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thnx Monatom, so memory did not fail! i surprise myself, watched that episode once only about 15 years ago!

yes Phillip!!!

from occulted accounts of Alexander's reach into the territory is written that he sealed the Dark One, using a dome with a base of Copper and what is refered to in Ellenic as "Asygriton Yalon" loosely translated as Uncomparable Glass (always thought of it as transparent Alluminium, <Bauxide super heated with Silica> but that is just my guess)

please ask Breezy to record your account of this topic so we on the other side of the globe can have the pleasure of listening.

The only remorse i have about the Bezerk info was that it was so damned cryptic and part confusing that lost most interested parties early on, a mistake that i am avoiding ;)

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had a random thought or two this am....

Terra Cotta...only medium able to contain the organism safely....so IF the Terra Cotta warriors are made out of, or contain the organism in the what appears to be an empty spot in the belly of each one of them or is mixed with the TerraCotta itself...(no TWO are alike, no molds used)....then what if the SIM  Solar Initiation Module...that the Chinese have...(a way of grabbing energy from the sun and using it somehow)...could be used to reanimate the Terra Cotta soldiers???by magnifying the sun's rays onto them and heating them up??? Remember, the organism loves HEAT...

IF you think this is too crazy, just send me a pm ok...LOL

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It’s adventure time my friends, we are going to walk on the wild side for a bit here. I’m going to be connecting some personal experiences to the Corso video presentation which has kindly been supplied by Clubversive.

In discussions with the few friends I have over the years I have hinted at or suggested there is much more recall and detail to my past lives than I have ever published, the reason for not advertising this was mostly it was just my recall, I never had anything to back up these words, it was just a guy’s ramblings.

Much of this recall is now being assembled as a fictional story I am about half way through writing. I mean like what else can you do with information like this, which is so far out there even seasoned UFO investigators have run a mile when my mainstream story has been presented to them.  For confirmation of this just ask Nex Ed.

I guess also I was waiting for something like the Corso Jr. presentation to come along, which runs parallel to my own experiences. So when I start talking about wild concepts like alien artifacts from the future disappearing from our time line and going back to their rightful place in the scheme of things you won’t right me off as a complete nutcase.

Now I have at least two other stories to help backup my own. The first was the fairly conclusive discovery by David Griffin, that the British had something to hide about the way and the why they attacked the suggested Alien Base on Thule Island with a covert force of special opps troops after the Falklands war, and the aftermath or many deaths in scientific circles back in UK from the spoils they took from that raid.

The Stingray design of the alien craft featured in the Philip Corso Jr. presentation was hinted at by my personal contact (House) I concur with this suggestion as in past life recall I have been in one of these craft. These are not the mother ships but are craft used for more localized travel.

But once again Corso brings us back to a living fabric for these craft, as Nex Ed has picked up even intelligent oil has been mentioned in the fabric of the living skin of the craft, how Bezerk do you wish to get?

I confirm there are no engines as we might conceive them, the craft are mostly driven with the mind, a meld of alien genetic and mental input. I have already openly declared this is the form of craft motivation on the planet Haven. 

Corso Jr, referred to time as rather like the infinity loop, later I will include a few small excerpts from my novel in the making that describes an infinity device given to me during my off world adventures for placement and activation within our own time line here on earth.

During my recent talk at the Nexus Conference I also hinted how certain artifacts in the form of Pyrite Crystals also given to me during the course of my adventure have since dissolved back into the recesses of time as we understand it, disappeared without trace could be another way of describing it.  As these were most valued and prized possessions they are not the sort of thing you misplace.

Perhaps the most interesting comment by Corso Jr. was the lack of ability in his opinion for people from a future time- line to spend any sort of lengthy stay in our own period of time, he suggested our earth and our time line has a specific frequency or resonance to it, making it almost impossible for future time dwellers to reside here. This I can also confirm, once again going back to my Nexus conference talk I suggested the Elders (A very ancient alien race now residing in what would be our future)  these entities cannot stay on earth for more than about 14 days, they would become ill, dissolve and or die, is my understanding of what would happen to them. And hence now we come to the whole reason for them requiring building themselves a hybrid race which would require the splicing of genetic DNA from the local livestock like me and you, so they can hook themselves securely into our time line.  Since they have a desire to reside here this is the only way they can do it.

