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What Next for Greece and for Europe?

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What, then, happened yesterday in Germany? We have summarized the most important issues in 7 points

Date: Monday, 25-Sep-2017 11:52:36

In Response To: Doctors believed Princess Diana had ‘dangerous’ genetic illness (IZAKOVIC)


Do not panic, this is not Weimar; who, apart from Merkel, could survive more than a million refugees and five more things to know

Silvana Menđušić


the reporters of the world's most important media are analyzing the results of the elections in Germany, and we summarized them in seven points. Merkel, therefore, won the fourth term. What will be the price, why next year will not be easy and five other things marked by the German elections.

1. Win without a smile

Four years ago, it was celebrated at the headquarters of the CDU, and politicians of that party spontaneously began to sing karaoke night after the results were announced. Last night, the headquarters were a different picture. Although it was clear to everyone that these conservative results of 2013 could hardly be repeated, little one expected that the common election results of the democrat Angela Merkel and their Bavarian party sisters, the CSU, would experience such a serious fall (the right-center block recorded the worst results from 1949, and even 20 percent lost in comparison with 2013).

2. Angela Merkel's twilight started

SPD leader Martin Schulz said on television last night that she is the biggest loser. These words were frivolous by the candidate who had just recorded the worst results for his party, but in his opinion, there were grains of truth. Instead of opening up grave issues such as attitudes towards migrants, Merkel led a boring 'feel-good' campaign promising "Germany in which she lives well and happily" at the same time not offering specific explanations of how to reach that goal.

Voters did not excuse her politics towards migrants despite low unemployment, a strong economy and a large surplus. CSU partners have already begun to whisper "we told you". Merkel will face the question of who is to blame for the bad result, the young and ambitious potential leaders of the party will be agitated, but her forgiveness will be long. Although this Sunday was difficult for Merkel, it is not wise to forget that she managed to survive the open door for more than a million refugees. What kind of a politician would survive this in Europe?

3. Do not panic, this is not Weimar

AfD, an extreme right-wing party whose results have proven to be stronger than anyone dared to predict. They won 90 seats in parliament, finished with 21 percent of the vote in second place in eastern Germany. TV surveys showed that millions of votes were stolen by conservatives, half a million SPD and 430,000 left. But all those who bring historical comparisons to the dark side of Germany, should breathe deeply and admit that Germany is a stable democracy.

Most of the Germans did not vote for AfD, and those who voted made it out of protest. The years to come will not be nice, but the foundations of democracy in Germany are robust and can not be easily swayed by a populist movement. The strong results of AfD are worrying, a sign of political fragmentation, the introduction of toxic elements and polarization into the German scene, but references to the German past should be completed.

4. Hard negotiations on the coalition

The strategic goal of the chancellor was achieved, but conservatives lost dozens of seats in the Bundestag. The price will be high, as Angela Merkel will hardly agree a coalition that will be stable for the next couple of years. The Social Democrats (SPD) have decided to pull back into opposition and lick their wounds rather than enter into a large coalition with Merkel. Although it was previously estimated that the coalition that the Germans call Jamaica the idea of a long stick, now it seems the only option. The ideological disagreement between the Greens, the FDP, the CSU and the CDU will be a challenge: from policy towards migrants to ecology and the euro, there are many differences to be discussed.

5. The German political model of consensus is solidly shaken

The new parliament will have seven parties (or eight, we are counting CSUs) representing many more different political bodies than the previous composition. The far right in the Bundestag will make German politics louder with much uglier words. AfD leader Jörg Meuthen has already acknowledged that confrontation and provocation will be an important strategy for the party. The political middle ground will be so much affected and will create a much tougher political climate.

6. Reform of the eurozone? Forget for a while

According to the recommendations of the French President Emmanuel Macron, the conservatives were skeptical before, but now that there is no big coalition, weakened Merkel has no chance to win the FDP and skeptics in his own party. Although Chancellor and Greens are open to Macron's proposal, FDP chief Christian Lindner says he would not reverse the eurozone reform, but that the idea of a budget to be used to send money to Italy and France was an unacceptable red line for them.

7. Berlin will now play harder against European policy towards migrants

So far, the Germans have shown that they have lost patience with the European lack of solidarity on the refugee front. Probably will come more difficult confrontations with countries like Hungary

You may have noted that I did not streamline above to English.
Because there was no purpose to that.

