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But it was Teilhard de Chardin who wrote on the last page of his personal journal three days before he died was brutally murdered in 1955 ” The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death “



EDIT: Yikes, I can't believe I mixed up Thomas Merton with de Chardin - my bad!


 And very sorry to hear about your friend.  It seems you may still be 'in the thick of it'.. ?

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It looks like a chunk of masonry is missing to the right of the sun.

Its right where a join in the stone works is-but its to neat and tidy to be a piece fallen off-looks to me as if it was chiseled out .

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Its right where a join in the stone works is-but its to neat and tidy to be a piece fallen off-looks to me as if it was chiseled out .


The whole brick would have had to be removed-I can't see it just falling out as the sundial looks to be in good condition .

How about this?:

"This location (12°27'8.4"E ) was used as the prime meridian (rather than Greenwich) for maps of Italy until the 1960s."


Meridians have names so it looks like this one A V(?) **O N I may refer to a specifically Italian meridian.

I've found a better picture of the sundial-which shows better detail.

Torino (Turin) has "del ferro" of iron.

Have to be somewhere in a few minutes but back tomorrow.

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The whole brick would have had to be removed-I can't see it just falling out as the sundial looks to be in good condition .

How about this?:

"This location (12°27'8.4"E ) was used as the prime meridian (rather than Greenwich) for maps of Italy until the 1960s."


Meridians have names so it looks like this one A V(?) **O N I may refer to a specifically Italian meridian.

I've found a better picture of the sundial-which shows better detail.

Torino (Turin) has "del ferro" of iron.

Have to be somewhere in a few minutes but back tomorrow.

Thanks KMRIA, would you be able to upload or link that image please.

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That cross over in the loop is looking like it is towards the end of August--- now!.


So, comet or timeline shift or disclosier or Earth changes or ? ww3?


Just thinking out loud here, somewhere on Chani I thought I saw an article on a volcanic bubble or small vent that popped up beside an airport runway in Italy, can't remember where it was.

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I see the shadow of the hole that the disc is throwing is sitting right on the line of mid to late September.

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here is the wiki on reading vertical sundials:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundial#Vertical_sundials


This may help answer some of the questions about the figure eight on the sundial, the parabolic placement of the numbers, why there are two Aprils, and generally how to read a vertical sundial.





In the common vertical dial, the shadow-receiving plane is aligned vertically; as usual, the gnomon's style is aligned with the Earth's axis of rotation.
Vertical dials are commonly mounted on the walls of buildings, such as town-halls, cupolas and church-towers, where they are easy to see from far away. In some cases, vertical dials are placed on all four sides of a rectangular tower, providing the time throughout the day. The face may be painted on the wall, or displayed in inlaid stone; the gnomon is often a single metal bar, or a tripod of metal bars for rigidity. If the wall of the building faces toward the South, but does not face due South, the gnomon will not lie along the noon line, and the hour lines must be corrected. Since the gnomon's style must be parallel to the Earth's axis, it always "points" true North and its angle with the horizontal will equal the sundial's geographical latitude; on a direct south dial, its angle with the vertical face of the dial will equal the colatitude, or 90° minus the latitude.
declining dial is any non-horizontal, planar dial that does not face in a cardinal direction, such as (true) NorthSouthEast or West.[31] As usual, the gnomon's style is aligned with the Earth's rotational axis, but the hour-lines are not symmetrical about the noon hour-line.    post-2154-0-90266100-1377718125_thumb.jp
 Although the Sun appears to rotate nearly uniformly about the Earth, it is not perfectly uniform, due to the ellipticity of the Earth's orbit (the fact that the Earth's orbit about the Sun is not perfectly circular) and the tilt (obliquity) of the Earth's rotational axis relative to the plane of its orbit. Therefore, sundials time varies from standard clock timeOn four days of the year, the correction is effectively zero, but on others, it can be as much as a quarter-hour early or late. The amount of correction is described by the equation of time. This correction is universal; it does not depend on the local latitude of the sundial. It does, however, change over long periods of time, centuries or more,[48] because of slow variations in the Earth's orbital and rotational motions.
An analemma may be added to many types of sundials to correct apparent solar time to mean solar time or another standard time. These usually have hour lines shaped like "figure eights" (analemmas) according to the equation of time. [emphasis added by kandescent] This compensates for the slight eccentricity in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of the Earth's axis that causes up to a 15 minute variation from mean solar time. This is a type of dial furniture seen on more complicated horizontal and vertical dials. 


