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2013 - THE FUSE YEAR (Part Two)

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Part Two: Reasons why 2013 has to be the Fuse Year.

Before I start I want to clarify the distinction between The Researchers and The Rubicon team.

The Researchers:

Those scientists and researchers who worked at the facility and was part of the CHANI Project between 1994-1999. They worked with the CHANI device. They didn't themselves have any telepathic contact or channeling abilities. They only used the CHANI device for contact and communication.

(NOTE 1: There was no "possession" of a child or any occult partaking etc. The Chani mother, daughter, family profiles were part of Topic Compilations by Rubicon to serve as a vehicle/tool to introduce sensitive/controversial/contentious topics, covered in the CHANI transcripts, into the overall narrative of the "me tel u" thread.

NOTE 2: Although it was clear from the transcripts that there were initial disagreement about the Entity's status the Entity was, in the final analysis, not seen as an Alien, Extra-Terrestrial, Spirit whether evil or good etc but rather an advanced "human being" from a different parallel Earth on a timeline that was going to

1) collide with ours;

2) then merge/share for a period of time with ours(Fuse Year, in which the Entity saw us and the timeline source of his predictions);

3)  and then ultimately move through and separate from ours. )

The Rubicon Team:

Us (me and my colleagues) that worked on the Reveal between 2006 and the end of 2009.

The predictions, sometimes(later) the Entity described them as calculation probabilities, didn't come all at once or together during the comms sessions, they we're spread out over the period 1994-1999 while the communication(comms) were active. During the last few months of the comms the Entity did present the Researchers with Revisions, some of which the Researchers asked for more clarification on but didn't get any in time before the comms stopped (lost contact). Posts I made late in 2009 on the thread included some of those shortly before Rubicon shelved the Reveal.

The purpose of the prediction part of the comms was to give the Researchers an indication of when the fuse year would occur in the timeline the Entity observed us. I want to make it clear that the Entity was very persistent in saying that if these things (and both the Researchers and us/Rubicon assumed he meant at least most of them) don't happen that we shouldn't believe him. Meaning he calculated the incorrect parallel timeline. We have to assume that there are an infinite number of parallel timelines running concurrently.

A Personal Note: Keep in mind that Rubicon shelved the Reveal when at the end of 2009 there were still no definite correlation. They came to the conclusion and accepted that the Entity and Elders calculations of our timeline were wrong. So if it turns out in the end that I've let everyone on a wild goose chase, I apologize and you can flame me later :)

It's only been due to my stubbornness, a natural bias towards the Entity and because of some cross over intel when BEZERK came along that have kept me from letting go. Because I worked for so long and intently with the transcripts and material I kind of fell in love with the Entity. This forum is an attempted tribute from me to The Entity to avoid this remarkable interaction being lost in history.

It was Rubicon (myself and the team) who picked and decided which would be the most appropriate to start the "me tel u" thread on GLP.

The Individuals mentioned all pertain to Global political figures.

The Events pertain to scenarios with global geological/climate/Solar impact and worldwide awareness/news.

So, the "thatcher will stroke be4 15 may" is very specific. Both the Researchers and Rubicon concluded this refers to Margret Thatcher (Global political figure). It does not refer to any other Thatcher or Comet Thatcher etc.

With Thatcher's, death by stroke, there's no other year in our reality/timeline left for the fulfillment. This is a direct hit, so for all intents and purposes 2013 has to be last year that could possibly be the Fuse Year.

Add to this all the perimeter dots that have so far connected this year alone (see Breezy's post below), this IS the Fuse Year. In my view all the speculation is done and dusted. This is IT.

The series of post's to follow below was compiled by Breezy. I want to thank her for all her hard work and research in documenting and connecting some of the perimeter dots. I really appreciate it Breezy.  :)


2013 - THE FUSE YEAR (Part Three)

What to expect during the Fuse Year (merging of the parallel Time lines) and NO it's not all bad.

2013 - THE FUSE YEAR - Q&A (Part Four)



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Hits  and a couple possible hits by entity that have taken place in 2013

First let us remember, the entity was in contact through a Cern like facility between the years 1994 until 1999, when at y2k time contact was lost. However, the information was not released until March of 2008  some 13 years AFTER the contact started, and 9 years after it ended.  The entity stated that he had no understanding of our time...our line time, this was stated several times right at the very start of the release. FROM Mar 15, 2008 regarding confusion about lines of time..

my time is al now

your line time colide with our time

your time have past and future

me not know why u have double time

eye am now time 15 may

me not hiher dimension just difrent dimension

me on constant time u on period time

eye can cee yor time begin and end

OK...I will leave that right there, just showing the confusion over time lines which continued for many pages/posts/days

I have wanted to do a post for a while now about how many hits it appears the entity has gotten right in 2013 especially. My question is how the heck could he do this from so many years ago, unless it was exactly as he said...that he was from our earth, but in a different time...one where he was always in the now, and never in the past or future as we have.  He stated he saw our past and future, but that he did not understand why we had so many different times to consider, but at the same time, it gave him the ability to see and be able to tell us what was coming. I will try my darndest to get this all right and back it up..There is much about the pope, but different predictions of the pope situation..so it isn't really all the same thing..We all know there is much tension on the Asian continent, between all the different factions...and could a war be going on w/o our actually knowing it...sure it could be..Illnesses...yes, and in one spot me tell u, China is specified..so here goes....

me tel u now so u belive me 15 may

many things go wrong 15 may because door opens with portal to dark matters not undestanding earth beings

sharon will dimise be4 15 may

mandela will dimise be4 15 may

thatcher will stroke be4 15 may

japan warring thing will commencecing before 15 may secretely

oil gets very big sickness no use anymore after 15 may

old bush will very sick be4 15 may

cheney will dimise be4 15 june

obama accident before 27 aperil

big sickeness be4 15 may

very moving earth on 17 aperils

oceone not sleeping when heaven things beware many waters to come drown

brown cheat be4 15 may

putin missing after 15 may many worry poeple do crazy things

1.From first post on Me Tell U on March 15, 2008....Entity: "many things go wrong 15 may because door opens with portal to dark matters not"

FACT:  Confirmed! Newfound Particle Is a Higgs Boson    March 14, 2013

quoting from the article 

" From what is known about the particle now, physicists have said the Higgs boson may spell the universe's doom in the very far future. That's because the mass of the Higgs boson is a critical part of a calculation that portends the future of space and time. Its mass of 126 times the mass of the proton is just about what would be needed to create a fundamentally unstable universe that would lead to a cataclysm billions of years from now.