At last I hope all the info is starting to stack up and make sense. 

As I remember material I will come back to this thread and add it here. But for now I’ll insert a few paragraphs from the novel on the infinity device, I’m doing this because that is one subject I have never heard before outside of my own experience, the infinity symbol and time. So that means it’s not just me that is crazy, Philip Corso Jr is crazy as well. Lucky me! 

From the novel and apologies this is early draft stages with many errors.

  Alex was more than a little intrigued as all this information came poring from    Brice’s lips, it was so much better to hear it from the man himself than read about it in his books. Alex had been seeking the answers to some puzzling questions, and gotten far more than he had ever bargained for.

But now it was Brice’s turn to be intrigued.

From a small brown bag, with a gold reflective lining, Alex produced, for Brice’s inspection, and comment, one of the alien artifacts he had been given during his abduction in February.

Brice’s eyes lit up, and he was almost trembling as he took hold of it.

“Oh my god”. Brice looked up at Alex.

“This is really something else when you said you had something..." he cut himself off in mid-sentence. Turning it over to look at the other side.

The device was not very big, about 200mm by 100mm, or 8" by 4".

No thicker than an average man’s finger, it was shaped rather similar to the symbol for infinity, to circles joined together, not dissimilar to the figure eight.

“ I call it the Infinity Device, just to be dramatic”. Alex laughed, if a little nervously.

“Holy hell is this for real?” Brice was still a gasp , astonished at what Alex had so casually handed him.

“And you say there are two of these? Both the same?”

“Yes’. Alex replied.

“And these square holes in either end, is anything supposed to fit in there?” Asked Brice.

“Yes, I think so, at least these seem to fit OK”. Alex replied, and took from the small bag two rectangular cubes, gold in colour with a slight bevel down each edge were the flat sides met. They were not perfectly smooth sided in fact they looked quite irregular and not really manufactured as such.

“When I put them into the square holes, I can turn each of those circular wheels that are inset into both ends, it looks like it’s calibrated, when I move one end the other end moves as well, but not as fast. Well depends which end you are turning I guess.” Alex concluded.

Brice held the device up to the light coming in from the window.

“Shit! you can almost see right through it.” He said, with all the excitement of a school boy. “This is something someone like Tesla might have made, but it’s construction is just a little advanced even for that wiz-kid. I’m just wondering what it is made from. I’ve never seen a material like it before. And the fact that it feels warm, it’s like it’s operating at some level, or, or, no it couldn’t be alive. 

Look at all those fine filaments running thought it, they appear to run up to those calibrating wheels.” He fell silent as he studied it more closely.

The device was light brown in colour, felt a little like plastic, in that it was very light in weight, but was in fact closer to glass to look at. It was almost warm to the touch. Like it was a living entity.

“And how do you power it up?” Ask Brice after a good length of time inspecting it.

“Hum, well, I was kinda hoping you might be able to tell me.” Was Alex’s reply.

“Oh, well what about the bag then, it looks a little special?” Brice asked.

"Yes, it's as heavy as hell actually. Much heavier than both the devices put together. You would have thought the bag would be light weight, just as the devices are." Alex held the bag up for Brice to inspect.

"Got to be heavy for a reason." Brice suggested. "I hope the bloody things are not radioactive! I should get my Geiger counter." He rushed off to another room. As he came back with it, he concluded, "It's shame you can't remember more, we are really flying in the dark here." 

After a short time spent re-calibrating the radiation detector, Brice declared both devices appeared safe, at least from a radioactive point of view.

Brice took up one of the bags. Each device actually had it's own bag, Alec had just put one bag inside the other for easy transport.

Brice scratched his head then said.

“This bag has a sort of foil lining, as you would have noticed. I actually think it's gold, you know, if it's not to block radiation, or just plan insulation to keep these things warm, my next best guess would be to block radio waves, either from coming in or from going out. Now there's a worry.” He concluded.

“What's a worry?" Alex asked, concerned.

"If it's broadcasting, what's it broadcasting, and to whom?" Brice replied.