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You know they will get there in the end LOL ;) 


Evidence is building that Earth life originated on Mars and was brought to this planet aboard a meteorite, said biochemist Steven Benner of The Westheimer Institute for Science and Technology in Florida.

An oxidized form of the element molybdenum, which may have been crucial to the origin of life, was likely available on the Red Planet's surface long ago, but unavailable on Earth, said Benner, who presented his findings today (Aug. 28; Aug. 29 local time) at the annual Goldschmidt geochemistry conference in Florence, Italy. [The Search for Life on Mars (Photo Timeline)]


 when molybdenum becomes highly oxidized that it is able to influence how early life formed," Benner said in a statement. "This form of molybdenum couldn’t have been available on Earth at the time life first began, because 3 billion years ago, the surface of the Earth had very little oxygen, but Mars did. It’s yet another piece of evidence which makes it more likely life came to Earth on a Martian meteorite, rather than starting on this planet."

Organic compounds are the building blocks of life, but they need a little help to make things happen. Simply adding energy such as heat or light turns a soup of organic molecules into a tarlike substance, Benner said


"It’s lucky that we ended up here nevertheless, as certainly Earth has been the better of the two planets for sustaining life," Benner said. "If our hypothetical Martian ancestors had remained on Mars, there might not have been a story to tell."





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Translations from the Italian

differenza f:'Difference in Av/l*oni lattitude-(Avaloni?)

Eight pointed star is gold-background deep blue, letter OSI?

Declinazione orientale del piano: E declination of the plane

lattitudine geografica del luogo:lattitudine geographic location

The cities


Turin ( Lattitude of ?) the iron. Possibly a reference to magnetic north?




St Petersburg






Why these cities?

To me they look like a list of interconnected centres, aligned with a Romano Trojan (Celtic) axis.

most are described as "important centres of trade".

Paris is named after the Parisii, an ancient Celtic tribe.The cathedral de Note Dame is in the Ile de la Cité , a natural island located on the Seine River in Paris between the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) and Rive Droite (Right Bank). The historic and geographical center of intramural Paris, The Ile de la Cité was the site of the original settlement of the city by the ancient Celtic tribe known as the Parisii in the 3th century BC.

Turin, The city used to be a major European political centre, being Italy's first capital city in 1861 and being home to the House of Savoy, Italy's royal family. Even though much of its political significance and importance had been lost by World War II, it became a major European crossroad for industry, commerce and trade.

It was named after The Taurini  an ancient Celto-Ligurian Alpine people, who occupied the upper valley of the river Po, in the centre of modern Piedmont.

Constantinople (Istanbul)

Originally Byzantium

 According to legend, the colony of Byzantium was founded in 660 B. C. by a Megarian named Byzas. The colony was named after him. Because of its strategic position, Byzantium didn't take long to establish its economic dominance over the region, inviting unwanted attention.

Byzantium was built along the Golden Horn, which provided the best natural harbor in the region. Fish were abundant, and the fertile surrounding countryside was suitable for agriculture. The Golden Horn inlet provided a safe harbor next to the city, not far from the Bosporus, a major maritime route connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Greeks, Athenians, Persians, and Spartans fought over the city early on. Even the Gauls attacked Byzantium in the third century B. C. In 202 B. C. Byzantium, besieged by Macedonians, asked Rome for protection. By 73 B. C. the city had become part of a Roman province.

In A. D. 196, Byzantium found itself on the wrong side of an internal Roman power struggle and paid dearly. Roman emperor Septimus Severus (146–211; r. 193–211) massacred its residents and destroyed most of the city. He rebuilt Byzantium, which continued to prosper despite serious attacks, civil wars, and rebellions that broke out in the Roman Empire over many decades.

On September 18, 324, Constantine I (c. 274–337; r. 306–337) defeated rival emperor Licinius and united the vast Roman Empire under his leadership.


Was the Babylonian city of Baghdad before the 8th century AD, when it became Moslem

But in 1830

British East Indian Company in residence (approximate date).

1848 - Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baghdad established.

St Petersburg

 Founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great. Despite its short life so far, Petersburg has a rich and exciting history. From the early days of Peter the Great's "Venice of the North"


 Throughout history these lands have harbored a mixed population of Slavs, Finns and other ethnic groups.

(From my reading this region was an entrepot of various ethnicities,including Scythians,Khazars, Mongols. Lituanians, Poles at various eras.)

