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ISIS 2.0 – Meet the New Extremist Group the CIA is Paying to Kill Innocent Civilians in Afghanistan

The Khost Protection Force (KPF)




This is what an industry looks like. Too nurture the demand for government, and then satisfying that same demand on the bull market of security. The median attention-span is down to a few seconds, and average recollection is around a decade. When ISIS goes away with Erdogan the media will be ready to launch KPF as the new no. 1 threat to our way of life, and noone will remember the Taliban or the Mujahedin or Boko Haram. At least that is what we are expected to believe to distract us from the homegrowns like McVeigh and Breivik. And all of it paid for by the same buck.

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Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Bomb That Killed Yemeni 

MOHAMMED AL-KIBSI in San’a, Yemen and
ASA FITCH in Dubai
December 6, 2015
"Islamic State claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing that killed the governor of Aden, a blow to pro-Saudi Yemeni forces who have struggled to keep a grip on the strategic port city since taking it from rebels in July.
Governor Jaafar Saad and eight of his guards were killed Sunday as their convoy traveled through a district near the seaport, a security official in Aden said. The bombing was claimed by a branch of Islamic State based in Aden, according to a statement on social media translated by SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist activity.

Recent attacks have disrupted attempts by the Saudi-led coalition to restore President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his government to power with its seat in Aden. Mr. Hadi returned to the southern city in November from exile in Saudi Arabia."




Iraq gives Turkish forces 48 hours to leave country

December 7, 2015



"Iraq today gave Turkey 48 hours to withdraw forces it said entered the country illegally or face "all available options", including recourse to the UN Security Council. 

Baghdad, which is struggling to assert its sovereignty while receiving foreign assistance against the Islamic State jihadist group, said Turkish forces with tanks and artillery entered Iraq without its permission. 

"In the absence of the withdrawal of these forces within 48 hours, Iraq has the right to use all available options," including recourse to the Security Council, a statement from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's office said. 

The Turkish forces entered "without the approval or knowledge of the Iraqi government," it said. 

In practical terms, Iraq's options are primarily diplomatic, as its forces are tied down battling IS jihadists and Ankara has a far more powerful military. "



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Quote - "The Khost Protection Force (KPF) is a highly secretive collection of local Afghans used to fight a shadow war in eastern Afghanistan, near the Pakistani tribal region and Taliban stronghold. They were lured into the proxy service of the CIA with promises of better pay, equipment and conditions than the Afghan army. And just like the CIA, they enjoy virtual immunity."

ISIS the next generation: Meet the new CIA-funded group paid to terrorize innocent Afghanis


Date: Sunday, 6-Dec-2015 09:16:57

In Response To: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the man of the year by TIME? (IZAKOVIC)

Justin Gardner

The Free Thought Project

Sat, 05 Dec 2015 00:00 UTC




After many years of destruction, Taliban tend to become regular citizens. So, a new idiots w/o soul are needed.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=34365

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“Putin Has Some Very Harsh Words For President Erdogan“ A chess Grand Master dealing with a tiddly-wink champion….


Quote - [T]he Turkish people are kind, hardworking and talented. We have many good and reliable friends in Turkey. Allow me to emphasise that they should know that we do not equate them with the certain part of the current ruling establishment that is directly responsible for the deaths of our servicemen in Syria.

We will never forget their collusion with terrorists. We have always deemed betrayal the worst and most shameful thing to do, and that will never change. I would like them to remember this – those in Turkey who shot our pilots in the back, those hypocrites who tried to justify their actions and cover up for terrorists.

I don’t even understand why they did it. Any issues they might have had, any problems, any disagreements we knew nothing about could have been settled in a different way. Plus, we were ready to cooperate with Turkey on all the most sensitive issues it had; we were willing to go further, where its allies refused to go. Allah only knows, I suppose, why they did it. And probably, Allah has decided to punish the ruling clique in Turkey by taking their mind and reason.

But, if they expected a nervous or hysterical reaction from us, if they wanted to see us become a danger to ourselves as much as to the world, they won’t get it. They won’t get any response meant for show or even for immediate political gain. They won’t get it.

Our actions will always be guided primarily by responsibility – to ourselves, to our country, to our people. We are not going to rattle the sabre. But, if someone thinks they can commit a heinous war crime, kill our people and get away with it, suffering nothing but a ban on tomato imports, or a few restrictions in construction or other industries, they’re delusional. We’ll remind them of what they did, more than once. They’ll regret it. We know what to do."

Source http://www.transients.info/2015/12/unspun-news-for-7th-december-2015.html#more

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Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria: the Empire strikes back

Considering the remarkable success of the Russian intervention in Syria, at least so far, it should not have come as a surprise that the AngloZionist Empire would strike back. The only question was how and when. We now know the answer to that question.


Source http://thesaker.is/week-nine-of-the-russian-intervention-in-syria-the-empire-strikes-back/

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Four Syrian Soldiers Killed in US-Led Coalition Airstrike Sources report that four Syrian army soldiers were killed and some 13 were wounded in a US-led coalition airstrike in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province.

DAMASCUS (Sputnik) — Four Syrian army soldiers were killed and some 13 were wounded in a US-led coalition airstrike in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province, sources told Sputnik Monday.

According to the sources, two tanks and an ammunition depot in Deir ez-Zor that belonged to the Syrian army were also destroyed in the airstrike.

