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Iraq crisis: the jihadist behind the takeover of Mosul - and how America let him go

Colin Freeman

June 11, 2014



"The FBI “most wanted” mugshot shows a tough, swarthy figure, his hair in a jailbird crew-cut. The $10 million price on his head, meanwhile, suggests that whoever released him from US custody four years ago may now be regretting it.

Taken during his years as a detainee at the US-run Camp Bucca in southern Iraq, this is one of the few known photographs of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the new leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria, now known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (ISIS). But while he may lack the photogenic qualities of his hero, Osama bin Laden, he is fast becoming the new poster-boy for the global jihadist movement.

Well-organised and utterly ruthless, the ex-preacher is the driving force behind al-Qaeda’s resurgence throughout Syria and Iraq, putting it at the forefront of the war to topple President Bashar al-Assad and starting a fresh campaign of mayhem against the Western-backed government in Baghdad.




Yes, yes, the word "Caliphate" would be all over the MSM, after all, how would you spread the word, to those who understand it's meaning, worldwide, otherwise?  The real question is, do we understand? 


Iraq Army says Caliphate declaration by ISIS a global threat

June 30, 2014

by Supriya Jha


"Baghdad: In what connotes the increasing menace of the insurgency in Iraq, the al Qaeda breakaway faction - the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – have announced the establishment of an 'Islamic State' in the territories that they have captured across Iraq and Syria.

In a major announcement, the ISIS fighters have renamed their group as the Islamic State and declared their chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the Caliph or the head of the state.

The militants have said their Caliphate would extend from Aleppo in northern Syria to Diyala province in eastern Iraq, the BBC reported.

The group has also called for all the Muslims of the world to shun democracy and other western 'rubbish' and to "pledge allegiance" to the new Caliph, al-Baghdadi.

The announcement by the Sunni extremists was made in the form of an online recording and came on the first day of Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.


In the recording, the group's spokesperson Abu Mohammed al-Adnani said that they had “all the requirements of the Islamic state like fundraising, almsgiving, penalties, and prayers”, the Wall Street Journal quoted him.

"The legality of all emirates, groups, states, and organizations, becomes null by the expansion of the caliph's authority and arrival of its troops to their areas," the spokesperson added.

Establishment of an Islamic State has been a dream long coveted by the insurgents, who captured wide swathes of Iraq in what is called as “lightning offensive”.

Calling the declaration by the ISIS as a global threat, Iraqi army spokesperson said that the Islamic State posed threat to all countries as it called Muslims worldwide to pledge allegiance to the Caliph.

Talking to Reuters, Iraq Army's Qasim Atta said, "This declaration is a message by Islamic State not only to Iraq or Syria but to the region and the world... I believe all the countries, once they read the declaration will change their attitudes because it orders everybody to be loyal to it"."




Time is going to tell just how far this goes, and what it ends up meaning.   Could all simply be a smoke screen, could be to take our attention from something else, just as important, going on behind the scenes. For myself, I keep thinking about how many of any group we may have coming across our borders freely, how many "sleeper cells", we, and all other countries may have within our borders, about DHS, the person running it, his affiliations/loyalties, his intent, the ammo they've purchased, all the gov. entities, such as US Forest Service and Coast Guard, they have taken over, and what appears to be a standing army they have at their disposal.  I also think about the foreign troops we have here.  I suppose then, that when it comes down to it, none of it matters, may very well be true also. I just don't like what I'm seeing, very much. But then perhaps I should just laugh it all off, and convince myself none of this is important. Bury my head in the sand, and instead simply ponder over such important things like which movie I should go see next, or what I will eat today. It seems just about everyone has an agenda, figuring out what those agendas are/or mean, is the question, and I admit I don't have the answers.


 @ Mark Datter  and others, Thank you for the posts.




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Islamic state declaration could lead to schism

June 30, 2014


"BAGHDAD (AP) — A militant extremist group's unilateral declaration of an Islamic state is threatening to undermine its already-tenuous alliance with other Sunnis who helped it overrun much of northern and western Iraq.

One uneasy ally has vowed to resist if the militants try to impose their strict interpretation of Shariah law."





Blackwater Iraqi chief threatened to kill US govt. inspector - newspaper 

June 30, 2014


"A senior official of the notorious private security company Blackwater allegedly threatened to kill a government investigator probing the firm’s Iraqi operation. The US embassy sided with him and forced the inspector to cut the visit short."





 Militant leader calls for Muslims to build state

July 1, 2014



"BAGHDAD (AP) — The leader of the extremist group that seized much of northern Iraq and Syria called on Muslims worldwide on Tuesday to join the battle and help build an Islamic state in the newly conquered territory.

The 19-minute audiotape from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came two days after his organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, unilaterally declared the establishment of an Islamic state, or caliphate, in the land it controls. It also proclaimed al-Baghdadi the caliph, and demanded that all Muslims around the world pledge allegiance to him."





Sunnis, Kurds abandon parliament after Maliki replacement not named

July 2, 2014


"Sunnis and Kurds abandoned the first meeting of Iraq’s new parliament on Tuesday after Shias failed to name a prime minister to replace Nuri al-Maliki, wrecking hopes that a unity government would be swiftly built to save Iraq from collapse.

The United States, United Nations, Iran and Iraq’s own Shia clergy have pushed hard for politicians to come up with an inclusive government to save the country as Sunni insurgents bear down on Baghdad."



ISIS in Iraq




Our Man in Baghdad

July 1, 2014


"How America empowered Nouri al-Maliki—and then failed to keep that power in check


In November 2010, the United States faced a painful dilemma in Iraq. The man Washington had picked from near-obscurity four years earlier to be Iraq's prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, had narrowly lost an election but was, with help from Iran, maneuvering to stay in power."




Rome will be conquered next, says leader of Islamic State

July 2, 2014


"Muslims have been called to flock to the Islamic State to gather for a battle against non-believers throughout the world

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of the Islamic State stretching across Iraq and Syria, has vowed to lead the conquest of Rome as he called on Muslims to immigrate to his new land to fight under its banner around the globe.

Baghdadi, who holds a PhD in Islamic studies, said Muslims were being targetted and killed from China to Indonesia. Speaking as the first Caliph, or commander of the Islamic faithful since the dissolution of the Ottoman empire, he called on Muslims to rally to his pan-Islamic state."




Exclusive: Putin’s Pilots Set to Fly Over Iraq

July 1, 2014


"Russia may not have boots on the ground in Iraq—yet. But it will have them in the sky; Russian pilots could be flying over Iraq within days.

While the Obama administration struggles to speed up delivery of U.S. military assistance to the government of Iraq, Vladimir Putin has already delivered not only fighter jets but also the pilots needed to fly them, diplomatic sources told The Daily Beast."





Meeting with permanent members of the Security Council

June 1, 2014


"Vladimir Putin held a briefing session with permanent members of the Security Council.

The discussion focused on various aspects related to preparations for the fourth summit of the heads of Caspian states scheduled to take place this autumn.

Also, the meeting discussed in detail the situation in Ukraine, which quickly deteriorates following President Poroshenko's order to end the ceasefire."





Rebels claim control over Luhansk airport

July 1, 2014


The airport is under our full control," Bolotov said at a press conference on July 1.




Ukrainian tragedy proves war can come close, unexpectedly - Lukashenko

July 1, 2014


"MINSK. July 1 (Interfax) - Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has urged Belarusians to preserve peace and accord in their country.

"Peace, calm and safety are such inconspicuous values. When they exist, no one notices them, taking them for granted," Lukashenko said at a meeting on the occasion of the Belarusian Independence Day in Minsk on Tuesday.

"Some of us may have thought that a war is an affair of the past and will forever remain in museums, books and films, or that a war is very far, in the mountains and deserts of a foreign land," the president said. "But the tragedy of our nearby Ukraine is the reminder that a war is something that could come very close and unexpectedly. The war is what happens when peace, stability and accord are not appreciated, when the society breaks up and falls into the chaos of revolution," the Belarusian leader said."





Putin Warns Again of Force as Ukraine Fighting Spreads

July 1, 2014


"MOSCOW — The simmering standoff in eastern Ukraine exploded into warfare early Tuesday, pushing the conflict to a dangerous new phase and prompting President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to warn again that he reserves the right to use force to defend Russian-speaking citizens."




OSCE parliamentarians approve Russia resolution amid debate on Ukraine

July 1, 2014


"BAKU, 1 July 2014 – By a majority of three-to-one, OSCE parliamentarians approved a resolution that condemns Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine during a plenary meeting today at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s 2014 Annual Session Baku.

Parliamentarians voted by a margin of 92 in favor to 30 against with 27 abstentions on the item, which “condemns the clear, gross and uncorrected violation of the Helsinki principles by the Russian Federation with respect to Ukraine, including the particularly egregious violation of that country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The resolution now becomes annexed to the Baku Declaration, to be voted on tomorrow, 2 July, by nearly 300 parliamentarians from more than 50 countries. The Declaration will contain policy recommendations for the OSCE and its 57 participating States in the fields of political affairs and security, economics, the environment and human rights."







Israeli jets strike 34 targets in Gaza Strip
July 1, 2014


"Air force hits Hamas, Islamic Jihad structures; 4 reported wounded; 2 rockets explode in Israel causing damage, hours after discovery of kidnapped teens’ bodies
The Israeli Air Force struck 34 targets in the Gaza Strip early Tuesday, carrying out “precision strikes” against Hamas and Islamic Jihad structures, the IDF said in a statement early Tuesday."




Israeli missing teenagers: Hamas warns 'gates of hell will open' as Israel bombs Gaza strip

July 1, 2014


"Hamas has warned Israel against waging war on the Gaza strip in retaliation for the deaths of three kidnapped Israeli youths, threatening that "the gates of hell will open" should action be taken.

The response came after Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed: "Hamas is responsible and Hamas will pay", following the discovery of the bodies of the three missing youths yesterday.

The Israeli military struck 34 targets across the Gaza Strip overnight after more than 20 rockets were fired from the territory into Israel since late Sunday."




odds & ends

Obama: I cannot imagine indescribable pain of teens’ parents
June 30, 2014


"White House calls on sides to show restraint; British PM says he will back Israel in seeking justice for slain youths
WASHINGTON, DC — US President Barack Obama expressed his condolences Monday to the families of the three slain Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, Naftali Fraenkel and Gil-ad Shaar, whose bodies were found several hours earlier near the Palestinian village of Halhul, north of Hebron. The three had been abducted on June 12 while they were hitchhiking from a bus stop in the Etzion Bloc in the West Bank."