"Thanks to the mediation of Nicolaas Witsen, mayor of Amsterdam and expert on Russia, the Tsar was given the opportunity to gain practical experience in the largest shipyard in the world, belonging to the Dutch East India Company, for a period of four months. The Tsar helped with the construction of an East Indiaman especially laid down for him."

I think there is also a legend he worked anonymously in an English ancint atrick"


Vienna The history of Vienna has been long and varied, beginning when the Roman Empire created a military camp in the area covered by Vienna's city centre. From that humble beginning, Vienna grew from the Roman settlement known as Vindobona

Venice. Named after the Venetii, who were  a Celtic tribe. Lyndon La Rouche and collleagues have done a wonderful job delineating its glorioous history in terms if its connection to LOndon, and the banking industry (etc),certain banking families, some unknown to the history books,and not forgetting their canny business arrangements with the Mongols when they invaded Europe


The cross

(I asked an astrologer about this image-the Starsigns are ruled by planets, but he knew of no sognificance to Ferro or Iron in astrological terms)

The vertical line Capricorn-> Cancer (ruled by Saturn in astrology) conjuncts at the horizontal bar at March /September(spring and vernal equinoxes)-on this diagram with Virgo (Saturn) and Scorpio(Mars):

so a Saturn Goat opposite  a Moon Mother,and a Saturn Virgin paired with a Martian Scorpio.

As a Father/ Mother/Son /Daughter mandala it makes sense.

The image that K(?) posted is very similar to the one I found, but the disc is placed on late September early Ocotober. A meesage? (I may be getting like the hero of Foucault's Penduluum ansd seeing signs everywhere!) 

Intriguingly there was a crop circle a while ago, on Chani, depicting Ogham E which is the vowel for the vernal equinox.

All these are around the 22-23 of December, March, June,September.

The Entity made a series of observations about "after September 24" various awful things would be happening to world leaders. Included was a reference to McCain as "phoenix" which is an astrological term, and meaning rebirth.

Before I go any further: after a post about how the Entity interacted with this timeline. I formulated a very speculative extrapolation.

It went in brief, like this: rituals to control the Cube are staged at the full moon-and at derivations of ancient seasonal events dating back to the paleothic era, modified by layers of civilzed (or not) gloss.

These festivals centred around the solstices and equinoxes, as a kind of Jungian framework, and often are distortions of the original.

The Fritz Springmeier school of thought, with its Mothers of Darkness claims it's all Celtic, and this does have a Celtic substrata.

But it's complex.

Personally I think there was probably a cult of Crom Cruaich which practiced human sacrifice ,and was suppressed and its adherents exiled long before "St Patrick".

I also  think modern Celticism is mainly invented (I've had a few laugh out loud conversations with a local Maori about "Indian princesses"- his daughter is feather Indian )by mainly English antiquarians (LOL)

What I mean is as a Celt. I do find Celtic motifs being (mis)used by these people who are basing their notions on .

So I always watch out on full moons and the four corners of the year as a tracking method.

The pattern I extrapolated during Fuse year is based on that and also on the analysis of what the Entity stated, centred from  24th September onwards,

(will post later)


I've been breaking down the diagram into elements.

There are twelve sections on the left (Capricorn->Aquarius -> Cancer) and seven to the right.

Obvious thought-days and months respectively.

Flipping the image upside down and reversing it gives Cancer at the top (winter solstice) and the Romon numerals 9 through to 1 in their correct positions.

This reversal may be hinted at in the fact that April (flower month in the Roman calendar, which from memory was originally only 120 days long Jan:Janus, Feb: March{Mars, April: with other months being added later henve July: Julius Caesar,August: Augustus, Sepetember: seven etc) is in both sections of the allemmo. 

Gemini, Taurus, Libra,Scorpio, Sagitarrius  are in the 1-6 section, out of order.

Aquarius, Pisces,Aries,Virgo, Leo in the 6-12 section also out of order.

The numeral One is at Taurus-Turin is from Taurini."L(attude?) del Ferro".

Was this the latitude that was central until 1860 when GMT was adapted?

Is there a connection with the magnetic north pole at that time or the time of an Event?

Iron:there is Ferrous Alchemy (involving EM)and an etymological connection between

Bulls are associated with the Bull/human sacrifice cult of Keftiu/Crete, and Moloch.and the Taurus line connects to Virgo (Saturn)

45° 48' 15'' N, 34° 17' E

Takes me to a place in the Ukraine named Kovyl.neabout 200 km east of  Odessa

The Black Sea according to one school of thought was  flooded from  the Mediterranean in 4400 BC swamping the coastal settlements, rasing the level of the sealevel and creating  creating a partial basis for the Noah legend.

