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Pentagon: Russia’s S-400 Air Defense in Syria Forces US to Ground Warplanes


As part of Russia’s anti-terror campaign in Syria, the Kremlin has deployed sophisticated air defense systems to protect its aircraft. According to the Pentagon, those units have effectively grounded US aircraft.



"We believe that the measures taken by Russia after the criminal actions of Turkish aircraft, which downed a Russian aircraft – namely the deployment of air defense systems on land and in the sea – is an important step that will ensure more security for Russian and Syrian militaries," Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told RIA Novosti on Friday.


But according to US officials speaking to Bloomberg, the S-400 is also having the unintended effect of grounding America’s manned warplanes, and the Pentagon is struggling to adjust its strategy in the region.


The issue is causing enough panic in Pentagon circles that officials are looking for ways to paint Russia’s defensive installations as a sign of "Russian aggression."

Yeah, that.... and Russia's surveillance system that can see and prove who is bombing what and when!!! ;D
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VIDEO emerges purporting to show deadly US airstrike against Iraqi forces

December 18, 2015



"An unverified video, which allegedly shows a deadly air-strike by the US Air Force against Iraqi government troops, has emerged.


The unconfirmed footage was obtained from a local source in Iraq by RT’s Ruptly video agency.

A high-ranking Iraqi MP told Sputnik news agency earlier that over 20 Iraqi soldiers had been killed and 30 injured in an air-strike carried out by the US military."

The incident allegedly occurred near the town of Al-Naimiya in the Fallujah province after the Iraqi troops freed “a strategically important area” from the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants, Hakim al-Zamili, head of the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee, said.

However, Iraqi Army's Command Centre in capital Baghdad, said that air the strike caused fewer casualties and happened due to miscommunication and bad weather.

“We [iraqi Forces Command] had demanded aerial support from the international coalition air force. The airstrike was launched without an update on the advance of the Iraqi forces and the coalition forces were unable to distinguish between the fighters on the ground due to bad weather,” it said."





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This I think goes along with my post #301  just for info



More than two dozen propane tanks stolen from Toledo carryout

December 17, 2015

WTOL Staff    ( copywrite)





FBI alerted about group of men asking about Bagnell Dam

December 16, 2015





"CAMDEN COUNTY, MO – Police are revealing more about a report of a group of men asking about the Bagnell Dam. Miller County Sheriff Bill Abbotttells Lake News that the Camden County Sheriff’s Office forwarded a security tip regarding the hydroelectric facility to the FBI.


Police tell KMIZ-TV that the incident happened about two weeks ago at the Golden Corral in Osage Beach. A deputy was eating lunch and the wait staff told him about the group of men. Staffers said the men were asking questions about the dam. They wanted to know if they could rent a boat and tour the dam.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office tells Lake News that they received a tip about a group of “Middle Eastern” men asking about Bagnell Dam. The police department forwarded that report to the FBI and a joint task force on terrorism."





Recent Strange Events Show ISIS May Be Preparing 'Hell Cannons' To Rain Down Hell Upon America - Propane Tanks On Steroids Can Hit Targets A Mile Away! 

December 15, 2015

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die



"The strange stories continue to flow in and the latest out of North Carolina tells us four New York men have been arrested after attempting to steal massive amounts of plumbing supplies from a Lowes, just the latest in a string of similar larcenies in Virginia and North Carolina we are told. Over at Carolina Shooters Club, readers get it - one commenter mentions 'bomb making supplies' while another chimes in 'ISIS run out of money this week?'

While officials believe Yudesh Ruplal, Shane Ali, Benjamin Curtis and Alexandre Michel Regis were only going to resell these stolen supplies, one Shooter Club commenter mentions galvanized pipe was allegedly stolen while another mentions 10 to 12" sections, threaded, with threaded caps. Bomb making materials or something much worse? 




The eventsicon1.png in North Carolina and Virginia are just the latest in a series of what seem at first to be unrelated events in America recently. With the FBI launching investigations into countless stolen propane tanks and mass cell phone purchases by Middle Eastern men, we're beginning to see the pieces of the puzzle put together that, if allowed to continue, could lead to a devastating sequence of events with severe repercussions in America.  