Russia warns U.S. against more support for Syria's opposition

June 30, 2014


"MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia warned the United States on Monday against stepping up support for Syria's opposition, saying it would only bolster a caliphate declared by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in part of Iraq and Syria.

Baghdad called for international help as it is struggling to contain an offensive by the ISIL, an al Qaeda splinter group, which overran Iraq's Mosul earlier in June. It also captured territory in the north and east of Syria.

"The jihadists have challenged not only their competing extremist groups, hiding under the slogans of Islam, but also the countries of the Islamic world," Russia's Foreign Ministry said in a statement."




Cryptome claims all Snowden files will be published in July to avert a war

July 1, 2014


"All of the National Security Agency files accessed by former contractor Edward Snowden could be published in the month of July if vaguely worded predictions tweeted this week from the digital library site Cryptome prove to be correct.

A series of micro-messages published by the website — a portal for sharing sensitive documents that predates WikiLeaks by a decade — suggest further Snowden leaks may be on the way."



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Putin: Ukraine is a Battlefield for the New World Order

This week in Moscow President Vladimir Putin made a major foreign policy statement, while speaking to a worldwide gathering of Russian ambassadors and permanent diplomatic representatives. According to Putin, the West did not give Moscow a choice, but to move to annex Crimea last March to defend Russians and Russian-speakers “that consider themselves part of the wider Russian world” (“Ruskiy Mir”). Putin insisted that NATO planned to swiftly move its forces into Sevastopol and radically change the balance of power in the region, depriving Russia of everything it had been fighting for since the times of Tsar Peter the Great.

According to Putin, the present crisis in Ukraine is a manifestation of the core Western policy of “deterring Russia” that continued despite the end of the Cold war. Putin announced Moscow would continue to defend the rights of Russian “compatriots” living abroad “using political, economic and self-defense humanitarian operations.” He declared that the time of U.S. world domination has ended and Russia will be reintegrating the Eurasian landmass [former USSR], while promoting better relations with Europe, “which is our natural partner.” The Russian foreign ministry was ordered to work on preparing “a joint space of economic and humanitarian cooperation from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” based on absolute noninterference in internal political matters and excluding the U.S. Putin accused Washington of blackmailing Paris to stop the delivery of the French-built Mistral helicopter-carrying assault ships to the Russian Navy (kremlin.ru, July 1). The first Mistral is planned for delivery this year and it could be stationed in Sevastopol (Rossyskaya Gazeta, June 25).

More at


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The plan for Middle east as proposed in 2006



Note: The following map was prepared by Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters. It was published in the Armed Forces Journal in June 2006, Peters is a retired colonel of the U.S. National War Academy. (Map Copyright Lieutenant-Colonel Ralph Peters 2006).




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Ukraine raises flag over rebel stronghold

July 5, 2014


"Pro-Russian rebels abandoned Sloviansk as government troops retook the eastern Ukraine city after a night of fierce fighting and barrages of mortar fire, the country's president and a spokesman for the rebels said Saturday.

President Petro Poroshenko said in a statement that government troops took Sloviansk, a city of about 129,000 that has been a center of the fighting between Kiev's troops and the pro-Russian insurgents in Donetsk.

Poroshenko commanded the armed forces to raise the Ukrainian flag over the city, which had been under rebel control since April 12 when they seized the city's administrative and police buildings."





Masked mob savages newspaper office in Kiev

July 5, 2014


"A crowd of around 50 masked men with stones and flares has attacked and vandalized the office of Kiev's Vesti newspaper. The paper’s security guard was beaten as the mob shattered the windows and filled the building with tear gas.

A large group of unidentified people wearing masks attacked the newspaper office on Saturday morning, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has confirmed. The investigators classified the incident as an “act of hooliganism."

snip  photos/video at link






ISIS jihadists demolish mosques, shrines in Northern Iraq

July 5, 2014


"Islamic militant sect, ISIS, which has been rampaging across the north and west of Iraq since last month, has been demolishing sacred sites such as shrines and mosques around the historic northern city of Mosul in Nineveh province.

Photographs from the area posted online under the banner “Demolishing shrines and idols in the state of Nineveh” depicted mosques being turned into piles of rubble – explosives deployed against Shiite buildings - and bulldozers flattening the shrines.

At least four shrines to Sunni Arab or Sufi figures have been destroyed by the bulldozers, according to AFP. The structures had been built around graves of Muslim saints. Six Shiite mosques have also been destroyed using explosives."





IAF bombard ISIL parade in Nineveh

July 5, 2014


"Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) The Iraqi Air Force in cooperation with the Anti-Terrorism Force bombarded a parade for the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and Levant conducted in Talaafar district (70 km) to the northwest of Mosul, security source reported to IraqiNews.com. the source added “The IAF killed many of the leaders of the ISIL during an air strike targeting a parade for the ISIL conducted in Talaafar district to the northwest of Nineveh.”






U.S. asks Israel to probe beating of American teen in Jerusalem

July 5, 2014


"RAMALLAH, West Bank—

Violent protests sparked by the abduction and killing of a Palestinian teenager spread to Arab villages in Israel on Saturday, presenting a new challenge to the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel has stayed silent on the investigation into the death of an East Jerusalem youth, Mohammed Abu Khudair, who Palestinians believe was kidnapped and killed by far-right Jews. The Palestinian attorney-general was reported as saying he had been burned alive."





Clashes spill into Israel over 'burned alive' Palestinian teen

July 5. 2014


"Clashes sparked by the abduction and murder of a Palestinian teenager spread from east Jerusalem to Arab towns inside Israel, as autopsy reports showed he was burned alive.

Rocket fire targeting Israel from Gaza also increased, raising fears of an escalation with the Islamist Hamas movement which controls the Palestinian enclave.

Mohammed Abu Khder, 16, was abducted from his Shuafat neighbourhood in occupied east Jerusalem early Wednesday, and his charred body found hours later in a west Jerusalem forest."






Crisis in Syria: Civil war, global threat

July 5, 2014

By Ban Ki-moon


"The horrific war in Syria continues to worsen and bleed beyond its borders.  A cold calculation seems to be taking hold: that little can be done except to arm the parties and watch the conflict rage. The international community must not abandon the people of Syria and the region to never-ending waves of cruelty and crisis.

The death toll may now be well over 150,000.  Prisons and makeshift detention facilities are swelling with men, women and even children. Deaths by summary executions and unspeakable torture are widespread.  People are also dying from hunger and once-rare infectious diseases.  Whole urban centres and some of humankind’s great architectural and cultural heritage lie in ruins.  Syria today is increasingly a failed state."






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ISIL shows increasing strength and structure, takes war where al Qaeda couldn’t

July 6, 2014

By Rowan Scarborough


"As its ranks grow, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, sometimes called the Islamic State, has become the first terrorist organization to plan and execute a two-front land war, presenting yet another challenge to the United States in its long war against Islamic extremists.

Last week, ISIL showed it could capture towns and territory in Syria and Iraq at once. Al Qaeda and its franchises have not accomplished such a feat.

ISIL has demonstrated that it is an organized hierarchical army that launches campaigns based on brutal tactics, clear objectives and a time table.

“They’ve been able to project a lot of force projection capabilities into two countries simultaneously, which has been unprecedented for a single group,” said Patrick Johnston, a counterinsurgency analyst at the Rand Corp.





ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq

July 7, 2014


"Iraqi antiquities officials are calling on the Obama administration to save Nineveh and other sites around jihadist-occupied Mosul. But are drone strikes really the answer?

PARIS — More than two and a half millennia ago, the Assyrian King Senaccherib descended on his enemies “like the wolf on the fold,” as the Bible tells us—and as Lord Byron wrote in cantering cadences memorized by countless Victorian schoolchildren: “His cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold; And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea.”

The Assyrian and Babylonian empires appear throughout the Old Testament as examples of ruthless grandeur and godless decadence. The Bible says Sennacherib’s army was destroyed by the Angel of the Lord. The Israelites were carried off to Babylon, where they wept by the waters. And since the middle of the 19th century, archeologists have labored mightily to unearth the mythical and the verifiable past in the extraordinary cradle of civilizations they used to call Mesopotamia and now call Iraq."







Israel Calls Up 1,500 Troops as Tensions Mount With Hamas


July 7,  2014


JERUSALEM — Israel and the militant group Hamas seemed set on a collision course on Tuesday, with an escalation of cross-border clashes around the Gaza Strip, Hamas vowing to avenge the deaths of six of its fighters, and Israeli warplanes attacking dozens of targets in the Palestinian coastal territory.

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli military, said that the army was completing the deployment of two infantry brigades along the border with Gaza and that the government had approved the call-up of 1,500 reservists, mainly Home Front Command and aerial defense units. “If last week we were talking about calm being answered by calm,” Colonel Lerner said, “we are now talking about preparing for an escalation.”

Early Tuesday, the Israeli Defense Forces announced on Twitter that they had “commenced Operation Protective Edge in Gaza against Hamas in order to stop the terror Israel’s citizens face on a daily basis.”

According to a Reuters report, predawn airstrikes had hit at least 30 targets in Gaza, including homes of suspected militants."





Gaza Rockets Barrage Israel Readying for Possible Escalation

July 7, 2014

By Amy Teibel and Calev Ben-David



"Gaza Strip militants bombarded southern Israel with dozens of rockets, sending Israel closer to escalating its battle against them as it stepped up air strikes and mobilized reserves.

About 80 rockets hit Israel from Hamas-controlled Gaza yesterday, reaching as deep as 25 miles (40 kilometers) inside Israeli territory, the military said. The army is reinforcing regular paratrooper and infantry forces on the Gaza border with as many as 1,500 reservists, spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said in a phone briefing.

“While last week the army talked about de-escalation, now we’re talking about preparation for possible escalation,” Lerner said.

Cabinet ministers who met in Jerusalem yesterday ordered harsher air strikes against the increased rocket fire, though not a broad ground offensive in the Palestinian territory, Channel 2 TV reported. Economy Minister Naftali Bennett told the station that “Israel must broadcast deterrence. The entire Mideast is looking.”





Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem fear more abductions, as rockets from Hamas fly

Ruth Eglash and William Booth

July 7, 2014


"JERUSALEM — Jewish and Muslim parents here kept their children indoors Monday, as anxious residents formed neighborhood watch groups and monitored social media, alert for revenge attacks following the recent abductions and killings of three Israelis and a Palestinian, all teenagers.

“It is the time of the ambush,” said Ahlam Kawasmi, 36, a mother of five who cares for the elderly. She was walking on the nearly deserted streets in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, just outside Jerusalem’s Old City.

“I tell my kids, ‘I don’t know if you leave if you will come back,’ ” she said. The family is avoiding public parks and outdoor evening celebrations during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan."






Ukraine crisis: Bridges destroyed outside Donetsk

July 7, 2014


"Three bridges have been destroyed on roads leading into the city of Donetsk on Monday ahead of an expected offensive from government forces.

It was unclear who was behind the explosions but Ukrainian media said the bridges were blown up by rebels as Ukraine's military advanced.

Ukrainian troops regained control of the key rebel strongholds of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk on Saturday.

A journalist in Donetsk says civilians in the city are preparing for fighting.

"For the moment there are no gunfights but people are really scared," Yevgeny Shibalov told BBC Newshour.

"A lot of shops are closed and some banks officially declared they are closing their branches in the city," he added.

Separatist fighters driven out of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk at the weekend have regrouped in Donetsk."



The bridge destroyed in the village of Novobakhmutivka crossed over a main road out of Donetsk





Ukraine Military Finds Its Footing Against Pro-Russian Rebels

July 6, 2014

David M. Herszenhorn


"KIEV, Ukraine — When pro-Russian rebels first fanned out across eastern Ukraine in April, seizing public buildings, ousting local officials and blockading streets and highways, the government’s security forces — a ragtag lot of poorly equipped and understaffed military and police units — were largely paralyzed by dysfunction and defection. They seemed to remain so for months.

In the past week, however, after President Petro O. Poroshenko called off a cease-fire and ordered his troops to end the rebellion by force, an entirely different Ukrainian military appeared to arrive at the front."




Pushed from Slaviansk, Ukraine rebels barricade Donetsk

By Maria Tsvetkova 

July 7, 2014


"(Reuters) - Pro-Russian rebels erected new barricades on the streets of Donetsk on Monday, preparing to make a stand in the city of a million people after losing their bastion in the town of Slaviansk in the worst defeat of their three-month uprising.

Occasional bursts of gunfire could be heard in the distance from the centre of Donetsk, where residents said they were now living in fear of a potential battle between government forces and the separatist gunmen now out in force.

Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Ahmetov, pleaded with the government on Monday not to bomb his home city. Local authorities say thousands of residents have left Donetsk, but most have nowhere to go."






N. Korea makes fresh call for improved ties with South
July 6, 2014


"North Korea issued another call Monday for a lowering of military tensions with South Korea, even as leader Kim Jong-Un oversaw firing drills on an island near the sensitive maritime border.

A government statement carried by the official KCNA news agency said it was time to end "reckless hostility and confrontation" and called on Seoul to scrap its annual joint military drills with the United States.

Last week the North's top military body had called for both sides to halt all hostile military activities -- a suggestion Seoul dismissed as "nonsensical" in the light of Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programme.

The latest offer is also likely to receive short shrift, as South Korea has repeatedly made it clear that the annual joint drills are non-negotiable."











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Well, well, well.  I do declare, if this is not interesting, I will eat my hat!!! How many of us believe in koinkydinks like this??


ISIS  Intelligence Technology Training     hmmmmm


"ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building. We are dedicated to supporting our national defense and security departments, as well as government contractors and private business, with mission-critical services performed by highly skilled experts in their fields. ISIS professionals can be found working side by side with the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government and Prime Contractors on the ground in such strategic environments as the Middle East. See Our Locations Map at the bottom of the page."

snip to bottom of page






Now I begin to wonder about how convenient it was for us to have released certain prisoners from incarceration in Iraq in 2009, about Benghazi, and the most recent release of the 5 from Guantanamo, and how ISIS is so rich, all the weapons and equipment we left in IRAQ, when we left,  also the fact that American, Brits, Italians, etc., have been seen fighting alongside ISIS, about the engineered crisis on our borders right now, that Mr. Obama just requested 3.7 BILLION to handle. 


I really, really wonder!!!! Tx Reddwolf


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Not sure if this video has been linked anywhere before but it is worth a listen to get a good handle on the meaning of this thread.

thanks to the link in the shout box by triton earlier today


Published on Jun 26, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war. 



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"According to the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, the United States runs ISIS operations in Iraq out of its embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The plan to carve up Iraq and spark a regional war in the Middle East was masterminded by the Atlantic Council, according to Hariri.


A source close to Hariri said the finishing touches were put on the balkanization plan during a George Soros funded Atlantic Council energy summit held in Istanbul last November.


ISIS in Syria was scheduled to control Deir-Ez-Zor by August of 2013, but the timeline was sidelined when Britain decided not to support the bombing of Syria. The lack of air strikes allowed the Syrian government to run both ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra out of Deir-Ez-Zor and relinquish control of the al-Thayem oil field.


The ISIS offensive in Iraq resulted in empowering the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and handing over oil installations in the disputed Kirkuk province.


Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Total are negotiating with the KRG to gain access to the oil."


From http://www.tatoott1009.com/2014/06/27/who-is-isis-really-proof-youre-not-going-to-believe/



As a side-note from above link


"Despite having their license to work in Iraq revoked, a 2010 cable published by WikiLeaks found the group to still be operating in the region. Due to continued controversy, Blackwater has since changed its name to Constellis Holdings."




"Constellis Holdings’ Board of Directors includes: Red McCombs (Chairman), former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, former White House Chief Counsel Jack Quinn, Admiral Bobby Inman (Ret.), Russ Robinson, Jason DeYonker, Dean Bosacki and Triple Canopy co-founder Tom Katis."




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And the hits just keep on coming........you'll love this!


ISIL visits drive-in Iraqi chemical weapons depot
1403212430691.jpg-620x349-e1404919480279 ISIL seizes former chemical weapons complex: Iraq Top Daily Story   …   Press TV,  Tehran


[ Editors Note:  In my quick review of stories on this latest fiasco in Iraq, not a soul has asked why after all of our years in Iraq, and the hundreds of billions spent with more than a little of it going down the rabbit hole, were these places not cleaned up?

The easy answer is that someone chose to have the Iraqis do it out of their own funds after we were gone.

Much of this is old contaminated equipment, but the initial reports state the ISIL people removed some equipment. How would they know what to take out of all the stuff there? Obviously someone was guiding them on what to take...and what security precautions to  protect themselves, showing us once again they have operational abilities seen really at Western Special Operations level.

Suspicious me, I smell a psyops here tying ISIL into getting some dirty stuff so if someone else wants to do a false flag they will use this tie in to pin it on them. Imagine that! We have seen a coordinated media campaign of high level political officials reading prepared position notes that the ISIL folks are the number one terror threat to their respective countries...just throwingthat out there with the top security officials not saying a word about it.

This is always done before the next big false flag to prepare the public, so the NeoCon gang can say, "See, we told you so...Obama did not protect us...this never would have happened if we had kept troops in Iraq.” Of course the timing for this kind of deadly game playing is often in the run up to elections where big headlines grabbing stories to put a target on the defensive is where PR hustle careers are made...or lost.

We are seeing a lot of Israeli style chaos theory game warfare in play now, so when bad things happen in a whirlwind of ongoing conflicts the real perpetrators can easily hide while we are all out chasing wild geese. They keep using tactics that have worked in the past because we let them get away with it... Jim W. Dean ]



the rest of the story here --



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OOOpps!  while the ZIO'S and the NWO were busy trying to screwing with the Ukraine and Russia they went and left the back door open in the Middle east, this is one of the best screw-ups ever, by the Psychos --


a must read!



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OOOpps!  while the ZIO'S and the NWO were busy trying to screwing with the Ukraine and Russia they went and left the back door open in the Middle east, this is one of the best screw-ups ever, by the Psychos --


a must read!




Sounds like a trap too me. 

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Israel holds off on escalating Gaza barrage; West wants truce

June 14, 2014

By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Dan Williams




"(Reuters) - Israel appeared to hold off on a threatened escalation of its week-old Gaza Strip barrage on Monday despite having balked at Western calls for a ceasefire with an equally defiant Hamas.

On Sunday, the Israeli military warned residents of the northern border town of Beit Lahiya to leave or risk their lives when, after nightfall, it planned to intensify air strikes against suspected Palestinian rocket launchers among civilian homes.

A U.N. aid agency said around a quarter of Beit Lahiya's 70,000 residents fled, fearing Israeli attacks which, according to Gaza officials, have killed more than 166 people, most of them non-combatants, since the cross-border shelling war began.

But other than a lone air strike on farmland outside the town, which the Palestinians said caused no casualties, Beit Lahiya was largely quiet in the early hours of Monday. Israel said one rocket was fired from Gaza, without inflicting damage."






Israel says it's downed drone along southern coast as Gaza conflict enters 7th day

July 14, 2014


"JERUSALEM –  Israel's military says it has downed an unmanned drone along its southern coastline, the first time it has encountered such a weapon since its struggle with Gaza Strip militants began last week.

The military says the drone came from Gaza and that it was shot down on Monday by a Patriot missile near the southern city of Ashdod.

Since the conflict began, militants have fired nearly 1,000 rockets at Israel, causing some injuries and damage to property, but no fatalities among Israelis.

By contrast, 172 Palestinians have died as a result of Israel's air attacks."







Despite offensive, Gaza rockets still hit Israel

July 13, 2014

Aron Heller



"TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Israel says its punishing air assault on Hamas militants, their property and their weaponry has delivered a devastating blow to the Islamic militant group. Yet rocket fire at Israel has continued almost unabated.

The military says that due to years of generous Iranian shipments, thousands of rockets remain in Gaza, and there is no quick way to eliminate the threat.

It says its goal is to inflict so much pain on Hamas that it will be deterred from attacking Israel again — just like Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon have largely remained on the sidelines for the past eight years.

The military also says it wants to punish Hamas for the violence. But both goals are hard to quantify in the short term. A similar offensive in November 2012 was also deemed a military success, though it left Israel vulnerable to rocket fire. Israel also launched a large offensive in late 2008 that delivered a tenuous cease-fire."






