept that gained membership by recruiting easily swayed people....why is it only these guys always doing the videos? Why aren't others doing it too? Why has ISIS not reared its ugly head in Israel?

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To continue that, as I shouted a bit in the box, I think there's a bunch of artistic creators in ISIS who are hand in hand with the higher ranking peeps in ISIS to improve their campaign via the net and possible broadcasting as tv or a movie.

And though dead body and threats everywhere, those creators might thought it's far better to just concentrate on doing the "creative" stuff in the front line of ISIS.

Then I can understand that the small bunch of guys are training themselves up to do bigger job.

The reason why I thought of that?

Because that'd be what I'd do, if I cannot get away from ISIS and need to show loyalty to ISIS but don't want to kill anyone at my own hands....this is certainly an act of accessory to murders, but still would choose to film the crap than killing someone by my hands.


Controlling images are 101 for establishing the power, so it make sense for ISIS to pay attention for future crews to handle that side of the group.


And yes, I think it's a conglomerating body of not one but multiple interest intertwined into the existence, this IS would be... 


Look, that John can even be an US agent who was implanted long ago, not by the UK or as a citizen/immigrant from UK. Doing what he is doing to stabilise his stay in IS.


Well, let's see if his head will roll...

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I've posted about this earlier on in another thread http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/5372-the-strange-and-wonderful-fads-of-japan/?p=86723 butmay as well to throw this in here since the thread is for IS stuff...




Yes, many people in Japan thought it's a friggin stupid thing to do.

But they couldn't stop some of the senseless peeps in Japan to upload those stupid collages.




Many other countries thought WTF!?? Aren't you aware of the danger you are causing to the hostages!??

Well, many Japanese peeps said that out loud, too, but once it's out there, some Japanese peeps have scary tendency to just join in the party so to speak, and it got out of hands...friggin bad news that's for sure.




These are the reactions from some of ISIS members (and I think from other non IS people in the regions) after they saw what the Japanese peeps did with the stupid collages.

...Fascinating...it seems they are having good laughs. Lots of LOL appear from many guys on those Tweets. (But I can't read Arabic. If anyone here can transcribe them, great.)


And to that, there were many Japanese peeps commenting that "wtf are you laughing at" sorta stuff. Few peeps wrote that "If they can laugh, I wish the laughter can create the doors for releasing the hostages." "Maybe we <meaning ISIS and Japanese> can have great laughs together rather than fighting. These guys maybe dead the next day on the front line.", "Can't we be nice to each other, if you have sense of humor that we can share?" 


Some were joking; " ISIS: now you go and give pressure to the government." "Japanese: Hey, we made these collages rather than doing that." "ISIS: WTF..."


This sort of innocent stupidity only gets generated by having recent decades being peaceful.

But please don't doubt these Japanese people's wish for world peace without having to fight but have good laughs together instead. They really mean it from their bottom of hearts, without being cocky about anything. They are truly one of kind to be able to feel that way and that's Japanese psyche for you...


And I certainly wish those who just were treating the situation lightly to realise how heavy duty serious stuff the hostage situations under IS are, and learn to behave in line with others to prioritising hostage lives as the first and foremost from now on. 




And no, I didn't look away as your neck was slashed.

Mr. Goto, thank you for doing your best trying to help another human being.

We will remember you as a hero.



Also, here's a CT twist for you...


Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxT_FrWejuk


In the vid there are audio files from the official interview given by Goto's mother.

She started to talk about she was living in Korean military quarters, and her father was high up there.

Thus suddenly Goto was suspected as a Korean immigrant, not exactly Japanese.


Then MSM cut all the info that was spoken by her which relates to Goto's identity as being a Korean guy lives in Japan. (AAAArgghhhhhh!!!! Wish this stops!!! He'd be born in Japan. Just treat him equal, this is about a human being!!!)


Many started to think that probably to give out the info that Goto was a 3rd generation of Korean immigrant was a bad move for Anti-Japanese people, such as China and Korean peninsula.


Here's what some Japanese peeps dug up to prove that Goto was a 3rd generation Korean immigrant...

