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Blue ET

cosmic energy and how to stop it!

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From the shout box.

Seeing the topic of cuttings one’s hair off to negate the ability to sense delicate earth energies and other aspects of life on earth, is it any wonder how keen certain entities might be to cut down as many trees as possible to stop earth from doing the same.

As I write this up I am reminded of an article I wrote a few years ago about other sensitive areas of the earth and how some may have attempted to shut those down as well, for the same reason no doubt.

19.47 deg Lat.

  Those that have studied the work of Richard Hoagland and friends will know the significance of this latitude on a globe like the planet earth. The Yucatan Peninsula also frames this latitude and is doted with Mayan City complexes like Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and a dozen others, these are no ordinary cities, the central pyramids are built to a mathematical code that suggested they know where they stand on this planet, they were designed by people that knew the earth so well their locations are keyed to the Great Pyramid at Giza, there is much more to all this than meets the eye. (See work of Carl Munck) These complexes and the people that lived within them were charged with the sacred task of balancing the negative energy that occasionally came steaming from a device deep within the gulf, a job they did so well, like their previous brothers and sisters the little understood Olmec, until they too were almost wiped from the face of the globe by the Spanish invaders and other earlier mysterious forces that have never been recorded in our history books.

Science or Geology will tell us 65million years ago a giant asteroid slammed into or very close to this mysterious latitude, it actually created the Golf of Mexico as we recognize it today. It fractured the earth’s surface at that location and honey combed it both on the surface and underwater. The Yucatan Peninsula is famous today for its amazingly large sinkholes caused by the above event, many of which are tourist attractions in their own right, I should know I’ve now seen them with my own eyes. These also make up some of the largest underwater caves know to man which attract divers from around the world, but something very strange lies beneath the waters of the Golf of Mexico, not only oil I am told, and not all the drilling rigs in the golf are after the black gold.

Nobody knows for sure if the meteor strike right at the heart of the Earth at that point (19.47deg) was deliberate of not, it was just to far back in our history for any records to remain, of course I am referring to alien records. But the suspicions are very high and appear to be proven, let me explain why that might be.

The earth, a living entity, is sensitive in many areas of its surface but 19.47 deg lat points are extremely sensitive because this is a breathing point of the heart cell if you like, a charka point, this is where the earth communicates with dimensional realms we can only imagine, but they most likely reach back to the core of the galaxy and also mother sun. They are also connected to our evolutionary path just as much as those of our planet.

If someone ever wanted to try and arrest the evolutionary progress of the earth and or the human race one of the best places to plant a blocking device would be anywhere on the globe close to 19.47 degree latitude north or south, north being the best bet because it has most always housed the greatest population. One can only wonder are there more of these devices somewhere else?


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Interesting post Blue_ET.

However, while I DO agree to the significance of the 19.47 lat resonance zones for multipurpose useage, I do NOT believe it is even remotely possible to arrest the REAL evolutionary progress of humans or the planet.

Mind control, mood control, loosh harvesting etc - sure - but nothing stops you existing, and if you exist, you AUTOMATICALLY develop/learn/grow.  It is impossible not to. 

I believe that 'mankind' took a deliberate excursion into exploring 'the darkness/negativity' and has gone further, quicker than anyone else dared to go.  Only the bravest souls come to this planet - for it is here that we truly help make the unknown become known.

I don't believe in any threats to anyone or anything.  I believe in change. 

Understand change and threats are seen for what they really are - possibilities.

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Also think of bezerk and how it ties into this asteroid collision and the gulf....makes sense..

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:rolleyes: we see evidence in both tropics of Cancer and Capricorn of ancient civlizations. Once on Mexico City I was having dinner in a restaurant where there was a very old tiled mural of a Lizard Annuki coming out of the water. It made me wonder about underground cities and clearly this is very likely.The question of if a dimming source being planted is an obvious one! Of cpurse this is the case and quite likely in all major cities in the world and elsewhere. How to stop it? Simple...we raise our vibration and set up the same thing at the Schuman resonance le

oy. Truely these transmitters can be adapted to be helpful to oir growth. This is of course the challenge. For those who know how to adjust these frequencies, I strongly encourage a change of course and remember that we must respect the hosts of this planet for it will be they who carry the domino effect to its destination.

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