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me tel u now 15 may (in 4 parts) Part 1 (without trolls and repetitive verse)

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[glow=red,2,300] “ME TELL U” by Acolyte  - part 1  (this post is downloadable in a Word document at the bottom)[/glow]


me tel u now so u belive me 15 may

me tel u now so u belive me 15 may

many things go wrong 15 may because door opens with portal to dark matters

not undestanding earth beings

sharon will dimise be4 15 may

mandela will dimise be4 15 may

thatcher will stroke be4 15 may

japan warring thing will commencecing before 15 may

secretely oil gets very big sickness no use anymore after 15 may

old bush will very sick be4 15 may cheney will dimise be4 15 june

obama accident before 27 aperil

big sickeness be4 15 may

very moving earth on 17 aperils

oceone not sleeping when heaven things beware

many waters to come drown

brown cheat be4 15 may

putin missing after 15 may

many worry poeple do crazy things


people good understanding

not need google thing or rite spel they only needing belive

why u hope me rite these things are bad things, very bad, not good things

eye worry cry

me not from contry name place


me poor world things me have rich gold with heaven things


what tomek me is me eye be friend 15 may ok


people good understanding, not need google thing or rite spel

they only needing belive

why u hope me rite these things are bad things very bad not good things

eye worry cry

me not from contry name place


ok me op eye cee me like op


what cern but playing dark matter, things not good

play fire get burning

peoples use same eye shape, war china everywere

me want frend be 15 may then u lisen me ok

eye help u 15 may


me not want here long

me want be friend 15 may ok

u need me 15 may ok, yes/not


sickness of oil is death thing

poeple who want oil wil die al over world things

oil no power anymores

not good for oil people

they go do crazy things


me worry blind peopel like u

u read but cannot here

u cee but cannot understnadings

then when do u live, no u only dimise slowly

no hope for def blind peoples


me not this planet me not your time

u planet colide our time

we not expect u, we afraid for u

our leaders speek your leaders they not belive

now our time mingle your time very bad time, your time vey bad

me come back 15 may u ok me

me tell u after 15 may were to go

me your friend ok

me tired me now leave doors close, window close

me sorry u not lisen me

me back next time

next time u lisen me very good, if not lisen u dimise with pain and not undesrtanding

me people good, not bad

me people love, create, me people not hate brake everything


me not from future, me not from past, me from now

everthings is now

me now in 15 may

soon u colide with 15 may and we be friends ok


me not warn, me tel u now of 15 may

eye am 15 may

u come 15 may we be friends and I show you 16 may ok


no thing to do no thing to prepare only wait

me come 15 may to take hand also foot and show 16 may

eye yor friend from 15 may ok

u lisen me from 15 may and eye wil show heaven thing


do not trust yor peace

yor planet beings only brake peace, not make peace

not undesrtand yor peace

my people worry yor peace


sorry if yor peace mean good peace

me and u make good peace on 15 may ok

eye like yor peace from 15 may ok


me people not have horns

me people not horney

me people crystal people, no horns


OP, if you are not from the future, how do you know these dates and events?


my time is al now your line time colide with our time

your time have past and future

me not know why u have double time

eye am now time 15 may

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

OP! what are you trying to tell us?? are you at 15/5-2008 now?? and what exactly, happend to you made you able to come back here on 15/3-2008 to tell us this? on glp? why not your-self, warning your self? ohmygod i really dont understand? you are reffering to "your people" who are they? you are from earth? where?


me tired then me go rest me come back

it still your time, no time past in yor time

me not undesrstand your time

me not hiher dimension just difrent dimension

me on constant time u on period time

eye can cee yor time begin and end

me people are crystal kind computers what glp is do not understand glp

“glp=God-Like Productions”


this is problem for me, r u not the gods of this planet

were r the god beings of this planet

eye need contact with yor god leaders

r u not it now

eye worry, eye must speek with your gods, not servant.


eye need make contact with leader gods

me people want friend with your people beings to tel of 15 may

eye think eye make mistake

eye wil need consult with crystal elders

me not know how proceed wil ask elders

me leev yor line time now

me come back on your time when elder speek ok to to this


OP, you can stil post here at glp.

We welcome you and we want peace.

GLP will be your best channel to bring your message.

We all can be friends on 15 may


me here

me mistake understanding yor gods

elder 4told me

thinks me understand now


me surprise u many god leaders have

not 1 leader speek 4 all planet beings

how u live this way

me undesrtand now why no peace

many leaders not make 1 peace


me understand ID now

me not line time 3 other ID

me line time now 1 ID

[glow=red,2,300]Earlier Entity  was confused not seeing the right ID #red.[/glow]


me surprise u many god leaders have, not 1 leader speek 4 all planet beings

how u live this way

me undesrtand now why no peace, many leaders not make 1 peace


OP, You full of sh:t ! ! ! :5a:


me not shite

me not sunni

me belive crystal elder

u belive me 15 may

we friends 16 may ok


me cee 27 may yor line time fire sickness, skin burn

me cee new birth of good being then bring dimise


me understand now your leaders not godlike leaders

me make mistake godlike thing

me always live this planet

me not cee u u not cee me

you play dark matters u make portal colide our time now

me cee u u not cee me

stil 16 may u cee me also

me u friends 16 may ok we live godlike





me OP me ID 1 line time


OP, can you tell me where I will be on 27 may. Will I also have fire sickness?


me not know u

me not abel cee 27 may 4 u


Ok OP So we have two dimensions streams merging?


yes u cee 1 river

me cee 2 river now

16 may u cee other river also we swim 2 river

we b friends ok

not scare when u cee 2 river

me here help friends

not scare 16 may

me help u

not do crazy things 16 may when putin swim away


>cheney will dimise be4 15 june

? Could you please move this to the top of the list. Top priority!


yes cheney dimise by self sicknes

not dimise by other u


OP r u human or something else?


