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april 30th 2013,

"I am excited to announce that my latest paper, Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, a document four years in the making, has passed peer review and is now published in the Physical Review and Research International Journal, at ScienceDomain International. Although simple mathematically, as the algebra mostly expresses geometric relationships, the paper has deep significance to physics and profound meaning to our understanding of ourselves and the universe…

I am in the midst of writing a complementary manuscript for the layperson to describe step by step the implications of each section of the technical paper. Stay tuned for the release of this article very soon. As well a wonderful 20 minute documentary is being produced walking you through the journey from the cosmological to the quantum world. Click here to view the trailer. I believe that this may be a pivotal moment in our understanding of the inner workings of nature and I’m delighted to be able to bring it to you. Please help us share it far and wide."

At the basis of Haramein’s research is a bold prediction about the charge radius of the proton, which was recently verified by experiment. Less than a month after Haramein sent his paper to the Library of Congress, the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland released a new measurement for the size of the proton, confirming Haramein’s prediction.

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