Oh lord!

Apollo/Avalon/White Island

oops time nearly up here.. more later

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I’m especially interested in the terminology of so called Key Hole spy satellites, satellites that face earth with hi-powered cameras and other devices, related to the British Marines or SBS   (special Boat Squad) attack on Thule Island back in 1982, this was also called operation Key Hole.




SPY SATELLITE SPOTTED: On Wednesday, Aug. 28th, a Delta IV Heavy rocket (the world's largest, according to the United Launch Alliance) blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Its secret payload was classified by the US National Reconnaisance Office.




No one outside classified circles knows exactly what this satellite does. Speculation is centering on the possibility that it is a KeyHole intelligence satellite of KH-11 lineage. Keyhole satellites are a bit like the Hubble Space Telescope, except pointed at Earth instead of the heavens. NROL-65 could be going up to replace a similar satellite, USA 186 (05042A / 28888), launched from Vendenberg in October 2005.





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Saw this Blue, am told its a multiple 64 megapixel imaging device that transmits to the new N@S@A datacenter in Utah, no further word yet.

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Hi Blue


Sorry to chime in so late on this but I have only just come across this thread today.  Apart from the sundial I feel that there is still a clue in the first photo of the clock tower, everyone is looking at the clock face but right in the middle of the picture is an astrological clock which is pointing to a star sign ( I am not smart enough to make an evaluation of the  star sign). 


If this photo is significant then just maybe the astrological clock and the upper clock are linked, that is to say that at a certain time in a certain month some event is being predicted, which might well tie in with this sundial thingy.  So my thoughts are that if someone can accurately read the astrological clock and see how that relates to the sundial, we might well come up with a date and time. 


Just thinking out loud.





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Thanks Dave, any, all imput gratefully received, this puzzle needs a lot of work and I have had to pull back a bit from it, but don't want to discourage others from working on it in the mean time. I'm actually waiting on another picture but the things have gone quiet for many reasons which I can't expand on just now. :(   

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Re the orange orbs a few pages back... I just pointed my camera and took this tonight, facing SW, (from east coast, Australia).  Another dozen pics had nothing and this orb wasn't visible to the eye.  No adjustment to the pic at all. 


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Good one Deekin, modern cameras can pick up more in the infrared spectrum-


Turn your phone camera on and take a shot of the led in the end of your tv remote.

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Aha! the inscription at the top of the dial translates as

"Difference in (to?) Avaloni sundial".(meridani can translate as sundial too)

The rationale for this is that the latter after the A slopes to the right, two spaces where the brick is missing then ONI..

Avalon in which case would refer to the sundial at Greenwich, England "Avalon".

There is an ancient temple to Apollo in the Black Sea, known as Snake Island, White (Leuke) Island,now under Bulgarian control, and allegedly another one at the Black sea mouth of the Danube very close to Odessa.

So possibly both locations are indicated, from ancient historical connections, which seem to one indicated by the Roman/Celtic motif of names/importat tradecentres.

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I've had a look at the designs of vertical sundials and their are certain anomalies in this one

Normally there is a 12 division grid denoting the twelve months.

However this grid has 18 divisions=6+6+6

666 in Celtic lore denotes Light of the sun,(not evil as such) but not its source, sort of, and is associated with the Roman Empire.

The metallic syructure that acts as the dial has a pyramaid shape emanating from an eight rayed

sun, with a blue disc at the centre,

The numerals normally run counterclockwise in sequence and denote the

hours between sunrise and sunset as seen at the sundial's location.

Six to six theoretically equals 6am to 6pm at the summer solstice.

Normally the full twelve numerals are used, but sometimes not

In this case only four are used

The star signs used are out of sequence-which must be deliberate-so they have another meaning.

The sundial itself is facing south east-why exactly?

Here's my hypothesis

The starsigns represent the cities on the list shown, or in a couple of cases locations.

Capricorn,the seagoat , ruled by Saturn at the Summer Solstice mark-St Petersburg.

St Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great in order to gain access to the

Baltic Sea.He was aided by the British Navy. Ithink-the Russian naval ensign is comprised of a Scottish St Andrew's cross on a background of a white cross with a red background.

St Peter's throne at the top?.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn in astrology

At numeral 9, Aries -London, Aries is the sign of the Ram-the Aryan Hyksos shepherd kings.