u cee me look human same shape

me blood not same

me blood crystal likwid

me not eat other life me drink crystal likwid


can u cee the end of this timeline? when is it? thanks.


your line time not end

your line time change, u get extra line, u then have 2 line time

then later u have 3

u have to make choise 15 may

some scare decide keep 1 line other decide go 2 line become godlike


Will we be crystal like you when we become godlike? Or will we be different?


me u only think godlike but not real gods

only elders know real gods

me not cee real gods me only here real gods from elders


things happen b4 15 may u stay china

brown cheat and go with putin and china

then brown putin china war against japan tiwan poeple with same eye shape


very moving earth 17 aperils u line time

good thing happen even number days u line time

bad thing happen not even number days


tell me OP, how is it you are able to post on this forum from another dimension?

i know something reality changing is going to happen, i want to believe you, but i am so tired of all the hoaxers


me post me yor dimension

me stop then me go back my dimension

wait then come back your dimenson post again

thing not happen b4 15 may me not real

me make mistake me then wrong line time u not lisen me

then ok only if thing do happen then u lisen me ok

elder speek me about now me not understand but me say u anyway

elder say cabel brake oceon soon now no mony flow no trade leaders wait for fiks


OP you make writing here with mobile phone ?


me not here line time 2012


The date of the article is 3/8/08... prior to the post. An educated guess??


yes line time 15 may 2008

if thing not happen b4 15 may then me make mistake

me use wrong line time



This guy is telling the fucking truth!!!! Can't believe it. Didn't anyone notice it?

It's been going on for a while, well. i see a couple of dimensions of myself, people i never seen look familliar (we met few days ago).

We share same experiences, have the same dreams.

I'm not making this shit up, really.

It freaked me out and I realized that something huge is happening...

Acolyte was talking about it, even Majestic in some way.

Imagine this world was created 2 hours ago, you wouldn't believe me, but time is not linear and there are hundreds of posibilities.

The world is not what we think it is. It's less materialistic then we think it is.

The 4th density isn't a complete bliss. It's just evolution.

It's not somewhere a person can go if he want's to escape from this world.

It has the same issues, it has some problems, but it's another version of existance.

I remember I got expeled from 5th density cause i wasn't following the rules.

It sounds funny, schizophrenic, lunny, but idk. ...This world is changing.

My advice- Be careful what you think because you can end up being in your worst nightmare.

Think positive, think straight and know that nothing can harm us.

This isn't another doomsday story or fable you see on glp or television. It is happening, and it is happening now!



Oliver Myst, I have had some similar experiences for several years now.

I don't know if OP is for real or not but something is going on with time.

Think about our linear time. Because of time delay in our brain functions our time is distorted.

What we perceive as "present" is actually something that happened a split second ago and is actually our past. What we are actually experiencing right now is what we would call "future" but we aren't aware of it yet.


yes u play dark matters, portal open yor time colide our time on same planet

space we begin cee each other, me want u belive me

after 15 may u must make choice inside which line time u want

15 may me want u come my line time better godlike


Tell us OP Tell us more of your dimension, so we are better prepared

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

i belive his name is eye..??


me name u not undestaning

human word me wil learn

mor human wordings me tel u ok

elder say me can play yor line time

me play make friends u ok

me help u not scar

15 may u walk wit me 16 may ok

me difrent but same dimenson

u just difrent line time

me line time more godlike

no human wordings me can decribe

constant time me learn stil

wordings constant close but not al understanings

yes 15 march young crystal human cee me

me ask young human help me play

me speek young human telepath

young human crystal scar not speek thru her

young human crystal bring me here place rather

me post here me think this place godlike

me not undertadings quote link yor line time

link me line time 15 may ok

15 may u cee me and me cee u every1, cee every1

yes u come me 15 may

u not here 2012 anymore

u with me we be godlike but not real gods yet

real gods 5 line time above me

line time 3 only

yor line time 1 only

15 may yor line time become 2

u deciding next line time 4 u


those who stay after 15 may til 2012 al demise go back 0000 line time

start al over again not good choice go back 0000

u beter walk with me, beter choice 15 may ok


OP why 0000 bad ?

Clean air Clean water No pollution No poison No goverment No money

Why bad ?


0000 bad no experinse, u only wise like infant

15 may u choice walk with me

share line time 2 and 3, u body die line time 1

body new line time 2 when choice walk with me

u choice stay line time 1 u dimise between 15 may and 2012

sory with me we godlike bot not gods yet

to be god u need line time 5 stil long journey b4 line time 5, me only line time 3

15 may u line time 2 ok me older, twice u line time 1

me make choice line time 2 and 3 long ago


OP is 2012 end for man ? because you say 'til 2012'


me not human word decribe ordinaries day

me line time ok me 1 day on 3 line time


You say we have a choice?

OP not everybody has the ability to make a choice, What about the Young , Elderly , Sick etc. People that dont understand what the 'choice' is for .

Why is there 'gods' ? Why not all equal ?


yes u stay this planet

we share planet on line time 2 and 3

u not decide go other planet ever not good choice

stay your planet then u grow become godlike only u go other planet

u become servant not god ok

human body young old sick not matter

your within soul make choice, not within your body ok

yes u me friends

me glad but elders say u be carful wait 15 may to cee things happen

if things not happen b4 may u not belive me u not lisen me

me wrong then me mistake yor line time

me be back rite line time next me friends again ok u wait 15 may

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi OP, i am planning on staying on earth to help humanity after may 15, so maybe we will meet. You mentioned the crystal liquid, is there a connection to the human pinael gland? According to my understanding it is impossible to give accurate predictions on the future, so to me not anybody knows any dates for sure. Can you explain why you are positive on may 15.