What could terrorists use plumbing supplies and propane tanks for? The pictures in this story gives us one good idea. With a major hattip going out to ANP reader Ann Inquirer for bringing this to our attention, we see an ingenious and devastating creation concocted by the Syrian rebels in their fight against Syrian President Assad, propane tanksicon1.png on steroids, "hell cannons" that can be fired at targets up to a mile away. You can see them action in the first two videos below."




I have read that several states have had incidences of propane tanks being stolen by the dozen, which made no sense to me, until I read this article. Understand I am not saying this is the plan, or a fact.  Just providing information I find.  No fear, just keep your eyes open to what goes on around you, IF something looks suspicious, report it to the authorities.  



Obama Admin. Lost Track Of Thousands Of Terror Suspects

December 17, 2015

Ari Yashar


"State Department official admits to not knowing where thousands of foreigners who had visas pulled over terror threat currently are.


A US State Department official admitted on Thursday that US President Barack Obama’s administration is not sure where thousands of foreigners in the US who had their visas pulled over terror suspicions currently are.


Michele Thoren Bond, assistant secretary for the Bureau of Consular Affairs, made the admission at a House oversight hearing that was investigating immigrant vetting processes so as to prevent terror attacks, reports Fox News.

Bond said that the US had revoked over 122,000 visas since 2001, including 9,500 over terrorism concerns.

When Committee chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) asked Bond to clarify about the present location of those who had their visas pulled, she admitted, “I don’t know.”


The line of questioning has particular pertinence given that one of the Muslim terrorists who pledged loyalty to Islamic State (ISIS) before launching a lethal shooting spree in San Bernardino, California earlier this month entered the US on a K-1 fiancee visa last year.

That entry was permitted despite the fact that the FBI says she was already radicalized, having discussed jihad and martyrdom with her future husband who she carried out the attack with.

Obama is currently facing large criticism over his plan to bring in tens of thousands of Syrian migrants without a strict vetting process in place to ensure terrorists do not infiltrate their ranks. Reportedly many of the migrants who have recently been let in the country already have gone missing."



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Europe, Turkey Close Airspace To Russian Warplanes Flying Anti-ISIS Missions, General Says

December 19, 2015

Tyler Durden


"Exactly a month ago, Russia took it up a notch in Syria by deploying Tupolev Tu-95 Bears, Tu-22 Blinders, and Tu-160 Blackjacks in the fight against anti-Assad elements including ISIS and al-Nusra.


The first footage of the strategic long-range bombers in action surfaced on November 17 and served notice that Moscow is willing to double down on its commitment to the fight even if securing key cities like Aleppo proves more challenging that The Kremlin originally anticipated.

FIRST VIDEO: Russian strategic bombers on anti-ISIS sorties to Syria




According to Gen. Anatoly Konovalov, deputy commander of Russia’s long-range aviation force,Moscow’s long-range warplanes have carried out 145 sorties against terrorist targets since mid-November. “In total, long-range aviation aircraft in Syria have carried out around 145 mission sorties, some 1,500 bombs have been dropped and about 20 cruise missiles have been fired," Konovalov said. 


Those who have followed the Syrian conflict might recall that in early September (so before Moscow made Russia’s involvement “official”) the US pressured Greece to deny Russia use of its airspace on supply runs to Latakia. Subsequently, Bulgaria said it had "enough serious doubts about the cargo of the planes” to refuse overflight privileges.  

Well in the course of detailing Russia’s long-range bomber missions, Konovalov noted that the Tu-160s were forced to fly from the airfield of Olenegorsk in Russia’s northwestern Murmansk Region."


Why is this notable, you ask? Here's Konovalov again: “Europe didn’t let us fly; Turkey didn’t let us fly, but we showed that even is such conditions we’re capable of coping with the task using airfields on the Russian territory."

In other words, Europe and Turkey declined to allow Russia to use their airspace on the way to conducting airstrikes against the very same terrorists that attacked Parisjust four days before the long-range warplanes were deployed to the fight in Syria."Russian pilots had to leave for Syria from Russia’s northernmost Olenegorsk military airport in order to bypass Europe and then cross the Mediterranean Sea toward Syria," Sputnik adds."