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Egypt proposes ceasefire to Israel, Hamas

July 14, 2014


"Egypt has launched an initiative to end the Israel-Gaza conflict by establishing a truce between the two sides which will start at 6 a.m. GMT on Tuesday. It will be followed by a 12-hour ceasefire, Egypt's state news agency reported.


The truce is to be followed by negotiations in Cairo in 48 hours which will be attended by both sides, according to AFP. Following this, Cairo has proposed the opening of border crossings and negotiations on the solution of the crisis. The proposal was discussed in the framework of the Arab League meeting of foreign ministers on Monday."





Israel Shoots Down Hamas' First Combat Drone With $1M Missile

July 14, 2014


"As the battle between Israel and Hamas raged into its sixth day, Hamas launched a drone into the fight. It reportedly cost Israel a million dollars to swiftly knock it down with a Patriot missile. From the ABC report:

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that Israel brought down was targeted with a Patriot missile, the Israeli military said, near the southern city of Ashdod. There’s no evidence the small downed drone was armed, a senior Israeli military intelligence official told ABC News, adding they believe it was launched for the benefit of media attention."





Israel Accepts Cease-Fire to End Gaza Conflict

July 15, 2014


"The official, Sami Abu Zuhri, spoke moments after Israel accepted the offer on Tuesday.

Abu Zuhri told The Associated Press that "this proposal is not acceptable."

The Egyptian plan calls for hostilities to end Tuesday morning, followed by negotiations on easing the border blockade of Gaza.

The territory has been under a blockade by Egypt and Israel since Hamas seized Gaza in 2007."






Ukraine says Russian army officers fighting alongside rebels

By Natalia Zinets and Richard Balmforth

July 15, 2014


"(Reuters) - Ukraine accused Russian army officers on Monday of fighting alongside separatists in the east of the country and said Moscow was once more building up its troops on the joint border.

A missile that downed a Ukrainian transport plane carrying eight people near the border was probably fired from Russia, Ukrainian officials said.

President Petro Poroshenko held an emergency meeting of his security chiefs after a weekend of Ukrainian air strikes on rebel positions near the border with Russia and charges by Moscow that Kiev killed a Russian man with a cross-border shell. The war of words between Kiev and Moscow and intense fighting, in which Ukrainian forces say they inflicted heavy losses on the rebels, marked a sharp escalation in the 3-1/2 month conflict in which several hundred Ukrainian servicemen, civilians and rebels have been killed. "Information has ... been confirmed that Russian staff officers are taking part in military operations against Ukrainian forces," Poroshenko said."





Ukraine military plane shot down by rocket

July 15, 2014

Peter Leonard


KIEV — A Ukrainian military transport plane was shot down Monday along the country’s eastern border with Russia but all eight people aboard managed to bail out safely, the defense ministry said.

Separatist rebels in conflict-wracked eastern Ukraine claimed responsibility for downing the Antonov-26, but Ukrainian officials swiftly ruled that out and blamed Russia instead.

There was no immediate comment from Russia on the matter.

In the last two weeks, the government has halved the territory in eastern Ukraine held by pro-Russia separatists, who have been forced back into the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk. Many in the armed insurgency are known to be Russian nationals, but Moscow says they are simply citizens who went to fight in Ukraine on their own.





Militants press Iraq assault, political deadlock set to drag on

July 14, 2014

Ammar Karim, Salam Faraj



"Baghdad (AFP) - Iraq's flagging government formation process seemed set to drag on Tuesday as police and tribesmen were battling an assault that could bring militants a step closer to Baghdad.

World powers and Iraq's top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, have piled pressure on MPs to put aside their differences, with the country facing a major jihadist-led onslaught that has overrun territory in the north and west, but progress has so far been noticeably lacking.

US media was reporting that a Pentagon assessment of Iraqi security forces has reached some bleak conclusions.

According to The New York Times, the assessment warned that any American troops serving as advisers would face safety risks given infiltration of the Iraqi army by Sunni extremists and Iran-backed Shiite troops or militia.

Citing US officials, the newspaper said the classified assessment also found that only about half of the Iraqi army's units are capable enough to be worth advising by American troops."




90% of aircraft destroyed at Tripoli airport, Libya may seek international assistance

July 15, 2014



A charred airplane lies on the ground at Tripoli international airport in the Libyan capital on July 14, 2014 following fighting between rival armed groups. AFP Photo / Mahmud Turkia)


"Libya is considering a deployment of international force to re-establish security amid a flare-up of violence in Tripoli which saw dozens of rockets destroy most of the civilian aircraft fleet at its international airport.

“The government is looking into the possibility of making an appeal for international forces on the ground to re-establish security and help the government impose its authority,” a government spokesman, Ahmed Lamine said in a statement.

The statement comes after deadly clashes led to the closing of the main international airport in Tripoli on Sunday, which came under a renewed rocket attack on Monday.

According to the country’s government at least seven people have been killed at the airport since Sunday, and around 90 percent of aircraft parked at the hub were destroyed or made inoperable. The control tower was damaged as well as several Grad rockets struck the transit hub."



















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Israel orders ground offensive in Gaza; heavy shelling on border

July 17, 2014

By Maayan Lubell and Nidal al-Mughrabi




"JERUSALEM/GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday instructed the military to begin a ground offensive in Gaza, an official statement from his office said.

Reuters witnesses and Gaza residents reported heavy artillery and naval shelling and helicopter fire along the Gaza border.

"The prime minister and defence minister have instructed the IDF (Israel Defence Force) to begin a ground operation tonight in order to hit the terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel," the statement said.

Israel and Palestinian militants in the densely populated enclave have been fighting a cross border war for 10 days.

The Israeli military says Gaza militants have fired more than 1,300 rockets into Israel. Palestinian health officials say 233 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air and naval strikes. One Israeli civilian has been killed by fire from Gaza.

A statement from the Israeli military said the operation will include "infantry, armoured corps, engineer corps, artillery and intelligence combined with aerial and naval support."





Israel steps up operation in Gaza LIVE UPDATES

July 17, 2014



LIVE: Shocking picture of Israel firing missiles at Gaza randomly with ground invasion.αηιs @theblogpirate

A ground operation in the Gaza Strip has been launched by Tel Aviv following more than a week of Hamas shelling the country and the IDF responding with air strikes. Over 200 Palestinians and one Israeli have died in the violence.

Thursday, July 17

20:47 GMT:

Al-Wafa rehabilitation hospital in Gaza City is hit by an Israeli strike, according to Physicians for Human Rights. Several people have been wounded.


20:32 GMT:

Gaza residents report heavy artillery, naval shelling and helicopter fire along the Gaza border





Malaysian airliner crashes in E. Ukraine near Russian border, 298 people on board

July 17, 2014


"A Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing-777 with over 290 people on board has crashed in Ukraine, close to the border with Russia. Both Kiev and the opposition deny involvement in the incident.

LIVE UPDATES: Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane crash in Ukraine

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Geraschenko said the plane carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members fell.

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that it has lost contact with the plane when it was flying over Ukrainian soil.

snip  We are all aware of this, so I won't belabor it here, just mentioning for the record.




 Russia: US sanctions revenge for Ukrainian failure, Moscow may retaliate

July 17, 2014


"Russia considers the latest package of sanctions against it issued by the US as revenge for the failure of Washington’s schemes in Ukraine and blackmail. Moscow reserves the right to retaliate.

Moscow believes that America is targeting it with sanctions “because the events in Ukraine have not developed the way Washington scripted them,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

“The outrageous and groundless desire to blame Russia for the civil war in a neighboring country, which was caused by a deep internal crisis and already resulted in the loss of many lives, proves that the US and its clients in Kiev have failed to pacify the wide public dissent,” the ministry said.

Moscow said Washington is cynical in attempting to dodge responsibility for the bloodshed perpetrated by the Ukrainian troops in the east of the country, which the US is de facto encouraging.

The sanctions issued by the US on Wednesday won’t affect Russia’s position, the ministry warned."




E. Ukraine open to ‘any dialogue’, wants to stop war ASAP – opposition leader

July 16, 2014


"Eastern Ukraine leaders want to stop war as soon as possible and are open to any dialogue, Donetsk People's Republic PM Aleksandr Boroday said. He denied that they “ignored” a video conference with the Kiev side and mediators as reported by the OSCE.

Earlier on Wednesday one of Donetsk People’s Republic’s Vice Premiers reached an agreement with the OSCE mission about consultations via video link to be held on July 17, he added.

“I hope that they [consultations] will really take place. The format of these consultations we will discuss tonight [Wednesday night],” Aleksandr Boroday told Rossiya-1 TV channel.

“Literally an hour ago one of the representatives of our government, vice-PM Andrey Purgin, visited the OSCE mission and reached an agreement to hold this kind of consultation, not negotiations, I stress, tomorrow, possibly, in a videoconference format,” Boroday said."




British ISIS fighter killed by Iraqi soldiers – reports

July 16, 2014


"A young British man who went to fight in Syria has been shot dead, according to social media reports, after exchanging intense gunfire with Iraqi troops.

The man believed to be Abdul Raqib Amin, 26, and who was known as “Abul Baraa” may be the first UK fighter to be killed while fighting with the Islamist militant group ISIS.

According to social media reports, Amin was killed during a firefight with a SWAT team in the city of Ramadi, 75 miles (121km) from Baghdad.

Amin’s death was also confirmed on social media by Abu Dujana al-Muhjahir, a 19-year-old from Portsmouth who also joined ISIS.

“He gave me the news that one of the two British brothrts (sic), Abul Baraa had been martyred in Ramadi, Iraq whilst fighting Iraq SWAT forces” he wrote.

Originally a student from Aberdeen in Scotland, Amin reportedly traveled to Syria, and was seen last month in a recruitment video for the group, alongside two other British men."





At least 89 dead in E. Afghanistan suicide car bombing

July 15, 2014


"A suicide car bomber has exploded his vehicle in a busy market in the eastern Afghan province of Paktika, killing at least 89 people. Officials warn the death toll may rise as soldiers continue searching the wreckage for possible survivors and injured.

