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On California EQ: 25 years ago the same powerful EQ happened, BUT in 2016.......


CHANI's EQ thread won't settle by just reporting on EQs....LOL

But please take this info with pinch of salt just because I cannot find the locations of the source info. 

Apparently a helping hand-operation took away a strategically big item off a DUMB back in 2016, where the EQ happened THEN, and someone is saying re: EQ over California this time round was done to cull off the C faction again. I am unsure of the info, but JFYI....

The reason of the assumption came from the EQs this time round were registered over the top of the DUMB location AGAIN.


The strange pattern (very square-ly) and no natural EQs would present such appearance.

I'm sure lots of us think the pattern shows strategic blow up of corridors to collapse buildings (underground) from looking at such patterns appearing.


(Sorry IDK where the images came from. My bad of sourcing but I can't find the details of them. I take it'd go back to 2016 to someone's vids or so maybe?? But as you can see....very interesting info that's for sure.)

And the depth of EQ is said 10.7km, very shallow.

10km depth is worried over the artificial EQs underwater, but can't say the same about over land.

I haven't done the DUMB locations tied to EQs so I cannot be sure on this idea expressed, but my hunch is that the task force may well be blowing up the bad facilities where might be producing horrific chimeras to humans used for awful physical and mental experiments as usual, I'd say no wonder if people decide to blow up such places.

As I posted before, California is riddled with loads of Grays and other nasty beings settled there. Be safe.

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Second, larger quake shakes Southern California, also near Ridgecrest

July 5, 2019

Second, larger quake shakes Southern California, also near Ridgecrest


"A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Southern California Friday night, the second major temblor in less than two days and one that rocked buildings across Southern California, adding more jitters to an already nervous region.

The quake was centered near Ridgecrest, the location of the July 4th 6.4 magnitude temblor that was the largest in nearly 20 years. It was followed by a aftershock first reported as 5.5 in magnitude.

There were reports of Friday night’s quake causing some fires and other damage in Ridgecrest, said emergency officials on the scene. On Twitter, people were reporting it was felt not only in Bakersfield in Las Vegas, Merced and San Jose.

In Trona and Ridgecrest, two Mojave towns shaken by both quakes, residents answered their phones frantically and in fear."


Recall folks, a few years back, they dropped the real reading on Richter by one whole point, would make this an 8.1.

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Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake not mission-capable after Ridgecrest earthquakes

July 6, 2019        

"RIDGECREST, Calif. -- The series of earthquakes that struck Southern California rendered Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake not mission-capable.

In a post to the base's Facebook page, Rear Admiral Bette Bolivar said non-essential active duty, drilling reservists, civilian employees and dependents are authorized to evacuate to a radius of within 100 miles of "safe haven" Naval Base Ventura County, near Point Mugu.

A base official told ABC News that the evacuation was not weapons-related; it was ordered due to infrastructure concerns in areas where employees live and work. The official said the public should not be concerned by the evacuation.

China Lake remains accessible for mission-essential personnel only, and officials told non-mission-essential personnel not to attempt to access the installation."



OK guys, I'm becoming just a hair suspicious of these quakes.   China Lake is a very important US Naval facility, that has been rendered not-mission capable by these earthquakes.  We recently heard about that serious incident with the Russian sub.  I had read that it was possibly an attack by a third party trying to get WW3 started by firing on both a Russian and a US sub at the same time, hoping they would escalate it from there. I can't verify any of that, so take it with a dose of salt.  Having said that, though, I sense some of us are feeling a cover up over the Russian sub is fully in play now, well actually from the beginning, which raises questions. Are these earthquakes being caused by other than nature?  Is there a third party involved in all this?  Perhaps DEW technology?  Throwing my thoughts out there because I find the following story very interesting, and possibly indicative of something other than natural events taking place in S. California.  Would thousands of bees fall on the ground and die after an earthquake?  I've never heard of this before, perhaps magnetics disturbed, perhaps something else in play.



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Western Australia struck by 6.5 magnitude earthquake


Please note that SBS is saying M6.5...........

All other EQ data sources based articles are stating M6.6.


"In Broome it went for well over a minute. "


WHAT!???....depth only 10km and shaking over a minute!?????????????

10km depth was stated by USGS earlier on.

For the record, this is what the USGS states as REVIEWED data. So to me it's supposed to be 10km then.


BUT.....please check this depth Oz data dished out for us!!!!! 0km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screenshot from: https://earthquakes.ga.gov.au/event/ga2019nsodfc


Now check out this link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1153155/australia-earthquake-today-broome-western-australia-2019-tsunami-usgs-map-latest-news

"The quake hit 203 km (126 miles) west of Broome at a depth of 33 km (21 miles), the USGS said.   "

Here it says 33km depth...WTF!???? If USGS had already REVIEWED their data and stated as 10km, then why Express report is stating as 33 km, considering the article came out just a few hours ago, obviously AFTER the USGS REVIEW came out.

Because it's on Express, I take it's a message from the C faction...........

Even for the magnitude listed, it's got the Gematrian flavour often used by the alien factions.

66------>publicly set up energy that is supposed to promote public success in whatever the stuff got intended to actualise. (If 666, the power is extended to wrap all 3D existence on Earth.)

So SBS, an Oz reporting hub gathering international communities maybe FIGHTING BACK against the move by reporting M6.5 instead of 6.6, because if 65 then the answer is NOT determined yet that there's a chance of winning the influence-battle by the good guys per se.

Whether 0km or 10km or 33km, all got my attentions.

0km---plainly a wth data. It's normal to think that the data is corrupted. But the USGS reviewed their data as 10km and spat that out already. So why Oz gov not changing their data at all since the EQ happened this arvo? The local time of releasing the info was when the public servants are still working there.

10km underwater-----absolutely suspicious of the ARTIFICIAL EQ if that was the case.

Depth at 33km---very magic flavour with #33 stated. You might go HUH but it can connect to the 33+ FMry stuff. And in this depth, I think the shaking over a minute can start make sense. I thought the long shaking that goes for a minute would indicate deep origin of the EQ. If that's incorrect analysis, please let me know, because I'm also just depending on my memory from the past researches I have done and haven't checked if that's the case atm.

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You beat me to it unity, and yes I was questioning the same things.   I keep saying that we also need to remember that as the strength of eqs increased over the last few years, that the powers that be, decreased the readings by one full point, making this actually a 7.6 eq.  A whole lot more powerful/eye opening.  Seems it was off the coast, will have to check for damages within the area affected.  It seems no damages, area all off shore.


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