A Second Higgs Boson? Physicists Debate New Particle  April 13, 2013


Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Adds New Intrigue with Latest Result  April 15, 2013


2.From March 15, 2008...Entity: "thatcher will stroke be4 15 may"  April 8, 2013

FACT: Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies after suffering stroke.


Thatcher's Funeral Is Set for April 17


3.From March 15, 2008 ...Entity: "japan warring thing will commencecing before 15 may secretely" 

POSSIBLE REASONS:  for secret japan warring thing: China, Japan Likely To Fight Over Islands  January 30, 2013


China angered as Japan, Taiwan sign fishing agreement  April 10, 2013


4.From March 15, 2008....Entity: "old bush will very sick be4 15 may"

FACT:  George H.W.Bush Leaves Hospital    January 14, 2013

Bush, 88, was hospitalized November 23 with a bad cough but his condition worsened and doctors put him in the intensive care unit for several days.


5. From March 15, 2008...Entity: "big sickeness be4 15 may"

FACT: This year has seen all sorts of serious and strange diseases develop world wide...including h7n9 virus, previously a benign type flu virus.....


First case of new bird flu strain found outside eastern China  April 13, 2013


Bird flu outbreak (H7N9 virus) has health experts on alert April 8, 2013


H7N9 spreads to central China as asymptomatic case reported


Rabies is becoming a very bad illness..here is a pretty good map of diseases


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6. From March 15, 2008....Entity: "very moving earth on 17 aperils"

FACT: Several things could be considered earth moving on April 17, 2013

At 12:44 am on April 16/17, 2013 an 8.2/7.8 earthquake struck Iran..and was felt by several countries...frorm Dubai to Delhi.

(In Kiribati, it was the 17th)

Iran Hit by Magnitude 7.8 Quake Felt From Dubai to Delhi


Magnitude-7.8 earthquake rocks Iran and Pakistan, kills at least 31


Series of quakes near Tokyo — Country has 18 quakes M4.0 and over today April 17, 2013


Series of earthquakes south of Tokyo, 1 in Northern Japan

A series of earthquakes struck a volcanic island south of Tokyo Wednesday. There was also a magnitude-5.8 quake off the coast of Northern Japan, shaking large parts of the area devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. No abnormalities were reported at nuclear power plants in the region, including the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, public broadcaster NHK said.(Workers at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.)

" A strong earthquake and about 20 smaller temblors struck a small volcanic island south of Tokyo on Wednesday, slightly injuring three people but causing no danger of a tsunami.


The strongest quake had a magnitude of 6.2 and hit just off Miyake island Wednesday evening at a depth of 20 kilometers (12 miles), Japan's Meteorological Agency said. About 20 smaller temblors, half of them strong enough to be felt by humans, were recorded in the area throughout the day.


Then...Oklahoma..... Swarm of earthquakes shakes central Oklahoma Tuesday April 16, 2013

"The U.S. Geological Survey reported nine earthquakes Tuesday in central Oklahoma. The largest, a 4.3 magnitude quake, struck at 1:56 a.m. near Luther.

At least nine earthquakes were reported Tuesday in central Oklahoma, some large enough to jolt people in the area, but no damage was reported.


http://folkworm.ceri.memphis.edu/recenteqs/Quakes/quakes0.html  The Oklahoma EQ continued into April 17, 2013

Then we have this: Firefighters missing after massive, deadly Texas blast  April 17, 2013

"(CNN) -- Teams of first responders descended on the devastated town of West, Texas, early Thursday where a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant left scores of casualties and turned homes to rubble.

The number of dead remained unclear, with police saying it could be between five and 15. More than 160 people were injured and "three to four" firefighters were missing or unaccounted for, officials said."

This registered as a 5. earthquake..which I, myself, saw on the quake incident map..and people 65 miles away were saying they felt it...


7. From March 15, 2008.....Entity: "brown cheat be4 15 may"

FACT:  Did benefits culture turn Mick Philpott into killer?  April 6, 2013

Quoting from the article..."LABOUR’S screams of protest over child killer Mick Philpott betray the truth about a party which has made as much of a living out of welfare as Philpott himself

Gordon Brown used taxpayers’ billions to buy Labour votes in a political scam as complex as the “slice and dice” loans fraud that brought the world to the brink of economic meltdown.

When he’d finished, people earning as much as £60,000-plus could claim handouts from money stolen from their own taxes."


When it comes to Cheney, Sharon, Mandela....we know they have all been ill recently, and are old...BUT...this was predicted back between 1995/1999  not yesterday.  Obama was an unknown back in those same years...I find it interesting that Putin became acting President of Russia on Dec. 31, 1999...same approximate time as we lost contact with the entity...so Putin was known...however....not before 1996, and how would anyone know he was still going to be around in our future years...2008 to current???  When it comes to the oil sickness, we are also aware of the DWH GOM spill, and of the horrid happenings in La. since...Perhaps too we see things too much in black and white..and need to see a little more in gray...Perhaps there are other meanings...such as earth moving...meaning a moving of consciousness earth wide...and not an earthquake per se?  Perhaps a warring between same eye shapes means war between N/S Korea....



me ask elders about gold

elders say eye must ask

eye ask now

where is this gold

yor leaders not keep gold

yor leaders not have many gold anymore

leaders always give yor gold to other planet beings

why u not know this

u not wory gold

gold not keep place safe 4 yor family

u not eet gold

biger wory when oil gets sicness

8. From March 28, 2008....Entity: "yor leaders not keep gold  yor leaders not have many gold anymore"

FACT:  Why It’s Taking 7 Years For Gold To Be Returned To Germany  January 17, 2013

"Today acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb told King World News the reason Germany is only getting small portions of their gold sent to them over the years is because the gold is not at the Fed.  Leeb also believes the United States is now running out of physical gold to sell in their price suppression scheme.  Here is what Leeb had to say:  “There are two main parties engaged in a battle for economic and monetary supremacy in the world.  This is China vs the United States." 