An explosives-laden 4x4 drove into a crowded market in the Urgun district of Paktika, said General Mohammad Zahir Azimi, the Defense Ministry spokesman. The ensuing explosion caused massive damage, destroying 20 of the surrounding shops and injuring at least 42 people.

"The explosion was so big it destroyed many shops. Dozens of people are trapped under the roofs," Mohammad Raza Kharoti, the district governor, told Reuters.

The Afghan military have deployed helicopters and ambulances to carry the victims to the provincial capital of Sharan.

Urgun is located close to the volatile border with Pakistan’s North Waziristan region where military forces have been routing Pakistani Taliban from their hideouts, inadvertently driving them into Afghanistan."





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‘Too good opportunity to miss’: MH17 blame game has political motives, may lead to war

July 20, 2014


"The blame game against Russia that unfolded in western media hours after MH 17 crash in Ukraine has only political motives behind it, says a former Senior Advisor to OSCE. Accusing Moscow is a great opportunity that both politicians and media can’t miss.

LIVE UPDATES: Malaysia Airlines MH17 plane crash in Ukraine

Speaking to RT, Lode Vanoost, also a former Deputy Speaker of Belgium's House of Representatives, has stressed that collecting evidence takes “weeks and months”, everything else is “jumping to conclusions”. This at the same time may lead to further escalation in the region.

“But this is a very volatile situation – all wars have started like this, because of things like this: speculating and putting the blame before there is any evidence to come to any conclusion,” he says.

RT: Before any investigation had even begun, some had already pinned the blame on Russia. Has any evidence actually been presented?

Lode Vanoost: We should make very clear first of all that after a tragedy, catastrophe like this that the relatives of the victims deserve thorough investigation by independent sources. When you say evidence this is something that is produced by experts on the ground. There are programs on air crashes on National Geographic – it takes weeks and month before you can to jump to any conclusions. Whatever is being said now is just speculations for political motives."




UN condemns ‘Shejaia massacre’, urges end to violence

July 20, 2014


"The UN Security Council has expressed concern over the two-week violence in Gaza that has claimed more than 450 lives – at least 70 of them civilians.

LIVE UPDATES: Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip

"The members of the Security Council expressed serious concern about the growing number of casualties. The members of the Security Council called for an immediate cessation of hostilities," Rwandan UN Ambassador Eugene Gasana told journalists after an emergency meeting on Sunday.

Jordan demanded the meeting after over 60 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers were killed as Israel shelled Gaza's Shejaia neighborhood and battled militants in the bloodiest fighting in the 13-day offensive, Reuters reported.

"The members of the Security Council called for respect of international humanitarian law including protection of civilians," Gasana added.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the killings as an "atrocious action" and called for an immediate end to the fighting, urging Israel to “exercise maximum restraint.”

“Too many innocent people are dying (and) living in constant fear,” he said at news conference in Doha."





Israeli Tank Fire Pounds Through Gaza City, Thousands Flee

July 20, 2014


"GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip—Escalating their ground offensive, Israeli troops backed by tanks and warplanes battled Hamas militants in a crowded neighborhood of Gaza City on Sunday. The fighting, including heavy Israeli tank fire, killed scores of Palestinians, forced thousands to flee their homes and left dozens of homes destroyed.

Palestinian health officials reported at least 50 dead in air and artillery strikes that echoed across the city for hours and sent panicked residents fleeing, many carrying small children and waving white flags. Gaza officials said 35,000 people fled their homes Sunday.

The nearly two-week conflict has killed more than 400 Palestinians and seven Israelis, and appeared to be escalating as U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon headed to the region to try to revive cease-fire efforts."







more later

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Obama orders Pentagon advisers to Ukraine to fend off Putin-backed rebels

July 22, 2014

U.S. to help Kiev bolster military as pressure mounts on Vladimir Putin


"A team of Pentagon officials is heading to Ukraine to help the country rebuild its fractured military, a mission that lawmakers and analysts expect will result in recommendations for greater military assistance in the country’s fight against pro-Russia separatists amid international outrage over the downing of a commercial airplane.

Within the next few weeks, a group of Defense Department representatives who specialize in strategy and policy will head to Kiev to evaluate specific programs that the United States may want to help bolster, said Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman."




Kiev says two Su-25 fighter jets shot down, accuses Russia

July 23, 2014


"Two Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jets were shot down on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Security Council confirmed. Self-defense forces claim to be behind the attack, though Kiev believes anti-aircraft missiles could have been launched from Russia.

The two fighter jets were downed near the village of Dmitrovka, in eastern Ukraine's Donetsk region, according to the Ukrainian Security Council.

We [are looking] into the possibility of the missile, which downed the planes, having been launched from the territory of Russia. That’s one of the theories,” a spokesman for the council, Andrey Lysenko, said.

The theory is based on an assumption by the Ukrainian military that anti-Kiev forces in Donetsk and Lugansk do not possess the type of military equipment needed for shooting down the Su-25s.

Missiles launched from manpads don’t reach such altitudes,” Lysenko said. “The planes have been shot down at the height of 5,200 meters. Only more powerful missile launchers are capable of doing that...[The planes] were downed professionally, the terrorists don’t have such experts.”  





Australian troops may deploy to Ukraine: Bishop

James Chesswell

July 23, 2014


"Australia could be part of an international deployment sent to eastern Ukraine, with foreign minister Julie Bishop heading to the war-torn nation with her Dutch counterpart to discuss how best to secure the MH17 crash site.

Speaking to reporters after a moving ceremony to mark the return of the first bodies from the downed Malaysian airlines flight, Ms Bishop said “there is still more work to do” and that she would travel to the Ukraine with Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans on Thursday.

The two foreign ministers - whose countries account for the majority of the 298 victims - will hold talks with the Ukrainian leadership in the capital, Kiev.

Mr Bishop will also meet with retired Air Chief Marshall Angus Houston, who is Australia’s special envoy in the Ukraine helping efforts to recover, identify and repatriate the 36 Australians citizens and residents killed when MH17 was allegedly brought down by a missile fired by Russian-backed separatists."





Israel may be guilty of war crimes – UN Human Rights Chief

July 23, 2014


"Israel maybe committing war crimes in Gaza, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says. Speaking in Geneva, Navi Pillay said house demolitions and the killing of children raise the "strong possibility" that Israel is violating international law.

Opening an emergency debate at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, she citied cases of Israeli air strikes and shelling hitting houses and hospitals in the coastal enclave: "These are just a few examples where there seems to be a strong possibility that international humanitarian law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes,” she said.

She hit out at both sides concerning their conduct during the conflict, which is now in its 16th day, having started on July 8. Some 643 Palestinians, many of them children and civilians have died in the conflict, including a seven-year-old hit by a shell in southern Gaza early on Wednesday, Reuters reports."





Hamas Crossed 2 Of Israel's Biggest Red Lines In A 24-Hour Span
July 23, 2014


"Over the course of a single day, the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas ensured that its latest escalation with Israel will not be resolved any time soon.


On Monday, Hamas fighters entered Israel through an infiltration tunnel, killing four soldiers inside Israeli territory. Hours later, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed near Ben Gurion International Airport — triggering a 24-hour suspension of American flights to the country that Hamas called "a great victory."

The 24-hour ban was extended earlier Wednesday."





US Official Warns ISIS is 'Worse Than al Qaeda,' Now a 'Full Blown Army'

July 23, 2014


"Wednesday at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the invasion of Iraq by the militant group ISIS, Brett McGurk, deputy assistant secretary of state, said The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) “is al Qaeda... it may have changed its name, but it is al Qaeda. In fact, it is worse than al Qaeda." 

The U.S. official warned that with its successful surge capturing both financial and military assets in Iraq, ISIS is “no longer a terrorist organization. It is a full-blown army."'






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Thought this might fit here

French warplanes search Mali desert for crashed Air Algerie plane

(Reuters) - An Air Algerie flight with 110 passengers onboard, nearly half of them French citizens, crashed on Thursday after the jet disappeared over northern Mali en route from Burkina Faso to Algiers, an Algerian official said.

There were few clear indications of what might have happened to flight AH5017, or whether there were casualties, but Burkina Faso's transport minister said the crew asked to adjust their route at 9.38 p.m. EDT because of a storm in the area.

"I can confirm that it has crashed," the Algerian official told Reuters, declining to be identified or give any details about what had happened to the aircraft on its way north.

More at


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Again I think this fits here ,unless it will need it's own thread ?

* Air Algerie jet went missing en route to Algiers

* Burkina Faso says jet asked to change course due to storm

* Passenger list includes 51 French citizens (Adds details on search, comments from French minister, Hollande)

By Hamid Ould Ahmed

ALGIERS, July 24 (Reuters) - An Air Algerie flight with 110 passengers onboard, nearly half of them French citizens, crashed on Thursday after the jet disappeared over northern Mali en route from Burkina Faso to Algiers, an Algerian official said.

There were few clear indications of what might have happened to flight AH5017, or whether there were casualties, but Burkina Faso's transport minister said the crew asked to adjust their route at 0138 GMT because of a storm in the area.

"I can confirm that it has crashed," the Algerian official told Reuters, declining to be identified or give any details about what had happened to the aircraft on its way north.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the Air Algerie flight was still missing, but had probably crashed.

"Despite intensive search efforts no trace of the aircraft has yet been found," Fabius told journalists in Paris. "The plane probably crashed."


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Massive rallies in Iran urge Palestinians to fight Israel to the end (PHOTOS)

July 25, 2014


"Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets across Iran to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, and condemn Israel’s military operation in Gaza, which has already seen over 800 people dead.

According to state television, massive rallies were held in the capital, Tehran, and most other Iranian cities to mark Jerusalem Day – Iran’s annual day of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The protesters, who had photos of Palestinian children killed by the IDF in Gaza, chanted “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

Washington was condemned for their support of Tel-Aviv’s actions, with American flags being burned along with the Israeli flags.

The demonstrators also carried banners, reading: “Defending Gaza and Palestine is our religious duty”."





Women, children, UN staff killed in shelling of school in Gaza

July 26, 2014


"Women, children and UN staff were among those killed during the shelling of a UN-run school in northern Gaza, in which hundreds of people had taken refuge. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed outrage and horror at the tragedy.

“I am appalled by the news of an attack on an UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) school in Northern Gaza where hundreds of people had taken refuge,” Ban said in a statement published on the UN's website, adding that “circumstances are still unclear.”





