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Can YOU spot the ISS?

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Can YOU spot the ISS? Incredible images show the space station crossing the MOON
April 16, 2014

Jonathan O'Callagan

  • Photographer Andy Smith snapped these incredible shots yesterday
  • He was trying to get a photo of the so-called 'blood moon' from England
  • But instead he found the International Space Station in his images
  • The tiny silhouette of the ISS can be seen against the enormity of the moon

"Seeing the International Space Station from Earth isn’t easy.

The football pitch-sized station orbits at a height of 260 miles (420km), appearing as small as a distant star when we gaze at the night sky.


But photographer Andy Smith has captured incredible images that show the station’s silhouette crossing the moon during its orbit of Earth."




Can you see it? While looking to photograph the pink moon expected to be seen in the skies over England, photographer Andy Smith caught the International Space Station (slightly down and right from the middle) passing in front of the full moon)

You might think the ISS is quite far above the surface of Earth.

But compared to the moon, its just a stone’s throw away.

The moon is on average about 239,000 miles (384,000 kilometers) from our planet, over 900 times further than the ISS."

snip  more pictures and video at link













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Yeah I wondered why there are 2 black spots...lol

▲ shaped bit would be ISS I take.


Then what's the blackish dot above that?

Intensity of the shadow is lesser than of ISS but still really dark. ???

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LLLOLLL I got it Cheetah!


But still, though there are darker spots on lower side of the moon that are looking like craters but I'm not sure about the blackish dot on top-near-mid area...is that another crater??

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