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CoEvolution - Nexus extracts thread

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I have the two hours but they are in 8 to 15 minute pieces throughout the day.... such is life at the moment... LOL

Who says women are the only ones that can multi task ..  :P

No can't download it with any of my downloaders and I do not want to give them an email to find they just give me a link. Will wait for you guys to critique it...

Just can't have it streaming on my system for that length of time..  :(

Thanks Blue

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yep I think Kerry has pulled it from free view, but that's her business, her site. Normally it would have been a pay to view broadcast anyway. Will become free to view again in a month or two is my guess.

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I was hoping to attach a paper here but it doesn't seem to want to work. I think you'll like this, if you haven't already seen all of it, some you would have. Sorry, you're going to have to do the search.

If anyone else can upload this, please do, it relates to much here at CHANI.

“Characteristics for the Occurrence of a High Current, Z-pinch Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity”

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One possible big picture scenario

This is a copy of a blog I have just posted on my web site http://coev.webs.com/

the Doco I refer to has also been posted on CHANI some days ago called Resonance: Beings of frequency I recommend you watch it.

A disclaimer, I don’t profess to know everything, there are actions and moves afoot by others I do not know about. I present what I do know and hope it helps you understand the big picture with a little more clarity, emphasis on the little.  The jigsaw puzzle is starting to give up its identity, slowly as I gather information from friends, the internet, and the occasionally well-made Documentary, such as that in the blog posted below, lost details which I should already be only to aware of, are starting to be restored.

“You would be better of returning to Earth space time and remembering nothing of your interactions with us” Was a recommendation from a senior Elder of the off planet group of beings I had just spent 10 days with.

“You have to be joking” was my reply “I have the event of a life time, or is that several life times, and you want me to return as a blank sheet of paper, not likely!”

But maybe the Elder was correct in his assumptions. What I didn’t know, couldn’t know, was alien interactees are treated as a joke on planet earth. Sure there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of charlatans who profess such meetings which might have happened in their own minds but did not happen with any sense of reality.

I didn’t know this information I had managed to retrieve from the almost total recall of my off planet adventure, would be of interest mostly only to me! For sure others less sincere had muddied the waters but what was even more covertly hidden from me in the early days, was the massive mind-fuck countless think tanks and other military type organizations had been unleashing on the general public since the 1950’s.

Millions of dollars had been spent on campaigns to ridicule alien interactions among the normal human residence of planet earth. All of the mainstream news outlets have blanked out credible sightings and interactions while promoting the less likely and easily discredited interactions. A mind game of colossal proportions chipping away at the reality of this phenomena. You know the story anyone that has been around this subject for more than 5 minutes knows the truth here.

So what was I told that might be of interest to you?

One question now comes back to haunt me, the significance of it was lost initially but now begins to bare fruit after a series of articles and Documentaries have come my way. 

I had asked this question very early on in my interaction with this very knowledgeable group of inter-galactic travelers “I have read about radio telescopes on earth searching for alien life in the cosmos but

as yet I believe nothing has been found, why is that?” 

The reply was simple. “The form of communication your scientists search for is seldom used by other races.”    I should have asked why, I now believe I know the WHY.

We use microwave technology in almost all our long range communication devices. Why don’t other more advanced races use this form of technology?

Answer, it’s not biologically compatible! 


hat might seem like a short answer but it has massive implications. Once again watch the Doco in my blog below this one.

Not biologically compatible, then who would want to use this form of communication?

Simple answer, non-biological life forms!

In short AI (artificial intelligences)maybe the Borg are for real?

Now we have opened a can of worms like you could not imagine. What non-biological life forms?  has to be your next question.

The ones that are sitting in with the military industrial complex in the good old USA, that’s who.

Some call them the Grays, but I’m not sure. They could be another form of inter-dimensional entity trying to interface full time with our reality, ever heard of the ‘Archons’ from the Nag Hommadi Codices? If not you need to google them and read up on this subject. 

This is not the only piece of information that sent me on this track of investigation.

When the Elders come to earth they need to screen themselves off from the pollution of our microwave technology, they live in a type of faraday cadge. I should have delved more deeply into the need for that while I had the chance also.  Was it for the same reason? Microwaves unravel the genesis of the DNA code. Any highly evolved race would know this and perhaps be more sensitive to its effects. 

Is there a battle taking place on earth right now?

Is there an attempt to de-engineer biological life in favor of AI.

Is that what chem-trails are all about?

Is that what Morgallins is all about?