Renji Ishido, Mrs. Ishido, Goto's mother's grand father was certainly in Korean military and even appears in the past list of officers.



...Yes if Japanese nation heard that, I cannot tell how they react...may turn desperately nasty to Goto, because they are still feeling negative about what Korea and China did as negative campaign against Japan over the past few years.


Another sad story is that the other Japanese hostage who was beheaded before Goto was a self-mutilated transgender, who failed to become woman then got back to sort of man state, doing what he was doing there. He had suicidal tendency and suffering to live.

The early story I heard why Goto went to Syria for Yukawa was because Goto got saved by Yukawa before, and this time he was going to save Yukawa. But maybe he had more caring attitude towards Yukawa, knowing Yukawa's complicated life he had, and emotionally more inclined to help Yukawa out.


I feel Goto was trying to do his best to do some good for humanity. His books and reports were written to help people who are suffering around the war zones.

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Netanyahu calls for UN probe of Gaza war to be scrapped after lead investigator quits

February 3, 2015


"JERUSALEM –  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for scrapping a U.N. commission tasked with investigating potential war crimes committed last summer in Gaza after reports emerged that its chief resigned amid accusations he was biased against Israel.

Netanyahu said the commission, set up by the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council, was an "anti-Israeli body" that has proved it has nothing to do with human rights.

The U.N. commission was due to issue its report next month. Israel did not cooperate with it, saying it was hostile to Israel and that its conclusions were known in advance.

The summer's war in Gaza, the third between Israel and Hamas since the group seized the seaside territory, killed more than 2,200 Palestinians and 72 people on the Israeli side. Preliminary United Nations figures claim that at least 1,483 Palestinian civilians were killed in the war. Israel has claimed that most Palestinians killed were members of Hamas."



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New Ukraine peace push launched

Diplomatic efforts are under way to end renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine.

French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have arrived in the capital Kiev to present a new peace initiative.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is also in Kiev, said the US wanted a diplomatic solution, but would not close its eyes to Russian aggression.


More....   http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/new-ukraine-peace-push-launched/ar-AA90I5C?ocid=iehp


US defeat! Russia to lead UN probe into ISIS funding

2015-02-04 15:36:49


Russia is leading a UN Security Council initiative to ratchet up pressure on countries to cut off the cash flow to Islamic State militants, Russia and council diplomats said on Wednesday. 


The announcement comes after the 15-nation Security Council condemned Islamic State's burning alive of a captive Jordanian pilot. 

Moscow is drafting a legally binding resolution on the subject. 

"We are preparing (the resolution) and we hope it'll be adopted by the UN Security Council in the coming days," a spokesman for Russia's United Nations mission said






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That's the thing about fakery, it's supposed to look real.




Everything that avails itself of multiple cameras, editing tools, and a script is a composition, not reality. It's realism, and it's not the truth. Ask your television, if you still have one. Had this footage come out of Hollywood people would be talking about how real it was MADE.


Yes, his nose is melting, and he's slowly sitting up while burning. Difficult to fake. Easy to believe. It got the Jordanians bombing.


And, I'm impressed with the realism attainable with modern retail software.



Could it have been faked? Yes.


Was it faked? Probably not.


Reasoning: A gut feeling.


Consequence: Bomb them!

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Agreed .... my gut tells me this one is real - the others....no way....I don't know what is more sickening though - CREATING these videos to freak people out (Mandarin - Iron Man 3 anyone?) or actually doing what was done - both are very different levels of "evil" - and I don't like to use that word as "evil" is used in the dividing game.....but this really is evil.....

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'Merkel, Hollande want to move back from the brink, restrain Kiev govt'

Published on Feb 6, 2015

Peace talks on the Ukrainian crisis between the leaders of France, Germany and Russia have concluded in Moscow. All the countries that were involved described the negotiations, which lasted more than five hours, as constructive. RT talks to Martin Sieff, columnist for the Post-Examiner online newspaper.

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About US weapons deliveries and Novorussian mobilization plans
Still no news from Moscow, so I decided to quickly address a frequent misconception: US weapon deliveries and their effectiveness.