Germany's Merkel (merkel) is about to kill The Europe, es her soul is elsewhere.
So much muslims w/o faith in humanity in germany.

But germans never metered in Europe. Vikings did.

But, that is a somewhat longer story.


Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=84346

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Nov. 10, 2017

"Citing ‘offensive’ anti-jihadi tweets, a coalition of establishment figures in France is now seeking to jail outsider 2017 presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

The French Parliament took action to strip National Front leader Le Pen of her immunity from prosecution for posting images deemed too unsettled for consumption by the French public.

In 2015, Le Pen tweeted out a series of violent images of the victims of ISIS terrorism, including the decapitated body of U.S. journalist James Foley. She did so in response to a journalist’s comparison of her populist political party to the terrorist organization.

Le Pen later deleted the tweets after complaints from Foley’s family, and stated that she was only seeking to portray “the horrible reality of their crimes.”

“Daesh is THIS!” wrote Le Pen in a post accompanying the graphic images, using the Arabic slur for ISIS.

At the time, a Paris prosecutor launched an investigation into whether or not the tweets violated the country’s laws against distribution of violent images.

France 24 reports that authorities intending to prosecute her could not press charges due to her special protections, which she earned after being voted into the French Parliament in June. She was a member of the European Parliament at the time she posted the photos.

The decision to strip her of her immunity to prosecution was made by a cross-party committee in France after they received a request from authorities to lift her parliamentary immunity over a crime that carries up to three years in prison.

Le Pen has since commented on the decision by saying that the assembly’s decision to move against her was based on her role as a political opponent to the establishment."



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German coalition talks trip over immigration stumbling block

Nov. 19, 2017   AFP

Refugee families granted asylum protest against delays in reuniting with their relatives, mainly in Germany

Refugee families granted asylum protest against delays in reuniting with their relatives, mainly in Germany (AFP Photo/LOUISA GOULIAMAKI)


"Berlin (AFP) - Tough talks to form Germany's next government collapsed Sunday as the four parties in talks failed to bridge a yawning gap over immigration policy.

Here are some of the thorniest issues that led to the failure.

- Immigration -

Migrants and refugees have been Germany's toughest political issue since a mass influx from 2015 brought some 1.2 million asylum seekers, sparking a backlash that has seen the far-right AfD party enter parliament.

Merkel's CDU and especially their more conservative CSU allies from Bavaria, where tens of thousands of refugees crossed over the border from Austria, are pushing to limit Germany's annual intake to a benchmark figure of 200,000.

The Greens, who have long promoted migrant rights and a multicultural society, finally appear ready to accept the figure.

But they will not budge on their demand for a resumption of family reunions for those who have been granted temporary refuge in Germany, something opposed by both the CSU and FDP.

Amid alarm last year over the record influx of refugees, Berlin suspended reunifications until March 2018 for war refugees like Syrians, granting them only a year's temporary protection which is renewable depending on the situation in their home countries.

The Greens want the suspension lifted, with negotiator Juergen Trittin telling the Bild am Sonntag newspaper: "We will not accept that people who are already getting a lower status of protection by law are also excluded from family reunions. That is inhumane."



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Trouble for Angela Merkel — and the global elite

Michael Barone    Nov. 24, 2017

"It’s been a tough era for Davos Man, the personification of the great and the good who meet in the World Economic Forum in that Swiss ski resort every January. The rebukes just keep coming. The European debt crisis. Brexit. Donald Trump. And now, and once again unexpectedly, Angela Merkel’s failure to form a German government.

For a dozen years, European elites who have recoiled from George W. Bush and swooned over Barack Obama have regarded Merkel as a rock-solid firmament of good sense. Her considerable internal political skills, her seeming unflappability and her upholding of conventional wisdoms, both well- and ill-founded, have made her a favorite at Davos.

Merkel has been the pillar of the European Union and seems to have been the dominant force behind the multiple responses to each of a succession of euro crises. It helps, of course, that Germany has Europe’s largest economy, one mostly unscathed by the 2008 financial crisis — though that owes much to the Thatcherish labor law reforms of Merkel’s predecessor, the Social Democrat Gerhard Schroeder.


You just have to look at what has been happening — in this case, in Europe — and how Angela Merkel (“a skilled and unideological dealmaker,” says The Economist) has been following Davos theology on the European Union, climate change and immigration.

