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New Type of Crop Field Phenomenon

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I was stunned to see series of new format of crop circles that are not circles any longer.

The shapes are chaotic yet I felt oozing vital energy coming out of them...


Sorry if it was posted somewhere already.

The video is from 2012.


latest crop circle 2013 Salo Italy crop circle predicts global baptism rites 2013


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I know the orthodox crop circles can contain many info even if they appear simple, but later it developed into more than geometrical shapes as the whole image (like the gray pic appeared).

It went on like that for most of 30 years til today.


I just wondered if the messengers got shite with us because WE ARE GETTING NOWHERE with the way they were trying to communicate, so changed the way they use the image???

The erosion seem to have enormous amount of info, and reminds me of sonar images.


I'd love to see if there is ANY areas on sonar data of sea floor matches with the images we were given...


But that's a superficial approach, I also feel.

The changing depth of erosion would be 3D info, I think.


The ridges may be able to employ musical sound representation.


There are heck a lot of things we should really look into I feel.

I have no idea if there are more info on this type of crop field phenomenon out there.

I'd appreciate if anyone can add to this stuff, though I will dig some info myself. ;)

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