Now Taliban declares WAR on evil ISIS as sick terror group is ATTACKED on all sides

December 20, 2015

Lizzie Stromme


"The Taliban has declared war on depraved Islamic State as the net closes in on the sick terror group.



The terrorist organisation waged war on the savage jihadis by announcing that it has dismissed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's claims to be "caliph” - claiming he is not the leader of all muslims. 

By officially denouncing al-Baghdadi, the Pakistan branch of the Taliban has launched war against the values of sick terror cult ISIS - also known as Daesh.

The declaration comes after the abhorrent regime spread its reign of horror to other terror-plagued areas in the Middle East.


The Pakistan Taliban said in a statement: "Baghdadi is not Khalifa (caliph) because in Islam, Khalifa means that he has command over all the Muslim world, while Baghdadi has no such command. He has command over a specific people and territory.

"Baghdadi is not an Islamic Khalifa because his selection is not according to Islamic rules."

The group also claimed ISIS has little control in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.

The statement comes after a similar rejection by the Afghan Taliban as it has been battling ISIS on its own turf as the barbaric group has been trying to establish itself in Afghanistan. 

ISIS’ infiltration of Afghanistan came just months after British troops were pulled out of the area and the Taliban have been locked in a violent battle to keep their territory."



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 10:43 20.12.2015

(updated 10:46 20.12.2015)

The Saudi-led ‘Islamic Antiterrorist Coalition’ was formed in response to the Russian and Iranian operation against Daesh terrorists in Syria, and Algiers has no plans to join in, an Algerian political analyst said on Saturday.

“The many countries joining the Saudi-led coalition, which supported the terrorists in Algeria during the 1970s, never helped us fight the terrorists on our soil… The new coalition has a pronounced Sunni-tilt and came in response to Russia’s and Iran’s role in Syria,” Zine al-Abidine Bouazza told Sputnik.

“They do not differentiate between terrorist groups and popular resistance movements and the coalition essentially is not aimed against Daesh,” he added.


Zine al-Abidine Bouazza also said that Algeria had refused to join  the “Islamic Coalition” primarily because its goals are at variance with the country’s constitution, which  bars the use of the Algerian military and  security forces in overseas operations.


Saudi Arabia has formed a coalition of 34 mainly Muslim countries — including powers such as Egypt and Turkey — to coordinate a fight against "terrorist organizations".


In an earlier press statement issued by the Saudi Press Agency, officials said the group would be led by Saudi Arabia, which would host a "joint  operations center to coordinate" efforts.

Besides the 34 Muslim nations, Riyadh said more than 10 other countries expressed their support for the new bloc.


Absent from the list was predominantly Shiite Iran—the kingdom’s main rival for leadership in the Muslim world — as well as Israel and Shiite-led Iraq.

Saudi's New Coalition: 'A Sly Ploy to Gain Diplomatic Leverage’ Saudi Arabia has its own objectives in Syria, different from those of the US, that is why they are trying to form their own coalition. They hope it will give them more diplomatic leverage, however political commentator and legal expert Alexander Mercouris doubts it will work.

“The Saudis are trying to get diplomatic leverage. They have their own objectives in Syria, which are not identical to those of the US,” he told Radio Sputnik.


“In particular, they are much more concerned about defeating the Assad government and whereas the US wants to see a secular government established in Syria, the Saudis much prefer to have an Islamic government there, aligned with them.”


“They are basically putting down a marker in the political negotiations and that is why they set up this coalition.”


The expert however doubts that “this particular ploy will work.”  He explained that there are already two coalitions fighting Daesh in Iraq and Syria. One is led by Russia, the other – by the US. So the third one, he is convinced, does not have enough substance to it.


He was also critical of the US-proposed resolution on Syria, doubting that it in itself is able to bring peace to the country.


“What hopefully it will do is create enough common ground between the US and Russia and various allies of each country so that they can work together to eliminate Daesh in Syria and Iraq. From there on, there will also have to be a framework towards a peace agreement in Syria, But, I suspect that it is going to take a lot longer and will be a lot more difficult.”


