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P's I do not think Chaos has greater power but what I do think is that combined energy/thinking in any situation considered to be good or bad increases that energy.  For me, it would be the same with a situation that combines people in a good vibration/feeling/thinking and the more people that take on that positive energy, the more the positve situation increases.  However the MSM does not promote anything which could build the good energy and they just focus on the chaos of life hoping for everyone to take that on board and increase the fear, negativity, hopelessness.


There are no good or bad events - just events - and it is necessary to have two sides to everything as this creates balance.  It is how we react to those events that makes them good or bad in our own personal judgement of it.  One should try to remain neutral in all situations.  Yes, that means we dont often feel the full elation of joy but then by contrast we are not affected by the full affects of sadness/fear/depression.


One does not have to be relentless in avoiding harm, one only needs to be relentless in remaining balanced and neutral no matter what - living in each moment as the now.


All souls have passed through the 'lower than human' levels of existance and many animals close to humans actually use that experience to work their way towards a human incarnation.  Many shamans can shape shift into other animals, especially their totam animal but it is not a downgrading it is an upgrade for them to be able to exist in the animal form for a period of time to do whatever it is they need to do in that moment.


There is pain associated with changes to human energetic levels and if we truly are mutating our etheric bodies into a 4th and 5th frequency and vibration then those changes will bring physical pain but we are never given more in life than we can handle - or so they say :wub:

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well said 

or well expressed Jessica 

reason why i ask such questions is out there in nature and inside our minds there are connecting<>disconnecting as colors 

and in between there are some kinds of wars to expel or to eat take over a territory and so on 


but i agree there can also be sentient beings that totally peaceful but in order to understand peace one must understand war ? 

or thats at least how we on earth portray reality 


i have grown a bit to realize if one fights something it'll only grow bigger like adding fire to fire although i must have heard it thousand times 

but once one goes through it and see it around one begins to understand more deeper if it is done neutrally i suppose 


another question 


has any one of you guy's and gal's have gone through regression ? 

i don't mind if one doesn't want to go to personal detail but how does one go through ? 

i know we are all different but tips could become handy 

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has any one of you guy's and gal's have gone through regression ? 

i don't mind if one doesn't want to go to personal detail but how does one go through ? 

i know we are all different but tips could become handy 


Firstly you need to have a person who you have built trust with to guide you through the journey from a psychological point of view. Imagine if you did it on your own and regressed to a transition point such as birth or death physically it would be like feeling the bullets hit you from an agent in the matrix (the mind does not realise its a matrix to the mind its very real so real you live it) But a guide can keep you in an observational mode both mentally and physically.


To do regression the CLINICAL hypnotherapist has to be very very careful not to lead you or allow you to create thoughts that are to satisfy what the patient thinks is expected of them etc. It is difficult to do properly and small groups of very experienced therapist work with each other on specific areas of benefit for this particular therapy whether they believe or not is not the issue because clinically they have to be sceptical and scientific at all times.  Another reason therapists work collectively on these therapies is the levels of hypnosis that have to be reach and considering there are well over 30 specific documented levels and regression is very well down the list. It takes several session to reach these levels safely.


Having said all that some truly amazing things have been documented and witnessed.  


I am sure you can do some research into regression inductions to give you an idea of what is done. Each induction should be tailored specifically to the patient and becomes a psychological island of safety in the sea of consciousness ...

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some thoughts entered my mind today and i didn't know where or who to ask 

so if any 1 has some versions of answers much gratitude

if not thanks for reading !


why has chaos greater power ?

in order to avoid harm does one has to be relentless ?

as animals builds immune systems

and get or become

ruthlessly neutral in order to see other light for other similar kinds?






why has chaos greater power ? 


could it be the swirling rotaing thing thing that  has/is depicted 

like the swastika sign and we are/were the other earth "proton"

there are many talks of earth 2 and perhaps we are on the more negative throttling towards lighter spheres

i believe to get the energy rolling one has to have two polar  sides like north and south pole 

to get it moving maybe like a magnet 

could this explain why we are so powerful in mind but so fragile in flesh ? 

(are so powerful... maybe i mean as humans as a whole ) 


i am asking because one can't a way without the other as some sayings says


i wondered also why they say it would be too painful 

for us humans to get through regression 

is it because we once had might be animal ?

i read in bits of literature that higher beings could transform 

one to lower beings some way or the other

read the Pan-All thread concerning the swirly swastika thingy

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when i was a kid and i have travelled with my family every year 

and in some of those trips late a t night (in greenland late at night is all sunny day) 

i could sense a being and i used to see his shadow over at our tent 

sometimes first up north then he would walk to east side of the tent and then to 

and this has happened a couple of times 


with the stuff sleep paralysis around the internet

i had many of those in my teens

sometimes i would pop out from my body walk around inside the house 

see the clock walk back get into my body somehow go out my room 

see the clock and it was just like i saw it

sometimes not that direct and aware sometimes more blurred 

more dreamy sometimes crystal clear 


and one time 


i remember i woke up all around me was just like it was 

but i could see it wooshing around although it was still 

but everything around was like a wind the wind around was hauling 

but it was still 

i could feel the wall the house and the air around me 



the biggest scare in my younger years was to meet my self 

i would walk over the street scared to meet myself and i still don't know why 

still haven't seen similar fears or phobias


anyone knows why or had similar ?


about those sleep paralysis 

i wanted to ask anyone who knows about how to harmonize energies

or is it because one is in a negative state and when is harmonized one can better cope with such states? 

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