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This is Dante's first post in his new YT account. That is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTeYItGxkMhm9OdISDa6Rxg


He is still going to release what he said he would release...the damning truth of what you and I didn't know...from his and the Group's researches.


Let's wait for a while, until when it gets ready for him to release them....

Again, like Dante has written on the poster's comment, R.I.P. Armand and Vivian....



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The Group: New #1 member to be revealed 


I'm wishing that I'm getting it wrong totally on this one....wishing it to be something like "a bad dream". Or even a bad joke would be fine.


In the vid that's been just released by Dante, there's an image (thumbnail) of Dominike, who's Dante's cousine, placed at the end.

On top of that, Dante's written her name and RIP...


I'm speechless at the moment.

Because it's incredibly disturbing if it was true, I'm refusing to believe that's true.


Look, if you follow through this thread, it's almost like unfolding right in front of you within a very short span of time...as if watching a movie unfolding its story....this is so unbelievable...


Over the last month, Dante received a gun shot wound, 2 important people from The Group died from a small plane "accident" all at once, then The Group channel got deleted by YT on the following day, then now Dante's cousin passed away...!??


Please see it with your own eyes...


Dante's channel on YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTeYItGxkMhm9OdISDa6Rxg



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Thnx Unity, been through that vid I believe

It is very big news but sadly ignorance prevails

I certainly hope Dante and clan come to calmer waters

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Hey Unity, I really think you need to calm down.


Number 1 - we don't even know if this is a hoax yet.


Number 2 - it REEKS of an intel operation, something like what the RRRs were doing.


Number 3 - after seeing this TEASE about the leader, and the preparation that he/she is considered part of the illuminati - I have even more alarm bells.



I've been interacting with people who have sensitive info for over 30 years, and not just people from the western cultures (ie, I am allowing for some cultural differences here) - and this does NOT fit any previous experience or context.


There is a LOT of planning in all this - by a person who admits they have special forces background and training.   Spec Ops and intel are only a fart apart, if that.



And even if it is true - so WHAT???    Is it a shock to learn that there are lifeforms everywhere, including many who are smarter and hungrier than we are?



Remember - that there is EVERY VESTED INTEREST in having people like you/us, buying into AGREEING with definitions of what species/race is 'bad'.



If I was going to 'play' the people on the internet who START trends - and win them over to spreading my message about which aliens are good and which are bad, I would do EXACTLY what this guy Dante is doing.


And THAT is what makes me deeply wary of this whole saga.  Sure it has lots of believable info about the races, but don't be distracted by it.



This video suggests that the spin is coming - you are being drip fed unverifiable info that makes you react EMOTIONALLY - and that is standard operating procedure as a tactic to get you aboard.  For most people, getting their heart/feelings means that their HEAD WILL FOLLOW.    It is how propaganda works.    And still the educated and aware and alerted people at CHANI fall for it??



My money is on this being some sort of intel op - from top to bottom.

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Not all Chanites fall for this stuff Nex--Ive become rather blaz'e about almost all shite happening on Mother Earth at the mo-


When you back a wild beast into a corner----as the saying goes-


Just sitting back and watching/waiting 8)  or is that "on the fence"  LOL

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Nexed, thank you for your input! :)


Yes I thought about the possibility of what you have mentioned in your post as well, and I totally agree to have birds-eye-view approach to the whole thing is needed.


Dante's been working for years with his vids (I only have been aware of his works 3~4 years ago, though. I came across to someone's post in Gloo0p mentioning of his vid and from there on I went.), I have familiarity towards his contents and how he present them.


And because I love what he showed us with his vids, I tend to lean towards him regardless.


I'm aware of your points you mentioned, but I needed to read it from someone else's words.


As of now, I haven't heard from Dante on what's up since his latest upload.

I've no idea if Icanseeatoms managed to be in touch with Dante, either.


So nothing more I know of at the moment.

And to fill in the whole point of the other perspective, yes, nothing I have managed to confirm.


It can be just my sheer uselessness for looking into the right place, but I couldn't find any news on small aircraft accident that fell onto Indian Ocean on 20th Aug 2014 with Armand and Vivian on board, and can't confirm re:shooting, can't confirm Dante went to BC, can't confirm Dominike's whereabouts or her death.