"We could have half the world tracking this thing to my address right now, if we're not lucky." He concluded.

"Oh shit! So that's what the guys that have been following me around must have latched on too! Exclaimed Alex.

"I've had the devices out of the bag back home a few times, but I don't keep them there of course. They must have zeroed right in on them weeks ago, they keep turning over my apartment looking for them. Now it all starts to make sense."

Alec went quiet for a second. “Perhaps it was ‘they’ who stole the car." Alec concluded.

“We have to get these things back into the bag pronto!” exclaimed Brice. “and hope like hell they have not had time to trace them to this address.”

Brice finished with a second suggestion.

“I think you best get these back into hiding right now, or on second thoughts, if you have been tailed here, by who knows who, and they know you have the devices with you, because we have taken them out of the bag, we are both in deep shit! It’s best I hide them here, they might stop you on the way home and want to search the car.”

After another lengthy silence, Brice conceded that also the device might be beyond him.

“I could study it for a few days Alex, but really it’s quite possibly out of my league.” He concluded.

“Well what the hell am I supposed to do with it?” Alex exclaimed, mostly from share frustration.

“I’ve had the squad from who knows where, tailing me all over Auckland for weeks now. I’ve had my flat done over at least twice that I know of. Yesterday I’m sure a bloody truck driver tried to crush me against the car. All for what? secrets in my head, that I can’t remember, and these dam things, which I have no idea what to do with?” Alex fell silent.

“Yes I know how you feel,” replied Brice, “tell you what, I know a young computer wiz in the UK. Top of his class, I believe he’s doing some hi-tech work for one of the major European aircraft manufactures. He’s into the same stuff, as I am, when he’s not working. I’ll get a note to him, one that won’t get intercepted. Better still I’ll be in the UK before the end of the month. If Brian is willing to take a look at it, I could take one over with me. How say you?” Brice asked.

“Well, I’d be putting both of you in real danger Brice. I’m not sure I want to do that, but then I might have already done that by bringing them here tonight.” Alex replied, “I trust you with the device, but whoever these people are that have been following and harassing me, well they’re not doing it for fun, I mean this isn’t your problem really.” Alex concluded.

“Alex,” Brice replied, “if someone wants what is in your head that badly, in the end they’ll either get it, or shut you up permanently. If they do that, we could all lose out. Whatever this device is for, and remember they maybe don’t know you have these yet. If they take you out, whatever was meant to be will be taken out with you. Spread the load, my son, and spread it wide.” Brice suggested.

Neither of the men knew, at that early stage of proceedings, Alex had instinctively brought the devices to almost the perfect person to decode their use. It was just that Brice was more a mathematician, than an engineer, but the use of the device was very closely related to Brice’s very special field of knowledge.

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Just wonderful. Thanks blue. I was hooked to the whole thing. But i think it stirred up some questions. :)

you think you have questions! I have a truck load of them and no one to ask!

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Just wonderful. Thanks blue. I was hooked to the whole thing. But i think it stirred up some questions. :)

you think you have questions! I have a truck load of them and no one to ask!

Try to reach out a little and some questions may answer themselves. I fully understand your predicament. But from another point of view

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Magnetite is the one in the X Files scanerio


It is a hell of a read.

;) Holy Crap!

well it fits right in. The black Oil is actually an ooze which seems like oil, but is inundated by evil. It is how evil  manifests on this plane. Fun, Eh? :rolleyes:

It can actualize in any biological person or being except those WHO HAVE BEEN BAPTISED... Luckily I DO perform baptisms according to my initiations...( free of charge of course) please hear my radio show at


the whole purpose to this is to create a hybrid humanoid that carries the black ooze within its DNA which would then allow the Evil to manifest into the matter more easily. In order to counterbalance this we initiate the Light frequency and fortify it through baptism. Please understand, this is happening galactically and will continue to do so unless WE STOP IT. I implore your assistance... PLease contact me ...


"My Supersoldier can Take Your Bounty Hunter Any Day."

An X-Files scenario that explains everything

(more or less)

by Mike Marek

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Posting this here too, since all seems to come together....