Mercouris also noted that Russia is gradually coming around to the view that unless it increases pressure on Turkey, the situation in Syria with Daesh is not going to be resolved very easily.


“I think they are pursuing a policy towards Turkey that is both based on anger about the downing of the airplane, but also has a very strong element of political calculation behind it.”


“They [Russians] feel that they have to thrash the Turkish government and also persuade Turkey’s various allies, the US especially, to come down heavily on Turkey. And we saw that with the talk of the UN resolutions and the negotiations that are now underway to that way. I think that this policy is beginning to pay off,” he stated.


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ISIS, Al Qaeda And The CIA: The Documented Connection

December 17, 2015

Tyler Durden



"The Middle East is fertile ground for conspiracy theories, and one growing to towering heights these days says the US created the Islamic State.  But while the US may well have aided ISIS in its formative days with covert supplies of weapons and CIA funding (directly or indirectly, via Turkey leading political families) the one nation most responsible for iteration after iteration of "terrorist organizations" is Saudi Arabia which "created" not only the Islamic State, but al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and many other Sunni Jihadist groups in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan. 

The US has long been aware of this, of course, and it has provided material support to some of them in the distant past, for example to the Taliban in the war against Russia.  But the more reasonable among us have questioned recent claims that the US intentionally created the Islamic State, a group of the same lineage as the Saudi terrorists responsible for 9/11. 

Those rejecting a direct link between the US and the Islamic State instead ask a perfectly logical question: why would the US allow a country ruled by monarchs with dark-age-sensibilities get away with attacking us on 9/11, funding al-Qadea in Iraq (a group that killed a few thousand US soldiers), and now the Islamic State?  Two answers: fat, senile Saudi kings are preferable to the Islamic monsters that would replace them in a regime change, and the Bush family/Carlyle Group would prefer not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. 

Thanks to the resurrection of "J Pierpont Morgan", these doubts and questions are no longer reasonable.  They are, in fact, irrelevant.  Because J Pierpont Morgan, apparently experiencing a Scrooge-like transformation, has seen the light.  Yesterday he tweeted three public source documents that conclusively show a Senior CIA Spy- a major figure in operations from South America to the Middle East-is lobbying the US Government to destroy Iraq and formally create an independent Sunnistan on behalf of a Sunni terrorist."

Documents on site at link



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Time Tends to Elapse: What the heck? U.S. calls on Turkey to remove troops from Iraq, Kerry says Assad doesn't have to go


Date: Sunday, 20-Dec-2015 12:21:06

What the heck? U.S. calls on Turkey to remove troops from Iraq, Kerry says Assad doesn't have to go

Tyler Durden

Zero Hedge

Thu, 17 Dec 2015 22:21 UTC

It has been a strange two days for US foreign policy. Earlier today we reported that in what amounts to a significant blow to the official US position over Syria, namely the multi-year demands to replace president Assad with a western puppet ruler, John Kerry on Tuesday accepted Russia's long-standing demand that President Bashar Assad's future be determined by his own people, as Washington and Moscow edged toward putting aside years of...





Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=35647

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  65,000 jihadists in Syria ready to replace ISIS if it's defeated – report


Published time: 20 Dec, 2015 14:14


The West is making a strategic mistake by focusing its anti-terrorist effort on Islamic State (IS. previously ISIS/ISIL) and overlooking other groups, an upcoming report claims. Sixty percent of fighters in the country can be classified as Islamists and have goals similar to IS.

Those fighters belong to at least 15 other militant groups, which are mostly being ignored by the West, British media cited the Centre on Religion & Geopolitics, a think-tank run by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, as saying.


Fewer than one quarter of the groups surveyed by the center had no ideological agenda, but many of them were willing to fight alongside the Islamists and accept their leadership in a post-war Syria.


“The West risks making a strategic failure by focusing only on IS. Defeating it militarily will not end global jihadism. We cannot bomb an ideology, but our war is ideological,” said the report, due to be published Monday, as cited by the Guardian.