Syrian military has so far refused to confirm or deny this information.



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Syria Right to Hit NATO Warplanes



Syria is ready to deploy the fearsome S-300 air-defence system supplied by its Russian ally. The anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles will give Syria control over its territory and the capability to shoot down any intrusive warplane or missile. NATO warplanes beware!


The fatal shoot-down of a Russian fighter jet by a Turkish F-16 two weeks ago has given urgency to installing the air-defence system. It is as much in Russia’s interest as it is in Syria’s to have air cover – and the S-300, and its newer generation, the S-400, are reckoned to be the best technology in the world for that job.


“It’s a top-of-the range weapon”, says the British defence publication, IHS Jane’s, probably surpassing the American Patriot missile system. The Russian-made S-300 can take out any modern fighter plane or missile, including Cruise missiles, at a range of up 150 kilometres and an altitude of 27 kilometres.


According to a senior officer at the Syria-Russia joint military operations room in Damascus, the mobile S-300 is ready for deployment at various locations across the country.


Translated from Arabic language Alrai Media (thanks to the reliable Fort Russ Russian news site), the senior Syrian officer at the operations room is quoted as saying: “Soon Syria will announce that any country using the airspace without coordinating with Damascus will be viewed as hostile and [we] will shoot the jet down without warning. Those willing to fight terrorism and coordinate with the military leadership will be granted safe corridors.”


This may seem like a dangerous escalation. American fighter jets have been bombing Syrian territory since September 2014, having carried out thousands of air strikes allegedly against the Islamic State (IS) terror group (also known by its Arabic name Daesh).


Since the Paris terror attacks last month, France has stepped up its air strikes in Syria too. In the past week, Britain and Germany parliaments have voted for their air forces to join the other NATO members in aerial operations. The US-led bombing coalition in Syria also includes Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Russia is the only country whose military aircraft are legally deployed in Syria because Moscow has the full consent of the Syrian government. All the others do not have consent from Damascus.


So we have at least seven foreign powers deploying their warplanes to bomb Syrian territory – all in violation of international law.





If the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad – which is the internationally recognised governing authority of Syria and retains its seat at the UN – does not consent to foreign military intervention, then that intervention is illegal, as Moscow and Damascus have repeatedly pointed out.


Syria, with the S-300 missile system supplied by its Russian ally, now has the technical means to defend its borders and airspace from all intruders. It also has the legal right to defend the inviolability of its territory. After all, US President Barack Obama invoked this right with regard to Turkey after the shoot-down of the Russian Su-24. Obama said Turkey had “every right to protect its skies” (even though the evidence shows that the Russian fighter jet did not breach Turkish territory).


In other words: what’s good for Turkey is good for Syria, as for any other nation.

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Syria slams US-led coalition deadly strike against troops as 'act of aggression'

Published time: 7 Dec, 2015


Damascus has labelled as an “act of aggression” the US-led coalition’s missile strike which killed three Syrian soldiers at an army base in the Deir ez Zor province.


On top of the fatalities, 13 personnel were injured and a number of military vehicles were destroyed when warplanes fired nine missiles at the Saeqa military camp.


The incident is the first of its kind since the coalition started to bomb Syrian territory more than a year ago, though the US-led alliance continues to deny it carried out the airstrike.


“Syria strongly condemns the act of aggression by the US-led coalition that contradicts the UN Charter on goals and principles. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent letters to the UN Secretary General and the UN Security Council,” Syria's SANA news agency quoted the country's foreign ministry as saying.


Coalition spokesman Colonel Steve Warren has insisted, however, that the only airstrikes in the area were delivered some 55km away.


“We’ve seen those Syrian reports but we did not conduct any strikes in that part of Deir ez Zor yesterday. So we see no evidence,” he said.


A US military official speaking on condition of anonymity told Reuters that Washington is certain that Russia is responsible for the airstrike.

Read more... https://www.rt.com/news/324940-syrian-army-coalition-strike/

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IS is recruiting people from CHINA now


No subs for the article but it's from a Chinese language based newspaper called Asia-press Network.


IS made a Chinese version of Nasheed (sorry if spelling is wrong), singing to praise the "good" actions of IS....eyes rolling, but it's scary enough for China, IS is targetting UIGHUR people, who are absolutely not happy with the Chinese government as their status is hustled relentlessly by Chinese gov, just like Tibetans cop the same.


But this action is perhaps just another level of reality, since we know the picture of

(1) IS=happy with the US

(2)China is Vlash strong hold, and so as the US

....so it's as if an internal split in a sense is happening.


However to me (2) is dealing with a different level of matter, so in fact the operation is occurring on at least 2 different levels for this matter, so let's don't get bogged down on that one too much.

In fact, I think it's done for whatever the plan that's been organised for some time ago, just being pushed out in our reality according to their plan precisely.(´Д`)I hate to admit that we all are on their palms, but for this particular his_story page, it looks like so. (Mind you, let's never forget that we, the humans, are waking up more and more!! So the his_story can be changed as well!!)


It's obvious now that there are works done to continue our "reality" regardless of how shitty it is, until the day of change over happens, and also there are other agendas brought onto the table at the same time, taking time to prep the war of 2017-2022 me thinks. 



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Turkish jets strike Kurdish positions in Iraq amid rising tension between Ankara & Baghdad

Published time: 9 Dec, 2015


Ankara carried out airstrikes targeting Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces in northern Iraq, the Turkish army said on Wednesday. The action comes in the wake of rising tensions between Ankara and Baghdad over the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq.