US weapons deliveries to the junta

US political culture and propaganda has deeply ingrained in the minds of those exposed to the corporate media the notion that weapons or technologies win wars.  This is not so.  Or, not really so.

Yes, when the difference in technologies is very big AND very wide, meaning a full generational change across most key weapon systems, this can help.  But not one weapon system alone, and not when the difference in quality is marginal.  

Furthermore, a simpler, more "primitive" weapon which totally outclassed on the testing range can suddenly become much better suited to real combat then some techno-marvel.  This is, by the way, one of the biggest problems with US weapons.  Here is how they are designed:

You take all the latest and most advanced technologies, put them together, then create a new "superior" design, then design a new mission profile to fit that design, then sell (figuratively and literally) the new concept to Congress, especially to those Congressmen who come from the districts where production is planned - and, voilà, you have your brand new top of the line US weapon.  And the costs?  Who cares?!  Just print some more money, and that's it.

Russian weapons are designed in a totally different way:

Take a mission profile, determine a need, then take all the cheapest, simplest and most reliable technologies available  and combine them into your weapon system, then have that prototype tested in military units, then modify the weapons system according to the military's reaction and then produce it.

In other words, US weapons are designed my engineers and produced by businessmen and politicians, they are not really designed for war at all.  Russian weapons, in contrast, are ordered by the military and created by design bureau's and they have only one objective: real, dirty and ugly warfare.

This is why the good old MiG-29 could fly better with its old fashioned hydraulics then the F-18s with fly-by-wire.  It was never that the Russians could not built fly-by-wire aircraft (the SU-27 already had it), but that for the MiG-29 design goals, it was not needed.

What I am getting at here is two things:  a) US weapons are not nearly as good as their marketing and b) "older" Russian weapons are often much better for actual warfighting.

Let's say the US delivers large quantities of Javelin's to the junta.  So what?  All that Russia will have to do in reaction is deliver 9M133 Kornets to the Novorussians.  Can you guess which system is both cheaper and better?

When the US gave the junta counter-battery radars what did Russia do?  The same thing.  Now both sides have them.

Now here comes the key question: which of the two sides relies more on armor and artillery?  Exactly - the junta.

When confronted with a problems, Americans love to do to things: throw money at it and throw technological "solutions" at it.  This never works, but that is what they are good at.

The fact is that even in the 21st century what wins wars is not money or fancy gear, but courage, determination, moral strength, will power and the rage which seizes you when faced with brute, ugly evil.

The junta forces have none of that.  Their death squads (Aidar, Azov) can't fight a real ugly battle, and the regular military is demoralized.  You can throw all the money and fancy gear at these guys, but they will never have the will power of the soldiers of Givi, Motorola or Mozgovoi.

The real reason why US weapon deliveries to the junta would be a big deal is not military, but political - it would be a visible sign of direct US aggression against Novorussia and, through it, Russia herself.   That is why the Russians that the consequences of such deliveries on a large scale would be very serious.  But in purely military terms, it would change very little.

Novorussian mobilization plans

Everybody has heard that Zakharchenko announced that he would mobilize 100'000 men on a volunteer basis (at least initially).  Some believe that the idea here is purely to "match" the junta's plans.  I don't think so.  Let me explain why.

One of the biggest problems for the Novorussians has always been the inability to protect their flanks and put enough men in each town or location they hold.  They have been very careful with this and this is why their forces did not end up trapped in "cauldrons" though the risk was real in Gorlovka and near Mariupol.  The Novorussians plan to create three additional motor-rifle brigades which will allow them to not only enter, but hold much larger chunks of territory.   These forces will not be ready anytime soon, but by late spring early summer the Novorussians might have enough forces to *safely* blockade Mariupol and secure the rest of the line of contact.  These need not be highly trained crack assault forces, just normally trained motor-rifle battalions with additional fire support.  And, remember, to hold a line you do not need a solider in a foxhole every couple of feet.  You just need to hold a few key positions, have artillery support ready and a defensive reserve group.

So my belief is that what Zakharchenko was saying to the junta is this: "if you continue like this, we will soon be coming for you".

Anyway, let's see what the latest negotiations bring (if anything).  I am personally very skeptical.  We shall soon find out.

The Saker
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