Read more... https://www.rt.com/news/326584-syria-jihadists-is-replacement/





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Sun Dec 20, 2015 2:49
Four Russian Fighter Jets to Escort President Assad's Plane in Visit to Tehran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's plane will be escorted by four Russian fighter jets during his upcoming visit to Iran, reports said, adding that the US coalition has been alerted to stand down as the Russian jets will have the permission to fire at will at any incoming aircraft.

"Four strategic Russian fighter jets will accompany the plane carrying the Syrian president during the visit to and from Iran," the Lebanese al-Diyar daily reported on Sunday.


The newspaper also added that the Syrian president is due to travel to Tehran via the Iraqi airspace.

"The US-led international coalition's air command has been warned not to approach Bashar Assad's plane to avoid engagement," it said.


Read more.... http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13940929000973

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Rocket hits area near US embassy in Kabul - reports

December 21, 2015



"Three explosions shook the Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul, near key ministries, embassies and residences. The attack comes a week after a suicide bombing in the area, and amidst a surge in Taliban violence.


Local police told Reuters one of the missiles hit Massoud Square, adjacent to the well-fortified US embassy, and another landed in Shirpur Square, close to the sprawling presidential complex. A third rocket detonated further away from the heart of the city.


Authorities have not revealed where the missiles were fired from, or who was behind the attack. The Taliban took responsibility for the December 12 terrorist incursion in which a fighter blew himself up, before three gunmen infiltrated the Spanish embassy compound. Four police died fighting the militants.


Earlier on Monday, a Taliban suicide bomber on a motorcycle detonated a bomb, killing six NATO personnel and wounding six more at the Bagram base, north of the Afghan capital."
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Tripoli Asks Russia for Military Support for Libya's Anti-Terror Fight

Libya's self-proclaimed government in Tripoli is grateful to Russia for its consent and readiness to help the crisis-hit Libya in its fight against terrorism, Prime Minister Khalifa Ghawi told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Russia Able to Help Libya Resolve Ongoing Crisis Internally - Tripoli

Russia has an opportunity to help the Libyan authorities make their own decisions on finding ways to resolve the crisis in the country, the foreign minister of Libya'a self-proclaimed General National Congress (GNC) in Tripoli told Sputnik on Monday.
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Russian intel spots 12,000 oil tankers & trucks on Turkey-Iraq border

Published time: 25 Dec, 2015


Russian intelligence has spotted up to 12,000 tankers and trucks on the Turkish-Iraqi border, the General Staff of Russia’s armed forces has reported.

“The [aerial] imagery was made in the vicinity of Zakho (a city in Iraqi Kurdistan), there were 11,775 tankers and trucks on both sides of the Turkish-Iraqi border,” Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Friday.


“It must be noted that oil from both Iraq and Syria come through this [Zakho] checkpoint,” General Rudskoy said.


Heavy-duty trucks loaded with oil continue to cross the Turkish-Syrian border as well, Rudskoy said. At the same time, the number of tankers on the northern and western routes used for transporting oil from Syria is declining, the general added.


Read more... https://www.rt.com/news/327063-russian-intelligence-oil-tankers-turkey/


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Yemeni forces' missile attack hits Saudi base in Najran

December 27, 2015



"The Yemeni army, backed by Popular Committees loyal to the Houthi Ansarullah movement, has hit a military base in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern border city of Najran with a ballistic missile. 


Yemen’s al-Masirah news channel reported on Sunday that the Qaher 1 missile caused huge explosions by hitting armories of the base, located in the al-Arissah district of Najran.


Yemeni forces also launched missile attacks on a convoy of Saudi mercenaries moving from Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib to the northern province of Jawf. Three vehicles were destroyed in the attacks."





Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile from Yemen: state news

December 27, 2015



"Saudi Arabia said it intercepted a Scud ballistic missile fired from Yemen on Saturday, according to a statement on the Saudi state news agency SPA, an attack which threatens a fragile ceasefire ahead of renewed U.N.-backed peace talks next month.


"Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted at about 11 P.M. (2000 GMT) yesterday a Scud missile launched from Sanaa, in Yemeni territory, toward the city of Najran ... the air force immediately destroyed the rocket launch platform," the Saudi statement said.


Yemen's state news agency said the target was a Saudi national guard base.