Ten F-16 fighter jets launched an attack between 10pm and 10:50pm on Tuesday, targeting PKK positions in the Kandil, Hakurk, Zap and Avasin-Baysan regions in northern Iraq, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement. It added that the targets were “destroyed in an aerial campaign.”

Read more... https://www.rt.com/news/325265-turkish-jets-kurds-iraq/


Iran-Backed Shia Forces Threaten Turkey Over 'Incursion' Into Iraq


Last week, Turkey deployed troops to a camp in Mosul in northern Iraq. Baghdad condemned the move as a violation of sovereignty and asked NATO to intervene. It also set a 48-hour deadline to withdraw, which has since expired.


Now, the threat by Shia militias adds to the mounting pressure on Turkey, which says the forces are there to train Iraqi troops battling Daesh, also known as ISIL/The Islamic State.


Karim al-Nuri, a spokesman for the Badr Brigade, the largest coalition of Shia militias, likened the Turkish incursion with the occupation of Iraq by Daesh militants and said "all options" were available.


"We have the right to respond and we do not exclude any type of response until the Turks have learned their lesson," Nuri said. "Do they have a dream of restoring Ottoman greatness? This is a great delusion and they will pay dearly because of Turkish arrogance."

Iraq’s Leaders Court Russia, Iran as Distrust With US Over Turkey Grows


The threat by an Iraqi parliamentary committee to cancel the country’s security pact with the United States reflects Baghdad’s growing fears that Washington will not rein in Turkey, so that it must seek protection from Russia and Iran, analysts told Sputnik.
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Desertion galore: Ukrainian men understand the absurdity of the war their government is waging.

More than 10,000 cases of desertion have been registered in the Ukrainian Army since the outbreak of the Donbass war in April 2014, Ukrainian Vesti reported.

Read more: http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150621/1023647747.html#ixzz3tx8hvLVN

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Iraqis Fear US Backs Turkish Land Grab in Mosul Region


Iraqi parliamentarians worry the US government has given Turkey a free hand to grab territory in the country’s oil-rich Mosul region, experts told Sputnik.


WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee recently called on Prime Minister Haider Abadi to reassess and, if necessary, cancel the country’s security treaty with the United States following Turkish occupation of Iraqi territory near Mosul.


"My impression is that the Iraqi government has observed that the Russians are more effective in combatting ISIS [islamic State] than the United States," University of Louvain Professor Jean Bricmont in Belgium, author of "Humanitarian Imperialism," told Sputnik.


Iraqi politicians recognize that Turkey continues to be favored by Washington as a major military ally in the Middle East, and Ankara also remains a member in good standing of the US-led NATO alliance despite its aggression toward Iraq, Bricmont pointed out.


"The Iraqis can see that NATO is supporting Turkey, and the latter is invading part of Iraq. Certainly this cannot happen without US approval."


Genuine concern about Washington’s long-term policies toward Iraq was growing among policymakers in Baghdad and the parliamentary committee’s statement was an expression of this, Bricmont explained.


"I don't know what is going on in the minds of the members of the Iraqi government, but I don't see why that would only be pure posturing."


However, the United States would allow Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi to escape from his security obligations to Washington, University of Illinois Professor of International Law Francis Boyle told Sputnik.


"Abadi is a US puppet. Obama put him in power and keeps him in power. Nothing more than the Mayor of Baghdad," Boyle said.


Bricmont added that Turkey’s and Saudi Arabia’s support for the Islamic State, also known as Daesh, and the continued US support for Ankara and Riyadh was driving all forces in the Middle East to look to Russia for protection.


"Turkey’s support for the Islamic State and the recent events in the region are a game changer, since all the forces that are opposed to ISIS — Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon — see that their only real ally is Russia."


The Iraq-US Strategic Framework Agreement of 2008 contains a provision that allows either party to terminate it at one year's notice.


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ISIS Has a New Weapon: A Smartphone App

December 11, 2015

Don Reisinger



"It’s designed to 'streamline access' to the militant group’s 'propaganda'

The Islamic State, better known as ISIS or ISIL, has a smartphone app.
The hacking collective Ghost Security Group discovered this month that ISIS has been distributing an application that provides propaganda-laced news and videos. The Android-based app is essentially a news portal, run by the Amaq News Agency, a group believed to be tied to ISIS. According to a tweet this week from Michael S. Smith, principal at Kronos Advisory, a defense contractor that works as an intermediary between Ghost Security Group and the U.S. government, the app features news and videos showing executions and battlefield victories. He says it’s designed to “streamline access” to the militant group’s “propaganda.”
Images of the app posted to Twitter by Smith show that it’s called “Amaq Agency.” When users start it up, the app displays a scrolling news feed and icons to play videos. For added convenience, the app includes the ability to change font size and has options for users to have the feed automatically check for new posts. It can even be automatically updated whenever the app’s developers send out new versions of the program."
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Battle for key Yemeni base in south kills dozens of fighters

December 9, 2015



"The base is located along a vital road to the heavily contested western city of Taiz"


"Sana’a: Air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition targeting Yemen’s Al Houthi militia and ground clashes over a key military base killed and wounded dozens of fighters on Tuesday, Yemeni security officials said.