Good Day, this will be my last day of posting on this thread here. I Will post again after the 13th of October. Depending on time constrains and docking orders I will only have access to My GirlFriend and DED again anywhere from the 15th Of October. My company detail is being redeployed, for only a month at sea, starting Monday the 20th of September. All eyes are on China, Japan, India, Pakistan, the Gulf of Mexico and the Falklands. Iran is a non issue. My company is going out to sea. Usually our detail ship out for at least 6 months at a time. This time however we are Being called up for ONLY A MONTH and a few days more. Other Nations are sharing the same briefing and Naval deployment orders. Britain, France, Russia and the US Navy are sharing the same Immediate deployment dates for the same duration in Burst. As this is my last available day, until between the 13th an 15th of OctoBer, : I Will answer direct questions. My answers will be as forthcoming as possible and is or are allowed. Post you questions now please.

Q.  Most people seemed to be the most concerned about the health effect of the oil spill and the organism released either by the powers that be or from a natural source.

Any updates. health threats etc. Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1102368

A.  Enter Proximity of Oil At Own Risk. The organism is gaining in intelligence, adapting and even using and incorporating our technology(nano).It has come out of hibernation and is preparing the way and transforming the Oceans. It is not concerned by our(human) health. It has survived for millennia. We humans wont. The organism has the ability and swarmed intelligence to exploit all our diseases and virus related illnesses. It can interact with any bacteria, virus or fungus.


Q.  By splash zones are you talking about other areas where deep sea oil releases are being created by natural events ie earth changes Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1102368

A.  Spashzones are where the intelligent oil(the organism part) reaches the ocean surface. When it reaches the surface it can directly receive the incoming cosmic signals for further growth and instructions. Because of the dispersant and calibrators the intelligent oil is now connecting with other submerged intelligent oil forming a conductor and conveyer. It then works in concert, searching for areas/places to escape to the surface


Q.  Did BP cause the fracturing of the sea floor or did the current climate and earth changes fracture the sea floor and create problems for the Oil rig and diaster.Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1102368

A.  BP did not cause the fracturing. They just enhanced its channeling and highway to the surface. The fractures are normal stress zones in reply to the growth/compression of the organism awaking, growing and expanding beneath the crust and releasing its own cleaning solution. (substances within the organism)


Q.  why so many ships for the pirates

doesnt make since to me must be some other reason do you know of any? Quoting: Anonymous Coward 947925

A.  It fits in with the sudden deployment(Burst) of Naval call ups.


Q.  you said deepwater horizon was delibratly sabotaged. who was responsible,and was it to prevent int/oil release or to facilitate int/oil release? Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1102439

A.  The Crown wanted to speed up and cause an international incident. They were hoping to cause elections in England to be postponed thereby keeping Brown in power. They also planned (or so they thought) that this crises will bolster support for White House Officials (WHO) and Obama. Martial Law, Forced Vaccinations and the stealth implanting of RIFD chips. They utterly misjudged the intelligence(morphing capability) of the organism and the strength and support of a faction within the US Navy.


Q.  OP What is OMEGA and B3 ??? Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1102432

A.  OMEGA is both a plan and a device. OMEGA is a Master Key device(massive EMP protected transmitter aboard a surface vessel) to detonate a synchronized set of planted(drilled an placed)low yield nuclear devices specifically designed to fuse(close) splashzones originating directly from the crust and below the seabed with minimal radiation and upward blast force to minimize tsunami effect estimates. Some devices can also be activated by specially air dropped torpedo's targeting pre placed buoys in synchronicity. The torpedo circles the buoy until its activated to target it. The US Navy only recently offered the special software needed to setup these torpedoes. Whoever controls the OMEGA vessel also controls the Master Key and timing of it. Although OMEGA(the transmitter itself) is EMP protected, transcripts on DED have shown that the new kind/type of incoming cosmic photon and other rays are severely effecting the instrument causing instability.