The attack is the latest of several ballistic missile strikes by Yemeni forces on its northern neighbor, none of which have caused any reported casualties."





Iraqi army declares first major victory over Islamic State in Ramadi

December 27, 2015




"Iraq's army declared victory over Islamic State fighters in a provincial capital west of Baghdad on Sunday, the first major triumph for the U.S.-trained force since it collapsed in the face of an assault by the militants 18 months ago.


The capture of Ramadi, capital of mainly Sunni-Muslim Anbar province in the Euphrates River valley west of the capital, deprives Islamic State militants of their biggest prize of 2015. The fighters seized it in May after government troops fled in a defeat which prompted Washington to take a hard look at strategy in its ongoing air war against the militants.


After encircling the city for weeks, the Iraqi military launched a campaign to retake it last week, and made a final push to seize the central administration complex on Sunday."



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giving link  copywritten



Kremlin accused of terror threat cover-up after ordering closure of Red Square for New Year's Eve

Allison Quinn

December 28, 2015




Claims by officials that the square is to be shut for filming a TV program are denied by the TV company itself


"Russia has been accused of a bizarre attempt to cover up terror threats after claiming that a decision to close off Moscow's Red Square on New Year's Eve was because a film crew would be working there.

The city's security chiefs shocked Muscovites last week by declaring that Red Square - the traditional spot for seeing in the New Year - would be off-limits to revellers because of filming commitments.

But the announcement - which came as European capitals received warnings of a Paris-style attack over New Year - drew a baffled response from the film company concerned, which said it had no plans to be there on the night in question.

Suspicions are growing that the Kremlin simply wanted to downplay threats from Isil, which has vowed vengeance on Russia for its campaign in support of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria."



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Japan Protests Intrusion of Armed Chinese Vessel Into its Waters

December 26, 2015





'The Japanese government formally protested the entry of an armed Chinese government ship and two other vessels into waters that Japan claims as its own on Saturday, according to an official in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the first time that an armed Chinese vessel has intruded into the areas that Japan’s claims as its territory, the official said.

The vessel was formerly a People’s Liberation Army Navy ship and is now operated by another department, according to the official, who asked not to be identified, citing government policy. The ship is armed with an auto-cannon, although the main armament has been removed, the official said.

The three vessels approached waters north of Kuba Island from around 8:19 a.m. local time, entering Japanese territorial waters starting from 9:30 a.m. and left by 10:50 a.m., according to e-mailed coast guard statements. The armed vessel was the same one that the coast guard reported on Dec. 22 was sailing in waters 28 kilometers (17 miles) east-north-east of one of the islands, according to a coast guard official, who asked not to be named, citing government policy."



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Saudi Arabia breaks off ties with Iran after al-Nimr execution

January 3, 2016



"Saudi Arabia says it has broken off diplomatic ties with Iran, amid a row over the Saudi execution of a prominent Shia Muslim cleric.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir was speaking after demonstrators had stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others were executed on Saturday after being convicted of terror-related offences.

Mr Jubeir said that all Iranian diplomats must leave Saudi Arabia within 48 hours.

Saudi Arabia was recalling its diplomats from Tehran, he said.

Mr Jubeir said Saudi Arabia would not let Iran undermine its security, accusing it of having "distributed weapons and planted terrorist cells in the region".

"Iran's history is full of negative interference and hostility in Arab issues, and it is always accompanied by destruction," he told a news conference.

US state department spokesman John Kirby said: "We will continue to urge leaders across the region to take affirmative steps to calm tensions".




US behind every Saudi act of aggression: William Spring

January 3, 2016



"Press TV has interviewed human rights activist William Spring in London to discuss Saudi Arabia’s latest operations in Yemen as well as the recent execution of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview:

Press TV: So we have Saudi Arabia dominating news headlines around the world for all the wrong reasons, this time the war in Yemen. 7,400 have been killed so far. There was a truce supposedly, but this truce was already violated numerous times. What’s the point of Saudi Arabia declaring an end to the ceasefire when they never respected it in the first place?