According to the officials, at least 35 pro-government fighters and Al Houthi militants died in the battle for the base in the southwestern port city of Mokha. The base is located along a vital road to the heavily contested western city of Taiz, the officials said.
The officials, who are neutral in Yemen’s conflict, spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorised to talk to reporters.
Yemen is torn by fighting between the internationally recognized government, backed by the Saudi-led coalition, and Al Houthis, allied with former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.
The war has killed at least 5,700 people since March, when the fighting escalated and the Saudi-led air campaign began, according to the United Nations."
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Putin:"I order you to act very harshly"


Date: Friday, 11-Dec-2015 10:38:07

"I order you to act very harshly"

December 11, 2015, 17:45

Photo: kremlin.ru

Text: Anastasia Petrova


The main theme of the extended board meeting of the Ministry of Defense, which was conducted on Friday by President Putin, became Russian VCS operation in Syria. Putin warned that "those who will try again to organize provocation" that orders destruction that threatens all of the Russian military, and said that the Russian aviation supports not only the army of Syria, but also some opposition.

Speaking on Friday at the board of the Ministry of Defense, President Vladimir Putin warned the leaders of some countries, without naming names, that the actions of the Russian aircraft in Syria are covered in all directions, and any forces that threaten the military, must be destroyed.

"I want to warn those who will try again to organize any kind of provocation against our troops. We have taken additional measures to ensure the security of Russian troops and air bases. It is reinforced by new jets and air defense ", - Putin said, to RIA" Novosti ".

"All actions of strike aircraft will be carried out under cover of fighter planes. I order you to act very tough. Any targets that threaten Russia's groups or our ground infrastructure will be destroyed immediately, "- he said, urging both to develop cooperation with States that are interested in the elimination of terrorists.

The Head of State announced that the Russian military have caused serious damage to infrastructure of "the Islamic state" in Syria and will change the situation in the country.

The President also said that the Russian Air Force at this stage supports not only the Syrian government forces, but also the "Syrian Free Army", which also leads actions against ISIL. "The work of our aviation group promotes joint efforts of both government forces and the" Free Syrian Army ". Now some of its parts total of more than 5 thousand. People, as well as regular troops, conduct offensive operations against terrorists in the provinces of Homs, Hama, Aleppo and Raqqa. In addition, we support them from the air, as well as the Syrian army, assisting them in arms, munitions and material resources "- quoted the head of state on the Kremlin website.

Explicit threats

Putin stressed that the operation in Syria is not dictated by geopolitical interests and the desire to test new weapons, and the fact that the ISIL directly threatens Russia. He noted that the representatives of different ethnic Russian living in groups, "not only from the North Caucasus, but also from other regions, not only to take an active and open part in the hostilities, but also flaunt their participation in the punitive actions."

"All of this - a direct threat to Russia, and our troops in Syria primarily to defend their country. Our actions were not dictated by whatever and unclear abstract geopolitical interests, the desire to use and test new weapons systems. It is not the main thing, the main thing si - to prevent the threat to the Russian Federation ", - Putin said.

"Do you know what dictated our decision to provide military assistance to the Syrian Republic and begin to work actively in the country against international terrorism. Militants, including immigrants from Russia, Middle East countries, who created in this country a real foothold. Their plans were clear - to strengthen and move their expansion into new regions, "- he said.

"The actions of our armed forces have been synchronized with the work of our law enforcement agencies and special services on the territory of Russia. You see, dear comrades, that the organs of the FSB work virtually throughout the country there, here they reveal camouflaged cell various terrorist organizations, including the notorious ISIL "- said the president.

Preliminary results

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the president that in the past few months the Russian air force carried out about 4 thousand sorties, destroying more than 8 thousand of military infrastructure of terrorists in Syria. "As a result, ISIL gangs suffered significant damage," - said Shoigu.

He also said that the drones proved to be indispensable in the conduct of operations in Syria. "If in 2011 the armed forces had only 180 systems, now we have a 1720 modern unmanned aerial vehicles," - he said.

Shoigu also said that by "expanding the zone of influence of the" Islamic state. " Militants captured about 70% of the territory of Syria and most areas of Iraq. The number of terrorists is more than 60 thousand people. There is a threat of transfer of their operations to Central Asia and the Caucasus. "

Referring to Putin, Shoigu said: "Comrade Supreme Commander, the results will be announced on Syria after the completion of the work, they are invited to consider at the meeting under your leadership with representatives of the industry."

Special attention

Talking about the development of the Armed Forces, Putin stressed that the Ministry of Defense and other departments should monitor the military and political situation in the world and, if necessary, make changes to the plan for the defense of the country. "Ministry of Defence, together with other agencies are to monitor the development of the military-political situation and, if necessary, to make the documents in the Russian defense plans and clarify the necessary adjustments," - he said.

"Particular attention should be paid to strengthening the combat potential of the strategic nuclear forces, implementation of defense space programs. It is necessary, as provided by our plans to equip all the components of the nuclear triad by the new weapons systems to improve the efficiency of missile warning and aerospace defense, "- said the president.

According to him, it is necessary to develop the infrastructure to protect the strategic nuclear forces. Putin explained that he meant positional areas of the United RVSN, points-based strategic missile submarines, long-range aviation airfields.

