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Giants on Earth

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Oh damn! Pity we can't just watch those vids anymore. But I'm sure someone else would upload on YT later, whether the exact copy or not...sorry for the copyright owners but then again, I truly appreciate the chance that we can study the materials without coughing up $s. Without knowing the quality of the materials, I honestly can't pay to view....I think YT might better off organising numerous internet funds so people can chuck donations at the vid they liked.


Anyway, along with the Giant theme....


I was revisiting the TWIN PEAKS recently.

I'm flabbergasted over so many info intertwined into the series (and the movie was dropping very important jigsaw puzzle pieces for us).

I was informed by a friendly alien group that this David Lynch's work is associated with a faction...in a positive way! I went WHAT and that's why I revisited them. And I went Ohhhhhh I seeeeeeeee when I finished watching 2016 series.

Well, you will see owls and deer here and there. It means it's Anunnaki based.

And a GIANT appears to help Special Agent Cooper. Giant also connects to Anunnaki faction.

Did you watch the 2016 series of it? "See you in 25 years time" was certainly followed up.


.......The series was showing the Anunnaki faction FIGHTING BACK NASTY ones invading Earth.

The entire story is connecting to the A-bomb experiment which caused split in the fabric of time/dimension around here.

That caused time line to get mixed up and the nasty beings coming through and affecting us, the Humanity, through the ripped membrane of our world.

The Anunnaki faction is shown to manage that effect and stop nasty beings coming through....

The ones that slipped through and influencing humans in very negative ways use sacrifices, torture, mind controlling etc etc, bad stuff.

That's where the general population get stuck their evaluation on the series. They don't understand the deep conspiracy theory as much as we do here and think the series was for "Drug, Sex, and Abuse" being the main theme of the story. 

No it wasn't that shallow to wrap up the lot with those 3 elements. It went far deeper than that.

Loads of people think Anunnaki being bad and nothing else.

But now we know the BREAK AWAYs are trying to do the right thing by with us, the Humans.

I gather that the series was of Break Away people's intention to release more info from their point of views.

The older, 1st series was filled with very juicy information for us, too.

Showing us "How To Get To The Truths" by CREATING synchronicity.  

Check the Episode 4. I was dumbfounded when I saw it. Far more explicit than that of Mothman Prophecy.

Though we must be on guard so we won't get fooled ever again, I think I can safely say that there are people who want to help us. 

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L.A.Marzulli has his own videos about Giants,  I take it, the guy who made this video took Marzulli's info and used it as his own without giving credit, so the info is still out there. 

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6 Fingered Androgynous Creator Gods All Over the World...and more!

First of all, I'm writing about something other than content of the vid first...as another Truther, I felt I need to make sure everyone knows what's going on.

The vid was originally Megalithomania people's presentation.

ZHE has been grubbing all the choice vids by getting them under their name, and NexEd's conference vids are also included...... They were throwing a major fancy party with loads of important people in our fields, and I just am very wary of them....something really does NOT add up IMHO. They have loads of money, and they are quietly acquiring the massive number of important vids. Earlier on, they used to keep the original titles. Now as you can see in this vid........the title being changed, flagged right at the beginning it's ZHE's possession. 

I am watching their movements and please be advised....these guys seem to have some agenda by sweeping all "famous" and very insightful vids under their name. 

I have no idea if they would remove the lot under the copyright later, or delete the lot from the net....if that ever happens, we are at loss.

If you can DL the vids, great. Anything worthwhile info, please start DL them, so we never lose such info from our reach...!


Now to the content, 6 fingered images galore!! Breath taking to see so many images from around the world have polyductyl shapes and that connects to the Giants.

And I suspect the number of polyductyl people appearing in RH(-) blood liners vs RH(+) blood liners, probably RH(-) got heaps more of people with 6 fingers appearing. Many may only have one hand, or on toes but not hands, etc etc, maybe not complete sets as the original 6 fingered beings did. But I think there'd be more plausibility of the Blue Blood Liners to have 6 fingers. 

I used to know a RH(-) girl with 6 fingers that she went to op to remove the extra digits. She also has extra cervical bones in her neck, too.

I got intrigued by the Easter Island's BIRDMEN. Hybrid bird faced and carrying 6 fingers. Etruscan with 6 Fingers do make sense with me, too, but I had never known an image actually existed. I was told that Etruscans were alien-hybrids before, so more evidence to that story IMHO.

Lots of Aboriginal art with 6 fingered creation gods paintings are shown in the vid, too! I really enjoyed this vid for sure!



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@unity  strange things going on w/youtube users.  Many thefts of original content being stolen by others, and used as their own, with the fake ones getting monetization for the original content that is not theirs.  Dr. Dave Janda for one, and Sean from SGT Report, being two of those having that problem.  I noticed that at about 30 minutes in, the talk went to Ancient Aust. and wondered if any of that content was Nex's  

I think you are on the right track with the RH - factor.  I'd been having other convos about  O - RH  just recently, in particular, and learned that the Mexican population has a high incidence of O - RH factor,  so when he started speaking about Mexico, SW USA, Spain,  etc., it got my attention right quick like.  At about 14:20 in, then 6 minutes later, South American countries are mentioned, and all of these would have Spanish influence.  I don't quite know why, but O - RH  really gets my interest.  Intuition tells me that whatever gene creates that particular blood type is important.  Moreso than any others.  Yes, he went on about places all over the world - 6 fingers/toes, but is it possible they all come from that one gene?  A God gene?  Is it possible that all those with that anomaly had it, were created with it?  Then of  course I always end up remembering the Aco conversation about those having a certain gene  would be safe, those without would not be.  Supposedly, that blood type also cannot be cloned or artificially created and the royals all have it.  I haven't personally verified that, so take it with a grain of salt. RH neg keeps coming into my conciousness, at the strangest times, and that must be for a reason.  O-  RH especially interests me, even though it's not the rarest type.

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