Only what I know is that Dominike made her channel 2 days prior to when she associated with RIP written by Dante, and her channel subscribed my channel.

And this has truly happened; YT channel of The Group got shut down on 23rd Aug 2014.

But cannot confirm if it was YT did it or The Group did it, however according to Dante, it was not by The Group but YT.


So nothing has been confirmed as true story like you mentioned, NexEd.


That's only helping me to feel serene, that's for sure.


But if all are true, this is certainly a worth mentioning as a total suppression of researchers, and makes Dante's vids as worthy of believing in what he was presenting. (Though he stated that he got wrong sometimes as well!) 


I will wait for further correspondence for now, anyhow.

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THE UN-INVITED (last night)

If the situation was not the same, I'd rather compile other vids Dante made but for those who have been reading the thread lately, this is Dante's latest upload as of 1st September 2014.


I received a correspondence from Dante several hours ago.

He explained there that his cousin Dominike was dead from a "fall" (but you can easily imagine she was conveniently pushed off a cliff) in Alps, as she was staying there with another Group member.

She went out to a mountain trail to take pics of rising sun, didn't get back, and she was found 12 hours later.

Also 2 more Group members whom we don't know of were killed in a car accident on 30th August 2014, the car hit them ran away and the driver not found.

It makes 5 dead in August from The Group, apart from Dante being shot at.


Up to you if you believe it or not.

Some might start to say that The Group "project" is folding up because the experiment is finishing, like some drama episodes that starts to kill off all the characters in the story to make its end easier to come.


"The experiment"...?

If the epic revelations made on the pile of people who have been doing rough and nasty stuff to others including Diana was a part of the experiment, we were groomed to believe in the conspiracy theories, it kinda contradicts what we have been doing....


But yes, there are possibilities that the Group saga being a covert op like NexEd said, and by making it look like a major conspiracy but finding it out it wasn't true would make us to walk away from the truth....


And this is what you and I know already. If we start to go HUH?, to close our eyes from the truth, they win the game, too.


It becomes Onion peeling session never to know the truth once we start to do that...

Or fall into the rabbit hole like Alice did.


But one thing is sure: I'd feel so scared if it was me in Dante's position, if this was real all the way.


...Look, I know when things escalate it starts to "feel" as if a Hollywood movie scenario.

But we have been learning how to view the whole world with bigger point of view to see through the clutters plotted to cover our eyes, right?


I want to trust that hunch to smell out what does not fit---that's what we've been training ourselves for on this forum and back in Glo00op time.


...So where do you stand?



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Hope this helps others,


Close your eyes and listen,
Close your ears and look,
Close your eyes and ears and feel,
Close your mind and perceive,
Close your consciousness and let your subconscious explore,
Close your emotions and be it,
Be mindfull,
Then physically find the evidence in this reality,
Then above all don't jump to conclusions,
And if you get stuck increase the spread of your search by increasing your circle of people. Often windows and doors to truth are just next to you.
Much like nature where there is poison there is also a remidy ALWAYS
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Yes Phill,  use your empathic abilities and your intuition--- a lot of Chanites have said their "feelings" or intuition is getting stronger in the last few month/years--its the first "feelings" you get--they are usually the right ones.


Try to close off the distractions around you-feel--think(not too hard) and see what comes----everybody has their off days but learn to trust it.

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And I was going OH NOOOooooooooo.........this has been just uploaded by Dante to his channel.


The Confession (of JCVD)


I'm sure most of you who have been reading this thread lately would go "urgh, so it was..."


But I'm still not sure where this is going to take us to.


It could be a direct message from Dante to TPWTB saying he had enough and they won the battle, but it could be a flag made by Dante to calm down the wrath that's happening to The Group members, and trying to lead us to a new way of releasing info, chosing to do so in much more hidden way from now on, sandwiched among many other "unimportant" stuff to cover up the move he's making.

Or, it's actually the part of the big release and it will take us to very shocking turn around of the story...

Who knows...no one knows except Dante.

The message stated LOOKS like showing it to TPWantsTB.