"The troops should be organized in step with high-quality work on the development of training and combat use of modern technology. Particular attention should be paid to strengthening the combat potential of the strategic nuclear forces, implementation of defense space programs. It is necessary, as provided by our plans to equip all the components of the nuclear triad of new weapons. Increase the effectiveness of the missile attack warning and aerospace defense, "- he said Friday, speaking at the College of the Ministry of Defense.

"Over the past year, much has been done to build the capacity of our armed forces. We have reached a new level of operational use of troops. The quality of performance of combat training missions. A sudden inspection, passed almost in all military districts, have confirmed the high combat readiness of units and formations "- he said at a meeting of the expanded board of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

"We need to continue technical re-equipment of the army and navy. Consolidate the positive trends that have been achieved as a result of the state program of armaments ", - Putin said.

Shoigu said that Russia is completing the update storage of missiles and ammunition. "Radically change the conditions of storage of missiles and ammunition enter the army as part of the state defense order. During 2014-2015, 390 vaults built, "- said Shoigu.

According to the Minister of Defense, in 2016 it is planned to complete the construction program, and is now to replace the 300 obsolete bases and warehouses are under construction the first of 24 modern production and logistics facilities in Naro-Fominsk.

Checks justified

Putin summed up the unannounced inspections, which are conducted in the army three years. "We have reached a new level of operational use of troops," - he said and instructed to continue this practice in the armed forces.

"First of all it is necessary to apply one of the most effective forms (raising of the level of operational and combat training of troops) - unannounced inspections. That is to continue to hold them in the course of their pay special attention to the transfer of troops over long distances, creating groups in threatened areas, working out tasks of strategic deterrence, defense with practical lift aircraft, with maneuvers anti-aircraft missile and radio-technical units, "- said the president.

Putin also stressed the need to actively involve visits to federal and regional authorities. "In its entirety must be worked out questions of territorial defense. It should be as soon as possible to eliminate the shortcomings that we talked about at the meetings in May and November of this year in Sochi, "- said Putin.

He noted that the teachings of the "Caucasus-2016" have to make a special emphasis on the training of the military to work in difficult conditions, including in mountainous areas.

In turn, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the department does not go beyond the funds allocated from the budget for these purposes.

Putin called for a separate military carefully control costs. "I ask carefully monitor the use of funds allocated under the state defense order, be effectively used to this new system of financial monitoring. It has been repeatedly said, and I want to emphasize once again - the extra money we have. And all that is conceived, should be implemented within the terms that are indicated in our plans, and within the previously allocated budget, budget allocations, "- he said.



Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=34859

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I'm going to throw this in here just because a lot of people are sensing something nasty afoot here in the USA


Purchases of multiple cell phones by individuals in Missouri.  It is now up to 8 different locations in Missouri where at least 60 phones were purchased at once. Disposable type cell phones.














Anyhow,  you get the picture  Macon, Columbia, Jackson, Jefferson City, Lebanon, Ava, Cape Girardeau.  That is one heck of a lot of phones.


Then in October,  A large stash of explosives was found hidden in Mark Twain Nat'l Forest by a hunter, and portable gas tanks have also been stolen.




Dozens of propane tanks stolen from 3 different metro locations

Dec. 10, 2015







Now weapons armor, etc?




You do recall the story about the 2 Afghan Pilots training at Moody AFB that just went missing, right?  Disappeared just before graduation.  Perhaps they didn't need their diplomas?  






I know there are lots of people thinking this all adds up to something


Remember in MIssouri we have

Mississippi River =  Bridges

Whiteman AFB =  B2 Bomber Base + Ft. Leonard Wood, etc.

Freeways N/S  E/W  = very easy access to just about any large city as in St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, etc.

St. Louis = Nuclear radioactive waste dump with a fire burning close by

Nuclear Facilities on the Miss. River

Perhaps they also have an app for a regular phone?


Perhaps a local danger, or it could be a distraction for something else?  I think this info is too important to ignore, so anyone from that area here on Chani, just a head's up.  Let's hope it's just a figment of imagination, but it's also too, too, weird.  Tx OG

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Russian warship fires warning shots at Turkish fishing boat

December 12, 2015




"Russia says one of its warships fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing boat in the Aegean Sea to avoid a collision.

A Russian defence ministry statement said the Turkish vessel approached to 600m (1,800ft) before turning away in response to Russian small arms fire.

The captain of the Turkish boat said he was unaware that his vessel had been shot at.

The Turkish military attache in Moscow has been summoned to the foreign ministry over the incident.

Relations remain tense between the two countries since Turkey's shooting down of a Russian warplane.

Impact on Russian-Turkish relations

Presidential war of words




Tx Reddwolf


‘Germany already fulfilling its part’: Merkel dismisses US request for more anti-ISIS forces

December 14, 2015



"Germany has denied US requests to provide additional support for the US-led mission against Islamic State in Syria, with the federal chancellor stressing that “at the moment” Berlin is already doing enough for its part in the combined anti-terror effort.


“I believe Germany is fulfilling its part and we don’t need to talk about new issues related to this question at the moment," Angela Merkel told the ZDF.


Merkel’s reply came in response to a letter sent last week by US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to his German counterpart, in which the Pentagon urged Germany to commit more fighting forces to the joint anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) effort.


A German Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed their reception of the letter addressed to German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Der Speigel reported Saturday, but no other details of its content were shared with the public. Similar letters were allegedly sent to other US-led coalition partners, the publication added."




Thinking about the incident regarding cell phone purchases in Missouri, I will post the following for your info.


