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Bathing mature cells in a weak acid transformed them into stem-cell-like structures.

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Cells programmed back to embryonic state using acid bath may provide way to grow new organs


30 January 2014


Scientists say they have been able to use an acid bath to "shock" mature cells from mice back into a stem cell-like state.


The discovery, reported in the journal Nature, could offer a simpler way to replace damaged cells or grow new organs for the sick or injured.


Scientists from Japan and the US took skin and blood cells, let them multiply, then subjected them to stress "almost to the point of death", by exposing them to various events including trauma, low oxygen levels and acidic environments.


One of these "stressful" situations involved bathing the cells in a weak acid solution for about 30 minutes.


Within days, the scientists found that the cells had not only survived but had also recovered by naturally reverting into a state similar to that of an embryonic stem cell.




Stem cells are the body's master cells and are able to differentiate into all other types of cells.


Scientists say that by helping to regenerate tissue and potentially grow new organs, they could offer ways of tackling diseases for which there are currently only limited treatments.




Dusko Ilic, a reader in stem cell science at Kings College London, said the Nature studies described "a major scientific discovery" and predicted their findings would open "a new era in stem cell biology".


"Whether human cells would respond in a similar way to comparable environmental cues ... remains to be shown," he said.


"But the really intriguing thing to discover will be the mechanism underlying how a low pH shock triggers reprogramming," he said.


"And why does it not happen when we eat lemon or vinegar, or drink cola?"



Link to full article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-30/stem-cell-research-breakthrough/5226746?section=australianetworknews

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Quote from above: "And why does it not happen when we eat lemon or vinegar, or drink cola?"


Answer:  Eating something acidic is very different from injecting something acidic DIRECTLY into the blood stream.  Our bodies keep the blood ph balanced (slightly alkaline 7.35) by many innate buffering mechanisms.  It is essential for this ph level to be maintained in order for you to continue living. When we eat something acidic, like lemon, it must be digested and metabolized before it enters the blood stream.  These digestive enzymes and metabolic processes are what buffer the acids and keep the blood ph from every varying much from it's optimum ph level.  Certain cells, like the epithelial cells of the stomach secrete mucus which creates a selectively permeable barrier that acid cannot pass, but nutrients can.  However, the human body has a limited capacity to buffer the amount of acid waste products that are created by the foods we eat/pollutants we ingest etc.  Once this capacity is breached, illness can and will occur as the acid load on the body ultimately damages the cells, quite potentially damaging the dna as well, which can trigger mutations leading to cancer at the most extreme end of the spectrum. However, a whole host of other symptoms are usually seen before cancer become the problem.  Using the stomach for example, it is known that you can wear down that protective layer in your stomach and that is when you get an ulcer - the acid is in direct contact with the cells of your stomach lining.  In chronic cases, this acid bath of the stomach cells can lead to stomach cancer.


On to my next thought....


It is known that cancer cells need sugar, and in an alkaline environment cannot survive.  Conversely, healthy human cells that are bathed in an acidic environment over time have been shown to mutate and become cancerous.  The acidic environment poisons the cell, and damages the dna, which can trigger undifferentiated growth (cancer).  


My gut reaction to this story when I read it on The Guardian was that this seems like a really really bad idea.  Taking human blood cells, chemically stripping them in an acid bath, and then programming them with 'foreign dna' as CNN reported, before putting them back in the body?  To me it looks like a perfect storm of a situation to INDUCE cancer in the stem cell recipient.  In fact, it looks like that what they were trying to study after all!  


From CNN:

"But that's not the goal of this research. Vacanti and colleagues want to explore possible ties to cancer from the STAP [acid bath procedure]; it could potentially help to model the process by which cells become cancerous and explore if there is a way to reverse the process."


I hope I'm way off base on this one because I know the potential of stem cell therapy could be very helpful for some people.  However, with my current basic understanding of human physiology, and after my own struggle with my poor health, and after all that I've read and researched in order to help get myself better, I can pretty much guarantee this is going to be a bad idea.  But like I said, I am probably wrong, and hopefully am.

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Hi Bryan,
Thank you for taking the time to answer that last question in the article.. and also for your input about cancer too!  I think you would make a good contribution to the 'Cancer Act of 1939' thread:  http://forums.thechaniproject.com/topic/6704-cancer-act-of-1939/?p=65570


But that's up to you, of course... no pressure!  :)


I wish you the best of health  :party:

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Playing with Embryonic Stem Cells can be very dangerous - as they have the ability to turn into ANYTHING - I have seen some research photos showing what look to be a hand with teeth growing out of a stomach wall, and other pictures are even worse.  There is nothing in the body to regulate and stop these Embryonic calls from going where they want and then growing into what they feel like - makes cancer look good......


We do have the means and ability to get the body to release a lot more of it's own, natural Adult Stem Cells, which are designed to go into where they are needed, and to replace dead or dying cells there.


Find out HOW Nature works, and then help it do what it is meant to do!

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We do have the means and ability to get the body to release a lot more of it's own, natural Adult Stem Cells, which are designed to go into where they are needed, and to replace dead or dying cells there.


 Yes, this is done frequently in the equine veterinary world. Particularly for tendon injuries. And it has been done for many years.

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There has been a huge bungle on the STAP cell paper published by the Nature, and Japanese Scientific Research Institute where conducted the range of experiments ran by Miss Obokata (female, only in 30's) as the head of the group created the paper, are saying that let's withdraw the paper.


Apparently, the some image appear on the paper is really similar to what Miss Obokata used for her thesis few years ago, and the experiment-result shown on the paper has been adjusted to be able to see clearly, which was thought as tampering with the results.

Miss Obokata stated she NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION TO DO WRONG THINGS while she was writing the paper.

But SRI is saying that it's due to the lack of her moral and understanding what needs to be done to write any papers.... :-  


The process of creating STAP cells written on the paper is still not recreated, and others are waiting for the further experiments done by other scientists to prove the STAP cell creation is possible by the way shown on the paper.


The claim that STAP cells can't be made came from some scientists who tried to recreate the process that was written down on the paper.


The co-writer of the thesis in the UK and the supervisor of Miss Obokata and the rest of the Japanese SRI have different view how to deal with the situation.

The big guy from the UK says "nah, don't worry about what others say. The process is absolutely true and they will find it later. Don't take the paper back."

The Japanese side says "Take the damn paper back and re-check everything so we can submit the thing again!! And it's ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, stupid woman!!"


...The Japanese SRI accused Miss Obokata of meddling with the images that shouldn't be used, and messing with the results.

"You have only got 2 notebooks worth of stuff written about the STAP cells over 3 years." (Gotta be joking, I thought. Why they don't think she might have compiled her massive amount of work in clarified and condensed manner, shifting all the info as a bundle in different notebooks AFTER the massive work was done...)


Well, the big named scientists and the institute are trying to smear the bad name only on poor Miss Obokata.


She is really mad at the Research Institute's opinion and unable to find the way to explain where she stands.


...I feel REALLY SORRY for the woman....

And this stupid way of smear fight done by the Institute is actually very well established in Japan.


All the people who wants to be doctors of a sort experience the bullying from the supervisors.

That's a sickening state of how Japan produce "doctors" and Phds and many great mind are burned out because of this stupid tradition still existing and running in Japanese academia.


All old generations of polis and academia should be sucked immediately to see the positive change IMHO. 

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