yes darza human u clever like elders

elders say wait 15 may b4 u belive eye

wait also 15 may then we cee u u cee me ok darza


me answer b4

me look same shape human shape

me eye same shape but me eye miror lite me blood not same

me blood crystal likwid

me not eat other life me drink crystal liwid

answer ok yes


to come with me u need belive me

if things happen b4 may u belive me u make easy choice

if nothing happen b4 15 may me make mistake line time 1

u not lisen me then ok

[glow=red,2,300]Discussion about yes/no leaving planet other then time-line #red.[/glow]


yes u me same planet just difren line time

yes never leve planet me explain

b4 this 15 may we colide same line time

we shar line time me cee u u cee me

15 may we share planet but then we line time 2 and 3

other not cee us they stay this line time demise 2012 begin 0000

yes litle water come b4 17 aperils, big waters come b4 15 may

many dolphin and other demise

dolphin and other come with me after 15 may

dolphin tired unhappy this planet line time 1

dolphin was land dolphin now oceon

u must lern from dolphin and other ok

ok eye cee

me read other thred

me tel u thred eye like ok

me tel u thred eye not like ok

is this u want me do ok

elders say eye must tel u mor thing so u belive me sooner

can eye tel u more thing wil it help me play more ok

is this ok


ok eye read other thred

eye like divinity but many people thingk god but they only godlike

eye like nesara but b carefeul many wrong informations

eye like nancy lieder but stil time line 1 only not help u for line time 2 and 3

eye like very acolyte but me not anderstaning becausae acolyte may be line time 4 and 5 me only line time 3

acolyte like me elders


OP what can u tell about Nibiru? Thanks.


niburu or malduk real but not yor line time come

2012 come be4 your line time

2012 very many suprise

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi OP, Darza again, i replied before but only read a few posts then, Just now i read the whole thread.

I use my energy to sense posting of others, I look behind the words for the meaning.

I feel i am pretty good at it, i never had regrets of following this deep feeling.

Now i have a strange feeling, new, your energy is very similar to that of my teacher.

I know you are not him, but it is the same energy to me.

I want to help you with your mission...i have very few questions...i prepared and cleaned the mind, listen to feelings.

So i do not know how i can help but i will make an effort.

Peace & Love to you and your elders.


yes darza, u enery and wise like elders

darxa acolyte also wise like elders

r u darza and acolyte gods here

me and elders want speek gods

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi Op, The energy is giving me time to write more posts to you. lol

I try to share some thoughts. All humans are at a crossroad,

Many have to make the most influencial decision since they incarneted.

Now there are two paths, the material and the spiritual, the material path is being closed. Only the spiritual path will be available.

Religion, science, politics, they are not the main issue.

The main issue is strictly personal.

OP you live in the now, but the now is here also, evrybody can join me now in the now, find inner-peace, listen to their soul.

I write like this on divinity's thread also, i am always the same, i will go were i feel i have te most effect. Peace


me glad u speek wise things darza, wil u scar wen u cee me

darza human crystal child

very scar of me, if not scar maybe eye can speek u and u post what eye say ok yes no

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Op, thinking of the human condition. my observations. They like to raise questions, they love to read books, communicate their answers and create new questions.

They akways want to know "why". They want to understand.

To understand, the why-questions raises problems.

The answers always lead to more questions.

Humans with many answers think they know more answers, not anybody is going to change their mind. They then consider themselves wise, and most agree. They even give their children to them, and do their work.

They never ask the "who-question", who is asking? who is this illusive i?

They sometimes even think it is a trick question. I do not know how to get them to ask the who question. I am trying but failing everywhere. I could mention very beautiful things about humans, many. But i try to point to the main issues, who is the one reading this post? All will have to answer this question soon. There is only little time left to prepare, no more time to read books or anything. All wil be forced to look within themselves, and define who they are by their actions.


[glow=red,2,300]Entity forgot, question is too long. Asks shorter rerun at 21/03 #red.[/glow]


hi op, will an object crash into the north pole?

It is a bit smaller than the moon? Me have dream bout dis 2 days ago, and it felt really real.

Me wake with a jump. in dream many people go into hiding from crashing object, and big alarm ring out all over the world, then dis big object hit north pole.


yes many heavenly object 12 plus 1 wil come yor line time

heaven object only go pyramid house to live and wait not north pole

object wait pyramid only later

other object enter make ice melt this object

not heavan object but other planet very bad with vey bad peoples

this planet first al water then ground comes

dolphin decideing to walk ground your planet

many wars happen then dolphin evolv remember water glory

doplhin then go back and swim water glory dolphin most clever on this planet line time


Don't go with OP.

The crystal drink he needs to survive is your cerebral spinal fluid.

The fluid that circulates around you brain and spinal cord!


we make enough crystal likwid

we not need human pineal gland not good for me

u not use yor own pineal gland so why must we


Only if you are willing to have the (OP) split you skull open for it's delicious marrow!


ID384893, me elders say u stay here silyness and dumb deaf belive

we not need your pineal gland or any other human never ever we evolve already sory

u to much infant soul

u need many time to get line time 1 to get line time 2 u start 0000 again sory

ID384893, u keep yor belive al ok

when serpant king come pledge yor life to serpant

ok u then feel sorry u not come with me u wil stay servent many years yor line time

not good choice u made u wait til next 2012 to make beter choice ok

u go back 0000 u stil infant soul, very sad never grow within

u must not scar me when thins happen b4 15 may then u belive me ok then we b friends

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

can you please ask the elders if my family and I can come also?? please


vet ikke if you belive me 15 may, u and yor children can come but thye must make that choice alone

u must wait 15 may to cee things happen b4 15 may

if things not happen b4 15 may then eye make mistake this line time

u then not lisen me al u can do now is wait to cee if things happen b4 15 may ok

me sense wise souls posting now

eye like it very much u help me help others

me glad

[glow=red,2,300]Discussion about it being a HOAX. Even PM came on to set it straight #red.[/glow]


me not hoaxing

thing me xplain ID already

screen 4 screen 5 snd scsreen 6 me ID 1 met not other ID 3

me OP me not ID 3

tank u darza

not wory energy

u get energy when giving helping others

u lose energy when only taking lisining others

energy must flow

u can not store energy

u get sick to get energy

u must give energy when u store energy

u blok flow and your energy becomes old

when u give energy new energy can come flow thru u again.