Germany's Entire Gold Hoard at the Fed may already be gone  January 26, 2013

"Today a legend in the business told King World News, “... the German gold hoard, which is supposed to be stored at the Fed, may already be gone.”  Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also believes countries like Germany, Austria, and others are in serious danger of having claims on their gold stored at the Fed evaporate.

Here is what Barron had to say:  “This has been happening for quite some time.  In fact, I can remember hearing 6 or 7 years ago that Gaddafi wanted all of his gold back from New York.  There were several tons going on a transport plane out of New York once a week to Libya.”

Keith Barron continues:

“He (Gaddafi) just didn’t trust any other government with it.  Of course we all know what happened to him eventually.  His gold has kind of gone missing (appropriated), and nobody knows where it is now.  This is the problem the Germans, Austrians, and various other countries are facing. 

They don’t want their gold to go missing....


9. From May 13, 2008 ......Entity: "pope not lisen good pope wil fal pope already fal once" " other dark pope need tel u true origin"

FACT: Too tired to go on Pope Benedict resigns  February 11, 2013

"dark pope" refers to the Black Pope. The Black Pope: "The Most Powerful Man in the World




on 9 january yor astronomers cee 2 star xplode yor line time

this 2 star xplode is part of yor 2nd witnesing prophesy

now u must lisen me very good and lisen warning ok make yorself ready

u know lite travel faster than sound ok yes

on 9 january yor nasas cee lite of 2 star xplode ok yes

elders calculate that from now it is time for sound wave of 2 star xploding

come hit earth anyday soon now

window open from today til end july yor line time for when wave hits

why nasas wait so long 2 tel u on 14 may only about this me not know their

reason 4 delay

me lern wording sonicboom

me tel u know what is coming yor way wil be a cosmosonicboom

this sound wave wil change many things and cause big disasters and many

sufferings      snip

10. From May 26, 2008....Entity: "on 9 january  yor astronomers cee 2 star xplode yor line time"

FACT:  The farthest supernova yet for measuring cosmic history    January 9, 2013


Massive star explosion captured in NASA photo  Published: Jan. 9, 2013 at 5:08 PM

NASA captured a beautiful photo of the aftermath of a star explosion.

Massive-star-explosion-captured-in-NASA-photo.jpg Credit: NASA

NASA's NuSTAR spacecraft (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) captured the aftermath of a massive star explosion. As a result, we got this beautiful image of the historical supernova remnant Cassiopeia-A, located 11,000 light-years away, NASA reported Wednesday.

According to NASA, light from the explosion that created this dead star must have reached earth 300 years ago after 11,000 years of travel, and though the star is long dead, its remains are still "bursting with action."


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11. From May 27, 2008.....Entity: "pope stil not lisen and not want leve rome"  "pope must leve 2 fulfil prophecy yor original generation this line time"

FACT:  "He appeared particularly unsteady when he was visited by his successor, Pope Francis, at Castel Gandolfo, the summer papal residence outside Rome where Benedict has been staying since his departure from the Vatican."  From... April 10, 2013


12. From April 22, 2008....Entity:  "many life time this line time dolfin keep your earth balance

dolfin protect al planet and al creature on earth with god esense  now human kil 2 many dolfin be4 time"

FACT:  US Navy Seeks Authorization To Harm Whales And Dolphins  February 18, 2013

"The US National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) – the federal agency charged with protecting whales and dolphins – has announced its intentions to give the US Navy a series of permits that will allow the deaths of nearly 350 whales and dolphins from explosions, sonar, and collisions with ships during future military exercises."


Seismic Ocean Surveys For Gas And Oil Could Kill 140,000 Marine Mammals  April 18, 2013

"Blasting sound waves through the ocean to the seafloor in search of fossil fuels may do more harm than good, according to environmentalists. But the US Department of Interior has been considering giving large oil and gas companies permission to do just that.

According to estimates, scores of  marine mammals would be injured and possibly killed along the east coast if these companies follow through with their dangerous sonar pulses, which are expected to be 100,000 times more intense than the sound and energy produced by a jet engine."


13. From June 12, 2008 ....Entity: "me tel u watch sun"

FACT:  Nasa: 'Something Unexpected Is Happening On The Sun'  March 8, 2013


    January 20, 2013


14. From June 12, 2008....Entity: " me tel u watch dolfin"

FACT: Super mega dolphin pod off San Diego: Why the big party?

http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/2013/0219/Super-mega-dolphin-pod-off-San-Diego-Why-the-big-party-video      February 19, 2013

15. From June 12, 2008.....Entity: "me tel u watch cern" (remember there are many different cern type facilities in the world)

FACT: Now confident: CERN physicists say new particle is Higgs boson (Update 3) March 14, 2013

" Physicists said Thursday they are now confident they have discovered a crucial subatomic particle known as a Higgs boson—a major discovery that will go a long ways toward helping them explain why the universe is the way it is. 