This area has Pisces the cold blooded fish (both symbolic of Jesus and the typical Pom)

and Aquarius, the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius being their project.

It may also be a refernce to the Fisher Kings

At numeral 10, Virgo-Paris and Lisbon as an axis.

Paris is centred on the Notre Dame cathedral, the Templars are absolutely

associated with the Cult of the Virgin, Notre Dame is in Paris,and they are known to have

gone to Portugal for sanctuary after their official disbandment.

It is coupled to Leo-the French Sun Kings, such as Louis XIV.

At numeral 11 Vienna

At numeral 12 Cancer-Rome and Venice partnered-spiritual and financial power.
Cancer is Mother Sea and the Moon.

Cancer is ruled by the moon in astrology.

Rome is the mother city partnered with St Peter.('sburg)

Gemini is the Twins (the old lozenge shape, rather than the modern two pillar shape)connecting  Rome and Istanbul-the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roam Empire bases joined.

The numeral One is at Taurus and points to Bagdad,Iraq, cradle of civilisation and home

to the bullking.

For some odd reason I missed Libra.

Libra is suppose to be an added sign, and I have come across the theory that it was added to substitute  Law (Libra) for Justice (Scorpio, which becomes almost literally demonized).

Scorpio , in the Eighth House represents sex, death, the occult and vengeance etc.and is opposite Virgo.

It is located in the direction of Moscow/Asia.

Sagittarius ,represents a horseback archer from the steppes-Mongolia?.

A couple of notes:

the line from St Petersburg runs through Prague and Munich to Turin.

The line from St Petersburg runs via the west coast of the Black Sea to Istanbul.

The line from St Petesrburg to Bagdad runs via the east coast of the Black Sea to Bagdad

The diagram-obviously-creates a triangle centered on the North and East coordinates given on the sundial.

I have an image to accompany this but  my brain is melting...so, later....Hope this works

<a href="http://s841.photobucket.com/user/KMRIA1/media/worldmap1_zps03274e28.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i841.photobucket.com/albums/zz339/KMRIA1/worldmap1_zps03274e28.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo worldmap1_zps03274e28.jpg"/></a>

Okay, that worked after a lot of swearing!

The lines on the map are not exactly perfect-my eyesight isn't what it used to be-but...!


An added: the vertical line on the cross formed by Sagittarius (N), Cancer (S) has Virgo (W) connecting with Scorpio (E)

through the equinox line.

The vertical line intersects at September/March which indeed mark the equinoxes.

The two Aprils is puzzling, but April/Aphrodite was the goddess of the fourth month.

(Other research says two riginal month, becoming four then the others added:)

The year began with Martius "March". Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome circa 700 BC, added the two months Januarius "January" and Februarius "February". He also moved the beginning of the year from Marius to Januarius and changed the number of days in several months to be odd, a lucky number. After Februarius there was occasionally an additional month of Intercalaris "intercalendar". This is the origin of the leap-year day being in February. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar (hence the Julian calendar) changing the number of days in many months and removing Intercalaris.

April -- Aphrodite's month

Old English April(is)
Latin Aprilis
Etruscan Apru
Greek Aphro, short for Aphrodite.

Aprilis had 30 days, until Numa when it had 29 days, until Julius when it became 30 days long.

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. She is identified with the Roman goddess Venus.

As a seasonal word "apru" means plant shooting.

Not all sure what this means in terms of symbolism but Virgo is connected by another line to Taurus,so perhaps indicates some underground event flowering-the underearth bull was also thought of as causing earthquakes.


Archaeologists Unearth Lost Temple of Apollo
Fri, May 10, 2013

The temple of the Hyperboreans in Leuce island (also known as Snake Island)
Leuke (Leuce) Island, consecrated to the god Apollo.

 As we have seen from the geographical data presented so far, the sacred island of Apollo was the same as the island consecrated to Achilles’ shadow after the Trojan War, at the time when Apollo’s cult had suffered a great defeat.
Finally, a number of other cities and commercial centers from the proximity of this island were named Alba,(old name of Scotland, same as Olbia,city of the Sakje/Scythians)

His name Apollo (Apple -Man) is understood to be derived from the Celtic word 'Abal' - apple ( as is Avalon).


Leuke Island is currently under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainians, but disputed by Bulgaria.