US Attack Russian Spies Who Uncover Secret ISIS Base In Tennessee



The US military have conducted an airstrike in the Levant War Zone in a compound that houses elite Russian Special Forces who had discovered a secret CIA project that funnels top ISIS leaders from the Middle East to Tennessee, USA.


Four US warplanes launched nine missiles at the base on Sunday evening, killing three and injuring thirteen. Russia say the attacks from the Obama regime were over fears that Federation forces had uncovered a top secret plot that involved the CIA smuggling ISIS leaders to a “commune/training” compound in the heart of America named “Islamville”.




Tx Reddwolf


I personally don't like it much when I find an article based from What Does It Mean.com, even if I do have a tendency to think there is truth to what the site does say.  I know I read that the US had hit a Syrian camp, however US is saying Russia did it.  In any case pointing fingers and denying doesn't quite make it believable, especially considering the video below, from 2012, about ISIS camps in the USA.  As most of us know, Tennessee borders on Missouri, where all the strange goings on with cell phone purchases took place this past Friday/Saturday.


Homegrown Jihad- The Terrorist Camps Around The U.S. (35 Minute Version)


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Western Media ‘Lied’ About Withdrawal of Iranian Soldiers From Syria



Iranian correspondent Hassan Shemshadi, who is currently working in Syria, denied earlier claims by Western media that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is pulling out of Syria.

A few days ago Bloomberg reported that Iran allegedly began withdrawing its elite fighters from Syria due to the high casualty rates among its soldiers.


"One reason Iran is now withdrawing from Syria, according to US officials, is that many officers have been killed or wounded in the heavy fighting this fall," Bloomberg reported, citing US military officials.


To get things straight, Sputnik contacted Shemshadi, an Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) correspondent currently reporting from the ground in Syria. The Syrian correspondent rejected the claims made by Bloomberg, stating that the report is a "complete lie."


"As of late, these kinds of provocations and the spread of false information have increased… The purpose of such [false] reporting is to cause a split among the ranks of the Syrian Army and national [pro-government] militia, sow doubt and weaken their credibility, and bring damage to units fighting terrorism," the Iranian journalist told Sputnik.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guards aren't planning to withdraw from Syria; on the contrary, following the request of the Syrian government to help out in the fight against terrorism, Iran increased the number of its soldiers in Syria. They're now continuing to fight hard on the side of Syrian government forces against Daesh, also known as ISIL/ISIS, and other Islamic terrorists on all fronts, Shemshadi confirmed.

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Two Russian Vessels Force Turkish Ship to Move Off Collision Course
December 14, 2015
"A Russian Coast Guard vessel and Black Sea Fleet cutter on Monday forced an unidentified vessel sailing under the Turkish flag to change its course after it had violated international law and hampered the movement of drilling rig equipment.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Two drilling rigs owned by Chernomorneftegaz were moved from the Odesa gas field to the territorial waters of Russia because of the complex international situation.
The gas company said that the drilling rigs were being towed when “an unidentified cargo vessel under the Turkish flag” appeared.
“Acting in violation of international law on the warning of ships crashing in the sea and the overall norms of marine transportation, the Turkish vessel did not give way to the caravan on a cross course and made an attempt to stop in the course [of the caravan], which obviously would create an emergency situation. The Turkish vessel’s captain did not contact the [Russian] ships by radio, nor did he respond to calls,” the gas company said in a statement."


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What’s Behind Washington Pulling 12 Fighter Jets From Turkish Base?

In the latest sign of Turkey’s increasing isolation, the United States has announced plans to remove 12 fighter jets from Incirlik air base.

According to Reuters, a spokesman with the US military’s European Command has confirmed that the US will withdraw 12 F-15 Eagles and Strike Eagle fighters from Turkey. The spokesman said that the aircraft had completed temporary deployment, despite having only been moved to Incirlik air base one month ago.


According to a news release, the aircraft will be returning to RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom, beginning December 16.

Earlier this year, both the US and Germany also withdrew surface-to-air missile batteries stationed along the Turkey-Syria border.

The sudden withdrawal is surprising given that the Pentagon had previously encouraged European allies to use Incirlik as a staging platform for the anti-terror campaign.




"I was immediately concerned that NATO might buy into the insanity being demonstrated by Turkey," former CIA and US State Department official Larry Johnson told Sputnik. "Fortunately, the reports coming out of the NATO meeting indicate that several of the NATO ministers were asking Turkey: 'What in God’s name were you thinking?'"


Turkey is also under fire for its decision to deploy hundreds of troops and tanks into northern Iraq, a move the Iraqi government views as a breach of its own sovereignty..............



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What’s Behind Washington Pulling 12 Fighter Jets From Turkish Base?

In the latest sign of Turkey’s increasing isolation, the United States has announced plans to remove 12 fighter jets from Incirlik air base.

According to Reuters, a spokesman with the US military’s European Command has confirmed that the US will withdraw 12 F-15 Eagles and Strike Eagle fighters from Turkey. The spokesman said that the aircraft had completed temporary deployment, despite having only been moved to Incirlik air base one month ago.


According to a news release, the aircraft will be returning to RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom, beginning December 16.


Wonder if this is the result of this:

Did Members of the US-Led Coalition Carry Out an Air Strike to Help ISIS? Russia Implies They Did

Russian statement appears to implicate aircraft from two member states of the US led coalition in the air strike on the Syrian military base in Deir az-Zor............