ISIS Leader Threatens Obama: 'We're Coming for You'
July 24, 2014

Andrea Billups


"The radical Islamist group terrorizing Iraq and ousting Christians there has threatened President Barack Obama, U.S. sources revealed.

"We're coming for you, Barack Obama," the group threatened, according to Elissa Slotkin, acting principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, in a story published by The Hill.

The group's insurgence inside the country has drawn the attention of U.S. officials who have called it "worse than al-Qaida."

"It is al-Qaida in its doctrine, ambition and, increasingly, in its threat to U.S. interests,"  Brett McGurk, a deputy assistant secretary of state, said in testimony during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing Wednesday.

McGurk was blunt in outlining the group's intent, calling it "no longer a terrorist organization. It is a full-blown army," the Hill reported.

Former Homeland Security head Tom Ridge also signaled the strength of the group and its capacity to create terror, adding that ISIS's threats had been on the intelligence community's radar for a long time with the ability to enter the United States unnoticed."


Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip LIVE UPDATES




Over 20 killed, 80 injured in ‘worst’ shelling of Lugansk by Ukrainian forces

July 26, 2014


"At least 24 civilians were killed and another 85 injured as the city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine was heavily shelled by Kiev forces on Friday and Saturday, media reported.

The bombardment of the city, home to over 400,000 people, began at around 06:00 PM local time on Friday and went on during the night and through Saturday morning.

Kiev forces hit 22 buildings, including a school and a kindergarten. Self-defense forces told the LifeNews Channel that 24 have died, adding that the death toll may rise as shelling of the city continues.

An eyewitness told RT that around 10 people were killed at a bus stop in the Yubileynoe village, which is also a part of Lugansk.

“Peaceful civilians were torn into pieces at the bus stop,” Viktor said, adding that the attack by Kiev forces was “aimed exclusively at the civilian population.”




Ukraine starts excavating 450-km trench on Transdniestria’s border with Moldova

July 26, 2014


"ODESSA, July 26, /ITAR-TASS/. Ukraine has started excavating a 450-kilometre trench in Transdniestria near the border neighbouring Moldova, an official of Ukraine’s Border Guard Service Vladimir Kachanovetsky said on Saturday.

“The trench is being excavated around-the-clock for preventing the movement of heavy hardware, as well as of contraband cargoes, he said."





Kiev Attacks Donetsk, Headquarters for MH17 Response

July 21, 2014    <<<5 days ago

Tony Cartalucci



"Reuters reported that the NATO-backed regime in Kiev has launched an offensive on the eastern city of Donetsk, Donetsk province. In its article, "Fighting erupts in Ukraine as crash investigators arrive," Reuters states:

Ukrainian army tanks were reported to be launching an assault to break pro-Russian rebels' hold on the eastern city of Donetsk 
on Monday
 in the first major outbreak of hostilities in the area since Malaysia 
 flight MH17 was shot down last week.

A separatist leader said Ukrainian government forces were trying to break into Donetsk and fighting was under way near the railway station.

The provincial capital is being used as a headquarters to coordinate the cleanup, recovery, and investigation of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The attack on Donetsk by Kiev's forces will further complicate efforts to recovery bodies, bring impartial, international investigators to the crash site, and arrive at the truth of what happened to the doomed flight.

Reuters would even admit, that even while Kiev's forces assaulted the city of Donetsk, the first international investigators had arrived in the city:

Three members of a Dutch disaster victims identification team arrived in Donetsk and were expected to visit a railway station near the crash site where nearly 200 bodies have been stored in refrigerated wagons.

No mention was made by Reuters regarding the security conditions the Dutch team would be working under, or what measures, if any, Kiev was taking to ensure their continued incursions into eastern Ukraine did not hamper the response to MH17. An armed assault into a potential crime scene does, however, raise as many suspicions as it does legitimate questions as to why those who have benefited the most from the downed airliner are now interfering with attempts to investigate the site.

While the West mocks eastern Ukrainians for their limited resources with which to respond to the disaster, the regime in Kiev the West is backing, by launching an assault on Donetsk, currently constitutes the greatest threat to resolving the MH17 disaster."




Abbott's mission to Ukraine branded 'nuts'

July 27, 2014  Julieanne Strachan, Matthew Knott


"Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses the media on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra on Saturday. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Australian Defence Force personnel will be walking unprepared into a volatile situation at the MH17 crash site in Ukraine, a senior defence figure has warned.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott's announcement of Australia's intention to send 190 armed Australian Federal Police and an unknown number of ADF personnel to help recover bodies and evidence from the site has been met with incredulity in some parts of Europe, with one analyst branding it ''nuts''.

The senior defence figure, who did not wish to be named, said it was a poor idea for Australia.

''They can't secure the site,'' he said. ''It's kilometres long and wide. They could escort Australian officials and provide close protection, but this is a civil task rather than a military task and it's a terribly volatile area."




Battleground Ukraine: A Comprehensive Summary (From A Russian Perspective)

from back in April of 2014, but a good read if you are interested.

Tyler Durden




Syrian Civil War Has Bloodiest Week Ever, With 700 People Killed In 48 Hours

July 25, 2014


"More than 1,700 people were killed in Syria this week, in what has been described as the bloodiest seven days since the civil war began more than three years ago. The mostly-Sunni militant group Islamic State (IS), formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is accused of killing at least 250 government soldiers and civilians in a gas field near Homs City in just one battle. Damascus saw its fiercest battles in months, and 700 people were killed in just 48 hours across the county. This all took place in the nine days since President Bashar al-Assad was sworn in as for a third term on July 16.


While IS was responsible for a lot of the bloodshed, experts at Syria Deeply say there has been increased fighting between smaller rebel groups who also oppose Assad’s regime. IS is seeking to eliminate its rivals, or force them to pledge allegiance, and other rebel groups want IS out altogether.


Since June, when IS found a strong foothold in Iraq, international attention has been focused there -- and then on Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and a heartbreaking series of plane crashes. And while the world was looking elsewhere, Syria slipped even further into despair."



Syria conflict: Isis 'overruns' Raqqa military base

July 25, 2014


"Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) say they have overrun a large Syrian military base on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa.

The Islamist fighters have released images of captured soldiers being beheaded after the battle for the base.

The Syrian army did not confirm that the base had fallen, but said it was organising a counter-attack.

Isis already controls much of Raqqa province, and recently seized a swathe of territory in neighbouring Iraq.

The group, which has changed its name to Islamic State, describes the territory under its control in Iraq and Syria as a caliphate.

The Raqqa base, manned by Division 17 of the Syrian army, is said to have been captured overnight after coming under siege from Isis fighters."





URGENT: ISIL destroys critical power lines near Baghdad

July 25, 2014




"Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) On Friday, a source in the Iraqi police said that the elements of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant exploded the towers for power transmission by an improvised explosive device in the south of Baghdad.

The source said in an interview for IraqiNews.com that “unidentified gunmen blew up, this afternoon, a tower of power transmission in the district of towns south of Baghdad which resulted in serious material damage to the tower,” explaining that “the bombing was by an improvised explosive device planted under the tower and detonated by remote control.”




3 Civilians injured in northern Baghdad

July 26, 2014


"Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Three civilians were wounded when an Adhesive Explosive Device to the north of Baghdad.

Security source told Iraqi News ”The AED, which was attached to a public transport vehicle small van, exploded in Qahira neighborhood of northern Baghdad and resulted in wounding three civilians.”





The Looming Battle of Baghdad

July 25, 2014


As a new President is chosen, ISIS troops seem to be preparing for assault on Baghdad


"Every morning for most of 2014, it seems we wake up in dreaded anticipation of what horrible news has happened overnight and around the world. There are so many things going on — Israel/Hamas, Ukraine/Russia, passenger jets falling from the sky (or vanishing), the U.S. border crisis — that it is sometimes hard to fathom.


Let’s not forget the battle for Iraq is still in the mix. We covered the eradication of the Christian population in the territory held by the Islamic State on Monday. But the news of Iraq’s overall situation seems to have faded from the American news media’s short attention span the past couple of weeks."


Quick update: things aren’t getting better.

There is a bit of good news on the political reconciliation front in Baghdad. The Iraqi Parliament elected a new President for the nation yesterday.


Negotiations among Iraq’s political factions still continue as to who will become Prime Minister. Current PM Nouri al-Maliki wants to hang on, even though his Iranian benefactors are pushing him to step aside.


So while the political machinations continue to churn, the military situation on the ground doesn’t seem to be getting better. In fact, the Institute for the Study of War issued a terse bulletin this week warning of a looming battle to capture Baghdad by ISIS Islamist fighters.


What may come as the biggest surprise to Americans is that our military involvement in Iraq has increased in size and intensity since President Obama announced only 200 non-combat troops would be involved.


Whether or not there is a push by ISIS to capture Baghdad next week, the overall military situation doesn’t appear likely to improve for the rest of this year barring a major political breakthrough and significant Iraq Security Forces victory over ISIS."









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Afghanistan base shooting: US 'major general' killed and 15 soldiers wounded by insider attack on British-run 'Sandhurst in the sand'

August 5, 2014

Adam Withnall


"A US major general has reportedly been killed and 15 other people have been wounded after a man dressed in an Afghan army uniform opened fire with a machine gun at the British-run army base known as “Sandhurst in the sand”.

The victims of the attack included both local and Nato forces, a spokesperson for Afghanistan’s defence ministry said, while the German military said those injured included one of its brigadier generals.

The incident occurred at Camp Qargha, a British military training academy located outside the Afghan capital Kabul.

US officials confirmed that one American had been killed and that “about a dozen” of the wounded were also from the US, but declined to comment further. However US media reports said he was Major General Harold Greene, a senior officer with the international military command ISAF.

US military officials said he was the most senior American official killed in action overseas since the Vietnam war."




Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip LIVE UPDATES

August 6, 2014


The death toll in Gaza has hit over 1,800 since Israel launched operation Protective Edge on July 8. The international community is pushing the sides to ceasefire as the world opinion rallies against Tel Aviv's operation.

Wednesday, August 6
04:04 GMT:

Egypt has proposed for Israelis and Palestinians to extend the 72-hour ceasefire by another two days, Al Mayadeen TV channel reported. The truce, which came into effect on Tuesday morning, is set to end on Friday.