Just read the papers, when is the last time you ever read any good news about good old fashioned biological entities, like natural food,  natural medicines, restored rain forests, unpolluted water, and clean air?

Then start reading up on Nano-technology.

More info soon, this is an on going quest. 

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as just posted here in the shout box.

“Much like fluoride, lithium alters the brain’s normal production of serotonin and norepinephrine, which in turn artificially alters the way an individual thinks and how he or she feels about a given situation. Lithium is literally a mind-altering, antidepressant chemical substance that those promoting it openly admit modifies brain function. And yet they purport that forcibly inducing these chemical changes on the unwitting populations of the world is a good and acceptable idea.”

yet another way to turn thinking people in Robots!

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Earth Arrival 2013 3D Alien UFO Animation on Vimeo

I know I shouldn't be pushing products or services here but this gift was just sent to me by a friend and you have to love it!  A look-alike Haven landing site taken from the theme of Coevolution.

anyone want any magic 3D animation for a company product please give Tim Dawe a call at mitewad@tpg.com.au

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For those that might have missed this interview from a month ago on project camelot, it is now back up. It's not great, we seem to have had some form of interference from somewhere or something! but what needed to be said did get said in the end.

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If you truely have an open mind I recommend you forward to 46min into this video for Graham Hancock's take on the Archons and their interaction with human spirit on planet earth.

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If you truely have an open mind I recommend you forward to 46min into this video for Graham Hancock's take on the Archons and their interaction with human spirit on planet earth.

thanks Blue ET, what a mind-expanding presentation, love it!

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If you wish to hear reptilian speech, go watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Here's an extract from Matrix V book 1

I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets this weekend. It’s a very well done movie. I was interestingly surprised to hear an Orion reptilian dialect used in the film. The words that Harry speaks to the snake and to open the chamber portals are spoken by real Orion reptilians. This dialect is used by Orion reptilian on Earth when talking to each other in the ‘mother tongue’. If you were able to glean that from the film, you may have also intuited that this is a higher dialect used by the royals, hence its connection to control and to use power with these sounds.

Harry used these words on the snake to control it, yet the other students thought he was urging the snake to strike. This is part of the mystery for non-reptilians hearing reptilian speech. Pay attention to it when you watch the film. It is really excellently done.

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And she said.

“You are resistant, immune, this means nothing to you but to us it is everything. You do not know how many have gone before, tested, but not immune to the one thing that has always been our nemesis on planet prime (earth)

Now there are several, you will meet with them your grouping will allow us to progress so that soon my kind will live among you my brother.

The one who was mostly responsible for your existence as an earthling you have met. She is very proud of you, one day soon, even though she has told you different, she will reside back on earth with you. 

When this happens you have good reason to become excited, for we will be there also. Perhaps in the not to distance earth future you will once again see the results of all this even though you and I will not meet again you will see my brothers and sisters.

We have always been protecting prime, for it is our future home. Do not believe the stories of war 

We do not fight humans as we do not fight our brothers and sisters, only your kind do that.

Let your eyes see the sun do not hide from a friend.

Zeena’s last words to me.

(and so I wonder when I see an asteroid heading for earth destoyed buy an unkown object, something akin to a UFO, I just wonder who was driving it?)

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(and so I wonder when I see an asteroid heading for earth destoyed buy an unkown object, something akin to a UFO, I just wonder who was driving it?)

Now why am i laughing out loud with a big grin on my face reading that? ;D

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Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty have been a hotbed of unusual aerial activity, with multiple sightings of strange phenomena in the region's skies.

On Monday or Tuesday night on October 29 or 30, at least four people at the Challenge petrol station on Malfroy Rd witnessed five glowing orbs move slowly across the road toward Sunset Rd for about 30 seconds before they disappeared behind trees.

A Challenge petrol station employee, who only wanted to be known as Michelle, said she and at least three others watched the orbs, which appeared about 8pm just before dark.

"A customer came in and asked 'can you see that?', we were all wondering what was going on.

"They were all perfectly round with a larger orange-coloured orb leading about four smaller orbs all in a line about the same distance apart. They were moving on an angle before they disappeared behind some trees."

Michelle said the glowing orbs were in the sky about 200m to 300m away from the service station forecourt and they watched them for about 30 seconds

"There's no way they were lights from a plane, they were too big and were not flashing. Our first thought was it was something military but there was no noise and they were just floating there.

"We were all a bit freaked out but we weren't imagining things. I'm not one to sensationalise things ... I was reading the paper every day to see if anyone else had seen them."

Michelle said they all knew they had seen something strange but she had not talked about it since.

