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12000+ Arrested in French Riots.. What Do Rioters in France Demand?



Gilets Jaunes' List of Demands


  • A constitutional cap on taxes - at 25%
  • Increase of 40% in the basic pension and social welfare
  • Increase hiring in public sector to re-establish public services
  • Massive construction projects to house 5 million homeless, and severe penalties for mayors/prefectures that leave people on the streets
  • Break up the 'too-big-to-fail' banks, re-separate regular banking from investment banking
  • Cancel debts accrued through usurious rates of interest


  • Constitutional amendments to protect the people's interests, including binding referenda
  • The barring of lobby groups and vested interests from political decision-making
  • Frexit: Leave the EU to regain our economic, monetary and political sovereignty (In other words, respect the 2005 referendum result, when France voted against the EU Constitution Treaty, which was then renamed the Lisbon Treaty, and the French people ignored)
  • Clampdown on tax evasion by the ultra-rich
  • The immediate cessation of privatization, and the re-nationalization of public goods like motorways, airports, rail, etc
  • Remove all ideology from the ministry of education, ending all destructive education techniques
  • Quadruple the budget for law and order and put time-limits on judicial procedures. Make access to the justice system available for all
  • Break up media monopolies and end their interference in politics. Make media accessible to citizens and guarantee a plurality of opinions. End editorial propaganda
  • Guarantee citizens' liberty by including in the constitution a complete prohibition on state interference in their decisions concerning education, health and family matters


  • No more 'planned obsolescence' - Mandate guarantee from producers that their products will last 10 years, and that spare parts will be available during that period
  • Ban plastic bottles and other polluting packaging
  • Weaken the influence of big pharma on health in general and hospitals in particular
  • Ban on GMO crops, carcinogenic pesticides, endocrine disruptors and monocrops
  • Reindustrialize France (thereby reducing imports and thus pollution)

Foreign Affairs

  • End France's participation in foreign wars of aggression, and exit from NATO
  • Cease pillaging and interfering - politically and militarily - in 'Francafrique', which keeps Africa poor. Immediately repatriate all French soldiers. Establish relations with African states on an equal peer-to-peer basis
  • Prevent migratory flows that cannot be accommodated or integrated, given the profound civilizational crisis we are experiencing
  • Scrupulously respect international law and the treaties we have signed "
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Not really hearing what's going on in France. Yes, riots, fires, mayhem, but this guy tells what is really shutting France down.

French riots? Here's the reality MSM will not show you... and there's good reason.


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International security expert: “Sweden is heading for civil war”

Emma R.      Dec. 28, 2018

"International security adviser Olle Fjordgren sees Sweden as a runaway freight train heading for a rock wall.

“We have basically given up and the criminals have seized power. Right now we have nothing to oppose and I can’t see that we could reverse the development,” he tells news blog Ingrid & Maria.

Already 2013, Sweden was in a low-intensity civil war which the criminals were winning, according to Fjordgren. Now, five years later, they have won in many areas that he believes are rightly called no-go zones.

Political unwillingness to admit how bad things are, in combination with inability and ignorance, has led to Sweden being very close to becoming a failed state.

Society plays by old, outdated rules. The police are patrolling in the traditional way, while the opposing side, the criminals, play by completely different rules.

According to him, the recipe against this is zero tolerance as per the New York model. The judiciary must incapacitate these dangerous people and get them off the streets, that is the only way to get to the problems.

The “pity” model, with coddling, coffee and buns, he does not think much of. It is up to the residents themselves in the exclusion areas to step up, quit doing drugs and leave a life in crime. Everyone is responsible for themselves."



Sweden has signed onto the UN Immigration protocol, along with other European countries.   I don't know what their gov't's are thinking, but perhaps their problems have just started.


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breezy, we can't really define it as a civil war. It's not going to be Andersson and Johansson fighting against each other. It is a race war they want to bring about, having all the non-white muslims genociding all the native whites of Sweden and her allied minority races that are incorruptible. The organized import of muslims into Sweden are actually fighters and when they've brought in enough illegal arms they'll first cripple our police corporation and military, then armageddon begins. This is what I think.

