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Any thoughts on the Gods message found on Mars?

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I gotta agree with porters... Not only that the format and use of the article seems to be to slam god in your face. Like a parent showing you pictures of their kids forcefully... Just my opinion.

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Shhhh, shhhh, quiet... do you hear that? It's the sound of pure and utter BS! XD


I'm not sure if the maker of that article intended it to be a satire or if they're some religious nut trying to hit us over the head with his fake bible, but there is NO WAY anyone with half a brain could actually believe this :P


Think about it, unless the Mars mission included someone making these tablets on Earth and sending them to Mars to be "found", there's no way tablets of the ten commandments WRITTEN IN ANY KNOWN EARTH LANGUAGE would be there.


You know why? Because they are on MARS. If there were any written tablets of anything on Mars, wouldn't it stand to reason that they'd be written in Martian? I'm not even kidding. If it's an alien world, which Mars is, because DUH, then any writings on that world would be specific to that world, and have nothing to do with Earth languages!  


Also, this is the conspiracy theory nut in me talking, but if NASA did find any proof of civilization on Mars, they sure as heck wouldn't tell us about it :P


Sorry for the long-winded reply, guys, but that article... XD it just brought out all the Rant in me :P

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