First, Europe. The euro, the common currency imposed on most of the EU (Britain wisely stayed out) in 2002, has not unified the Continent but divided it — and for the very reasons Margaret Thatcher set out in 1990: A supranational currency will not suit the needs of multiple countries with different economic cycles and economic cultures.

The solution of French President Emmanuel Macron and many Eurocrats is a continentwide finance ministry. That’s a non-starter now, given Merkel’s weakness, and probably always was. The avowed goal project of the European Union, “an ever closer union,” has come unglued."



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For London, UK.

London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings

April 8, 2018              Emily Zanotti

The police will now stop and frisk people believed to be carrying knives.

An epidemic of stabbings and acid attacks in London has gotten so bad that London mayor Sadiq Khan is announcing broad new "knife control" policies designed to keep these weapons of war out of the hands of Londoners looking to cause others harm.

The "tough, immediate" measures involve an incredible police crackdown, a ban on home deliveries of knives and acid, and expanding law enforcement stop-and-search powers so that police may stop anyone they believe to be a threat, or planning a knife or acid attack.

Khan announced Friday that the city has created a "violent crime taskforce of 120 officers" tasked with rooting out knife-wielding individuals in public spaces, and is pumping nearly $50 million into the Metropolitan Police department so that they can better arm themselves against knife attacks. He's also empowering the Met Police to introduce "targeted patrols with extra stop and search powers for areas worst-affected," according to a statement.

The mayor took to Twitter to announce his new policies."         <<OMG, he took to twitter!

snip  his tweet-lol


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Greeks to stage mass protest as migrant crisis hits breaking point

May 3, 2018

"Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is set to be greeted with mass protests when he arrives on the island of Lesbos later tonight.

Locals have rolled out banners, shut shops and held a general strike ahead of the visit over his government’s handling of the migrant crisis.

More than one million migrants have landed on its shores since the start of the migrant crisis, with thousands still living in and around processing centres.

The island’s Mayor, Spyros Galinos, said: “The people of Lesbos are exhausted.

“The rhythm of our lives has been shattered by refugees and migrants who now number a third of our population…fear prevails. Women are afraid to leave their homes at night, children are kept locked up indoors because parents are afraid to let them go out and play. No community would put up with this.”



This doesn't help things.   tx w

New collision between Greek, Turkish ships in Aegean

May 4, 2018              

"Greece on Friday said one of its warships had collided with a Turkish ship in the Aegean Sea, the latest in a series of terse encounters between the regional rivals and NATO allies.

The Greek navy said the Turkish merchantman ship had "approached and touched" one of its gunboats, which was taking part in a NATO exercise.

After the collision the merchantman fled back towards Turkish waters, the navy said.

"Nobody was hurt and no serious damage was caused," it added.

Turkey has for decades disputed Greek sovereignty over Aegean waters and airspace close to Turkish shores, which Athens says is based on postwar treaties.

The two countries nearly went to war over a cluster of uninhabited islets in 1996, and mock dogfights between the two airforces are common.

Last month, a Greek fighter pilot died when his plane crashed in the Aegean while returning from a mission to intercept Turkish jets.

A few days earlier, Greek soldiers had fired warning shots at a Turkish helicopter after it approached the small island of Ro, which is on Greece's border in the Aegean's southeast."



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Hungarian PM: ‘Population Replacement Underway in Europe, Speculators Like Soros Hope to Profit from Its Ruination’

June 14, 2018       Jack Montgomery

"Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has warned that another “high tide” of mass migration is approaching, and that financial speculators like George Soros hope to profit from the “ruination of Europe” via that mass migration.

In a Kossuth Radio discussion on the growing flood of illegal migrants into Balkan countries just outside the European Union — Bosnia has seen arrivals surge by 600 to 700 per cent in recent months — Prime Minister Orbán warned Europe was “seeing signs of a new migration wave, of a rising tide following a low tide; it’s rising now, and this poses a challenge.”

“We’ve managed to ensure that now every migrant knows that they shouldn’t follow the path marked by the signpost pointing to Hungary,” he said, referring to the robust border wall he built at the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, and the anti-illegal immigration ‘Stop Soros’ legislative package currently passing through the Hungarian parliament.