........The Russians are also drawing attention to the US’ failure to admit to the presence of the aircraft of these countries, which strongly suggests that the US is protecting them, whichever countries they are.

Lastly, it is interesting that the Russians seem to be so well informed about this incident.  

If the Russians do indeed know how many aircraft from the US-led coalition were flying at any one time over Der az-Zor, and can identify the countries they belong to, then the inescapable conclusion is that their surveillance and intelligence operation in Syria is very effective indeed.


This raises the interesting possibility that this sort of thing has not only happened before, but that it has been going on unreported for some time, and that the reason why the Russians made so much of this particular incident was so as to warn the US that with the Russian surveillance and intelligence operation in Syria now so good the US cannot get away with doing this sort of thing any longer. 


If Russian reporting of this incident is intended as a warning to the US, then that might explain why the Russians have held back information about the identity of the countries whose aircraft were involved in this incident. 


Read more....  http://russia-insider.com/en/military/did-members-us-led-coalition-carry-out-air-strike-help-isis-russia-implies-they-did/ri11749


December 15, 2015

Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet

by Mike Whitney




The reason I ask this now is because, on Tuesday,(December 15.) Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to attend an emergency meeting in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to discuss issues that are too sensitive to reveal to the public. There’s a lot of speculation about what the two men will talk about, but the urgency and the secrecy of the meeting suggests that the topic will be one of great importance. So allow me to make a guess about what the topic will be.


When Kerry arrives in Moscow tomorrow he’ll be rushed to meeting room at the Kremlin where he’ll be joined by Lavrov, Putin, Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu and high-ranking members from military intelligence. Then, following the initial introductions, Kerry will be shown the evidence Russian intelligence has gathered on last Sunday’s attack on a Syrian military base east of Raqqa that killed three Syrian soldiers and wounded thirteen others. The Syrian government immediately condemned the attack and accused US warplanes of conducting the operation. Later in the day,  Putin delivered an uncharacteristically-harsh and threatening statement that left no doubt that he thought the attack was a grave violation of the accepted rules of engagement and, perhaps, a declaration of war. Here’s what he said:


“Any targets threatening the Russian groups of forces or land infrastructure must be immediately destroyed.”  This was followed shortly after by an equally disturbing statement by Putin to the Russian Defense Ministry Board:


“Special attention must be paid to strengthening the combat potential of the strategic nuclear forces and implementing defense space programs. It is necessary, as outlined in our plans, to equip all components of the nuclear triad with new arms.”


Why would an incident in the village of Ayyash in far-flung Deir Ezzor Province be so important that it would bring the two nuclear-armed adversaries to the brink of war?


Read more... http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/12/15/putin-gives-kerry-a-chance-to-pull-back-from-the-brink/

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Putin Double-Dog Dares Turkey To Try Flying In Syria....

Posted By: Watchman

Date: Thursday, 17-Dec-2015 20:28:38

Russian President Vladimir Putin again raised the stakes Thursday in his country’s conflict with Turkey, using a press conference to dare the Turkish Air Force to try flying in Syrian airspace now that Russia has deployed sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles in the region.

Relations between Russia and Turkey – and specifically between Mr. Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – have been hostile since a Nov. 24 incident that saw a Turkish fighter jet shoot down a Russian Su-24 warplane that Ankara says briefly entered its airspace. One of the two pilots was shot dead by Syrian rebels as he parachuted to the ground, while the other survived and was rescued.

While both Russia and Turkey claim to be taking part in the fight to destroy the so-called Islamic State, their other aims in Syria are at loggerheads. Ankara has aided any and all groups that share its goal of toppling President Bashar al-Assad. Moscow, meanwhile, intervened in the conflict this fall to keep Mr. Assad’s regime from collapsing.

Moscow has responded to the incident – which Mr. Putin called a “backstabbing” – with a host of measures, including a ban on many Turkish goods, the cancellation of Russian tourist packages to Turkey, an end to visa-free entry to Russia for Turkish passport holders and a refusal to meet or speak with Turkey’s leadership.

On the military front, Russia has dispatched more warplanes to its airbase in the northwestern Syrian city of Latakia, where it has also deployed its most sophisticated anti-aircraft system, the S-400 mobile multiple-launch battery. The S-400 has a range of 400 kilometres, meaning that from Latakia it can hit targets over most of Syria, as well as over Cyprus and much of southern Turkey.

Russia has also deployed additional warships to the eastern Mediterranean and has provided new anti-aircraft systems to the Syrian army.

“We think the actions of the Turkish leadership toward our plane that was shot down were not just unfriendly, it was a hostile action – an act of enmity,” Mr. Putin told his annual year-end news conference in Moscow.

“Did they really think we would flee after the incident? That we would remove all our forces?” he continued. “Russia is not a country that withdraws or shies away from the challenge. On the contrary, we increased our military presence, we increased the number of our aircraft, we increased our anti-aircraft missiles, etc. Before that, the Turkish Air Force was flying over Syria. Well, I invite them to try flying over Syria now, because they will get a very serious response.”

Turkey appears to have already been avoiding Syrian airspace since the incident. Turkish media have reported that the country’s warplanes have stopped taking part in a U.S.-led campaign of air strikes against IS out of concern that Russian or Syrian forces would try to shoot down a Turkish jet in retaliation for the downing of the Su-24. (Russian jets, unlike planes from the U.S.-led coalition, are flying over Syria at the invitation of the government.)