B3 is a biohazard containment cargo bay on newer launched submarines. (some submarines use another name for that type of cargo bay)


Q.  Are extraterrestrial factors involved, and if so, what? Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1087173

A.  Yes. However, although the organism itself is primordial to our existence its been programmed to lay and wait(hibernate) and to AWAKE at a certain time of our solar time and position by an extraterrestrial presence/race soon before their return. We unfortunately do not know how near "soon" is. "Soon" could be anything from moths to years. In simplistic terms we speculate the organism is preparing the oceans, climate and geological setup of the earth to become more "visitor" friendly for the returning masters who programmed and created/breaded this organism in the first place. Some have used the term "terra forming". That term fits in with our speculation and understanding of what is happening with our planet.


Q.  I'm try to word this correctly so here goes: What would you do if you were us, receiving this information?  Quoting: Gabriel

A.  There are many views and opinions. Most say OMEGA is the quickest option but some say we should wait and see what really happens when "they" come. Some say we should wait and see if the organism is really a threat to all life.

Some speculate other races will help and intervene. So far I haven't seen or heard about it. If earths climate turns to a deep freeze we as humans have the ability to adapt as long as there is Water. Water is the key. If it turns earth into another Mars we lost.

I don't think the organism is purposefully trying to kill all life on the planet. Its' only trying to make things more habitable for its masters. I Don't think anybody or any of the factions know what is going to happen ultimately. Maybe China has the answer. Some just say say it's time to go within...


Q.  What can you tell us about 'incoming'? Is it being affected by something from space? Is something coming from space? What do you know about the origins of the organism?

Quoting: nexuseditor

A.  I Believe I've answered that question, but yes something is coming from space. Hubble    has been turned to earth to search for splashzones and to try and triangulate. For some reason or the other the current weather and military satellites are not able to provide that specific functionality anymore. Something is interfering with their array just like with the OMEGA transmitter.

The Vatican are also introducing filters at all their observatories, either to block or pin point.

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Just wonderful. Thanks blue. I was hooked to the whole thing. But i think it stirred up some questions. :)

If you think I can help answer any of your questions wheresourights please do ask.

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Well i take a day off from chani and come back and get lost. Haha.

I will wait on questions as i try to follow for the day. I know that i will have questions anyway. Thank you. ???

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I pinched this from SickScents web site, it comes very close to what those of Haven extraction are trying to bring about on planet Earth (for their own use). This image I have used before in talks, without fully understanding, even if the you tube clip is not totally correct either it's a step in the direction of understanding.



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Updated - Part 8: High Strangeness Files about EBENs

© 2009 by Linda Moulton Howe

“Two military men were in the process of being abducted

by a Tall Blond craft when three EBEN craft appeared above the

Tall Blond craft. Eyewitnesses said it looked as if the EBEN craft forced

the Tall Blond craft to land.”  - U. S. Intelligence Agent

Return to Part 1

Updated - May 14, 2009  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  Continuing in Part 8 with Linda Moulton Howe's 1983 to 1987 High Strangeness file notes about EBENs and other non-human entities. The following are interview notes I wrote from a 1984 discussion with an intelligence source.

Are the Tall Blonds afraid of going to war again with the EBENs?

I don't know. But I do know that before the Falkland Islands war, there was intense UFO activity there and an EBEN group rescued a human from the Tall Blonds. Two military men were in the process of being abducted by a Tall Blond craft when three EBEN craft appeared above the Tall Blond craft. Eyewitnesses said it looked as if the EBEN craft forced the Tall Blond craft to land.

Two EBEN craft landed and one stayed above the scene protectively, or ready to take offensive action? Out of the Tall Blond craft walked a tall blond being. Out of the EBEN craft came two short EBENs. The three beings met and appeared to communicate while military personnel watched. Then the Tall Blond being and the craft left. The EBENs came to the military eyewitnesses and communicated telepathically: ‘They will not harm you any more.’

The Falkland Islands military personnel asked, ‘Who are you?’ The EBENs answered, ‘We are your protectors.’

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I rest my case, a few debunkers I have meet up with over the years kept telling me it would be illegal for any goverment department in NZ to spy on me. tap my phone and intercept my emails and break into my house, well I laughed at them back then and I'm doing it again now. 

The legal case against Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom continues to spiral out of control as New Zealand’s Prime Minister announced this week that an inquiry into unlawful government spying on Dotcom and others has been launched.

Prime Minister John Key announced on Monday that an inspector general has launched an investigation into allegations that a government intelligence service had illegally intercepted the communications of Dotcom and other individuals targeted in the case.