Infographic Balkan routes

Source: InfoMigrants, Deutsche Welle

Tens of thousands of migrants are simply rerouting around Hungary to reach the generous welfare states of Western and Northern Europe, however — with the new Orbán-aligned populist coalition in Austria warning that it may seal its southern border with Slovenia as a result. Bosnia, in turn, warns that they will respond by sealing their southern borders with Serbia and Montenegro, to forestall a situation where migrants travelling north through their territory en route to Austria become bottled up after their path is blocked.

Prime Minister Orbán encouraged Serbia and neighbouring Macedonia to secure their own borders — some of the first which illegal migrants on the Balkan route cross — to prevent serious disruption, and offered them assistance to do so."
snip  tweet

“It’s worth fighting against a force that is stronger than us – against a force like George Soros and his army,” he declared, after the topic of the billionaire’s activities in the Balkans was broached."



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It's incredible what we witnessed in change of opinion-trend in Europe.

1)Open arms, trying to do the right thing by for humanitarian reasons

2) terrorism happened

3) People in EU experienced forced change in their societies with more negative connotation than positive

4) trend goes against anyone new moving through their countries(´; ω ;`)

Having tell-o-lies-ts hidden within the movement of people on the land pretending to be a part of refugees, really planted fear in Europe.

Saddest thing of all is now everyone shutting the doors against "the lot". There are loads of people genuinely needing help are out there. But because of some planned attackers are behind the human wall, to keep their own family and friends safe, which all have rights to do so, decided to seclude new comers.

I think that's been inevitable because what we got is a society based on FEAR from the beginning. Fear based, and slave of currency system.

In the fear based society, it goes like this; if you lose money, it costs you something to regain the loss (be it time, effort, delay of plan etc), and everyone is suffering from such stupid law of society.

...Let's create the world where no one needs to be threatened by anything, because if we work out a new plausible/workable system, all will have plenty to share and there's no need for aggression and violence.

Certainly the system is one thing needs to be changed, but we all also gotta grow up spiritually and stop behaving so stupid, too.

If all can be happy, let's make that change, and let's grow up ourselves more at the same time.

Time for us to really wake up and say NO to the stuff we don't need anymore. 

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'We might have a new situation' German MP predicts Merkel could be OUSTED end of NEXT WEEK


"GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel could lose her powerful seat in the heart of Europe as soon as next week amid clashes within her coalition Government over EU migration policies, claimed German MP Kai Whittaker. 
Speaking on BBC World at One, the German politician claimed clashes between Angela Merkel and German interior minister Horst Seehofer could result in a "new political situation" in Germany by the end of next week. 

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician said it was still unclear in Berlin what the essence of the disagreement between the Chancellor and Mr Seehofer was and that other members of the coalition had been left "in the blue".

Mr Whittaker said: “We are in a serious situation because the question of the migration crisis evolved into a power question.

The question is who is leading the Government? Is it Angela Merkel or is it Horst Seehofer?

“Everybody seems to be standing firm and that’s the problem.”

Asked what the German Chancellor and her interior minister are clashing over, he replied: “We don’t know really. There is a master plan to solve the migration crisis, which consists of 63 ideas of Horst Seehofer.

“We don’t know that concept yet, so we are a bit in the blue.

“This must have to do with the coming election in Bavaria because it is vital for the Conservatives to win an overall majority because that’s why they have a national importance.

“This kind of has the potential to diminish the authority of her and Horts Seehofer and it could well be that at the end of next week we have a new situation."



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Brussels rejects Italy budget, paves way for sanctions

Nov. 21, 2018

"The European Union took the first step on Wednesday toward fining Italy after ruling that the country's spending drive violates the bloc's fiscal rules. Brussels has rejected Rome's budget plan for 2019.

“The Commission confirms the existence of a particularly serious case of non-compliance,” the EU said in its annual review of euro-area nations’ spending plans referring to Italy’s 2019 budget. “With what the Italian government has put on the table, we see a risk of the country sleepwalking into instability.”

Brussels has repeatedly voiced concerns over Rome's borrow-and-spend plans, warning the Italian government that it could trigger another debt crisis that would hurt them all.

According to EU regulations, a member country’s public debt cannot be higher than 60 percent of its gross domestic product, or – if it is – has to be falling towards 60 percent at a satisfactory pace."