Tensions between Moscow and Ankara have also resulted in jostling at sea. On Monday, a Russian frigate operating in the eastern Mediterranean said it fired warning shots at a Turkish fishing boat that had sailed too close. Russia has also detained at least eight Turkish commercial boats for “inspection,” while Turkey said this week it had detained 27 Russian craft.

Mr. Putin made plain again on Thursday that he was personally offended by the way the Turkish government handled the Su-24 incident. He said that if it had been an accident, he would have expected a phone call from the Turkish leadership explaining what had happened; instead, he noted, Ankara called immediately for an emergency meeting of the NATO military alliance.

The Russian President’s fury was such that he descended toward the obscene while discussing relations with Turkey. At one point he speculated that Turkey may have shot down the Russian jet at the behest of the United States, perhaps in exchange for the U.S. turning a blind eye to a recent Turkish military deployment in northern Iraq. “Maybe someone in the Turkish leadership decided to lick the Americans in a particular place,” Mr. Putin said to applause.

He also said relations with Turkey had been good right up until Nov. 24 and that “the Turkish leadership” even approached him during last month’s G20 summit in Antalya with a “delicate” request that Mr. Putin said was outside the boundaries of international law. He did not specify what was asked but said Russia had been ready to help.

No longer. “It is very difficult to achieve understanding with the leadership of Turkey. Again they backstabbed us. So on the interstate level, I see no prospect of Russian-Turkish relations improving. There is no chance.”

Suat Kiniklioglu, a former MP in Mr. Erdogan’s AKP party who is now a critic of the government, says he believes Mr. Erdogan “miscalculated” in ordering the shooting down of the Russian jet.

“Had [Mr. Erdogan] known the consequences would be as dramatic as they are now, I don’t think he would have gone for it,” Mr. Kiniklioglu said in an interview in Ankara. “He thought he was really good buddies with Putin. He respects Putin a lot and likes the way he challenges the West and the international order. He now understands Putin didn’t give a damn about all of that and he only cares about Russia’s national interests.”

Mr. Erdogan has himself favoured anti-Western rhetoric in recent years, Mr. Kiniklioglu said, but when Russia responded angrily to the downing of the Su-24, “he suddenly remembered he’s a NATO member and he made a full U-turn.”

Mr. Putin, who met Wednesday with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, said he was supportive of a draft United Nations resolution that Mr. Kerry was preparing. It calls for a peace process that includes a new Syrian constitution and – eventually – elections.

“We support the U.S. initiative on Syria, as well as the proposed UN resolution. I think after reading the resolution project, the Syrian government will be content as well,” Mr. Putin said.

In the meantime, however, he said Russia would continue its war effort in support of Mr. Assad. “We will continue our air strikes as long as the Syrian army continues to fight.”


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=35473

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After reading all the above, maybe, just maybe Sorcha Faal is at least partly onto something -


US Begs For Russian Help As ISIS Sarin Attack On Europe Warned Is “Just Days Away”


A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) states that US Secretary of State John Kerry and US Defense Secretary Ash Carter have, literally, “begged” for the Federations help in finding an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) terror cell operating in the European Union (EU) who are believed to be preparing a massive Sarin gas attack against a European capitol city—an attack many intelligence experts are warning may be “just days away” from occurring.



To what caused the Obama regime to immediately end its 3 year call for regime change in Syria, this report notes, has been the American’s “sudden” realization that should this mass attack happen in the EU, the “backlash” against the United States would be so “sudden and profound” it is inconceivable that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could survive—especially when it becomes publically known that NATO member Turkey gave to these Islamic terrorists the Sarin gas in the first place.


the full story here - http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1962.htm

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She could have something there:


Extremists Steal Large Quantities of Deadly Chemical Weapons in Libya

09:22 18.12.2015

Extremists in Libya have stolen large amounts of sarin gas, which is considered a weapon of mass destruction by the UN; they found the nerve gas stored in warehouses in southern Libya and have smuggled it to northern cities, including Tripoli, a close aide and cousin of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said in an interview.

"Huge amounts" of sarin are being moved from desert areas in the south to the north of the country and to the suburbs of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam said in an interview with the London-based Arabic international newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat on Thursday.

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Posted By: Watchman

Date: Friday, 18-Dec-2015 19:37:58

The Pentagon has confirmed that US special operations troops who traveled to Libya were kicked out of the country as soon as they arrived. This event marks a new level of international shame and embarrassment for the United States military under the Presidency of Barack Obama and since Hillary Clinton left US Ambassador Chris Stevens to die there.

The Libyan Air Force said the 20 soldiers arrived at the airbase on Monday, but left soon after local commanders asked them to go because they had no right to be at the base “without prior coordination with protection force base.”

The Libyan air force published a Facebook post on Wednesday which included photographs of the special forces unit. It noted the 20 soldiers had disembarked “in combat readiness wearing bullet proof jackets, advanced weapons, silencers, handguns, night vision devices and GPS devices.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said the troops were in Libya “with the concurrence of Libyan officials to foster relationships and enhance communication with their counterparts in the Libyan National Army.”

We’ll provide our Subscribers with updates as more information becomes available. Please distribute this to your social networks. And as always we welcome your input in the comments below. This has been a Next News Network breaking news alert.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=35561

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