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Censorship of the internet

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In Clif High's latest subscriber report, he mentioned that China is now censoring the internet in Hong Kong. Words are being changed on web pages that Hong Kong residents get to see.

Yup!  The internet is being cleaned-up by the cabal. They are rewriting web pages as well as showing different versions of the same page to different viewers.

Look at what Jim Stone has to say:


I proved beyond a shadow of all doubt that the forum has gone full holonet, and is loaded with shills and backstabbers that I cannot see and others who are here cannot see as well. It is possible that the CIA is running a holo forum here, for the purpose of entrapping people and wrecking Jimstonefreelance.com, with a paralell forum we cannot see, and I am willing to bet that anyone who is not a registered user sees a nutjob forum we are all blind to when they come here. It was obvious that selectively people were being manipulated on an individual level that never showed on the surface, I found things in the event log I could not access directly and did not show when I visited the pages the event log said it would show up on. When I wiped out the offending users accounts via the event log, without touching the event log itself, their entries vanished from the event log which proves they really did exist for many, if not a majority of the people who hit this forum to see. If I hit their account directly, and clicked on their posts, their accounts told me they never posted anything at all, yet in the event log I could see they were posting hateful and discrediting garbage.

We are entering a new phase in internet history, where what you see really is NOT what you get, fortunately as far as I can perceive people are still hitting the main site, because in the beginning when I first posted the live chat window it filled up instantly with people which proves there is a heavy traffic stream to Jimstonefreelance.com, a fast paced chat setup that happened before "they" saw fit to nail it.

I am totally cut off from all communication with people, and I cant fix it. I tried many different ways to break the censorship barrier, but since I do not own the web I cannot communicate with people and I need to badly to survive. I really do not know what to do, other than to give up on communicating with people, accept the fact that the info war is well in progress, and wait for the day that the main site gets slammed off the web as well. I will sell off what I have for funds to survive for as long as possible. It looks like they won, and I would SERIOUSLY QUESTION ANY SOURCE OF INFORMATION THAT IS NOT SPEAKING ABOUT GETTING CUT OFF THE WAY I AM.


The mind control efforts really are ramped up. And the data expungement online is getting downright spooky. There are three things I looked for yesterday, and all have been totally blown off the web -

1. The original city issued Sendai damage report, with pictures of all non tsunami related damage, obviously expunged because right at the top it said zero collapsed structures and zero leaning.

2. The real information regarding tsunamis caused during the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests, one of which went all the way across the Pacific and caused a small amount of mayhem in India, all the tsunami related info is totally expunged

3. The built in remote control abilities of the 757/767 jets which was removed from them after 911. All the 757/67 jets produced up until that time had anti hijack remote pilot recovery systems aboard, and I remember the discussion was that the Airbus A320, which also had it, did not need to have it's systems removed because the Europeans had used a more secure encryption method. The FAA acknowledged that the planes had been flown via remote, and grounded all 757/67 aircraft until those systems had been removed. Now you can't even get information about the grounding of those planes and how it affected air travel, which was ongoing for about a month and a half.

Why nothing on these topics now?

I remember when I was at the Rabbi's house how he said electronic records are worthless because they can be changed, and that a library is not a library and a reference is not a reference unless it is printed and preferably hard bound because if it is not in print it can (and will) be changed.

Dimitri Khalezov has been telling people that the cabal has gone to a lot of trouble to remove all old dictionaries with the original definition of "Ground Zero".  For instance, they have reprinted old editions with the amended definition and substituted them for the original books in libraries etc.  This is all over the world!  Every book shop, every library and so on and so forth.


Now with the advent of the internet and electronic print, it's far, far easier to change what we get to see

I've reported this issue.  I don't know if we can screw the buggers back.  Let's cross our fingers.

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I wonder if the following news is censored in China too:


China censors may have caused country's massive internet outage


23 January 2014


A cyber monitoring group has attributed a massive internet breakdown in China to the country's own censors.


Web users in China had trouble accessing numerous sites for about an hour on Tuesday afternoon, according to Greatfire.org, which tracks the vast Chinese online censorship apparatus known as the Great Firewall.



"We have conclusive evidence that this outage was caused by the Great Firewall," it said on its website, calling the incident "one of the largest Internet outages ever in China".


China's internet users were sent to an IP address owned by US-based Dynamic Internet Technology, which runs a tool called FreeGate designed to bypass the country's internet censors.


The IP address has been linked to dongtaiwang.com, a news portal run by Falun Gong members.


State news agency Xinhua raised the possibility of hacking, and the official China Internet Network Information Centre said the breakdown was caused by a "root server for top-level domain names".


However, Greatfire.org has cast doubt on those claims, citing technical tests and saying such an act was "not enough to cause this outage".


Falun Gong is a Buddhist-inspired religious group that was banned in China in 1999 and branded an "evil cult".


Dynamic Internet Technology lists the Epoch Times, a publication linked to the spiritual movement, as a client on its website.