First three-year LHC running period reaches a conclusion  February 14, 2013


WIMP Experiment Points To First Concrete Evidence Of Dark Matter  April 16, 2013


16. From June 12, 2008...Entity:  " me tel u watch pope"(much of interest has been going on w/the pope/popes)

FACT: "After abuse scandal, Pope Benedict Appoints New Head of Irish Catholic Church. January 18, 2013

" Pope Benedict on Friday appointed the new head of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland to succeed Cardinal Sean Brady, whose tenure has been plagued by scandal over the sexual abuse of children on the predominantly Roman Catholic island"






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17. From June 12, 2008....Entity: "me tel u watch moving earth" (lots of bad landslides and eq this year.think Santa Cruz Islands)

FACT:  The Great Collapse: crust weakening, slipping, and collapsing across the planet.
February 23, 2013

Huge Sinkhole Opens on U.S. 89 in Arizona ! Geologic Event in Arizona 2013 !
""ARIZONA - U.S. 89 in northern Arizona is closed because a 150-foot section of pavement buckled this morning about 25 miles south of Page, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation."


magnitude 8.0 earthquake Santa Cruz Islands  February 6, 2013


There are all sorts of earth events recorded on the Earth Events Board  from 2013
lots of earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, cracks, splits, volcanic and all can be considered moving earth

18. From June 12, 2008.....Entity:  " cee wat yor sun is doing"

FACT:  The sun has let loose its largest solar flare yet this year. It's also been associated with a coronal mass ejection, which is hurtling toward Earth. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of an M6.5 class flare at 3:16 EDT on April 11, 2013. This image shows a combination of light in wavelengths of 131 and 171 Angstroms. (Photo : NASA/SDO)  April 11, 2013






19.  From December 31, 2009....Entity:  " pope wil dimise be4 15 may"

POSSIBLE: Vatican Admits Pope Emeritus Health Deteriorated  April 12, 2013

"The Vatican has admitted that the health of Pope Emeritus Benedict has deteriorated after an experienced Holy See watcher claimed that "we won't have him with us for very much longer".  The Daily Telegraph reported."


20. From December 31, 2009....Entity:  " itola breaks iran "
POSSIBLE: very good possibility here    February 17, 2013

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran Supreme Leader, Scolds Ahmadinejad Ahead Of Elections

another bit about this..

21. From December 31, 2009...Entity: " big sickeness chine ans same shape eye peoples come be4 15 may"

FACT: this prediction specifies China... "4-year-old boy in China found to be carrier of bird flu"  April 15, 2013

"A new case of bird flu in China's capital, a 4-year-old boy who displayed no symptoms, is adding to the unknowns about the latest outbreak that has caused 63 confirmed cases and 14 deaths, health officials said Monday.


Grim Report:  New bird flu causes brain damage, multi-organ failure.
"Severe illness with pneumonia, septic shock, brain damage and multiple-organ failure
appear to be part and parcel of the frightening new strain of bird blu.  The most recent
report  on three of the first stricken patients in China is especially worrisome."

22. from December 31, 2009...Entity:  "when new planet in sky 29 aprils

FACT: We ARE watching something  and it sure looks like a planet to me, but for some reason no one wants to admit it's there...February 17, 2013

So a group of us have been watching a unique anomaly in the skies over the volcano Turrialba, in Costa Rica...

This is the web cam  When it's clear about 2 pm PST it begins to show...They have tried to debunk this thing and cannot..the info is on the thread on Chani.

This is the thread on The Chani Project..

Adding this information here about a new planet being seen.

We believe this could be the planet we are watching over Turrialba, a volcano in Costa Rica. 
still photo Tx again Tetra

video  for me it was a bit hard to see

you tube.
?Alert!! Neumayer Station III Showing Enormous Celestial Object! - May 3, 2013

found on the following site.

23. From: March 15, 2008...Entity:  oil gets very big sickness no use anymore after 15 may


FACT: We have heard of all sorts of stories about oil and sickness so I am going to include stories from 2013


Are People Living Near Fracking Sites Getting Sick?     From April 24, 2013


Snip Clean Water Action has a door-to-door campaign in the Denver metro area and across the northern Front Range where fracking is moving into suburban neighborhoods. We hear a lot of stories on people’s doorsteps and we hear lots of stories from our colleagues involved in this issue. The stories we hear are similar to those reported in the newspaper and offered as testimony at recent meetings of the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission—people believe they are getting sick because of drilling and fracking near their homes, schools and neighborhoods.



Ill wind: Alberta families leaving homes for health reasons blame oil giants next door  August 16, 2013


Alain Labrecque left his grain farm in northern Alberta in December, 2011

He, his wife Karla and his two young children, now aged 6 and 5, packed up and eventually settled in Smithers, B.C.

They hadn’t planned to move. But their home was making them sick, Labrecque says.

“We started getting dizzy and getting headaches. We just couldn’t shake it,” he said. “It came all at once” – in 2010, after an oil company expanded operations around the family’s farm southeast of Peace River.

Soon after, living and working on his farm became uncomfortable. Dizziness, digestive problems, muscle cramps and headaches afflicted the family.

“It’s like you’ve got a belt strapped on your head the whole time,” he said.



South L.A. Residents Are Sick of Oil-Drilling, Acid-Job Neighbors  September 24, 2013


Residents living between downtown Los Angeles and the University of Southern California complained to each other about odd neighborhood smells, nosebleeds and illness for awhile before discovering that five once-dormant oil wells next door were re-animated by the introduction of a controversial drilling process called acidization.


The Los Angeles Times reported over the weekend that residents of the low-income University Park had complained to state air quality officials 251 times over three years, prompting 15 citations for the operator over the smells, Allenco Energy Inc. James Dahlgen, a toxicology expert looking at the illness complaints on behalf of an affordable-housing company active in the are, told the Times, “If you can smell it, it's not safe. These people are experiencing symptoms.”


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Fantastic, thanks Breezy and Aco, succinct and finally cleared a couple of points up.

Aco, I have a couple a curly Q's (I should have asked in PM the other day) that I've wanted to ask for a long time, and chickened out, so here goes.

1. Do you, Acolyte of the CHANI project, believe, that there is a possibility that this transfer of information may not have occurred in Africa, but in one other country that RAND Inc. was well established in. I ask only because I have no idea whether you witnessed the transfer of info, or personally knew of the facility, or were just informed in your dossier that the facilities were in Africa and you had to print that.

