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Just a way Australian's take a humorous path to dealing with fears and insecurities








As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any woman other than his wife naked and if he does,

he must commit suicide.

So on 26th January Australia day, at 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time, all Australian women are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help weed out any neighbourhood terrorists.

Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorist effort. All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers.

Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack at your side is further proof of your patriotism.

The Australian government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity.


I think if I did this the Aussie men would also commit suicide, its safer if I just keep it all hidden, even though I want to get myself a Burkini

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LOL Hide your face but nothing else...





The above is the original idea of KAMEN series, that woman is called KEKKOU KAMEN (=Fantastic Mask...LOL) but here's what the guys can enjoying dressing up.

Which is more hideous, I dunno.


Anyway, here's our hero, HENTAI KAMEN!! (=Abnormal Mask=The Mask of Abnormal...LOL)


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Unity, I've had this little notebook since 2002 and this is on the cover.  Can you tell me what the characters are in English?


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Unity, I've had this little notebook since 2002 and this is on the cover.  Can you tell me what the characters are in English?


Yes sure!

Either in Japanese or Chinese, that character means "HAPPINESS"/"LUCK".

Good stuff!(・ω・)ノ

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Japanese Borat!


Yeah Mulva, eye sore history that rocked Japan since in the 60's this one, and mankini culture is spreading....!!!

I sincerely wish Kazakhstan peeps are not learning from the guy....(・ω<)☆


My eyes....my eeeeeeeyes...!!!!




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Thanks unity.  And I hope it's the right way up!


Yeah yeah yeah it was absolutely the right way up! (∩´∀`)∩

Not sleeping on side or standing on its head.

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Latest Star Wars movie was entertaining also rather chilling...


First it is as always, high anticipation for decent work of awesome film maker staffs (≧▽≦)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪ then

( ✧Д✧)Closely looking at their great CGI works

Some edits (゚Д゚).... and ( ̄д ̄) got tired of cheesy bits

But as usual, got gripping regardless ( @Д@)


Chilling bit was...:


I shouted this in the shout box but for archiving, I post this here again...in more depth.


I love SW.

So it's sad but gotta admit that this is made by Disney now.

Lucas not happy apparently; something like that his creations---characters and motifs and including stuff sacred to him like Light Saver gotta be single sided--- were hijacked and changed into something else that act for Disney.


(Doesn't have the same purity I honoured as I watched the first SW movie came out. (;_ ;)

That's just my sentimentalism, though!)


Disney is a mob traditionally worked for the Anunnaki faction.


I found one scene of inside the rebel alliance HQ when they were discussing about the location of Luke. All officers got a large rectangular badges on their left breasts.

Follow through the pan, watching those one by one...

I came across to one of the high ranking officer (had lines to speak, so you would notice easily) that had a RED V = Vlash marking with 1 vertical red stroke on its left hand side.

It's easy enough to come up with something else, if JJ wanted it be different.

I think JJ knows the sign very well and placed it for some reason.


Well, as I said, it's made by the Anunnaki side.(Ya ya ya I know that's not the only story but...)

To me, they are saying that they know there are TRAITORS in their HIGH RANKING OFFICERS.

So They are saying, "We know who you are. We are WATCHING you."....

Neatly stating "You are already under the scope and we can get you anytime" without saying it out loud.


That's friggin intimidating to anyone who had been counter active in the force....〣( ºΔº )〣

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For a brief while I listened to Douglas Dietrich shows.He has some great alternate versions of history that I agree with-some not-and his take on ETs and UFOs is that they're a Gubmint psywar,

Roswell was Japanese ninjas (I am NOT kidding) in a German flying craft etc.


Anyway his history is as a  military historian (according to him) at the Presidio, in San Francisco, and he was the protégé of a very well known Bad Guy, Lt Col M*****l A*****.of the T***** of S**.(Or is it General now?)

According to him George Lucas (light /Hellenic) had an estate  directly neighbouring the Presidio, connected to it by tunnels.

Lucas  knew the Bad Guy  according to Dietrich and  the Bad Guy invented and used used the Jedi Knight phrase before the Star Wars movies were made.

In a few of T's posts there is the  connection between Jedai, Jade,Sendai etc and the Draconians .

T:"this meme of spinning Truth with lies is overabundant so as to confuse and misdirect whilst at the same time adhering to PRIME UNIVERSAL DIRECTIVE

yes the dragon/<tetragrammaton (ie4letters) YWHW>/jade/jude/jedai/jedi/sedai/shaddai/seprent of old/most unclean/satan/baal etc in short draco, was Aethericaly fertilised during the 8/8/8 china games"

If this is all true then this makes Lucas ( Lukas, Greek originally) an agent for the Draconians, someone who twists the actual meaning of events into their reverse.

I can't afford the ticket anyway, so I'll wait for it to come out on Youtube.

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Mulva and KMRIA,


Yeah this is confusing, and though I enjoyed the story of good vs evil when I was growing up, all mixed up and now became a yukky gray colour, can't see through the bloody haziness. LOL


Steven Spielberg--->working for the Anunnaki faction

JJ--->Steven's right arm

That's why I came to see the Vlash marked Rebel High Ranking officer shown being a stern warning message to anyone who are betraying the faction.


And I got some feeling that Steven is actually trying to help the Humanity despite what's been told to do by the faction.


All speculations, hey, but my hunch is telling me something.

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OMG I just learned that Anon did really low tech attacks to the Scientology before.


Jan 2009, one of them visited the HQ.

On his naked top half of the body, the guy covered himself everywhere with Vaseline, encrusted surface with toe nail bits and pubic hair.

The security guys left the guy alone as no one wanted to touch him, the Anon walked into the HQ no worries.

Then he smeared himself around on their properties everywhere....