The wiretapping was allegedly done by the Government Communications Security Bureau, or GCSB, as part of a controversial January raid on the Dotcom mansion. The GCSB intercepted communications in an effort to help the New Zealand police locate individuals who were being sought for arrest in the Megaupload case, according to Key.

Dotcom and co-defendant Bram van Der Kolktheir, as well as their families, are all New Zealand residents and were reportedly targeted in the communications interceptions.

By law the GCSB is required to obtain warrants to intercept communications involving New Zealand citizens and residents, and to have the prime minister sign off on such warrants before conducting the surveillance. But Key said he was not asked to approve warrants in this case, nor was he briefed on the GCSB operation beforehand.

Key said he was “quite shocked” when he found out last week that the GCSB had committed the unlawful communications intercepts.

“I expect our intelligence agencies to operate always within the law,” he said in a statement released by his office. “Their operations depend on public trust.”

In an interview with Radio New Zealand (.mp3), Dotcom’s U.S. lawyer, Ira Rothken, said he and the Megaupload founder were “deeply concerned that there appears to be allegations of domestic spying on residents that bypasses the judicial process and the checks and balances on that.”

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In the next day or so I am going to open your minds to dimensional gateways on our planet and how they have been used through earths history mostly for negative gains.  Some are now being shut down and it's about time, but I'll fill you in on that soon.

But before I do that some of you might like to come up to speed with the work of Harry Oldfield, because it is his work which has allowed me to undertake this task with some credibility. 

There is a lot of his stuff on you tube and you can google his name or start here with this link

Harry Oldfield 9/11 - Energy Fields Revealed

Once I start explaining you will soon see the connection between Harry's work and my information.

I think the time is right for you to know some of this stuff even though I'm not a real expert on it I'll do my best to explain it.

edit to add this also connects with Bruce Cathie's earth grid system

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Gates and how not to use them!

Just over 20 years ago I received a crash course on the use and abuse of dimensional gateways on planet Earth. Some of these gates need very little input to open, using virtually no technology as we might understand it.

Some may know this but many will not. For centuries or even millennia a few on this planet have known that large objects attract energy, and dense materials like stone or granite work best in attracting this energy.  Only very recently I have been able to see proof of this in action through the amazing work of Harry Oldfield. When you study his work you cannot help but understand we have been standing next to and looking at dimensional devices for centuries without even knowing it.

Without some form of proof, in this case Harry Oldfield’s research, I would never have tried to convince you of any of the following.

I will however remind you of my opening statements in both editions of my book Coevolution, which I have attach directly below this small chapter. Between both these editions I have been involved in the shutting down of at least two gates that have been opened remotely from afar, no not from out in space but from within Europe. All this will be explained in due course.

Quote from Coevolution follows:

The Hidden Reality

There is much about this planet's history that has never been told

I do not speak here of yet-to-be-discovered historical facts, but

only of material that is already known by a select few within our

communities. Most of this knowledge has been carried through the

ages and jealously guarded by the few secret sects that were privy to it

from its inception, but these sects were not necessarily 'secret' at the

time this information was first placed in their trust. The original intention

was that this ancient knowledge would be shared with this planet's

inheritors, en masse, when the trust-holders deemed it appropriate.

These trust-holders have long since broken their vows to the givers of

the knowledge, and I think that until very recently they had even forgotten

the identity of their ancient benefactors. Perhaps a day of reckoning

is close at hand for the trustees. It may now be a little clearer to

you as to why the secret sects or governors of our planet would prefer

that the anticipated visit from the 'landlord' did not take place

As I understand it, the people of Earth (well, most of us) are not the

only ones concerned about what we are doing to this planet and ourselves.

I refer to other intelligent entities who would be only too willing

to help if they were invited;

End quote.

They ‘were’ invited to help by me on behalf of the human race. They would not interfere directly in the ways of our world but they did say as others on earth were using this information against humanity, it is only fitting they should give a fellow human a guiding hand in negating some of darker forces being allowed to run amok in secret . Only a willing volunteer that was a native of earth would have been given this task, I also think they felt if they had to go to the trouble of taking me all the way home at my insistence then I might as well do something useful while I was at it.     