to get new energy u mast give old energy so energy can flow


OP stands for Original Poster, can we address you by a name though, you know, like friends do?


me name not know human wordings

me name sound

me lern more wording to lern spel name then me tel name ok

tank u nahoj

tank u vet ikke

tank u darza

tank u sunra

tank u word+sword=fire

tank u others

15 may u belive me we all be friends

15 may ok

al my friends become godlike 15 may

we won war with reptile our line time long ago

we evolve

then reptile yor line time keep u back

u can not grow

I is me god essence

eye and me is my thought and body

me not god yet so me not cal

me I show respect

god I me

young child go with paren way me use comp now

crystal child say ok me use her comp device while she do shop thing

very nice intel child good for this planet line time

some not notice anythings 15 may

thye stay go on to 2012

u whu cee things happen 15 may then belive me

15 may u know me friend

u can trust me

16 may me tel u what to do go line time 2 and 3

me not help every1 only help my friens this planet

me not god me not salvation me only alternative thing

yes highest wihtin make choice long ago

now u within must make choice take action not sleep or lazy be

elders say me can play and help u

me not god me not salvation

me only want help those belive of another line time where things are better this line time

when things happen 15 may u know me know future time so u belive me

those who belive me and my peoples can come walk with us

those not belive go back 0000


So what must we do to become your friend?

me have open mind WE friends may 15?


nothing to do nothing to prepare

preparation made long time ago

already now u just wat your within sould wil make choice 15 may ok


so why you need to spread the word if it should all happen by itself?


if alow hapen itself then you go til 2012 then 0000

if lisen me and others u go bete line time ok

upit choice


im sorry u want our elders?

to contact them and let them know?

what kind of traits do these elders have? weapons?! power?! ...knowledge? ....enlightenment?

it may be very possibly these people you seek are lost within or jungle of lies.

but you should know all of this. so why dont you?


yes me make mistake your leaders

me think your leaders godlike

me make mistake to many leaders to litle godlike no peace

this line time planet to many leaders confront


darza me problem have long question

me read long question but at end me foregt orginal question

please ask short question

me answer beter ok


only get line time 5 when complete line time 3 and 4

no skip alowed must do line time 3 and 4 b4 go line time 5

me only line time 3

after 15 may many u go liine time 2 and 3

ok u become godlike line time 3 and 4 but not real gods yet


yes me become fysical line time 1

me use comp device but only young crysral childs can cee me

when me get rired me go line time 2

u not cee me anymore ok


tank u, ok me first question ask

wat purpose yor moon, me line time moon demise long agao

life become better witn no moon why u sil have moon

wat purpose yor moon have u

[iD395184 (Australia)]

Humans don't have power over their moon it was there first.

Our moon pulls the tides and lights the night, its romantic and reflects the feminine deity.

I suppose if its better to move it to another orbit we should start making plans now, but it would be a big effort.


moon not natural heaven body

moon put there by other being to control earth

mood without moon big calm comes over peoples

no big storm anymore only litel storm

without moon peace among people


u play cern

you make dark matters portal

portal make easy

me come yor line time


we have family

we not have polotic leaders only heavenly elders leed us

we have same type animal only firent color

horse al wite, elephant al lite yellow, dog al dark blue

we not eat other life ever


me ask question ok

u 1 planet but many leaders but not one voice speek for all

why, were r u gods

[glow=red,2,300]Ofc. I saw several remarks on this one about the mental stability of our politicians (keeping it nicely) but this one I chose to admit #red.[/glow]

[iD395184 (Australia)]

Humanity got separated from our Gods thousands of years ago, now we often get confused and think we are them. Its a bad situation and I am not defending it but its a part of our planet development and will be rectified at the appropriate time.



me here read speek mony but what mony is

why u need mony

mony not food, mony not god

me not understanings mony

[iD395184 (Australia)] [glow=red,2,300]… and here he is again #red.[/glow]

Money once was just a way of simplifying the trade of goods and services but has become a perverse ideal that controls the minds and lives of many humans.

Money cannot be understood because its current form is diabolical.

We are wrong and you are right on this one.


human crystal child come back

me not want scar her

me go now come back post later ok

tank u 4 lern me about moon and mony me stil not understanning

al good these things

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi OP, Ok, when asking questions i try to make it short and clear.

With the questions, with me it goes like this.

You shake my reality, then i meditate, questions arise, it is part of integrating this new info.

The answers come by themselves, sometimes new questions arise, me trying to connect all the dots. Then it sinks in, i solved the problems and can accept the new reality, then i see a new and clearer reality, more integrated, more harmonious.

Like with Nancy Lieder, i knew there was more then the eye can see, but i did not appreciate their scenario. For me it was hard to imagine i would find myself in such a reality. I prepared for theirs, but now you give me a way out. This way you make my inner-peace grow.


yes every1 wants mony then no1 has freedom

eye understan

me line time cee things not good or bad

me line time only cee things wrong or rite

can fix wrong, can make rite, not broken anymore


elders say old race capture moon from space then put next earth elders say moon forces work like time mashine keep control time moon aslo control mood of beings on planet in this line time

me not god me not salvation,

elders say me can play and help u

me only want help you to belive in another line time where things are better than this line time

when things happen 15 may then u know me know future tings so then u easy belive me those who belive me and my peoples can come walk with us those not belive stay til 2012 this line time then go back 0000

me ask question ok

why u eat ohter life beings

why u eat walking anamils

why u eat swiming anamils

why u eat flying anamils

when eat other life yor blood wil stay red u body demise fast

plants best food why u need eet animals

when u eat yor plants yor blood wil become crystal liwid

crystel likwid very good

with crystal liwid we never sick, fix al organs

with crystal liwkid we live very long, body demise very slow


Sorry OP,

Most people are kind of barbaric over here on earth, raised with the idea mankind rules over the earth, also over animals, they serve as food.