But how it starts, it showed the eye with JCVD walking across the street, and does it mean Dante was a part of them?

And the Confession title...ummmmmmm. We could take JCVD =Dante.

Does that mean we, other dot-connectors debunked him as the operator on TPWTB side and he's making the confession?

And what JCVD stands for? Jean-Claude Van Damme, of course, but anything else??

I am absolutely puzzled.

We can take the messages in so many levels that I'm not sure where it's going.


I may be a sucker here, but still made me tearful watching the following vid Dante posted for Dominike.

(It will be on YT channel only for a short hours. Dante requesting it not to be re-uploaded by others, so if you want to catch it, go and check it out yourself there, please. www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7Rcv1GFLB0&feature=em-uploademail-smbtn)

She could well have been my friend if she was still alive.

Unfortunately, I tend to believe that she's gone, though I can't verify the story.

And if that's true, more and more Dante's vids and what's happening to him and The Group sounds real to me...



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I am new to all of this (it is funny how something that has been in front of my face - I check CHANI often - but I just dove into it now) .... wish the original vids were still available....

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Hi Mulva,


Here's a YT channel you can revisit older vids from The Group channel that was shut down in late August.


Damir Terzic is the channel owner, he's been publishing very old materials to the latest ones, though it's not the whole lot of what Dante and the Group released.

Hope this helps. :)



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I can't get past the idea of an Italian spec ops guy, who took so long to get the info to the public while getting his friends killed in the process.


Why the hell wouldn't he just photograph the whole lot, upload all the files to some public folder, and let EVERYONE read and translate everything.


Dante Santori, aka Dante Torino-Azazel has been followed for 3-4 years on youtube because he released intriguing, supposedly classified satellite/space shots - including that famous ISON clip, of which he was accused of hoaxing.


Something is not right in all this whole scenario.


No confirmation of a single thing.  No death certificate, no news clipping.  Just emotional reminders of death, loneliness and a mission unfulfilled or in danger.  GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!



For gods sake - when will people stop reacting with emotions and start THINKING about what they are doing, eating and believing???

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I think everyone's different, NexEd.

I totally able to grasp what you are saying!

And YES you are absolutely right to be mindful of pitfalls!

Aaaand I really appreciate it that you have been kindly warning us to not to fall into the "dodgy paths to follow".

Thank you always for your input, NexEd, I really appreciate your posts and we are so lucky to have people like you who can see through many things backed by amazing life experiences. :)


But not many have the experience and knowledge that matches up to what you have got, and everyone takes their own paths to arrive to the conclusion.


I had a small yet personal dealing with Dominike. Providing it was herself done so, I might had seen her last action of getting in touch with me, just before her "fall", if all that happened. 

Just because nothing can be verified yet, you can't also verify everything is wrong yet, am I correct? (At least that's how I learned to take steps to suss things out from reading through great posts of many people at CHANI!)


I personally would like to take time to suss it out, because I really liked what Dante showed in his vids...especially about Napoleonic War time stuff...

I guess I have the stance of "I want to believe". :wink:

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The Original "Sounds of Hell" Tape & source


8:17~ gets more action happening through the "original" recorded material.

But highly recommend to go through the whole lot. :wink:


Posted on 11 Sept 2014:

"I privately uploaded MANY different versions of this recording (versions published by different YT channels) just to see what would pop up regarding copyright warnings (to check for "anomalies", per say). Some showed nothing while other versions revealed that they had been changed, meaning, extra sounds had been added to the recording (mostly small parts of songs, etc). By my calculations over 95% of the versions on YT have been "messed with". This version that I presented to you had 2 "anomalies", one from an Italian pop band from the early 90's (added originally by the Russians) and another from 2004. Meaning, on TOP of the original recording 2 extra sound files were added to it. The first most likely by the members of the Kola Project and the second one later.Thank you.
And now I am going to a dark lit bar, sit alone in an even darker lit corner, and drink alone until someone rings a bell announcing "last call" or I until I get kicked out. Cheers!




Just to update you people on what's been up with Dante's vids after the horrid story.


In a nut shell, Dante told me there were 5 of The Group members died and he got shot as well, all happened in August 2014.