The reason I did not act immediately on the information my extra-terrestrial friends handed out to me was because I want to check out the lie of the land for myself. Back in those days I was not read up on occult worship, dark covens, dimensional entities, and all things that go bump in the night, but that soon changed. 

Through a little skulduggery which I’m not exactly proud of, I managed to infiltrate an occult coven in our capital city of Wellington. Once not so long ago I gave a talk to a select group of people here in Auckland City, A long- time friend, who is very well read on all things that the people here on CHANI are into was in the audience. He is also a magazine editor in a similar vain to our much loved Nex Ed.

I was hardly home from the talk when he rang me to say he wanted to have a word about some aspects of my talk. He came around the next day and after I went in to a little more detail about how I had infiltrated the Occult group, he sternly advised me not to ever talk in detail about that adventure again if I knew what was good for me. He said there were subjects he does not cover in his magazine for reasons of self-preservation and he was quick to point out the subject I had raised was one of them. So in the interests of self-preservation I will not go into the details of what happened during my short journey into the dark side. But you do need to know I have been there and know what I’m talking about. 

All I’ll say on the matter is bankers and politicians I’m sure I need say no more. 

If you have taken the time to read up or listen to Harry Oldfield and his discoveries you will have noted that when he went to check out Stonehenge even he was amazed to find his cameras where capable of photographing right through the standing stones. It was as if they were not there at all. You could even see the ground contours in the distance right through the stone. His camera was photographing either an opening in time from when the stones where not there, or a dimensional portal within the stone rendering the stone invisible or at least transparent. 

I can’t overstate this fact, it is a sensational discovery. And should allow us to look at all standing stones or stone monuments in a new light.

To add to that, when Harry took other photos one I remember was in a very old cemetery, which had building erected on the site hundreds of years ago, his camera was able to make out the ghost of the stone building still standing where it had once been build but long demolished. Once again this is sensational news and should be in every newspaper around the world, but it’s not because it might let out a very important secret. Large buildings and large standing stones leave and indelible fingerprint on our landscape for a very long time, even after they have been removed. This is the sort of power these devices have over what we think of as time, but which is in fact only another now. Time is more like an overlapping dimension, than something that comes and moves forward it rather just stacks up like a lot of transparent films. If something has enough mass it hardly ever fades totally away.

So doors through time and dimension can be opened with the use of large stone objects like buildings or standing stones. How about stone castles, cathedrals, and ceremonial city gates,  all these be used for things other than walking through.

Part II tomorrow.

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here we have half of part two, please excuse any typos I was in a hurry.

We all know time is a dimension, but it’s one of the most interesting dimensions because it runs through every other dimension as far as I can tell, and have been told. Its Omni present if I can use that term and it’s this way because of the characteristics of light.

Maybe you have read about some experiments conducted lately where light was virtually injected into a DNA helix, when the DNA was removed the light continued to trace the helix as if the DNA was still there. This in many ways is exactly what Harry Oldfield’s experiments have shown. The old building in the cemetery long pulled down was still there in his photo because the light entrainment through the stone of the building was still holding its shape even though the resonator (building) had long been removed.     

What am I getting at here? Very dense objects like stone or granite because of their very strong capabilities of entraining light are actually door ways to other times, time is a dimension so stone is a door to other dimensions. Maybe it makes more sense to you when some particular type of stone is hauled for miles to be used in some ancient monument.

The Egyptians did it in their main pyramid (well not the Egyptians but you know what I mean) the Druids did it at Stonehenge it was done all over South America. The location for activation could not be moved because it’s a geometric constant, so the mountain had to come to Mahomet as they say. 

Light is all there is in the universe, or so I have been told, light makes everything real to us, the more dense the light the heavier and harder the reality, but it’s really only an illusion.

This makes everything connected in time and other dimensions through the doorways of light entrainment. OK maybe this is hard to follow mostly because I don’t know everything about everything and it’s hard to explain what you only have a rudimentary grasp of. Still I hope you can glimpse some aspects of what I’m trying to say because it gets real far out from here on in.

We now need to concentrate on the geometrics of the globe we live on called earth.