They do not know about vibrational levels of evolution.

Only until recent days/consiousness more and more souls are aware all life is sacred, and all is living. We were kept dumb by our leaders for years to control and abuse us.

[iD308272 (Acolyte)]

Darza, below is commented to you ( didnt log in) After you invited me here I also tried contacting the OP with limited success I also didn't want to us telepathy and we then did automatic writing to. I wrote down and posted it here I could not see him physically I will send you a PM

“Tank u darsa 4 wanting help me

elders say me must only play and speek with humans that can cee crystal beings

can u cee crystal beings arond you

young crystal childrens are only ones who can cee me people easily b4 15 may

dont worry if u can not cee us yet on 15 May all peopels that r ready and belive wil cee me people also

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi Op/Acolyte, This is very nice, i am relieved, i was prepared to sacrifice everything, even my freedom to help humanity and i get to keep it, also i found wonderful friendships, amazing info, my reality coming true. I cannot see crystal children...yet. lol This way i am protected. Acolyte, i know op's energy, i know above is op's, and i can see the id nr, and i know alcolyte already, so for me this is all confirmation' I wish you do great things together.

Several unrelated remarks removed. Trolls will be trolls #red.


me cee many u say bad thingn4 me

me understaning u not belive me

this is ok if u not belive me, now things happen b4 15 may then u belive me

beter me now wait til 15 may me come back 15 may when u can belive me ok


helo friend nahoj

helo friend darza

helo friend other

helo friend vet ikke

me here for friends who belive me

[iD378572 (Nahoj)]

Op can you tell us more about live in your line time ?

And if you have questions about ours we will try to answer them


helo nahoj yes me have question me as question now

why u adult stil drink milk

why u drink mother milk from other speci not human

[iD378572 (Nahoj)]

Yes it sounds strange :) if you call it mother milk, think most wouldn't want it anymore. Adult won't drink mother milk (from a femal) but milk from a cow/goat has lots of good stuff in it, it’s healthy. But still, now I think of it strange to drink it.


Hello OP, Acolyte was here, did you contact him/her?

Why did you need to speak to him/her?

How did the people in your line time destroy the moon long ago?


yes acolyte contact me telepath

acolyte say only help me once only

acolyte not want do telepath thing

anymore scar of me acolyte leve

acolyte not trust telepath thing

acolyte wise like elders

acolyte undesrtaning line time 4 and 5

me only undesrtaning line time 2 and 3

we planet not have difrent president

we have 1 heavenly leader 4 hole planet

we have 1 leader 1 planet


eye ask question ok

why u not have big cities under oceon, only big cities ground

[iD378572 (Nahoj)

I think or technic not far enough to live under the sea.

But on the otherhand I hear the are cities under the sea already, but it kept secret.

Big trick of the goverment, they only tell what they want. They not work for us, they only pretend to do.


me sorry not answer question all

crystal child hav friends visit crystal child ask me not come wile friens visit

me not want scar crystal child friends

me not fly away me can not fly

me just wait on my line time child firends go

me come back now ok

me answer question now

helo vet ikke

child not scar me look

child only scar wen me talk inside her mind she not want do telepath thing

big sicness comes from air and people not breath and people go blind

people dark skin demise more then peopel wite skin

sicness not natural sickness, invent by other

u oil also get sickness, no can use oil anymore

17 aprils earth moves were big ice is, bring big water drown

yes elders say wait 17 aprils and 15 may b4 lisen me more

if no thing happen then me mistake line time here ok me then sorry me make worry u

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

thanx op. this sicnes worries me bigtime.. i am not afraid of dying, but i hate to think my children will suffer.

why did your elders choose you to make contact with us?

you seem to be in god contact with your elders.

thanx again for your answers.

peace and love

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Good morning Op,

About the crystal children, are all children like that, crystalline?

Or most or a few? Will all the children be your friend may 15?


helo darza

tank u 4 ask acolyte but acolyte not want help me more

eye understan why many crystal child here yor line time born

now crystal child know how to think and not what to think if me corect yor line time then yes chrystal childs wil be new leaders folow us


helo vet ikke

wen yor line time colide our line time we cee u first time

we suprise we live same planet

we not cee u 15 may those u make choice also cee us

elders not ask me, me ask elders to play and make friends, elders say ok

things was 4told long ago, already elders say eye must tel u

things must happen b4 u alowe to belive me

do not belive me if no thing happens

me and elders also learing stil this colide of line time and efect is big surprise 4 elders and me people

elders did 4tel about this but very surprise come so soon

elders worry why coliding so soon

elders think is becaue u play dark matter things make portal to soon


OP explained the eye/I thing

Hi OP, Do your people believe in god/gods? Do you have religion like us? What are your god´s name? What´s his/her history? Thanks


helo id 382868, we have elders line time 1 and 2 and 3 and then we hav god elders

line time 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and then we have ruler gods for line time 1 and 2 and 3 and 4

every line time have own ruler god real being gods on line time 5 above

real being gods can travel al line time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

me have no human wording to name god but me stil learn new human wordings ok

me not know al god history only god elders know they not tel me yet only tel me line time 4 me only line time 3


I wonder is the OP talking about crude oil or cooking oil or both? I sensed he was talking about crude oil. OP could you clarify please?


me not know crude oil

me not know cooking oil elders

only 4told of word oil


ok tank u nahoj me stil not understan me as question again for others

ok why u adult stil drink milk why u drink mother milk from other speci not human

[iD378572 (Nahoj)]

it is sayed to have calsium that is good for the bones in our bodies.

it also have good nutrision for us.