Tuesday, August 5
18:21 GMT:

Jordan has presented a new resolution on the Gaza crisis to the UN Security Council, UK Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant told reporters.

The draft resolution backed by Arab countries calls for a lasting bilateral ceasefire and a mechanism to monitor its implementation, as well as an international effort to rebuild Gaza.

The new text also calls for a full UN investigation of the attacks on UN-run schools used as shelters in Gaza and for the “sustained reopening" of crossing points into Gaza.

"We are in consultation with all the Council members and hope that in the next day or two we can come up with a product," Jordanian Ambassador Dina Kawar said.

Britain, which holds the Security Council presidency this month, said that talks will continue in the coming days.





Boko Haram attacks five churches in Northern Nigeria

CCarey LOdge

August 4, 2014


"Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has attacked at least five churches Borno State, northern Nigeria, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports.

Gunmen reportedly used IEDs and petrol bombs to destroy churches in the Hawal Local Government Area, which is home to a predominantly Christian community, on the evening of July 30.

No one is thought to have died in the attacks, but two people were murdered in the Shaffa District of Hawul on July 26 by Boko Haram militants. Eyewitnesses say the victims were each beheaded, and their severed heads placed on their chests."






Iraq's Religious Minorities are being Slaughtered and ISIS Just Captured the Last Town Giving Them Shelter

August 4, 2014


"ISIS just captured the Iraqi town of Sinjar in the first major defeat of Kurdish forces. Religious groups that had taken refuge there are in imminent danger of being massacred.

In a major defeat for Kurdish forces the Iraqi town of Sinjar was captured Sunday by the group known as ISIS, now calling itself the Islamic State. This is the Kurds first major loss to ISIS and a catastrophe for the religious minorities who had taken refuge in the area and are now at imminent risk of being slaughtered.

Reports from the region describe an unfolding tragedy with young women being abducted, religious monuments destroyed, and the ISIS flag now hanging over government buildings.

Without Western champions and sympathizers, the non-Christian religious minorities of Nineveh province are being slowly exterminated, driven off, or forced into hiding.

The Sinjar mountain area is a ring of villages and one of the few true homes for the Yezidi people. The Yezidi’s ancient faith, which combines elements of Christianity, Sufi Islam, and Zoroastrianism, is considered heretical by ISIS and puts them at great risk. Of the 300,000 who live in this district, most have left in the last 24 hours and the rest are desperately trying to find a way out with aid organizations in Iraq saying that a humanitarian disaster of epic scale is currently unfolding."









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Translated Title of Video
"Israeli soldier depicts the moment of the bombing of a mosque in Gaza from outside the boundaries of the sector"
August 1, 2014
from palgoal.com



Israel and Hamas dig in as Gaza talks go on  August 7, 2014    Video



Israeli PM defends conduct of Gaza war as 'justified'

Kim Hjelmgaard and Michele Chabin, USA TODAY

August 6. 2014



"As a 72-hour cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas appeared to be holding, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday defended his country's conduct of the fighting as "justified" and "proportional," blaming Hamas for increasing the death toll by rejecting an earlier cease-fire.

"It is very important to understand what kind of conditions our forces are facing," he said, showing footage of what he said was Hamas firing mortars and operating from tunnels dug in civilian areas, near schools and mosques.

He charged Hamas is engaging in "child sacrifice" by using human shields.

"This is something for which it must be held accountable -- for the sake of all our children, Hamas must not be allowed to get away with this."

His remarks came as indirect talks on a broader deal began in Cairo, with Egyptian mediators shuttling between delegations from both sides in the coming days to try to work out a deal."





Israel’s Supporters Try to Come to Terms With the Killing of Children in Gaza

August 7, 2014


"While the precise number of civilians killed in Israel’s monthlong bombardment of Gaza is once again the subject of a debate, outrage over the hundreds of Palestinian children killed has been expressed by partisans on both sides of the conflict.

The two sides differ sharply, however, over the question of who is ultimately to blame for the Israeli strikes that killed, according to a count from Unicef, 400 children and wounded over 2,500 more."





Conflict Leaves Industry in Ashes and Gaza Reeling From Economic Toll



AUG. 6, 2014


"DEIR AL-BALAH, Gaza Strip — For nearly four decades, Al Awda Co. has stocked Gaza’s shelves with sweets and snacks, starting as a humble refugee-camp bakery and growing into a 180,000-square-foot factory with 600 workers.

On Wednesday, all that was left was a faint whiff of chocolate amid the sour smell of a fire that burned for three days.

A barrage of Israeli artillery turned Al Awda into a charred graveyard of machinery and material. The $1.3 million German control panel that powered the place became a metal cabinet of fried wires. Some 300 tons each of sugar, flour and margarine — gone. Metal roofs collapsed, cinder-block walls had gaping holes, floors were carpeted in rubble."

snip  This is truly, truly a sad read!






Lebanon: Border Standoff Eases


UG. 6, 2014


"The clashes between the Lebanese Army and Sunni extremist fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, who occupied a Lebanese border town last weekend, showed some signs of easing on Wednesday, as a cease-fire that had collapsed the day before was revived for 24 hours and the militant group, known as ISIS, released three of at least 13 hostages its fighters had seized. At least some of the fighters were reported to have withdrawn from the town, Arsal, and emergency aid workers were able to reach civilians trapped by five days of fighting."



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Iraqi Yazidi lawmaker: 'Hundreds of my people are being slaughtered'

By Laura Smith-Spark

August 6, 2014


"(CNN) -- When radical Islamist fighters stormed the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar over the weekend, the Yazidi minority who call it home fled into the surrounding mountains in fear of their lives.

Now, trapped without food, water or medical care in the summer heat, thousands of families are in desperate need of help.

It's already too late to save dozens of children who've died of thirst.

They are the latest victims of the brutal advance by the Islamic State, formerly the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, whose Sunni Muslim fighters have been targeting Iraq's Christians and other minority groups, as well as Shiite Muslims.

Lawmaker Vian Dakhil, the only MP representing the Yazidi minority group in Iraq's Parliament, said in an impassioned speech that 70 Yazidi children had died so far, that women were being killed or sold into slavery and that 500 men had been "slaughtered."

Tearfully appealing to lawmakers for help, she warned that the Islamic State was trying to wipe her community out.

"There is a collective attempt to exterminate the Yazidi people," she said."





ISIS claims gains, takes control of Iraq's largest hydroelectric dam

By Alan Duke and Hamdi Alkhshali,

August 4. 2014



" Fighters with the militant group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria reached the triangle border between Iraq, Syria and Turkey, it said in a message posted on Twitter on Sunday.

ISIS took control of Iraq's largest hydroelectric dam on Iraq's Tigris River, which provides power to the city of Mosul about 50 kilometers (31 miles) to the south, the commander of the Peshmerga Kurdish fighters who had been defending the facility said Sunday.

The dam workers remained inside the facility, which fell after a 24-hour battle, Lt. Col. Herash said."




ISIS overtakes Iraq's largest Christian city

August 7, 2014

By Mariano Castillo,


" Iraq's largest Christian town has been overrun by the same militant Islamists who have gained a foothold in parts of eastern Syria and western and northern Iraq.

The latest advance by ISIS (or the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has caused thousands of Christians in the city to flee, just as other minority groups targeted by ISIS have done, as well as Shiite Muslims.

The French government confirmed that the Iraqi city of Qaraqosh has fallen into the hands of the militant al Qaeda offshoot.

"France is highly concerned about the latest progress of ISIS in the North of Iraq and by the taking of Qaraqosh, the largest Christian city of Iraq, and the horrible acts of violence that are committed," French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a statement."




Will anyone stop ISIS?

August 7, 2014

By Josh Levs,



" If you're following the news about ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, you might think you've mistakenly clicked on a historical story about barbarians from millennia ago.

In a matter of months, the group seized territory in both Iraq and Syria and declared an Islamic caliphate, celebrating its own shocking slaughter along the way.

"I don't see any attention from the rest of the world," a member of the Yazidi minority in Iraq told the New Yorker. "In one day, they killed more than two thousand Yazidi in Sinjar, and the whole world says, 'Save Gaza, save Gaza.'"

In Syria, the group hoisted some of its victims severed heads on poles. One of the latest videos of the savagery shows a Christian man forced to his knees, surrounded by masked militants, identified in the video as members of ISIS. They force the man at gunpoint to "convert" to Islam. Then, the group beheads him."



Obama Authorizes Limited Airstrikes in Iraq if Needed

August 7, 2014



"WASHINGTON — President Obama said Thursday that United States military aircraft had dropped food and water to thousands of Iraqis besieged by Islamic militants on a mountaintop in northern Iraq.

Speaking from the State Dining Room at the White House, the president said he had directed the United States military forces to conduct targeted airstrikes on the militants if they moved to take Erbil, threatening the American citizens and military personnel there.

And he said that at the request of the Iraqi government, he had authorized the military to use airstrikes to help provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi citizens, many of them religious minorities, who are trapped on the mountain."




Finally we did something right, by dropping food and water to these people.




 Ukraine police and activists clash in Kiev's Independence Square, in pictures




Clashes in Kiev as Ukraine moves to clear Independence Square protest camp

New clashes at the epicentre of Ukraine's revolution which overthrew Viktor Yanukovych in February

August 7, 2014

Raymond Oliphant


A Maidan activist burns tires during the protest  Photo: Sergey Dolzhenko/EPA





"Kiev was rocked by violence unseen since Ukraine’s February revolution as police and pro-government militiamen clashed with activists camped on Independence Square.

The fighting, which pitched two volunteer battalions of revolutionaries against former comrades who are still occupying the square, exposed growing fractures in postrevolutionary Ukraine.

Violence erupted on Thursday when municipal workers equipped with cranes and backed by police and interior ministry troops arrived on Khreshyatik street, the capital’s main thoroughfare, to try to clear the road for traffic. Black smoke billowed over the city centre as protesters set fire to barricades and hurled cobblestones at the police and troops who arrived to protect the workers."





50 police injured, about ten activists arrested in Maidan clashes - ministry

August 7, 2014


"KYIV. Aug 7 (Interfax) - Police in Kyiv have arrested up to ten people over the events in Independence Square on Thursday after 50 members of the Kyiv-1 and Kyiv-2 battalions were injured. Police have launched a criminal inquiry on the charge of hooliganism.

