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ORMUS: as tiny cell phones in every living cell -Lynne McTaggart

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Review of The Field by Lynne McTaggart


With the ORMUS elements I think we can demonstrate a system of instantaneous communication that takes place between all living things and, perhaps, even with spirit.

It helps me to think of the ORMUS materials as tiny cell phones in every living cell. When the ORMUS elements are depleted, by modern chemical agriculture and food preparation technology, these cell phones behave as if their batteries are weak and their antennas are broken. This means that they can only reach to the cell next door but cannot maintain continuous coherent communication with the cells in your big toe, for example.

When we eat foods grown in soil where the ORMUS elements have been replaced by the addition of paramagnetic rock dust or ocean water precipitate it is like they go into these cell phones; recharging their batteries and repairing their antennas so that coherent communication can take place between all of the cells of the body. It is like the small signal power of each cell phone is reinforced by resonance with the signal of every other cell phone so that instead of a single five-watt phone you have a trillion watt transmitter capable of communicating with the farthest reaches of the universe instantaneously.

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