"People might think I'm a bit mad, but I was in the air force and I know what an aeroplane looks like," she said.

In another recent sighting, a Lake Tarawera resident who wished to remain anonymous, said he photographed a bright orange orb as it slowly moved across the lake about two months ago.

The man, who lives on Spenser Rd, said he and his wife watched a colourful floating orb for about five minutes before it floated off to the right of Rainbow Mountain heading toward Tauranga.

"We saw it heading from roughly a southern position heading north low in the sky. It appeared to be a rotating ball with varying colours. It was not along any flights paths that I see airplanes on either.

"It continued going north at a steady, relatively slow speed, so I had time to get out the camera but unfortunately the picture isn't that great."

The man said he was left with a strange feeling he had seen something out of the ordinary.

During a number of separate sightings this month a rural Rotorua resident filmed what he described as a "blinking ufo object and big bright sphere object" as well as a "bright light ufo, strange skies ufo and fireballs".

The man uploaded his films to the video sharing website YouTube identifying himself as horsefarmer1000.

In one of the videos there is also an obvious meteor shower at the end and satellites in the sky. But, there are some floating, flashing lights in the videos which do not look like an aeroplane or helicopter.

One of the videos has had more than 3280 views with the filming taking place on November 4 and November 8.

Horsefarmer1000 declined to be interviewed by The Daily Post but links to his films were sent to New Zealand UFO investigation organisation Ufocus NZ.

Ufocus director Suzanne Hansen said she had watched the videos but said without speaking to the person it was difficult to say what was going on.

"I did not see anything that could not be explained in conventional terms.

"If people believe they have captured a UFO on film, we are able to send it to the United States for photographic data analysis with either a physicist and optical data analyst, or a retired Nasa scientist, who assist Ufocus NZ in our work.

"We think this is a more credible way of ascertaining its veracity than posting it on YouTube."

However, Ms Hansen said the organisation had received some very detailed sighting reports in the Rotorua/Tauranga/Kaimai area in the past year.

"In December 2011 we received a report from a small group of witnesses who observed an object, which was not an aircraft, which came to within 15m of their position and "followed" them for a couple of kilometres.

"In March of this year, we received a report from a scientist who had a similar experience at a Northland beach and who provided an identical description to that given by the December 2011 witnesses.

She said in June, a person onboard an aircraft approaching Tauranga from Rotorua saw a silver/white disc-shaped object at a low altitude above the treetops and in July a retired commercial pilot saw a large silver spherical object accompanied by two white/silver V shaped objects over Tauranga Harbour.

Ms Hansen said there had been numerous reports in the Bay of Plenty and throughout the country, of very large orange balls of light.

"It is interesting to note that when the December 2011 witnesses first sighted an anomalous light, it was a large orange orb. As it came closer they were able to see the object within this orange glow.

"At close proximity the object had "switched off" the glow and the witnesses were able to see considerable detail."

Ms Hansen said the organisation had received more UFO sighting reports this year than in any other year.

If you have had an encounter or sighting of a UFO you can contact Ms Hansen here.

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And more sightings from the south Island this week.

Several West Coast residents have claimed to have seen strange and unexplained lights in the night sky over the past week.

On Saturday night, Russell Adams was cutting his grass when he saw the lights in the general direction of the aerodrome. He grabbed his wife, and his camera to capture them.

Since then another sighting has been reported to the Greymouth Star.

In each instance the aero club has said there were no aircraft flying at the time.

Mr Adams said he saw four lights over about 10 minutes and early today, Shakespeare St man Robert Caldana saw a light through his laundry window about 2.20am.

It was towards the sea in the direction of South Beach.

His wife Linda also witnessed the event saying it was different from satellites and shooting stars, changing colour, and apparently hovering. Her husband saw it red, but when she looked it was green and blue.

She called it a UFO, but said today she did not mean it was a Martian - just an unexplained object.

"I was not frightened, it was 'wow'.''

A third woman, Conna Katie Cameron, posted on a public Facebook page that she saw a UFO on the coast road near Charleson and Fox River about 1am on Wednesday.

Someone suggested it was a police Iroquois helicopter doing an annual drug sweep, but she said she did not hear any engine noise.

Sergeant Russell Glue, who ran the operation, confirmed today the Iroquois was not in the air after dark.

It has also been suggested the lights were reflections from squid boats bouncing off the clouds, but the Caldanas said this did not match what they saw. Squid boats use bright lights to attract the squid.

Hokitika airport also confirmed today it was not aware of any night flights.

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