2. Do you know or can you say, if neutrinos were involved with this transfer of data between facility and entity, and if so, did you here what type of neutrino detector it was, and did it involve one of the world's deepest gold mines.

3. The display of processed data relies on the Interpretation and quality of the data itself. Can you hint as to how the data came through, binary etc.

Aco, it may sound weird, but I'm as much interested in the 'messenger" or messenger's technology as I am about the "message" and I am definitely not calling into question your integrity and fully understand that you are not able to divulge all that you know, and that's okay, we wouldn't be here otherwise. It's just that I have recently discovered some technology that is out there, (supposedly very limited at this time?), that could verify interplanetary/universal communication, but it does not seem possible that Africa had the facilities to engage in this communication in the 1990's or even now for that matter, for reasons I won't go into atm, whereas, other countries did at that time.

To Aco, I cannot thank you enough for the time I have spent here and the folks I've met. To all the mods who I won't name for fear of missing one, thanks for keeping such an eclectic and eccentric community alive and truly kicking. i look forward to sharing this year with all of you.


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Not sure if this comment belongs here.  I follow Suzanne Lie's blog and she had this to say about timelines:


.... During the time of nuclear testing, and the wars that followed, Gaia called on the Galactic Federation for assistance. Most of the Timelines of nuclear testing lead to total destruction of planet Earth. There is one timeline that has the greatest chance of avoiding that disaster. Unfortunately, that Timeline actually had WWII with the nuclear bombing and many other atrocities.

Nonetheless, that Timeline has the greatest hope for ascension. Hence, we are sending you into that version of Earth. We are inserting our “Ground Crew” into important times and places where they can make the greatest impact on revising the path of those Timelines.

We see great potential for that timeline, as many have begun to awaken to their true Multidimensional SELF. The Away Team will be placed in the period of that reality from the beginning of the nuclear testing until that timeline of 2065. Thus during the period of 2013 the volunteers will be:

·  GREAT GRAND PARENTS during 2013

Born to survive WWII and the myriad smaller wars, and their children the:

·  GRANDPARENTS during 2013

Born just post WWII and surviving until 2013 and forward, and their children the:

·  ADULTS during 2013

Born to be at peak adulthood at 2013 and their children the:

·  ADOLESCENTS during 2013

Born to be young adulthoods in the years just after 2013.

This Away Mission will extend past 2013 to protect Gaia from those who cannot change and expand into the higher frequencies. Fortunately, once these lost ones leave their earth vessels, they are freed from the polarity of Earth.

The Guides that they have ignored will then greet them and remind them to look back on their lives of fear and/or power-over others, victim and victimizer, to finally realize that they too have Higher Expressions of their Multidimensional SELF.

With this realization they will be able to envision into the Timeline they just left and send it the necessary unconditional love to heal the wounds that they caused to the Matrix of Gaia's physical form.

As this healing increasingly occurs, Gaia will be set loose from Her moorings in the lower frequencies. She will then begin to release Her lower frequency realities. As she releases the old, she can more easily expand into the higher dimensions of Her Planetary SELF.

Many of you have bi-located into a Timeline in which you have the possibility of maintaining your earth vessel long enough for you to move into New Earth while you also maintain your 3D earth vessel.

If you can remember that you are your Multidimensional SELF wearing an earth vessel, you will, eventually, remember how to bi-locate into New Earth. Then, you can keep the physical anchor of your human body within constant contact with Gaia while you also create your Lightbody and cross the Great Void into fifth-dimensional New Earth.

Then the generations after you will maintain that Portal that you have opened. Please remember that time is an illusion of the third dimension. From our higher perspective, we are able to see all these generations through the viewpoint of the NOW of the ONE.

Hence, we can see that how the contributions of generations after you actually influence your generation which appeared to be in their past. Thus, generations before and after you are all influencing each other within the NOW.

Finally, we must remind you again that once you enter fifth dimensional New Earth, there will no longer be time. Therefore, you will be able to look into different timelines as easily as the humans change the channel on their television. Hence, when you awaken, please remind yourself again and again to release the illusion of time.

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Thanks Acolyte, that actually cleared up a question I had on WTF was Rubicon.

Thanks Breezy for correlating and Aggregating all this stuff, I know that it's alot of work!

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There may be more ways that 'a new planet in the sky' could be interpreted.


I also find this interesting.


A magnetic pipeline from the earth to the sun discovered.  They are calling them 'Portals'. 

Begs a question from the Bezerk issues:  At the exact time of the attacks by the S.I.M. device, such as was done to the Astute, were the targets in a direct line between the S.I.M. device and the Sun? (yes, even trough the Earth)

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my fav

"leaders always give yor gold to other planet beings "

netrino's did you say Botanic? (rhet)

same, same but different

i'm all ears

thnx team invaluable


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Thanks Aco and Breezy, very interesting indeed.

I couldn't help but think of something I read on my TV (through the text service on BBC News that shows you news and information on your television) mentioning that scientists had found two likely candidates for Earth-like planets (the most Earth-like found so far apparently).

Maybe that has nothing to do with whatever the Entity said but felt it important enough to share even if I don't have links to verify to you all at this time.

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Speaking of neutrino's if the detection is real, we have to ask ourselves whether they have really found a real-mass particle. The alternative is that they might have a particle with an imaginary mass, a true tachyon, which is consistent with relativity. Tachyons are theoretically inconvenient, though (well, that's putting it mildly). The main objection is that if we can interact with tachyons, we could use them to send messages back in time: if a tachyon travels between point A and point B, it's not well-defined whether it started from point A and went to point B or it started from B and went to point A. The two situations can be transformed into each other by a Lorentz boost, which means that depending on how you're moving, you could see one or the other.