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Fire on the Champs Elysees: French Police Clash With “Yellow Vest” Protesters Demanding Macron Resignation (VIDEO)

Cristina Laila     Nov. 24, 2018


"French police pushed back “yellow vest” protesters with tear gas and water cannons as the Champs Elysees burned Saturday morning.
Thousands of protesters marched to protest a gas tax hike on Saturday morning and demanded French President Emmanuel Macron resign.

Macron’s popularity has plummeted as of late. A recent opinion poll shows only 26% of French people have a favorable opinion of Macron due to the new gas tax hikes.

According to Reuters about 30,000 people are expected to protest in the French capital alone.

snip  - videos of marchers


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German far-right politician Frank Magnitz of Alternative for Germany party beaten unconscious

Jan. 8, 2019

"A far-right German politician has been beaten unconscious by a group of men in the north-west city of Bremen in an assault that has drawn condemnation from some of his party's fiercest opponents.

Bremen police said they believe the attack on Frank Magnitz, a politician in Germany's National Parliament who leads the local branch of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), was politically motivated.

They called for witnesses to the attack near a city theatre at about 5:20pm on Monday to come forward.

Mr Magnitz was beaten over the head with an unidentified object by at least three men wearing dark clothing and hoods or hats, who then fled, police said.

Two workers who were loading a car nearby found him lying on the ground and called an ambulance.

The 66-year-old was hospitalised.


AfD's rapid rise

AfD is represented in all of Germany's 16 state parliaments.

It entered the national Parliament in 2017 and is currently the biggest opposition party there.

AfD views the country's established political parties with contempt, and the feeling is mutual.

"The cowardly and life-threatening attack against Frank Magnitz is the result of constant agitation against us by politicians and media," party co-leaders Alexander Gauland and Joerg Meuthen said in a statement."



The way to beat your opponents, is with positive policies, not violence.  Trouble brewing within the EU in many countries.

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You've just beat me for the post KMRIA lol

Here's another link in case the WP makes people go into "free month" scheme....(IDK cuz I hadn't visited WP page thinking about that weird contract.) 

Mayor of Polish city Gdansk stabbed on stage

AP article---14 January 2019 — 10:22am


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‘We want nothing to do with you’: Salvini says Merkel and Macron ‘ruined’ Europe

May 17, 2019       RT


"Italian Deputy Prime Minister and anti-immigration leader Matteo Salvini has fired back after German Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed she wouldn’t let his party work with her in the European Parliament.
The two clashed just a week before the European elections.

“We don’t want to stand with people who have ruined Europe for all these years,” Salvini replied to Merkel’s dismissal of his anti-immigrant League party. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Stampa, Angela Merkel excluded the possibility of an alliance between any right-wing and anti-establishment party with her center-right European People's Party (EPP).

"Migration alone is enough to show why we would never open up to Mr. Salvini’s party."

Merkel’s harsh words didn’t upset Italy’s new anti-immigrant leader. Salvini had never expressed a wish to ally with the German chancellor. Instead, he had invited the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is strongly opposed to Merkel’s open-border policy, to be part of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) right wing group in the European Parliament.

"We don’t want anything to do with Merkel and Macron, who have destroyed this European Union. We want to save Europe from the bureaucrats, the bankers and the financiers that have ruined it all these years."

The European elections will be held between May 23 and 26 this year. The centre-right EPP and centre-left Socialist and Democrats (S&D) are forecast to lose their combined majority in the European Parliament. The Brexit Party and Salvini’s coalition of Europe of Nations and Freedom are instead projected to make major wins.


Looks to me as though the EU itself could be in trouble?

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Merkel Decides Her Chosen Successor Isn’t Up to the Job

May 28, 2019         Arne Delfs  and Patrick Donahue

"Angela Merkel has given up hope on her heir apparent and is hunkering down in office in the face of growing turmoil in Germany’s ruling party.

Merkel has decided that Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who took over as leader of the Christian Democratic Union in December, is not up to the country’s top job, according to two officials with knowledge of her thinking. As a result, the chancellor has become more determined than ever to stay in power until her term ends in 2021, the officials said.

Asked about Bloomberg’s report at a news conference in Brussels late on Tuesday, Merkel dismissed it as “nonsense” and said she was “not willing to comment on this any further.” She was attending a summit of European Union leaders."




Merkel Unretires: Chancellor Determined To Remain In Power Until 2021 As Succession Plan Implodes



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