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I agree PANX, it will not be like the Civil War in the states, that often found brother fighting brother. It will be Swedes against the invaders. I was just a bit encouraged to see there is, at least a little talk of fighting back, and not everyone just giving up.  I don't want this to become necessary anywhere in the world, but some things are just simply fact.  There will be a brief moment in time when decisions will have to be made and action taken.  This very same thing is happening in many countries, and the smaller countries, right now, are at a bigger risk.  I wish it weren't so.  I know I don't have to tell you that there is a world of difference between an immigrant and an invader, and their intentions.  Stay aware and safe, PANX, and remember too that this is a concern for us all and one of the reasons Pres. Trump is fighting so hard for that border wall.


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Point of Info: Turns out Voice of Europe is a honey pot! Peter of Sweden involved (duped perhpas) - https://voat.co/v/politics/2953390

Found an older article suggesting "Russia', has this been the modus operandi of UK intel to run under camoflauge of "Russian" influence every time! :'( - https://www.quora.com/Is-Voice-of-Europe-a-fake-news-site-run-by-Russian-trolls-based-in-pro-Russia-countries?share=1 

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A very interesting article on Peter Sweden/Imanuelson by Media Matters, a Soros funded group, which you can see by reading what they say about him. According to them, he's a far right, fake news putter outer, conspiracy theorist, blah, blah, blah.  Exactly what I'd expect a far left group to say about one on the opposite side.  He blames the immigrants for the violence in Sweden, etc., etc.  Meanwhile, that is the exact truth of what's going on there.  I have that info from one who lives in Sweden.  Swedes aren't responsible for the rapes, and other bad things going on in that country, the ones invading and taking over their country are.  IMO it seems like there's a whole lot of fakery going on, everywhere. If media matters decided to write this about him, then maybe we have to reconsider anything anyone writes about him. No, I'm not saying VOE Or MI5 aren't involved,  (and we know that news/intel agencies worldwide are not above getting involved in underhanded works) just saying we hear the same things here, everyday about Pres. Trump and his followers, and if MM does a hit piece on Sweden, then I'd take all info put out about him with a grain of salt.  Russia, Russia, Russia!  I sure wish they'd all find a different meme to push. 


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SWEDEN BOMBING CRISIS: Four Explosions in 24 Hours

Pamela Geller     Jan. 23, 2019


If you import bombers, you get bombings. It’s not rocket science.

oops just realized it's written by Peter Sweden

"The last day has seen an unprecedented number of bombings across the country of Sweden, with local businesses and family homes being targets.

Shortly after 4 AM on Tuesday morning the Swedish police were alerted to an explosion at a family home in the city of Värnamo.


“It was a powerful explosion, the front door has been completely blown away” Police officer in charge, Peter Ström, commented to Värnamo Nyheter.

This is the second bombing in this city alone so far this year, and it is suspected to be part of an ongoing criminal gang war in the area.

Later on in the evening saw the second bombing of the day, this time in a Stockholm suburb. Police were called to the scene around 10 PM after a loud explosion was heard at an apartment building containing family homes and local business.

The explosion caused major material damage to a pizza restaurant located in the building.

Only a few hours later yet another bombing took place in Sweden. Shortly after 1 AM Wednesday morning another pizza restaurant was targeted, this time in the city of Gothenburg.

“A powerful explosion according to witnesses” said Christer Fuxborg, press spokesman for the Swedish police region west. Four people have been arrested in connection with the attack.

That was not all however, as only a couple of hours later the 4th explosion in just 24 hours took place in Sweden. Another apartment building, this time in the city of Landskrona was the target. The attack caused substantial material damage to the building. Another building across the street had it’s windows smashed from the shockwave. This is the fourth explosion in this city alone the last month.

The year 2017 saw the Swedish police receive 211 reports of explosive incidents. Although the statistics for 2018 is not in yet, Sweden saw a serious number of bombings and explosive attacks last year, with around 40 detonations in the city of Malmö alone. It appears that the number of attacks is only continuing this year, with no signs of things getting better.

Featured image is a recent bombing in Sweden."




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