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Ok I am pushing this a bit now, I'm sure those that are following this thread have had a good look at the sundial photos the one with a the sun or star at the top centre. well guess what, I was looking back at the letter and the one address given in that letter I'm sure would not revel the place anyone connect with this puzzle actually lives, but was it a clue?

The small town is called Nepi, and when I googled Nepi I found an image in the town square that resembles the sun dial image!

Now what I wonder?





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The small town is called Nepi, and when I googled Nepi I found an image in the town square that resembles the sun dial image!

Now what I wonder?

Maybe this, which ties in with some  research I was doing on the Romans a while ago.

I may also be reaching and it may all be completely irrelevant but what the hell.

First comment is that because of TV, Hollywood, books both fiction and history,etc. there are a number of misconceptions about the Romans.

The biggest is that they brought civilization to barbaric Europe.

I won't even bother commenting on that.

Another is their political and religious beliefs.

Most people, I think, think that they had a pantheon of gods, more or less derived from the Greeks,added the deities of conquered peoples willy nilly, and only rejected Jewish  and Christian monotheism because Jews and Christians refused to worship a god emperor.

Well that's true (ish) but there is a whole substrata of Roman history that is overlooked.


Nepi (anciently Nepet or Nepete) is in what was Etruria.


"The greater part of Roman culture was inherited from the Etruscans and not from the Greeks. When the Etruscans conquered Rome, members of the Etruscan Tarquinius family became Roman kings. Later, the Romans managed to drive them out and conquered Etruria, and the Etruscans consequently became assimilated by the Latins. This did not hinder but furthered the Romans in taking over and learning the much higher culture of the Etruscans. 

When studied further, the Hungarian rovás numbers show much more similarity to the Etruscan runic numbers than to that of the Romans. "



The name Nepi derives from Nepeti "damp valley", there is an ancient sacred spring there dedicated to a pagan goddess.

It was also the location of a Borgia castle (?)



Nethun, the Etruscan deity  was equivalent to Neptune one of the only three Roman gods to whom it was appropriate to sacrifice bulls, the other two being Apollo (Etruscan Apulu) and Mars.

At the head of the pantheon was Tinia,(Tin-ia/Sin! T can comment on that) married to Uni/Thalna equivalent to Roman Juno and Phoenician Astarte.

The Etruscan equivalent of Greek Cronos or Roman  Saturn was:

Satre or Satres who occupies the dark and negative northwest region, and seems to be a "frightening and dangerous god who hurls his lightning from his abode deep in the earth."

He was god of time an necessity.

(The very early Roman churches blocked the  northern  walls of churches did they consider the general direction of N or NW to be inauspicious and S and SE as good?)

Saturn of course has that eight pointed star

Tarquinius Priscus.616-579 B.C. became the first Etruscan king of Rome.

So who were the Etruscans?

Herodotus wrote that they immigrated from Lydia to Italy around 12th century BC, because of a famine, he also called them Tyrrhenioi (Trojans)from the Tyrrhenian sea.

They had a mysterious origin until fairly recently.

But no more

The enigma of Italy's ancient Etruscans is finally unravelled


Jun 17, 2007 - DNA tests on their Italian descendants show the 'tuscii' came from Turkey.



Etruscans - Ancient Turks / Mediterranean Turanians of Eurasia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKFCs5m19pQ

"That the Etruscans were Turanians, and that they belonged to the North Turanian or Altaic branch of the Turanian stem, cannot be denied." (Victoria Institute (Great Britain), Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute, Or Philosophical Society of Great Britain, Band 10, BiblioBazaar, 2009, p.200)

"Working with linguistic evidence and etymological "method", Georgiev asserts that the Etruscans were none other than the Trojans, the legendary founders of Rome." (Philip Baldi, The foundations of Latin, Walter de Gruyter, 2002, p.111)

So  is this all about Trojans and whatever it is their descendants are doing in the region?

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  Thanks KMRIA, I'll read that in detail soon, in the meantime this belongs on both threads I feel


Analyzing all the data I have, here is a conclusion- conjecture that stands to be amended at any time more precise data becomes available.

Two different races of ETs have seemingly put aside their differences for a more common pressing event or need, that might require all there intellect or resources.

Maybe they consider looking after the human race for whatever reasons is more important than squabbling among themselves at least for the time being.

To my knowledge the Blues have never worked in conjunction with other ET races on planet earth before. Note I have stated on ‘earth’ before.

So it must be a biggy or else these Nordics are a race alone and not connected to other tall whites or tall blonds. Whatever it is could be war or could be geological upheavel they are doing something they have not done before.  

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