Note 2 (giving a time reference of neutrinos from the me tel u supernova that may give us another way to determine time frames)

The neutrinps from supernova 1987a arrived 3hrs before the light, due to blocking of the supernova light by matter. Let us double this to 6hrs to include some dubious measurements, and assume that all the 6hrs is due to the superluminal neutrion travel. Then the time difference for 400km vs. 168,000 light years is 2.5?10?12s, and this is 4 orders of magnitude smaller than the measured deviation.

This means that if neutrinos outrun light by this much, the neutrinos from the supernova would have come in about a year earlier than the light.

Wonder if there has been an elevated level of neutrinos consistently for more than a year before the sighting of the light from the supernova... if so then we are indeed getting close to the physical event which will be the sonic wave of more physical possibly magnetised particle ripple which the sun will push through much like a ship breaching a tall wave, with luck protecting the solar system it holds in its stream.

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Do neutrino beams effect humans, well YES

The MINOS experiment at Fermilab, one of which's goals was to study neutino oscillations, used to send a neutrino beam from the Tevatron's Main Injector through its "near detector" (at Fermilab, near Chicago) to the "far detector" (in Minnesota). They were looking for neutrino (dis-)appearance due to oscillations. When they had visitors, they used to take them on a tour of the near detector hall, even when the beam was running. Supposedly, the detector was sensitive enough (and their beam intensive enough) that if someone would stand in front of it for too long, they would leave a shadow in the detector :-). I'm not sure how long exactly they would have to stand there, though it was apparently harmless.

Well does this not sound like a merging of different frequencies in the same space or creating a ghost effect in the detector or separating a part of the human frequency..... Mmmm more pondering needed.

And thanks to Breezy we found a 1995  paper on the harmful effects on DNA


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Thanks Aco and Breezy, very interesting indeed.

I couldn't help but think of something I read on my TV (through the text service on BBC News that shows you news and information on your television) mentioning that scientists had found two likely candidates for Earth-like planets (the most Earth-like found so far apparently).

Maybe that has nothing to do with whatever the Entity said but felt it important enough to share even if I don't have links to verify to you all at this time.

would this work for you....and is it what you speak of....??? just in case I will post the link..


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According to Tolec, there will be a new planet joining our solar system, along with another sun.


What about the current status of Tekoma the brown dwarf that will become our second sun?

ANSWER:  As of mid-March 2012, Tekoma the brown dwarf & its accompanying planet, Nihohia, and its own moon, they are  all  still 'tucked' safely on the back side of Jupiter with its mass assortment of 64 moons.  This was an easy place to locate them for the time being.  They have been temporarily 'docked' there until the appropriate moment, when it is safest for the people of Earth, when the combined biospheres of the Andromeda Council will safely use their, to use a term most people will understand, 'tractor beams' to move Tekoma, Nihohia & its moon... into their new orbit close to Venus.  please see: http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Display=Moons&Object=Jupiter .

What about Tekoma the brown dwarf & Nihohia its accompanying planet?  They haven't arrived yet.

ANSWER: Due to the buffeting effect on Earth's solar system as it continues to move into the galactic equatorial plane zone region, and the magnetic energies in the center of a black hole at the center of this area already affecting your planet - the arrival of both Tekoma the brown dwarf, and Nihohia its accompanying planet, are being considerably slowed by our biospheres to reduce as much as possible the potential disruptive tectonic & volcanic reactions on your planet. As with the removal of the reptilian underground & undersea bases, it is our first priority that you on planet Earth are safe, as safe as possible. And this means we need to slow things down as much as possible, including these celestial bodies, to reduce the risk of damage to your planet... as much as we possibly can.

We are not exactly sure when they will arrive to your solar system. However, know that Tekoma & Nihohia are on their way to your solar system. They will arrive when the moment is right. And, Tekoma will take its place as an added, new, much smaller & not nearly as bright second sun, and its accompanying planet Nihohia will join it as a new planet in your solar system. You will have some warm, peaceful & friendly new neighbors.

When Tekoma as a brown dwarf, about the size of the Uranus is - first seen - in the skies over Earth it will appear to be about the size of a U.S coin, a "quarter", and Nihohia, its planet, about the actual size of planet Pluto, it will appear to be smaller, about the size of another U.S. coin, approximately the size of a "dime".  When Tekoma finally settles into orbit close to Venus it will appear to be about the size of a new pencil eraser head. Nihohia will appear to be about the size of a small dot right next to it.  And yes, there will be an announcement on this web site approximately 3-4 days prior to their arrival when we will begin to see these new celestial bodies in your skies.

What about the cause & effect of Tekoma and Nihohia coming into our solar system. Considering Tekoma is a dense brown dwarf star its gravitational field should be much stronger than any of the inner planets. The tidal forces involved would in theory be enormous.? Being much closer to the Sun I would think that it would induce a noticeable wobble in the Sun's axis of rotation which in turn would affect all the other planets.  Not to mention Tekoma's effect on Venus and Earth.  What does the Andromeda Council say about any of these potential cause & effects?

ANSWER: Your observations are noted. When they first arrive and pass by Earth expect to feel somewhat of a rumbling on your planet surface. This will be all. However, the magnetic output, as well as the gravitational forces put out by your solar system's sun are so enormous and strong - the sun will in effect provide any orbital & settling corrections to Tekoma, Nihohia... and any of the current inner planets of your solar system. Yes, SOL, your sun will take care of this matter quite handily. Again, keep in mind, a number of Andromeda Council flagged biospheres, star ships, will be actively projecting 'force fields' to envelop & buffer Planet Earth to minimize & mitigate as much as possible geological disruptions to your planet. They will be doing the same for the other planets potentially affected.

Will there be any forthcoming and/or formal communication from the Andromeda Council to Earth when it [the arrival of Tekoma & Nihohia] happens? In my opinion it would be behoove them to make some sort of formal appearance to unambiguously state what is indeed taking place and why.