"Among law enforcers alone 50 have been injured," Ukraine's chief police officer Oleksandr Tereshchuk said at a briefing in Kyiv on Thursday. He said the injured - members of the Kyiv-1 and Kyiv-2 battalions - did not sustain gunshot wounds. Three of them sustained serious injuries.

"Today police opened a criminal inquiry under Article 296 part four (hooliganism). Between eight and ten people have been arrested," Tereshchuk said.

On Thursday morning utility workers started dismantling barricades in central Kyiv trying to clear the road in Khreshchatyk Street for traffic. Tent camp inhabitants responded by torching tires. Disturbances ensued."




NATO plans joint drills with Ukraine, invites Poroshenko to summit

August 7, 2014


"The North-Atlantic bloc’s chief says NATO is planning joint exercises with Ukraine and that President Petro Poroshenko is expected to join their summit in Wales.

The Secretary General of the organization, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was at a press conference in Kiev, where he outlined that NATO would also work with Ukraine on defense planning, as well as how to reform its armed forces and institutions. Rasmussen repeatedly made the point that they are ready to advise and assist Ukraine.

“As a sign of our strong support and solidarity, we have decided to hold a special meeting with Ukraine in Wales and I look forward to seeing Mr Poroshenko there,” NATO’s Secretary General added.

NATO conducted drills in the Black Sea as recently as July, albeit without Ukraine due to the turmoil in the country. The main objective of the exercise was to improve collaboration between the naval forces of different NATO member states. The Sea Breeze naval drills have been conducted annually since 1997.

Rasmussen also reiterated that cooperation with Russia is not going to be restored at the moment. Rasmussen blamed Moscow for the unrest in eastern Ukraine."





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Russia bans agricultural products from EU, USA, Australia, Norway, Canada

August 7, 2014


"Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the full ban for imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit from Australia, Canada, the EU, the US and Norway.

The ban will last a year, starting August 7.

READ MORE: Putin bans agricultural imports from sanctioning countries for 1 year

The Prime Minister also said Russia has stopped transit flights by Ukrainian airlines to such destinations as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey, adding that the country was considering a ban of transit flights for European and US Airlines to the Asia-Pacific region.

Western sanctions were a “dead-end track”, but Russia has been forced to respond to the measures taken by the western countries, Medvedev added.

Alcohol imports from both the EU and the US will not be restricted.<<<LOL


We are actually speaking of an embargo on imports of whole categories of products from countries which have introduced sanctions against Russian organizations and individuals,” Medvedev said.

Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Federal Customs Service (FCS) to see that the banned imports could not cross the Russian border.

The Russian PM has also warned against possible attempts to use the situation to drive up prices.

"I would like to warn that attempts to gain from price speculation in this situation will be roughly stopped," Medvedev said.

The Russian PM added that Moscow still had a lot of trading partners abroad, which it had not placed on the retaliatory sanctions list.

Russia’s agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has announced plans to increase imports from Chile, which could include vegetables, fruit, fish, shellfish, meat and milk.

Imports of fish, which last year amounted to 53,000 tons, may grow two or three times. Shellfish imports might increase from 3,000 tons to 15,000-20,000 tons,” the watchdog said in a statement."




The pilots described the GPS fails in the sky over Moscow

August 7, 2014


"Civil aircraft pilots on GPS in the Moscow air crash zone. The ITAR-TASS News Agency reported sources in air traffic circles.

According to one of them, the navigation system failures were reported in the East of the Russian capital on August 6 in the evening and at night. The source added that it was at least 12 crews.

Another source confirmed that on Wednesday "about 10 crews reported outages of the GPS system for a period of 5-10 minutes at altitudes of 9 thousand to 10 thousand meters."

Information on possible causes for the navigation system off yet."

this is a translation of the article found on.                                 http://lenta.ru/news/2014/08/07/gps/




Putin suddenly and secretly fired 18 major siloviki      this is a google translation

August 7, 2014


"Today, August 7, in the Russian Kremlin clearly was something unusual. . In any case, high-ranking officers of the security forces here in an amount not fired from the Stalinist era. . At this time, lost their jobs as much as 18 senior officers, including the military, police heads, Federal Drug Control Service and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. . The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Interestingly, the press service of Putin himself about what happened the mass dismissal of senior officers of the delicately silent. , So far the only sources confirming this fact, are orders of Vladimir Putin "Personnel changes in the Investigation Committee" and "Changes in federal government bodies" , published on the official website of the Kremlin.

 List of retired security forces itself more than curious. . So, sent from military service retired Colonel-General Vladimir Rushailo, the last post that the documents not disclosed. ,. It is known that he was previously Minister of the Interior in the administration of Boris Yeltsin and directed the first Chechen war, and later was in charge of the fight against terrorism in the North Caucasus. . Indirectly confirms this version and the availability of the list of Major-General Vasily Fedoruk, who dismissed as deputy commander of the army group for the WHO in the North Caucasus region. . Putin also dismissed a police colonel Vladimir Didenko, who held the post of Chief of the Russian Interior Ministry anti-extremism. Лазарева . In addition to them, suddenly went to the free bread are many senior officers from various regions, including that very juicy, Deputy Head of the Federal Service for Drug Control in the native Putin city of St. Petersburg, Yuri Lazarev.

. As for the Investigative Committee, there is Putin's "broom" walked in several regions. . Dismissed 11 managers and their deputies of the regional Department of Insurance, including Major-General Justice Andrew Stryzhakova, worked as deputy head of the Investigative Committee of the Southern Federal District - the same one whose center is the city of Rostov-on-Don, a well-known fact that it is here is the headquarters of the Russian forces to conduct unannounced military action against Ukraine and zabroske there terrorists.

. If we estimate the scale of today's layoffs of 18 Russian generals and colonels at the sight itself gets the picture of a very serious failure. . What it is - a mystery, but this morning sources in several regional branches of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Company independently reported receiving an urgent message from Moscow to provide air at 19:30 Moscow time in connection with the broadcast of emergency treatment of Vladimir Putin to the Russian people.. Later, however, televised address was canceled and the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, has officially stated that it was not planned at all.

. What exactly happened in the Kremlin today, for what had been dismissed so many generals and colonels, and most importantly - I was going to, but decided to say Vladimir Putin Russia's population, remains a mystery.

Recall morning SBU head Valentyn Nalyvaychenko told reporters that during the investigation into the terrorist attack against the Malaysian Boeing found evidence to prove that in fact the authorities were planning to shoot down Russian aircraft "Aeroflot" , accusing him of this Ukrainian army and launched under this pretext of a full-scale military invasion. . It is possible that a mysterious wave of resignations generals in Moscow can be with this in any way related.

This is the whole translation from  google






‘At Least 2,000 Uyghurs Killed’ in Yarkand Violence: Exile Leader

August 5, 2014


"An exile Uyghur leader has claimed that at least 2,000 ethnic minority Uyghurs may have been killed by Chinese security forces following riots last week in a restive county in China’s western Xinjiang region, far more than reported by the state media.

Citing “evidence” from the ground, Rebiya Kadeer, president of the Germany-based World Uyghur Congress (WUC), accused the Chinese authorities of a cover up of what she called a “massacre” of Uyghurs in Yarkand (in Chinese, Shache) county in Xinjiang’s Kashgar prefecture on July 28.

Chinese state media had at first said “dozens” of people were killed but revised upwards the death toll to 96 this week, saying the riots erupted after a “gang” of Uyghurs attacked a police station and government offices in Yarkand’s Elishku township and that the authorities reacted with “a resolute crackdown to eradicate terrorists.”

But Kadeer told RFA’s Uyghur Service that information the WUC received from the area was “absolutely different than the accounts provided by Chinese official narrative.”

“We have evidence in hand that at least 2,000 Uyghurs in the neighborhood of Elishku township have been killed by Chinese security forces on the first day [of the incident] and they ‘cleaned up’ the dead bodies on the second and third day during a curfew that was imposed,” she said.

“We have recorded voice messages from the people in the neighborhood and written testimonies on exactly what had taken place in Elishku township of Yarkand county during this massacre,” she said, adding that the victims were mainly from villages No. 14, 15 and 16 in the township.

“We can share these facts without releasing the source of the information as their security and safety is at risk,” said Kadeer, who has been in exile in Washington since being released from a Chinese prison in 2005.



Highest death toll in Xinjiang


Kadeer said the death toll in Yarkand was the highest reported in Xinjiang violence, surpassing the 200 killed in rioting in the regional capital Urumqi in 2009 involving the mostly Muslim Uyghurs and members of China's Han majority.

“It is clearly state terrorism and a crime against humanity by any standard committed by Chinese security forces against the unarmed Uyghur population,” she charged."



I think the whole blasted world has gone nutz, personally!




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Iraq Airstrikes Begin Despite Warning ISIS Retaliation Could Put Baghdad Underwater

August 8, 2014

Tyler Durden


"entagon Press Secretary Admiral John Kirby confirms:


We anxiously await ISIS' response which - as the State Department warns "could leave Mosul under 100 feet of water."





Iraq crisis: German Yazidi community stage demonstration

August 9, 2014


"he Yazidi community in Germany are holding a demonstration at the persecution of Yazidis in Iraq.

Thousands of refugees from the religious minority have fled their homes in recent days and are stranded in the Sinjar mountains, hiding from Islamic State (IS) militants."



Live updates at the link  Tx Reddwolf


Iraq official: Militants hold 100s of Yazidi women

August 8, 2014



"BAGHDAD (AP) — Hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority have been taken captive by Sunni militants with "vicious plans," an Iraqi official said Friday, further underscoring the dire plight of Iraq's minorities at the hands of the Islamic State group.


Kamil Amin, the spokesman for Iraq's Human Rights Ministry, said hundreds of Yazidi women below the age of 35 are being held in schools in Iraq's second largest city, Mosul. He said the ministry learned of the captives from their families.


"We think that the terrorists by now consider them slaves and they have vicious plans for them," Amin told The Associated Press. "We think that these women are going to be used in demeaning ways by those terrorists to satisfy their animalistic urges in a way that contradicts all the human and Islamic values."


The U.S. has confirmed that the Islamic State group has kidnapped and imprisoned Yazidi women so that they can be sold or married off to extremist fighters, said a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information came from classified intelligence reports. There was no solid estimate of the number of women victimized, the official said."



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