China's vast censorship apparatus proactively suppresses any information or websites online deemed sensitive, from popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter to a frequently updated list of search terms.


Link:  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-23/an-china-censors-may-have-caused-massive-internet-outage/5214666?section=australianetworknews 

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Latest update on www.halfpasthuman.com


(clif high)



Yellin will be 'bail-in' sooner than you think. And can hyperinflation be far behind repatriation?


The 'E-lites' spoke-between-the-lines at Davos....they are planning for the 'global uprising (rising up of humanity?)' in April....so say their astrologers. (2/1/2014)

Net 'going dark' to the 'ass-thorities'? One of their biggest fears...especially before they are 'ready' for the repercussions. So think 'global riots' in April/May that will be coordinated by new apps that are NOT running on DNS...alternatives are in use now. (2/1/2014).





Clif on Sean David Morton 1/29/14. 




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YouTube Will Now Decide FOR YOU What Is And What Isn’t AUTHORITATIVE NEWS

Google plans to promote and fund "authoritative news" - CBS, Fox News & CNN- to basically bring the old TV-viewing back, by using the internet platform.


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Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches 'Magna Carta for the web' to save internet from abuse

Laurence Dodds         Nov. 5, 2018


"Sir Tim Berners-Lee has launched a "Magna Carta for the web", warning that tech giants must change their ways to save the online world from the dangerous forces they have unleashed.

Sir Tim, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, called for a "revolution" in how the internet is regulated and monetised in order to stem abuse, political polarisation and fake news. 

The 63-year-old was speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon to launch a new "contract for the web" which asks internet companies to uphold a set of principles such as protecting privacy and being transparent about their algorithms. 

Facebook and Google have backed the contract, which will be agreed in detail next year, despite both companies being mentioned by its creator as examples of how "the web we know and love" is under threat.

Sir Tim said: "For the first 15 years, most people just expected the web to do great things. They thought 'there'll be good and bad, that is humanity, but if you connect humanity with technology, great things will happen....

"What could go wrong? Well, duh: all kinds of things have gone wrong since. We have fake news, we have problems with privacy, we have problems with abuse of personal data, we have people being profiled in a way that they can be manipulated by clever ads."



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The next paragraph in the above article re 'Magna Carta for the web' I found interesting.   Always layers upon layers...

Sir Tim, who developed the Web as a "side project" while working at the Cern research laboratory in Switzerland in the Eighties, has become increasingly vocal about what he sees as a perversion of his original vision.

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Originally I posted about NewsGuard on the shout thread.  Since then I've come across other info about them and will put it here, as imo Censorship of the internet IS what they are all about.  First link below is to the first article I'd read about it.

Nolte: Fox News Promotes Microsoft’s NewsGuard Blacklist as ‘Good Idea’  (I suggest reading all of it)


Then found this one

Financial Blacklisting: NewsGuard Advises Advertisers to Avoid Pro-Trump Media

Allum Bokhari          Jan. 31, 2019

"NewsGuard, the news-filtering browser extension recently partnered with Microsoft and run by neoconservatives, Obama-Clinton alumni, and other assorted Trump haters, has advised advertisers to withdraw their business from websites on its blacklist of “unreliable” news websites — a list that includes Breitbart News, The Drudge Report, and the Daily Mail.

 NewsGuard’s tactic is similar the one used by far-left smear peddlers Sleeping Giants, whose mission is to spread baseless accusations of racism and white supremacy to the advertisers of pro-Trump media outlets in order to put them out of business and silence their voice. Two of the sites on NewsGuard’s list, Breitbart News and the Daily Mail, are also prominent targets of Sleeping Giants.

The effect isn’t merely to silence pro-Trump media. It also ensures advertisers don’t market their products to Trump voters, causing them to rely less and less on consumers in the heartland, and more on progressive consumers who read establishment news sources. The ultimate result: corporations cater their products and “corporate values” even more to the latter, and not at all to the former."


The beltway establishment figures who started NewsGuard claim to be non-partisan. But the logic of their system leads towards the demonetization of pro-Trump and populist conservative media, as well as the few anti-establishment sites of the left that are also on the extension’s blacklist, like the Daily Kos.

It’s an approach that dovetails with the rise of financial blacklisting, in which left-wing and anti-Trump agitators pressure online funding platforms, payment processors, and credit card companies to cut off service from conservatives and anti-establishment figures. The goal is to render independent media unprofitable; blacklisting and censoring them by cutting off their income."



We already see this happening via many well known sites I should not have to mention. 

Nolte: Blacklisters at Microsoft’s NewsGuard Label Proven Hoaxes ‘Credible’




https://www.newsguardtech.com/how-it-works/ - IF I can't trust what journalist's write, why would I trust them to choose what I should read?

Leftist ‘fake news’ police are now coming after LifeSite because we oppose their agenda


last I found this interesting

Hillary's INSIDER on Mueller Witch Hunt   -   Jeannie Rhee's husband works for NewsGuard


Once again, use due care and caution and your own discernment.


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