Cause and effect do not necessarily happen at the same location, I think many might have heard the theory that when they detonate atomic weapons the damage is not restricted to the bomb site, but strikes a dimensional hole right through the earth and out the other side.

This also echoes right though other dimensions at the same time, which is why it has been said we got a great influx of ET-UFO’s right around the same time as man started detonating atomic weapons. 

I think this theory has real merit, because I was told when many occult manifestations are brought into existence it has a reciprocal effect at the antipode location on the other side of the earth. How we come to the interesting part I was advised that you can block such and manifestation from occurring by placement of blocking devices at these exact opposite locations around the world. In other words you do not have to go into the Lion’s den to wreak havoc with the Lion.     


Ok got to do some work for the day back later to finish this.


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Hi Blue ET I have put a PDF called "The Language of Birds" on my google downloads site which ties in with everything you are saying, I can also say that I have always had lets say a little gift in that when I touch stone or say stand on very worn ancient stone steps I feel the past, hear the past and sometimes see the past depending on how tuned in I am at the time. I often hear the trees not quite in the way you hear through your ears , not always but just sometimes...

This is a very touchy subject with many people but when you hear the term "Wake up and smell the roses" what you are being told is to change your vibration and listen to the world around you quite literally. Stone has a very low vibration so you need to slow right down to hear them  ;)

Now that I have openly state I am completely mad publicly I will enjoy my day in this paradise...LOL Hope this resonates with you Blue..

Here is a link to download the PDF for you and anyone else that may be interested...


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Thanks Phill you can bet I'll be reading that PDF real soon.

Here is something for anyone interested to be getting on with. This place is big, like massive stone work, it’s over a 1000 years old, has built up a lot of resonate frequencies, but it’s much older than that as a revered site, there are caves nearby with rock paintings in  them, this place has been a magick location since man walked the earth.

Below is a little quick history but it goes much deeper than that.  Then read up on who built that castle there.

this place has been used in the recent past to raise some very nasty demons from the other side of hell.

Now three guesses as to what or where lies at the antipode of this location.

Baños de la Encina's major attraction is its Moorish castle, which is both an historical and an artistic monument. Notable for its fifteen ten metre high towers, the fortress was constructed on the orders of Al-Hakam II, who dominated the area, and was completed in 970.

Originally named simply Baños, the village bacame 'de la Encina' ('of the holm oaks') in the 13th Century, when an apparition of the Virgin Mary was reported to have occurred amongst the oak trees.

Around the village cave paintings and Bronze Age artefacts have been discovered, along with Iberian and Roman remains.

Al-Hakam II

was very well versed in numerous sciences. He would have books purchased from Damascus, Baghdad, Constantinople, Cairo, Makkah, Madinah, Kufa, and Basra. His status as a patron of knowledge brought him fame across the Muslim world, to the point where even books written in Iraq, which was under Abbasid control were dedicated to him. During his reign, a massive translation effort was undertaken, and many books were translated from Latin and Greek into Arabic. He formed a joint committee of Arab Muslims and Iberian Mozarab Christians for this task.[1]

His personal library was of enormous proportions. Some accounts speak of him having more than 600,000 books. The catalogue of library books itself was 44 volumes long. Of special importance to Hakam was history, and he himself wrote a history of al-Andalus.[1] Following his death, al-Mansur had all "ancient science" books destroyed

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I must say Blue, (not to focus purely on one thing you mentioned here) but I have never heard of Harry Oldfield until you posted that. I was so engulfed by him i watched all 11 out of 11 videos on Youtube.

Thank you for that most wonderful information, for now I am sucked in to his work!



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I must say Blue, (not to focus purely on one thing you mentioned here) but I have never heard of Harry Oldfield until you posted that. I was so engulfed by him i watched all 11 out of 11 videos on Youtube.

Thank you for that most wonderful information, for now I am sucked in to his work!



Well then lets both hand on a big thank you to Nex Ed who introduced me to Harry's work a few years ago.

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Thanks nexus!  :-*

Thank both of you, I now know where I will be spending alot of time reading.

Thanks for getting me off Google Earth. LOL...

Much appreciated!

Love to all,


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