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Hidden Agenda to Share Earth with ETs - AFRICA

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Let he with eyes see I sense this is happening more and more I am always amazed at what some in the 19 to 25 yr group are aware of, and can discuss.

The younger generation breezy is sedfast beyond the elders that have controlled this monopoly for eons. Their own son and daughters are secretly going against there families to change this world. They truly do understand this is the window of opportunity to create this quantum leap of expansion and finally peace.

Will it happen before the ancestors who created this close the cycle down? I'm thinking not; it will seem to get worse and then complete black out...then light. Then peace to us all in another continuum of our true identity and lives. Please be aware to those who are not finding their hearts path and peace and love with themselves and others now. When that dark consumes; that will be the signifier of an easy cross over or a very turbulent one.

They're some that say it's instant; I'm hoping it is for those who are finding this new energy very very difficult. That time is arriving in my visions and dreams sooner and sooner.

Hope everyone is having a very good weekend!



ps. I wanted to add one more thing. Don't go in fear EVER, you're an eternal soul of love and light. Know who you are; this is the true journey right now. Again, know one knows when or how we will move passed this mess we are in here. My dreams and visions suit my journey, yours maybe simply and completely different. Just enjoy every moment and love. I can't send that message enough...just love.

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