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Simon Parkes Interview

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Simon's interview from Feb 5th.  All interesting, but go to 50 min when he's talking about Trump and vaccinations.

The 'Simon Says' show I referenced last month is a little group of people that then comment and discuss Simon's program shortly after it's published, so Simon himself isn't in it.  It seems that can only be accessed through the Wolf Spirit Media Archive.

(Tried to edit and take it back to the beginning but it's not working.  :-X)


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KMRIA, I think the above video is a rebadged, unofficial copy of an earlier program I heard in 2016.  Simon and JayPee talk about this problem in the last program.  The only names to look for are 'Connecting Consciousness' and maybe studio9jam and you can also check the public archive to see what's been posted in the past week.

Just to add, also in the last program is mention of the Dakota pipeline and what Simon sees could happen with Trump's decision on it. 

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