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Great mind think a like, breezy! I was thinking of posting the exact page here.(≧▽≦)

But here are what I want to share. Sorry the screenshots are not crisp but hope you can get the gist of the images.

SUN PILLAR: you can only grasp it when all the conditions works together, so it's a rare sight.

Images taken in Japan by Toshitaka Nakanishi. All rights reserved under his name.







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Some Are Pretty, Some Are...LOL

These are called "Flapjack" and does look like it's trying to rub face and certainly really cute!

And here's it's cousin....lol

Kinda reminds me of lots of things....like Sumerian statues to a character out of an anime series etc.


Here's a Dumbo.


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Humanity Doing The Best In The Games...And Uniting Afterwords

This was what happened in Russia over the World Cup for football. So it's in Russia.

The guys singing together are; a Senegalese supporter who was filming it, and others are Japanese supporters.

They were singing an Anime tune from "ONE PIECE" (a famous Japanese anime), and currently the footage is appreciated widely in Japan for the Senegalese supporter's love for the Anime tune.

It was filmed AFTER Senegal vs Japan game. Both sides fought full on, and the game was 2-2 tie.

Isn't this The OLYMPIC SPIRIT?

We lacked the Olympic Spirit in the Olympics for decades, because Geopolitics waged into it.

The focus left from "the Humanity sharing opportunity to get to know one another, come closer, by athletes competing and their supporters mingling with other supporters".

I really believe we have nature to admire ANYONE doing their best of the best to achieve high standards without cheating anything at all, and we all respect the people who made it to the high standard REGARDLESS OF WHERE THE PERSON CAME FROM. 

There's NO BORDER in our nature to respect people like that.

Please remember ↑this, and share the idea with others, if it rings with you.....because when I explained this bit to other people in Oz, even strangers went into the real "AHA" moment after hearing it. Their facial expressions were stunners. Awesome to see.

I take it because it's the TRUTH.

There's no division among us about respecting people who are highly expert on something.

Wasn't that the main point to appreciate in the Olympics?---that we all can agree on something so we all can feel that we are one.

Humanity, let's UNITE. We are ONE.

Tweet (c) Sulo 2018   THANK YOU Sulo, for sharing such a wonderful footage with all of us! Japan loves you!


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Islands Lost In Time


Enjoy and to think these beautiful places still exist.  Tx Landdownunder

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