ANSWER: As to your first question, forthcoming communication will be 'broadcast' to the minds of people who are open, interested, curious, and want to know. This will most likely be in the form of dreams and/or brief visual images during their dream state. For the few Earth people who are telepathic, a telepathic message will be sent out. As to your statement about, "... it would behoove them to make some sort of formal appearance to unambiguously state what is indeed taking place and why". I will address this statement in two parts: a.) I expect them to make a formal appearance, at the right moment in time. b.) they have already stated what is taking place and why. You can read all about the "what" & "why" on page one, the "Home" page of this web site. However, I will focus on this particular issue, and restate it simply and directly for you:

The "what" is that your solar system is going through an evolution, a celectial upgrade if you will... which includes many cosmic events. One of these cosmic events is that the brown dwarf Tekoma and its accompanying planet Nihohia are about to arrive in your solar system. The "why", specifically about Tekoma & Nihohia's arrival, is a two-fold answer: 1.) it is the destiny of your solar system to become a binary star solar system, which will happen with the arrival of Tekoma. 2.) it is the destiny of both these celestial bodies, Tekoma & Nihohia, and the people of Nihohia, to come to your solar system, after traveling the cosmos for upwards of 100,000 years, and establish a permanent home here. As a highly evolved, very peaceful loving people, they too will make the transition from being (just like Earth people) a 3rd dimensional race, to becoming a 4th dimensional race. Virtually everything in this whole solar system will vibrate as 4D, fourth dimensional life. It is likely there will also be new areas, small 'pockets' of 5D, fifth dimensional life as well. Eventually Earth will vibrate at a 5D, fifth dimensional rate.

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my fav

"leaders always give yor gold to other planet beings "

netrino's did you say Botanic? (rhet)

same, same but different

i'm all ears

thnx team invaluable


From Housdad's link on his post http://thechaniproject.com/forum/index.php/topic,5839.0.html

Then - http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2012/29jun_hiddenportals/

then does this look familiar T ? seems this knowledge has been represented for aeons


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my fav

"leaders always give yor gold to other planet beings "

netrino's did you say Botanic? (rhet)

same, same but different

i'm all ears

thnx team invaluable


From Housdad's link on his post http://thechaniproject.com/forum/index.php/topic,5839.0.html

Then - http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2012/29jun_hiddenportals/

then does this look familiar T ? seems this knowledge has been represented for aeons

Much more on the way, you're beating to the jump lol


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Housedad  and T 

look at this image from HD's post about the magnetic portals...remind you of anything..??

Maybe its just me, but I see an hourglass..

This is an image represented in many Helenic period structures etc if you look at T's threads you have a bit of catching up but it will be well worth the read  ;)


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This post is the result of a little research into neutrinos and the future (and past) use of neutrinos as carrier signals for interstellar/inter-universe communication.

I have been bothered by the fact that S.Africa did not appear to have a neutrino detector during the 1990's, as they were too busy developing secret Nuke bombs and chemical warfare, and no country in the world would publicly appear to be collaborating with S.Africa. But it does appear they had received some data from an entity on a dimension other than our own. This, along with the emergence of neutrino detectors around the world, led me to thinking that this proliferation that began in the 1990s could be connected.

One has to wonder, why so many countries around the world have entered into so many collaborations and have sunk billions into, research facilities that seem to mirror each others work. But what if these atmospheric or solar neutrinos that they are searching for, contain more information that what we are led to believe, and what if they discovered something phenomenal during the 1990's that they did not want to miss out on again. Unknowing where this next phenomenal neutrino message was coming in from, the scientific world went into overdrive and constructed detectors on every corner of Earth to ensure the capture of the next burst, and we are talking every corner of the Earth. Some specifically waiting for solar neuts, others, atmospherics neuts. I will put a map together showing known detector locations in near future.

Some background to Neutrino Astronomy.

Neutrino astronomy is the branch of astronomy that observes astronomical objects with neutrino detectors in special observatories. Neutrinos are created as a result of certain types of radioactive decay, or nuclear reactions such as those that take place in the Sun, in nuclear reactors, or when cosmic rays hit atoms. Due to their weak interactions with matter, neutrinos offer a unique opportunity to observe processes that are inaccessible to optical telescopes.

Neutrinos first recorded in 1956 by Clyde Cowan and Frederick Reines from a nuclear reactor.Their discovery was acknowledged with a Nobel Prize for physics in 1995.

In 1968, Raymond Davis, Jr. and John N. Bahcall successfully detected the first solar neutrinos in the Homestake experiment.Davis, along with Japanese physicist Masatoshi Koshiba and Riccardo Giacconi, was awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics "for pioneering contributions to astrophysics, in particular for the detection of cosmic neutrinos."

This was followed by the first atmospheric neutrino detection in 1965 by two groups almost simultaneously. One was led by Frederick Reines who operated a liquid scintillator in the East Rand gold mine in South Africa at an 8.8km water depth equivalent.The other a Bombay-Osaka-Durham collaboration that operated in the Indian Kolar Gold Field mine at an equivalent water depth of 7500 m. Although the KGF group detected neutrino candidates two months later than Reines, they were given formal priority due to publishing their findings two weeks earlier.

The first generation of undersea neutrino telescope projects began with the proposal by Moisei Markov in 1960 "...to install detectors deep in a lake or a sea and to determine the location of charged particles with the help of Cherenkov radiation."

The first underwater neutrino telescope began as the DUMAND project. DUMAND stands for Deep Underwater Muon and Neutrino Detector. The project began in 1976 and although was eventually cancelled in 1995, it acted as a precursor to many of the following telescopes in the following decades.

The Baikal Neutrino Telescope is installed in the southern part of Lake Baikal in Russia. The detector is located at a depth of 1.1 km and began surveys in 1980. In 1993, it was the first to deploy three strings to reconstruct the muon trajectories as well as was the first to record atmospheric neutrinos underwater.