And in another Anon case of massively low tech and insanely annoying attack to the Scientology was to send completely black pages endlessly via FAX. It just goes on till the cartridges runs out, and cost them a lot for the inks as well as the fact that they couldn't use the phone line for the entire attack happening.


Very very low tech and low blow attacks some of them carry out...(≧▽≦) 

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Valery Uvarov: Only reaching out to 3% of the entire Earth Human Population to Get On with the Change


By the way, 3% of 7 billion = 210,000,000

Lots of us are included...



Well, some of you who went to Nexus conferences would probably have heard of this guy.

Currently Bases productions are pushing out his awesome interview vids.


I was stunned to hear that he's only reaching out to the 3%, who got ancient alien DNA within them, who are ready to move on.

I'm not saying that's bad.

I just thought it's very interesting that most of the stuff come out from our side are aimed to save/help all, not just a part, in general.


I guess he got to this point after learning so deeply and shifted his awareness in Russian knowledge re:aliens.


In his first vid, he was saying that in Russia, 6 years ago, the Alien presence on Earth was totally disclosed, and everyone "knows" about it.


So they had over 5 years to prep their national awareness about the aliens and how to feel among them as the Humans.


That's a big step they already had taken compared to the rest of the world that's linked by economy I think.



...So does that mean Valery had ditched the rest who are sleeping still?

Not sure.

He might have been outreaching to the 3%, knowing that they will kick start the paradigm shift actively compared to the rest, thus those 3% are the key for the future of Earth Humans, take the rest along with them by huge leap they'd make...??


I wondered that aiming at only those 3% might be based on the fantastic Russian pragmatism and he never intended to offend anyone who are not included in the 3%, but I'm only speculating.


Anyhow, great to listen to his stuff!!

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I have thought about the numbers often Unity and I do not believe that there is anything that would change 7 billion people overnight or even over a decade. God could appear in the sky all over the world and give the same message to every single human being at the same time and even then the VAST majority of humans would be enthralled for about 24 hours and then go back to their destructive habits - that is who they are in this lifetime.

So having given it much thought I agree that if there were to be some sort of ascension process or increase in consciousness to occur, it would not happen to everyone at the same time. It would be an opportunity for those that are currently ready and for others as souls progressed through their incarnations and reached a level of universal awareness.  I hope I live long enough to witness the beginning of this opportunity for human growth this time around but if not, I might pass and just stay home for eternity and watch from there I think. LOL

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Didn't know where to put this vid up to ask you peeps of your opinions....

May as well to use this thread!(・ω<)☆


The vid poster is totally immersed looking at the boy that he claims shape shifting behind a girl.

Straight away, I was intrigued by the facial feature of that girl than noticing about that boy.


I think that girl in front of the boy, standing next to Putin is a HYBRID.

But as for the boy??? Not sure due to the poor quality of the vid, but I wouldn't be surprised even so, after hearing Valerie speaking that it was 6 years ago that Russia openly admitted about the presence of aliens to their nation.


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Yeah Jess, I agree to you on that, too. I think that's a double of him.

Apparently Putin got loads of them around him. LOL

So not surprised to see someone looking like him to be present in official outing.


And the blurry-ness of the pic to conclude shape shifting is not my cup of tea usually....not exactly convincing. 


Isn't it funny that we are looking at something completely different to what the poster is pointing out!  ;D

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I went WHATΣ(°△°|||)︴when I saw Karen Hudes wearing a China Dress.

I thought she caved in full on and was told to wear the mark and doing so...in other words, became the nasty bunch's puppet.


But then I had to calm myself down a bit...it's a CLASSIC type dress, which dissociates from the almighty nasty mob I was thinking of.

It's a small bit of info but makes a big difference. A HUGE one, in fact.


While I was freaking out thinking she's swapped her side to a nasty bunch, the Chinese Qi-Gong master's incredible works were shown on the vid.

Pretty awful quality of picture to watch through, but I appreciated to see the action anyway.

I want to believe there were no tricks involved in at all.

Because I believe in our true power.


And Karen was trying to dissociate from "paranormal" kinda side of issue she's been dealing with, but I think she started to link up more of what the society classify as "WOO WOOs" (as in the new X-File!LOL) in this episode.


(Mind you, she already made the bomb shell revelation that she knows about the alien agenda involved in on Earth politics. But nothing else was mentioned, or this topic was hardly ever covered closely since that bombshell episode, if my memory is correct...)


OK, so she was saying that the Black Pope's mob are shaking hands with her.

That includes all others I listed before:




Knights Templar \

                            |----these are parts of the Black Pope Mob

Freemasonry      /


Peeps, like Karen commented it's been difficult for her to juggle all the associated factions directions, and still believing and aim firmly in the direction she believes to go for the better future of Humanity...my hats off to her.

Mind you, I can understand lots peeps would back off from what she's been doing.

It's taking friggin way too long. Since 2005.....


But then again, it's not a small matter.

With the magnitude of change coming with the transition, I can only appreciate going forward with small steps, rather than risking the whole lot to collapse by rushing it in...

And I think the Disclosure movement is also linking/sync-ing with this movement. 


I want to see the Humanity succeed well.


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John Lennon and UFO



© John Lennon

Story source:



I was seriously reading into this, thinking IT WAS THE MANTIDS CONTACTED JOHN LENNON!!╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ 


”Lennon claimed he was lying in bed one night when he was all of a sudden jolted awake by an unknown force. He saw a glaring light outside, so he left his house and found 4 “bug-like” creatures with “big bug eyes and little bug mouths.” He also claimed that the “bugs” gave him a small, golden egg-shaped object that he eventually gave to his psychic friend Uri Geller. She claims to still have it to this day.”


Right at the end, I cracked up laughing....Uri Geller is a guy.

Yeeees, "she" still got it.



© rightful owners


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