Since then he's been posting vids that we can either take he's giving up in the revelations or the beginning of the revelation movie he was creating as the Group, together with very personal vids for mourning his loss, especially for his little cousin, Dominike.


Thanks to NexEd's great posts, I could see myself back on a neutral position less attached with emotion, yet still taking side more towards Dante, simply because I have my own dealings with him.

So I can say to everyone that you need to do your own research to come to conclusion in the end, that's for sure.


Currently Mega Angel (another Group member) and Dimir are uploading old materials as well as new materials of Dante's vids on YT.

Dante hasn't been listing his old vids on his current channel, so if anyone wants to dive into Dante's vids, I suggest you to visit these two channels. ;)

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My immediate impression of this sounds of hell tape...seems very fake. If you listen closely you can hear someone whispering 'die...die....die'. English? Also sounds very synthetic and too repetitive for me to believe.

Come on.

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Ya i knew about that bloodline connection and of course is one of the main reasons why he did not want to have major causalities in greater London...some were relatives. This type of interaction shows a great deal of fortitude and well wishing from the galactic community to help us rid our planet of war and war mongers...I just like what it stands for.

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My immediate impression of this sounds of hell tape...seems very fake. If you listen closely you can hear someone whispering 'die...die....die'. English? Also sounds very synthetic and too repetitive for me to believe.

Come on.


I dunno about the whispering, but as I was listening to the whole "original" recording, I distinctively heard (to me) exactly the same phrasing of sound repeated at one place.

Not as good as some peeps who are always in studio and working for others, but I have trained ears for this sorta stuff.

First thing I thought was; was the original recording REPEATED to prolong the length to study?

In other words, I thought an edit being repeated.


1) I can understand it if the recording was repeated (but would appreciated that being noted somewhere for us.), trying to make it like a double length or a bit longer or whatever.

It can help us by having longer phrase to analyze sometime.


2) Was the edit done accidentally by Dante? 

It can happen easily while trying to edit a vid. Overlaying tasks trying to make it into a presentable vid, that also can happen.

But if so that's an artificial repeat of the phrase. We need to know that.


3) Can the reptilians (or whoever else making that sounds, in this case) have linguistic that repeat exact phrases? (This can happen, as Aboriginal languages in Oz repeat the same word as the location names. Or some parts in "their" syntactic feature in general. ) 


The thing was that repeat was only ONCE.

I tend to go for (2) but I need to listen to the material full on to do the data checks and I don't have that time or energy at the moment.

Hope someone who has decent sound analyser software can do that for us! :wink:  :tongue:


The sounds took me into the images of old SiFi stories!! Coooooool.... Kind of fitting to a Cthulhu myths movie... :bump:  

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To me when you get to the actual original (stated as the original unaltered sounds) audio without all the add ons to me it sounds very similar to the sounds in a natural forested area if that makes sense... I have heard similar recordings from the Amazon forests. So if I play a forest sound in a box underground and only listen through a straw I suspect we would have a similar echoing sound series..


Whether it is genuine I have no idea and all the layered dramatised sounds Dante has played during the first 2/3 rds of the vid are an obvious exaggeration and embellishment of the original to incense the audience.


Anyway that's my 2 cents worth, interesting if we think of a cavity environment trapped within the crust much like those written about so often in accounts of the hollow earth theorists ... the only way to find out I would assume is to send a fibre optic cable down the hole and take a peep as well as get the audio in unaltered form.... if it exists in reality that is. Time to uncap the hole IMO and get the proof one way or the other...

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Yes, you are right, Mulva!

But the channel is still open by the look of it.

It can happen, and if the channel is still alive, then it's Dante doing it, I think.

Perhaps needed to clean out the list of vids to prep the whole channel having focused vids to be uploaded...?

Anyway, glad the channel is still out there!

When I read your post, I thought may be YT shut the channel down again... :wink:

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!!!Steve Jobs SECRET email: who Killed him + Obama + Alien tech   

This is from Mega Angel's channel.

Here's The Group's vid about Steve Jobs and his email and all...

I have no idea when this vid would be deleted, so I suggest you to watch it while you can. :wink:



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