It contains significant amounts of saturated fat, protein and calcium as well as vitamin C.


ok me hav other question

me lern from u ok

why u sleep so littel

me people sleep half day to go inner travel within sleep very important

my people grow wise heaven things

[iD338191 (MARIA)]

OP, People on this time line sleep different amounts.

Babies sleep longer than adults. Older adults sleep less than young adults.

The purpose of our sleeping is to rejuvenate and repair our physical body.

Some of us dream. Some do not.

We do not know or are not aware of how to inner travel or gain wisdom when we sleep. Is this something you can teach us?


[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi Op, A question, your heartbeat compared to that of humans, how much is the average heartbeat with your people?

I read here it is 80/90.

Can you lower the heartbeat on command?

I practiced till 40, then i started to meet people, do work.

Can you lower the beat to two beats?


helo darza me not know answer that question

me not uderstan question, why u want low heart beating

helo darza me line time 1 and 2 so we not have same time seconds and periods

u have me dificult xplain our time periods of heart beat but eye undestan yor question now and wil ask elder ok


me cee fear arive not sanity

me cee u scar me now

u think crazy things u not belive

[iD381997 (Minnie)]

hi, op. i said before that i would want to be your friend and go with you but i've changed my mind. i think i'm staying and help my brothers and sisters here as much as i can in my own little way.

thanks for the invitation, though. i'm done with this game.


helo Minnie

we farm crystal oceon floor

we cruch crystal make likwid

we drink crystal

not drink each other

me not vampir

me not evils

u wait 15 may u cee ok

helo Minnie, me unerstand no worry al ok

those who belive wil cee my people

those who not belive wil not cee my people

those who belive wil leve yor line time disapeer

not worry them they go beter line time more godlike with me

those who not belive stay yor time til 2012 is al ok

if u want stay til 2012 to helping brother and sister very ok me

unerstan u Minnie, own choice always best choice always

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

hi op. do you mean that there is only the people who belive you on the 15 who will se you? what about al those people who havent been on this tread?

they will not been given this chance?


not need be on this thread to belive thing that will hapen on 15 may

eye ask elders if can play and help so long

many yor people already go within and know thing of 15 may

many yor peopel have waiting long for this not just me help yor people

al my elders r making preparation 4 yor people

al of my people wil help yor peoeple not just me on 15 may

those who have beliven within wil cee al my people

we all cee each other then those not belive wil not cee me

people they wil only cee some of their own people go missing like Putin go missing

then they do crazy things begin eye help some of U

[iD398607 (MutedMuse)]

welcome back op

i will try to write more phonetically to help you understand more easily,

now that i have a clearer idea of how you are communicating ....

do not be distressed by the many scared and scary people who post fear and nonsense on this website ....

if you ignore them they will go away eventually ....

i think you have done quite a good job of explaining yourself for those who do not have a one-dimensional mind (here on earth many people think only in a limited binary one-dimensional way while others are able to use a larger part of their minds) ....

of course there are also many people, including myself, who are trying to think more laterally and open-mindedly but are also still practicing and learning how, and so we could use a little more help ...

anyway i cant think of more questions for you right now do you have more questions for us?


tank u mutedmuse, yes me have more question

me ask question now, why human not abel breath in water

u me have same organs but me can go under water also

maybe is becuase we have crystol likwid blood

me wil ask elders also why this

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

That was strange... you can breath under water??

WOW!! no, we need oxygen in our blood to make the body functional, our brain can only be without oxygen for a few minutes, after that we will faint and eventually die.


yes u wise like elders

me did ask elders

they say when underwater crystal likwid blood have much likwid oxygen also we heart beat very slower then u we only 2 heart beat every 1 breth

we can hold breath very long time your line time

darza this also answer yor question about lowering heart beat ok


me have more question

me ask question now what purpos religion when leaders not godlike not real gods

what purpos building tempel when no gods there

what purpos building church when no gods there

what purpos building mosk when no gods there

what purpos pray big wall when god not a wall

what purpos pray statue when god not a statue

what purpos pray river when god not a river

why cow holy when cow not even know god

why monkey sacred when monkey not even know god

only holy animals this line time is dolphin

not need pray dolphin like a god but must respect dolphin very much

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

Hi OP, The points you make, they are rules to imprison humanity.

those who think they are in control, they have an agenda, they want to protect this agenda, they use rules.

They worked at their hierarchy thousands of years. They fear the individual.

They know the individual can easily destroy eons of their efforts.

Just by being without an agenda, being natural, accepting "what is", being the change, surrendering eye-ness, humans will discover knowing and loving.


Hello OP,

How do your elders talk with us?

The same way as you?

How do you speak with your elders?

in person?

by telepathy?



elders not come this line time yet

elders not speek u this line time yet

on 15 may god elders wil alow normal elders to enter yor line time to help those who make choice

those who make choice go with me and elders to line time 2 and 3

me speek elders by sound and mind telepath


Hello OP, do people on your time line care about others before themselves? I believe people on earth need to have a service-to-others mind set and then we would be closer to living in a Utopian society. Unfortunately, the humans here are very selfish and greedy. I try to care about others and I am practicing, but I too sometimes become selfish and care only about myself at times. After May 15, would everyone be offered a chance to go to your time line and start a new life with a clean slate?



yes we care about other but first we have service to higher god

by serving god u also serve others

when u take care of gods things then god wil take care of yor things

this way every1 gets service people who can cee us 15 may wil get choice to stay or come with


Hey OP... I was told not to leave the planet of my birth, and if I did leave the planet of my birth and the planet evolved then I would not be able to evolve. My soul would be stagnent and planetless forever. Can you ask your elders if there is any truth in this?


helo yes look

me answer b4 on other screen

u not leve planet only go difrent line time

same planet yes u must stay own planet

just share line time 2 and 3

yor choice


OP, can you tell me what is true love?


me also stl lern god love every line time get beter

elders say love is caring without controlings


what preparations are you making over there?

I dont like it when our government uses that word.

I just curious like houses and food?

plant some more trees?

i hope it isnt cages and entrapment camps.