AMANDa (Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detection Array) used the 3 km thick ice layer at the South Pole and was located several hundred meters from the Amundsen-Scott station. Holes 60 cm in diameter were drilled with pressurized hot water that strings with optical modules were deployed in before the water refroze. The depth proved to be insufficient to be able to reconstruct the trajectory due to the scattering of light on air bubbles. A second group of 4 strings were added in 1995/96 to a depth of about 2000 m that was sufficient for track reconstruction. The AMANDA array was subsequently upgraded until January 2000 when it consisted of 19 strings with a total of 667 optical modules at a depth range between 1500-2000 m. AMANDA would eventually be the predecessor to IceCube in 2005.

After the decline of DUMAND the participating groups split into three branches to explore deep sea options in the Mediterranean Sea. Antares (Astronomy with a Neutrino Telescope and Abyss environmental RE-Search) was anchored to the sea floor in the region off Toulon at the French Mideterranean coast. It consists of 12 strings, each carrying 25 "storeys" eqipped with three optical modules, an electronic container, and calibration devices down to a maximum depth of 2475 m.

NEMO (NEutrino Mediterranean Observatory) was pursued by Italian groups to investigate the feasibility of a cubic-kilometre scale deep-sea detector. A suitable site at a depth of 3.5 km about 100 km off Capo Passero at the South-Eastern coast of Sicily has been identified. From 2007-2011 the first prototyping phase tested a "mini-tower" with 4 bars deployed for several weeks near Catania at a depth of 2 km. The second phase as well as plans to deploy the full-size prototype tower will be pursued in the KM3NeT framework.

NESTOR was installed in 2004 to a depth of 4 km and operated for one month until a failure of the cable to shore forced it to be terminated. The data taken still successfully demonstrated the detector's functionality and provided a measurement of the atmospheric muon flux. The proof of concept will be implemented in the KM3Net framework.

The second generation of deep-sea neutrino telescope projects reach or even exceed the size originally conceived by the DUMAND pioneers. IceCube, located at the South Pole and incorporating its predecessor AMANDA, was completed in December 2010. It currently consists of 5160 digital optical modules installed on 86 strings at depths of 1450 to 2550 m in the Antarctic ice. The KM3NeT (km³ Neutrino Telescope) in the Mediterranean Sea and the GVD (Gigaton Volume Detector) are in their preparatory/prototyping phase. IceCube instruments 1 km³ of ice. GVD is also planned to cover 1 km³ but at a much higher energy threshold. KM3NeT is planned to cover several km³. Both KM3NeT and GVD could be completed by 2017 and it is expected that all three will form a global neutrino observatory.

The above list represents only a fraction of the detectors now situated around the globe and doesn't even mention the largest facilities such as Sanford Underground Research facility with 375 miles of tunnels, Fermilab's extensive facilities at Illinois and Minnesota, or the worlds largest N detector, the Super Kamiokande in Japan.

Detection Methods

Main article: Neutrino detector

Since neutrinos interact only very rarely with matter, the enormous flux of solar neutrinos racing through the Earth is sufficient to produce only 1 interaction for 1036 target atoms, and each interaction produces only a few photons or one transmuted atom. The observation of neutrino interactions requires a large detector mass, along with a sensitive amplification system.

Given the very weak signal, sources of background noise must be reduced as much as possible. The detectors must be shielded by a large shield mass, and so are constructed deep underground, or underwater. They record upward going muons in charged current muon neutrino interactions. Upward because no other known particle can traverse the entire Earth. The detector must be at least 1 km deep to suppress downward traveling muons and are subject to irreducible background to extraterrestrial neutrons interacting in the Earth's atmosphere. This background also provides a standard calibration source. Sources of radioactive isotopes must also be controlled as they produce energetic particles when they decay. The detectors consist of an array of photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) housed in transparent pressure spheres which are suspended in a large volume of water or ice. The PMTs record the arrival time and amplitude of the Cherenkov light emitted by muons or particle cascades. The trajectory can then usually be reconstructed if at least three "strings" are used to detect the events. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutrino_astronomy

So, we have many detectors in many locations supposedly studying neutrinos and their exotic "flavours", electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos, each with an associated "antiparticle" called an antineutrino, which has a neutral electric charge and half-integer spin. It should be noted that the Japanese at "J-Parc ,appear to have shown that neutrino can 'flip" into either of the three flavours, known as neutrino oscillation. They fired neutrinos 295 kms from "J-Parc" through rock and when "Super K" picked up the neuts, they had "flipped" in flight. This discovery could explain why antimatter and matter do not or did not annihilate each other after the big bang, but instead left an excess of normal matter. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-13763641.

Finally, whilst trying all sorts of search strings to find what indeed S.Africa was up to, I came across a PDF that blew me away. it was titled-


And here's a snippet:

Beams of neutrinos have been proposed as a vehicle for communications under unusual

circumstances, such as direct point-to-point global communication, communication with

submarines, secure communications and interstellar communication. We report on the

performance of a low-rate communications link established using the NuMI beam line

and the MINERvA detector at Fermilab. The link achieved a decoded data rate of 0.1

bits/sec with a bit error rate of 1% over a distance of 1.035 km, including 240 m of earth.

You only have to enter the name of the paper and you will find it. This was written in April 2012, this is what they are telling us now. I cannot help but think back to a couple of Dolores Cannon books, that dealt with metaphysics- Convoluted Universe 1 & 2. In these books she had been communicating with a "council" of 12 or so off-planet entities that provided scientific info to her over a course of many years, up-scaling the level of info each year. At one point she was asking about SETI's avenue of signal detection and they specifically stated to her that SETI should be concentrating their efforts towards Gamma Ray Sources), and where have many neutrino detectors aimed their research towards, yes neutrino detection from Gamma ray sources.

So I think it fair to assume that something major was discovered in the nineties and from then on the world has been trying catch another glimpse of what they saw back then, and if they are telling us now that they can communicate through bedrock albeit in a very small capacity, then what capabilities do they really have.

Just a few thoughts. The next will be on Ancient Greek Amphitheaters and the possible use of as a particle detectors, neutrino receivers. Any help from T & Phill would be appreciated.









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