Spring: The so-called ceasefire was merely a cosmetic exercise probably to keep the United Nations happy or something. Saudi Arabia does not have the slightest interest in any peaceful settlement with any problem, anywhere in the world and it is now locating itself in an even more proto-fascist state. This is the same on the other side of the coin. On the one hand the assassination of 47 people in Riyadh or in Qatif, which is not judicial at all, it is just a flagrant assassination, and on the other hand, you have got totalitarian war being pursued by a state that seems to have no real common sense.

Now, obviously as I have said before on this program, the amazing thing is the attitude of the world community, so-called, in particular Great Britain, as it once was, Great Britain and the British Foreign Secretary [Philip Hammond] have supported the aggression in Yemen right from day one. Now what does he think that he is gaining by this? I can’t see it at all. I can’t see any respect for European nations if the European nations failed to condemn the attacks on Yemen, which have killed so many thousands of civilians.

The basic situation in international law is that there should not be interference in the internal affairs of another state and this is exactly what Saudi Arabia is doing. A civil war of sorts was going on in Yemen and Saudi Arabia decided to use all its American firepower and what it had gotten from the British and French and so on to crush these people and now the Yemenis are not exactly the world’s most aggressive individuals. They have been a wonderful society for many years. Anyone who fights them tends to be a loser.

I am old enough to remember the British in Aden and how we got out of there as soon as we could, after leaving a lot of dead behind, British dead. I think the Saudis, is they got any sense, which they don’t appear to have, will eventually realize that their bombing of civilian targets in Yemen, is causing an imperishable stain on their national honor, if you can even speak of national honor.

When a country such as Saudi Arabia executes so many people in this staged Trotsky-type of bloodletting, when I say Trotsky I got in mind the assassination of Leon Trotsky in Mexico in 1940 by Joseph Stalin and this is exactly has been done to this [shia] cleric [sheikh] Nimr al-Nimr."




US urges calm in Middle East after Sheikh Nimr’s execution

January 3, 2016



"The United States has called for leaders in the Middle East, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, to reduce tensions in the region amid international outrage over the Saudi regime’s execution of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr.

The administration of US President Barack Obama on Sunday responded to Saudi Arabia's decision to cut diplomatic ties with Iran by encouraging diplomatic engagement.

"We're aware of reports that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ordered the closure of Iranian diplomatic missions in the Kingdom," an Obama administration official said.

"We believe that diplomatic engagement and direct conversations remain essential in working through differences and we will continue to urge leaders across the region to take affirmative steps to calm tensions."

Sheikh Nimr’s execution has caused international outrage and a serious escalation of diplomatic tensions in the region.

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced on Saturday that Sheikh Nimr along with 46 others, who were convicted of being involved in “terrorism” and adopting a “Takfiri” ideology, had been put to death.

Sheikh Nimr, a strong critic of Riyadh’s policies, was arrested in 2012 in the Qatif region of Eastern Province, where peaceful anti-regime demonstrations were held at the time."



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Qatari royal planes land in Switzerland over medical emergency





One week later after the night delivery...by 9 planes 









Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over embassy storming


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North Korea claims fully successful ‘miniaturized hydrogen bomb’ test

January 6, 2016



"North Korea has announced that it has successfully tested a miniaturized hydrogen bomb following an “artificial seismic event” that has likely become the country’s fourth known nuclear test.

In a “special and important” announcement at noon, North Korean TV claimed that the country has successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test at 10:00am local time.

“Through the test conducted with indigenous wisdom, technology and efforts the DPRK fully proved that the technological specifications of the newly developed H-bomb for the purpose of [the] test were accurate and scientifically verified the power of [the] smaller H-bomb," the statement said.

"It was confirmed that the H-bomb test conducted in a safe and perfect manner had no adverse impact on the ecological environment," it added."


The announcement followed the USGS detection of a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in the vicinity of a known Pyongyang nuclear site.

The epicenter of the jolt was located 19 kilometers (12 miles) east-northeast of Sungjibaegam, Ryanggang Province, at a depth of 10 kilometers, according to preliminary data from the US Geological Survey (USGS). Similar seismic activity in roughly the same area was recorded on February 12, 2013, prior to North Korea claiming its third successful underground nuclear test."