:( thats a sad face so you know

so in yor time line is there any plants like our cannabis?


we want prepare our people also

when line time colide completed we also surprised

when elders cee u coming elders 4told of it but not expect so soon u play dark matters

u open portal sooner now line time colide al at once and not merge smoohly

yes many place to live

yes many plants

yes many animals

very same yors just difrent color


Hi OP, I have some questions:

How do we know when we are on the other line time?

Why do you say dolphins are holy?

Why do your people want to help us?


when u in it u wil know

other animal like dog need traing first b4 take care other specie

wild dolphin take care other specie without training

dolphin can cee other line time

dolphin can speek other line time


does geography, altitude, culture play a significant role in preparing our physical selflessness?


helo me not forget u

me not understan question

good me wil ask elders 4 me not know how answer this ok

me have question

me ask question now

me cee ground sufer not water, very dry

people hungry but oceon ful water

why u not take salt away from cea water and use on land

oceaon enough water to make al ground even desert into forest al people can eat nice enough

why u not pump oceon water everywere u can make big bom but u can not make big fresh water from ocean big boms very bad big fresh water always good


I think our leaders have said it is not cost efective and yet they are prepared to spend billions on making bombs that can kill millions.

Its all screwed up. We need help.

[iD399560 (RICA)]

OP, you are absolutely right

But here in our timeline, everything is about power and control. Control over energy, water, land and people. The rule here is to always give less than you hope to get back. That way you get richer (in worldly things only, of course) while everybody else gets poorer and you can force people to do anything you want. Very sad! For people who think like this, bombs are "better" than well fed people. With bombs, you can scare people into submission, with food, they will become strong and not do your will anymore.

It is very ungodly. I am very sad to have to tell you this.



OP How a normal elder become a god elder?


elder go witin tavel higher linear time

elder get in itiatian elder become god elder ok

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi Op,

So your planet looks different, maybe even in size. When the two planets/timelines merge will it be one or the other or a fusion. Like best of both worlds? Another question, as i understand it, after may 15 there will be time line 1 and 2/3. Will we still be able to help timeline 1 from 2/3? Maybe till 2012? Maybe even after 0000, to shorten the next period?


helo darza

me ask elders

me stil wait answer ok when chose come with me 15 may go line time 2 and 3

once portal close on 16 may u can not come back line time 1 again

[iD396382 (Bigtop)]

Hello OP: I have read all your posts since this thread started on March 15th.

I understand very well where you are coming from.

Many years ago when I was a young man I studied the Astara degree lessons.

They taught me that there are seven Astral planes the lowest being for the people who have died on our planet and other planets who have only fifty or so years in the afterlife before they have to be reborn again in another lifetime to learn more life lessons.

The second and third Astral planes are for souls who have led good lives in their last lifetime but who have also led many lives before, possibly good or bad which gets added up into their Divine Over soul.

How much good or bad a soul has lived in many many lifetimes on this planet and other planets that have intelligent life gets added up after each lifetime, which determines how high in the Astral planes that soul can reside in until it has to be reborn again.

The higher up in the Astral plane a soul goes the greater the reward is because the soul is closer to the divine Godhead the creator of our universe.

As I recall the highest a human soul is allowed to go is the fifth Astral plane because the vibrations of the sixth and seventh are too high for a human soul to take. Souls such as Jesus and Buddha probably reside there. Also the higher up the Astral plane a soul goes to after each lifetime determines how long it can stay in "heaven" as most people here on earth call it. Astara explained the way the Astral planes are divided up and separated is by how fast the atoms of light go. The faster the light atoms go the higher the Astral plane and that these Astral plains are right here on our earth and other planets on top of each other.


helo bigtop

tank u yes higher go line time closer to god u come

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Watch for signs of peace.

The hearts of a great many have already been exposed to it and it seems likely that we could find our society is experiencing it in epidemic proportions, which then, of course, could pose a serious threat to what has up to now seemed a fairly chaotic condition in the world.

[glow=red,2,300]Some signs and symptoms of inner peace:

1.Tendency to think and act spontaneously, rather than from fears based on past experiences.

2. An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

3. Loss of interest in judging other people.

4. Loss of interest in judging self.

5. Loss of interest in interpreting actions of others.

6. Loss of interest in conflict.

7. Loss of ability to worry. (This is a very serious symptom!)

8. Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

9. Contented feelings of connectedness with others and nature.

10. Frequent attacks of smiling through the eyes of the heart.

11. Increasing tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.

12. Increased susceptibility to love extended by others, as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it.

WARNING: If you have all or even most of the above symptoms, please be advised that your condition of PEACE may be so far advanced as to not be curable!



tank u darza

crystal child say u make funny

me understan funny now me smile u darza

smile smile smile


yes a picture would be kinda cool

If I had a choice I think I would have to stay...where as my husband says he would go...so wouldn't your planet be so very very crowded if most of the people here went? That is already a problem here.


we already share same planet just difrent line time ocean

very big many place for big lite cities under water


OP, Can the child take a picture of you and post here?

It would be awesome. or a draw of you? It would be easier to visualize your form


helo me use lite body this dimension line time

child already try picture with her fone

me not show

child can cee me but her friends and mother can not

me form and shape look same as u form and shape

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

Hello my friends!! i wonder, did op answer if i need to travel to go with him, or doesent it matter, can we go from our home?? if there is only the 15 the portal is open, i will have trubble going...


helo vet ikke

no need prepare no need travel

if u belive u just disapeer line time 1 and apeer line time 2

al in wink of eye elders say

eye must say u that this portal only place for 144000


only for 144000 persons? why this number?


helo me wil ask elders again 4 beter answer

xplain why ok


It's the supposed number of people taken on the mountain top during the rapture per Revelations. That's what this whole thread has been referencing, the 'line time' jump, i.e. 'rapture'.

