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Dyatlov Pass Incident: Mysterious Death of 9---Russia

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Dyatlov Pass Incident: Mysterious Death of 9 Skiers---Ural Mountains


<WARNING: 18 yrs and above Adult Only image I think... :- 

I dunno how to disable the thumbnail for the second video...but I guess that's what Azasiel wanted to be there...for some strong reason..and there are lots of dead body images.>


I thought there was a thread about this but as I searched, apparently not.


So here I post you a short video guide about the mystery, and the full on docco made by Azaziel on this mystery.


If you are intrigued by the first short one, I recommend diving into the other docco. You will be more intrigued IMHO. :wink:


Article with its background history etc here:



"So began the story of what became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, one that has baffled the world for more than half a century since whatever horrific tragedy overtook the nine in February 1959.

They had been missing for almost a month after trekking out into the bleak wildness of the Ural mountains — seven men and two women, all of them fit, hardy and experienced hikers on what was supposed to be a short and invigorating break from their graduate studies." More at the Source...

Wiki entry:




Mysterious Planet: The Dyatlov Pass Incident




DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT: Private Archives & Gagarin's book



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interesting, thnx Unity


at first glipse i would venture to say that they were awakend abruptly in the middle of the night by a craft of some sort lading on or near them, causing the burns and shock wave damage (hurled against the trees?)


i've always been very interested in the Tungaska event of which i lean towards the Tesla hypothesis

the mountain is home to russia's largest DUMB although its debatable whether its just for military



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Thank you for your input, T!



Now, in Azasiel's video (the second 1hr video I listed in the first post) contains the pattern of Church/Cross/Representation of Russia? and a large meteorite flying above.


That pattern is said to "OPEN THE GATE".


And this is supposed to come from Yuri Gagalin's hand writing, if my memory is correct, on Azasiel's video.


We had that happened in 2013.


The gate was open that time?


...I can recall Mexican artifact kept hidden by the government had shown a black triangle shaped pattern on "the Sun" and a gray-like/insectoid alien with it, and there was a discussion about it actually happened on the Sun in 2012.


By all means, all the timing are differently placed but I just wondered the connection of all the things with what the CHANI Entity said, as well as the info revealed through the research done by Azasiel and his friend in making of the video.


Yes, interesting to say the least...! 


...And I just imagined...maybe they had to take their clothes off because they were becoming too hot as they were getting cooked from within...like how microwave cooks food...


In the first vid doesn't say, but the bodies were found being injured from within. Skull bone was fragmented so badly so the part was sinking in as the head was touched, but there were no visible sign of any attack on external area of the body.


Just mystery deepens more and more. 

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A REAL account coming from someone who attended the place for the original investigation when the incident happened

The damn thing is that the vid is all in Japanese.....I am so sorry for that. (´Д`) But at least everyone can check out the views by skipping through fast, as the tv crews go right to the place where the bodies got found.

The reason why I am posting the vid is because it actually included an important information came from the eye witness that the bodies were turned into BROWN colour. As was claimed to be so by one of the relatives of a dead person. <--Please check out the link below. 

(The page was very well written with gutsy amount of data, I felt.)


So though it's pretty stupid that they didn't leave the full name of the eye witnesse (eyes rolling) but you actually can watch the footage of these people talking, and with lots images of the real deal Dyatlov Path, the dead on spot where the bodies were found etc.

Well as I have been posting elsewhere about this...Japanese tv programs are actually DIE HARD conspiracy researchers...

Using their neutral positioning in the CT world, they really stick their beaks right into the subjects deeply by trashing any barriers made from cultural taboos (err...sometimes it's bloody offensive I found...lol), and this vid I am leaving here is one of those that the whole show turned out to have very intriguing and important footages peppered through, and one of them, and one of the most important stuff they ever did turned out to be about Dyatlov Path incident.

They fished out the eye witness when the people actually discovered the bodies. 

The vid is of a show aired in Japan back on 23rd March 2016, meaning the production could be one year earlier than the airing, so possibly the footage collected sometime in 2015.

Jump to: 2:27:37~

2:30:12~Visiting Michaile (unsure spelling); the 1st eye witness of the dead body, living in Yekaterinburg (spelling unsure but I think this is correct), Russia. You can see the guy clearly at 2:30:22.

"On the 3rd day after the search group (which I was in) was dispatched to look for them, we discovered the ski trails made by them."

"Following that trail, we found the tent which was covered by snow."

"The mystery even today is why they rushed out of the tent even before wearing clothes, so fast?" because the tent had the knife mark at the back from INSIDE, and people fled out of the split, not from the front entrance.

This guy found 2 bodies (of an arm and a leg sticking out from snow) under a large Himalayan Pine tree....1.5 km away from where the tent was, with NO SHOES ON.


2:34:34~ On the snow mobiles back, you can see the area where the bodies were found on that day.

2:34:58~ The dark rock piles on the right hand side of the snow field indicating where the tent was found. Something happened there, then 9 people ran away from it, and died.

2:36:21~ The actual location of where the 6 bodies were found---1.5 Km away from the tent location.

2:37:50~ The journo whom researching into Dyatlov Path incident for over a decade called Oreg showed us the pictures that were taken on their doomed expedition...