S. Korea warns North will 'pay the price' for alleged H-bomb test

January 6, 2016


"South Korea’s military has increased its monitoring of North Korea after the state claimed a successful test of a miniaturized hydrogen device. The fourth nuclear test by Pyongyang was condemned by leading nations.

Seoul has denounced the alleged hydrogen bomb test as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, claiming that it will seek to cooperate with regional partners and make North Korea pay a price for its provocation.

"North Korea's provocation is in clear violation of Security Council resolutions and a serious challenge to international peace and security," Vice Foreign Minister Lim Sung-nam said during an emergency meeting of ministry officials, according to Yonhap.

President Park Geun-hye chaired an emergency National Security Council session. In remarks published on her website the president said the country will take decisive measures against any additional provocations by North Korea and work with the international community to make sure Pyongyang pays the price for its latest test.

The Bank of Korea has convened an emergency meeting of its monetary policy board.


Nations throughout the world rallied to criticize North Korea for the apparent escalation of its nuclear weapons program.

The White House said the US will continue to "protect and defend our allies in the region," and will "respond appropriately to any and all North Korean provocations." It stressed that it can't confirm that the device detonated was actually a hydrogen bomb, as claimed by Pyongyang.

China will work with the international community to further the cause of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Hua Chunying, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said during a daily briefing. She added Beijing had no advanced knowledge of the planned test and firmly opposed North Korea's move.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the developments, making it clear that Tokyo will “absolutely” not tolerate threats against its national security and would issue a firm response to North Korea's challenge against nuclear non-proliferation.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said North Korea's move is a "provocation which I condemn without reservation" and a "grave breach" of UN Security Council resolutions. The top British diplomat is currently in Beijing on a two-day trip. He noted that no confirmation of a nuclear test was immediately available.

France said the reported hydrogen bomb test was "an unacceptable violation of Security Council resolutions" and called for a "strong reaction from the international community" in a statement released by President Francois Hollande's office.

Australia condemned the test “in the strongest possible terms,” saying the move was “provocative and  dangerous,” the country's department of foreign affairs said in a statement published on its website.

The UN Security Council is to address the possible nuclear test on Wednesday, at 4:00pm GMT, at a request from the US and Japan."




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Yemen Changes Decision on Expelling UN Rights Official - Reports

January 8, 2016




"Yemen has revoked its decision to expel the head of the UN human rights office in the country, The Middle East Eye reports.

"MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On Thursday, Yemen accused George Abu Zulof, the head of the OHCHR (UN Office of the Human Commissioner for Human Rights) office in Yemen, of not providing an "impartial" assessment of the human rights situation in the country. George Abu al-Zulof was declared persona non grata and was expelled from Yemen.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reiterated his "full confidence" in the official on Thursday, urging the government of Yemen to reconsider its decision on the expulsion.


On Friday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein called on the Yemeni government to reverse the decision to expel George Abu Zulof.








US Supply of Cluster Bombs in Yemen Mocks Int'l Law - Advocacy Group

January 9, 2016



"The Gulf Affairs Institute Director comments on the United States supplying cluster bombs to the Saudi armed forces.

"WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States has inflicted thousands of deaths and other casualties in Yemen through its supply of cluster bombs to the Saudi armed forces in violation of the laws of war, Gulf Affairs Institute Director Ali al-Ahmed told Sputnik.
"The US role in Yemen is making a sham of international law. It is an exercise in hypocrisy," al-Ahmed said on Friday. "It was clear from the beginning that the United States was involved in the war in Yemen. They haven’t found any way to justify this role."
US policymakers had claimed that they we replaying a restraining role on Saudi military operations against its much smaller neighbor, but this was the opposite of the truth, al-Ahmed insisted.
"They claim the US involvement is justified by reducing casualties, but instead US empowerment and support of Saudi Arabia is allowing Riyadh to inflict more civilian casualties in Yemen, not less. In other words, you throw fire and claim you are doing so to minimize the fire," al-Ahmed said.
The role of the United States in supplying weapons such as cluster bombs that are being used against a civilian population is a clear violation of international law, the professor pointed out."
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