Only those who believe the op about the 'line time' can be taken through the portal, just like the Christian notion that only true tenants of the Christ can be taken at rapture. Whether any of this B.S. is true or not, be it line time or rapture, is up for you to discern and decide.

Here's the actual bible passages if anyone is missing the reference.

14:1 I saw, and behold, the Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with him a number, one hundred forty-four thousand, having his name, and the name of his Father, written on their foreheads.

14:2 I heard a sound from heaven, like the sound of many waters, and like the sound of a great thunder. The sound which I heard was like that of harpists playing on their harps.

14:3 They sing a new song before the throne, and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the one hundred forty-four thousand, those who had been redeemed out of the earth.

14:4 These are those who were not defiled with women, for they are virgins. These are those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

These were redeemed by Jesus from among men, the first fruits to God and to the Lamb. 14:5 In their mouth was found no lie, for they are blameless.


helo me said eye wil ask elders again about 144000

elders give long xplain

me not know or lern al wordings to xplain but me try ok

144000 not religions things not good not bad not man not women thing

144000 is constant number to xplain portal times for space and universe

144000 is the name of god time

144000 is the name of god cycle

144000 is number of times lived this line time

144000 is math thing number for belive god

144000 is proof god

[iD353725 (SUNRA)]

That is what i was thought and that is also what i was taught in my god led travels of self education during this lifetime.

Thank you OP i was taught that 144000, as is versed in a particular book, was mathematically based on the body of any individual and meant a certain harmonic vibration.

Could be that after a certain period of incarnation the harmony would be set or just set at that vibration, as time really is not as time is perceived.

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Good morning Op,

So the 144.000 is an important number universally, whatever we do in the now.

It will not change. We are forced to accept or deny.

I met a lot of very nice people i thought we would all go together.

Now it seems i have to say goodbye to them but also i want to help them in the testing times, but they never listen anyway...but, but, but...conflicting thoughts.

Sometimes i forget, we are not the body, we are soul, deathless.


helo me have question

me ask question now

why some u write so much mean so litel

me write litel mean much more

me not understanings yor use of write lanuage to long say nothing

beter to use sound not writings lanuage

many wordings not true litel wordings very true ok

[iD353725 (SUNRA)]

Because speaking with mind is not done here except between a very very few humans, and even then it is like feeling and not knowing.

Humans use lots of words to try to describe what is meant knowing that most cannot telepathically pick up the meaning, feel, energy, definitions of things.

They also use too many words because they are confused themselves, or they want to confuse others.

[iD383975 (VET IKKE)]

Good morning OP.

I dont know why.

They probably think they sound intelligent using all those words, like our politicians.

They talk and talk and talk not saying anything.

Like sound in an endless stream just  coming out of their mounth.

I guess this writing some are using here is the same, but well, dont read those post.. i dont...


helo vet ikke

tank u vet ikke

yes write lanuage cause bad things 4 yor human history hold u back

beter draw pictures like sumar

beter write image like egyptian

write lanuage tel u what to think not how to think

not good thing 4 mind

picture tel u how to think

must use mind to read picture

good thing 4 mind picture

u remeber 4 ever

write lanuage u forget

soon not think anymore

[iD378572 (DARZA)]

Hi Op, i heard of the hollow earth theory.

Are you saying this is correct? earth is hollow and beings live there?


helo darza

yes earth not solid me not know al theory things

yes dragon like beings live holow ground stil

they good now

they very wise now

they peaceful like dolphin now

End of part 1


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slightly concerned that 2012 was mentioned a number of times.

I'd always thought that the entity had given dates but not years which then had meant that it's prophecies were open ended/waiting to be fulfilled.

Now I'm not sure about the whole "me tell U now" posts, help ?

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Hi Siward.  From my understanding a great many of the OP posts are Acolyte replying not the entity quotes themselves which Acolyte had access to and was testing out on GLP.  I too sometimes get so caught up in it that it is hard to work out which are the direct quotes of the entity and which are the responses that Acolyte has used under the alias of the entity. So in short, not all the information in the posts has come directly from the Entity.

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slightly concerned that 2012 was mentioned a number of times.

I'd always thought that the entity had given dates but not years which then had meant that it's prophecies were open ended/waiting to be fulfilled.

Now I'm not sure about the whole "me tell U now" posts, help ?

Listen to Jessica, Siward.

Ignore the years till you find the "trigger" (like i said in my remark in the "Me tel u 15 may" document). When the first Domino stone falls, you know when to start running.

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Thank you so much for your tireless work, Neo...!

I really appreciate it the material being available here!

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I added 2 posts to the "ME TEL U" document which Acolyte posted under a different ID_number (and i obviously skipped), so download it if you want.

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Welcome to Chani The Pay - can I call you TP for short?

Sure, why not?  :)

Very interesting times we are experiencing on planet earth.

I will be watching the calendar and this thread very closely.

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Wasn't sure where to put this, but I did get a bit of a giggle. I did this search today when trying to check up on CERN. Shall we call it a coincidence? :wink:




For those who need a little reference:


you play dark matters u make portal colide our time now
me cee u u not cee me
stil 16 may u cee me also
me u friends 16 may ok we live godlike

yes u play dark matters, portal open yor time colide our time on same planet
space we begin cee each other, me want u belive me
after 15 may u must make choice inside which line time u want
15 may me want u come my line time better godlike

u play cern
you make dark matters portal
portal make easy
me come yor line time

helo vet ikke
no need prepare no need travel
if u belive u just disapeer line time 1 and apeer line time 2
al in wink of eye elders say
eye must say u that this portal only place for 144000

helo me said eye wil ask elders again about 144000
elders give long xplain
me not know or lern al wordings to xplain but me try ok
144000 not religions things not good not bad not man not women thing
144000 is constant number to xplain portal times for space and universe
144000 is the name of god time
144000 is the name of god cycle
144000 is number of times lived this line time
144000 is math thing number for belive god
144000 is proof god

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