There was a film left in the camera, which were showing the people having happy time....but then right at the end.....some weird image appeared.....which is below.



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I'm just going to drop the images from the tv program I covered above. I realised involved people in the investigation may not be around for a long time. I hope it's the right thing to do...by posting the images to share so the public would be able to continue chasing this real mystery of 9 deaths of young people over 50 years ago..... All (c) goes to the rightful owner(s).

The journo called "Oleg" (unsure spelling or his last name-not provided by the tv program) who apparently have been investigating about the incident for over a decade, had shown 2 almighty important document copies from Russia.

Below is the amalgamated report of the testimonies from people who investigated about the incident.



It says that at 18:55 local time, there was a brightly shining ball that was about the size of Moon appeared.

Below is yet another testimony from another person.


And in it, it also speaks up about the brightly shining white light ball appeared in Southern direction.


Well I'm sure all of us thinking it won't be goofy testimonies gathered here.....it may well be the UFO related incident it was.

All images: (c) rightful owner(s) 2016

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One of the investigator who actually went to look for the dead bodies of 9 young people when the incident happened.

Michael is the only name given out by the tv production company, I'm afraid.

All images: (c) rightful owner(s) 2016



And this is where he lives now. Yekaterinburg in Russia.


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The camera that was discovered after the incident, which belongs to one of the victim, and came from the incident scene.

All images: (c) rightful owner(s) 2016



And this was taken at the last of the film in the camera from the incident...........wth.........all other photos were that of happy faces gathering during the trip....


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2015 version of the story revealed: They were Killed by Yeti

The local Tribe people were said to be taken by KGB to get their story on the incident.

They were tortured to get the story out, because they were well known to be very seclusive and known to be hostile against strangers (possible past killing happened to anthropologist but the tv show didn't give out the conclusion on it). But today's tribes' man was saying no they didn't kill Dyatlov group.

There was an old woman who was still alive to tell her own story to the researcher that she saw them on the last day the group was still alive----a 5 yo then woman was the final witness of them when the Dyatlov group came near by to the tribes' land.

The story about the day was passed down in the Tribe that they said that actually they gave warning to the Dyatlov group to NOT TO GO to where they went.

Then the 5 yo girl said to them so, because she heard the screeching whistling noise in the mountain that day, and there were good few deer bodies scattering about being eaten up on the mountain. (How the hell we can trust her that she saw the dead bodies...? Maybe she recalled adults were talking about it, or it just can be a story being made up....never know.)  

According to the Russian cryptozoologist specialises about Yeti case AND Dyatlov Pass incident agreed to the point that Yeti makes the high pitch whistling noise for communication. (Appears in the below vid.) 

The tribe witness said that the MENK (Yeti) makes that noise, and whenever you hear that, you got to be very alert because the Menk may attack you.

According to this witness of the group, Menk loves eating guts and tongues, soft bits off deer body.

The point is....remember one of the female member's tongue was ripped out from her face.....? Ummmmmmmm.

I'd personally go for the ufo/alien incident line, however, Yeti/Mountain Men actually associates WITH UFO incidents, too.

We can't just take out that possibility that maybe BOTH factors were there at the same time, too.

The info I picked from the Japanese tv show story was from 2015. 

According to the researcher on Dyatlov Pass incident in the US went to Siberia to study the case, and came across to the 50+ years old unseen (then) materials piled up from the incident.....and in one of the note written by a member of the group stated "The Snow Man exists." 


That phrase itself may not be standing firm at all. But though I cannot be totally be sure if this is absolutely true, among the photos in the camera left by a member of the group had many pics of the woods right towards the end, and in one of that, the figure of the MENK/Yeti was on it......

So there are some researchers in Russia saying that the incident happened due to Yeti(s).

But we need to note that in very recent time, the Yeti business was toned down hell a lot after the international group of scientists beaten out the conclusion that from multiple DNA analysis done of the remnants of what was said as Yeti/Big Foot remains, turned out to be of something else.

.....Saying that, maybe Yeti does not exist. BUT would you just settle down by that?

The international scientist group might be planted the conclusion by someone whom didn't want the Humanity to think Yetis and big foots really exist, so to avoid the disclosure, someone might had corrupted the data and made the scientists to think that way. (For they were actually wanted to believe that Big Foot/Yeti did exist....) 

We are seeing hell a lot of wood structures remaining in the deep woods world wide, and still images of Yeti type creatures are coming out for us to study. 

I feel that we can't really close the tub on Yeti as calling it as something imaginary.

Below is the screenshot from the vid of what was said as THE Menk standing in the snow in one of the final photos taken by a member.



All images are from below vid: "ディアトロフ峠事件 まる見え 2015.12.14"

Published on Jun 5, 2018

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Lots Clear Photos from the Dyatlov Pass Incident

(c)LEMMiNO 2016           Published on Aug 4, 2016


Not that I can totally agree with the explanation he came up with.

Then more than 1 reason for what had happened?

....Did the Russian Rocket being tested on the day falling on the area agitated Yeti to attack the tent?

IF the landed place of the rocket was very near by to where the people stayed, maybe that explains the radiation as well as the "UFO" sightings. However, after all, we still don't know exactly what had happened.

Hunting The Killer Russian Yeti - The Mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident

(c)Discovery UK 2016            Published on Dec 29, 2016
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