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Strange Universe Special Guest Cliff High

Strange Universe Special Guest Cliff High

Anyone that wants MP3's of shows can do this #1 go find the youtube video or the show copy the url and then go to http://snipmp3.com/ enter url and download the mp3

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Skip the 1st 8 mins of intro.

They chat about the webbots until 23 mins

SDM:  Person in Illinois has a weaponised version of webbots, predict Arab spring and collapse of various govs

CH:  Academics involved are CFR guys.  Since CFR engineered the Arab spring, it's not difficult for them to 'predict' it.

NSA or CIA put huge sums into 'recorded future' but not successful.  CH says he has at least 4 other competitors.

He thinks that these people have some secret agenda. 

SDM:  Jules Verne, HG Wells and George Orwell - they are Fabian socialists; have predicted future.

They are their blueprints for the future they want.  Is this to mould us?

CH:  Agrees.  They are trying to engineer us into their dystopian future.

John Carter of Mars movie - if you extract all that which was taken from Burrough's book, you get scenes which have nothing to do with the show. 

These beings say they are around us; are interested in the destruction of our species and our society. 

They are not the cause of it but merely profit from it.

For some weird reason, they have to let us know that they are here and that they are doing this.

CH believes that this is true.

The CFR is so far down the chain of stooges that they do not recognise that they are stooges

SDM:  CFR to Trilateral Commission  to Bilderbergers

CH:  Those are not the guys who run things.  They're the alternate track.

Analogy of Muslim countries where there is a particular kind of approved deception.

The Muslim version of the Pious Forgeries of the Vatican.

In the Muslim deception, you're allowed to live as one kind of Muslim while practising your true Muslim faith  because it would be dangerous to reveal yourself to be say, a Sunni in a land of Shias.

This alternate track  is inculcated into their society

So you can behave like one type of Muslim while you're really the other type.

The track that goes to the Bilderbergers does not lead to the actual power base.

SDM:  Doom & gloom predictions for 2012; rapture

CH:  The religious Christian nuts in the USA are totally ignorant because they only know the English version of Christinity

Ask a bible scholar - what is the word that translates into the English phrase "Holy Spirit" or "Holy Ghost"?

Not Latin but either Aramaic or Hebrew (which is phonetically Sumerian that has been alliterated into a new alphabet ie it's the same language as Sumerian)

It's 'rauch' (33:50 mins).

This does not mean 'spirit' not 'ghost' nor 'holy'.

It is a designation - like the TR3B is the designation for the triangular spaceships from the military

Rauch is like a TR3B - it is the designation of a specific kind of spaceship that would go from the mothership down to the planet.

It had curved wings.  It could hover over water and land.

If you go back to the original Sumerian origination of that word, you'll see depictions of the thing hovering over water and land.

SDM:  The flying mountain of God.

35 mins

CH:  In the Aramaic/Hebrew/Sumerian bible, there is no word that translates into the word 'God'.

There is no word that translates into 'Creator'.

That's why these Christians are all ignorant. 

They've been led down a path by people who had changed the language in order to control them.

SDM:  Elohim from the sky?

CH:  They are the interlopers.  Elohim does not mean God.

Elohim means 'the second group to screw with our DNA'.

They are those who came from the sky and they are not our creators.

They are acknowledged as the enemies of those who engineered our species

Annunaki and Enki etc - they came here to DNA modify us.

But we existed in a form here before they got here.

The bible in its original form was an account of an invasion by an outside force to our planet that is inimical to the beings that had originally created us.

We are under the second phase of that invasion and they left the Archons and other problems that led to the writing of the gnosis bible etc.

These are books trying to transmit knowledge to us that we are constantly under attack.

The English bible is absolute bunk.

SDM:  Cherubim - the name for angelic messengers - is actually the sound they make when they tear across the sky, like a sonic boom.

SDM:  question re: Adam and Lilith were created at the same time

CH: These are stories for little children.  It's replicated through the Sumerian, Gilgamesh stories that filter back to the Old Testament.

This goes back to the Dogon- they are the last remnant of the true story of the creation of our species on this planet.

Their story was maintained throughout the whole of our species up the the last couple of catastrophes and there was this weird group came on in and started warping it to their intent and we have these religions which are their control structures.

These take the real story of what happened to us and where we came from and morph it into a structure which says this offworld being is controlling us and wants us to feel guilty about this sin stuff etc.

Develop this very complex story that is so complex that it's like any great conspiracy theory - the more complex, the more believable it is.

If you go to the source material, you'll discover that there were the groups before Adam and Lilith.

Those were discussed in the Namo(?) myths by the Dogon.

They've got the real story.

The Salish people, the people in the Pacific NW of America all the way up to Alaska, have the same myths as the Dogon in Africa

The Dogon used to live on the Indian Ocean side of Africa but were forced out by Muslim invaders to the western side to Mali, and now they are under threat again by the Muslims who are destroying their knowledge (libraries, statues etc).

The Salish has a more complete version of the same set of myths.

They say that the Earth had a set of beings on it, not our species, back in the time of the dinosaurs.

Along comes these amphibious beings that are mostly female.

But when it's time to procreate, some can become male.

They prefer to be female for reasons related to their mortality

These Sirius myths are mostly true.

They came from Sirius, heading for the Pleiades - to the seven sisters.

They were migrating because they had problems with Sirius.

The Dogon know about all the problems with Sirius A, B and C

So do the Salish and the Tlingit in Alaska

They call the Namo,  Changer and talk about how all the creatures were created by Changer and then some time passed, along came these beings - these tall beings that the locals up here have various nasty names for, that are basically the Elohim and the Annunaki.

They also screwed with our DNA except for those peoples that were able to hide - the Salish and the Tlingit and others around the planet.

From this group is where we get the Lilith myth.

Lilith is the female remnant of the people that were there before the last catastrophe and before the patriarchy came into existence in the Age of Pisces.

CH: Brad Pitt is a CFR member


SDM:  Solarwatch guys predicts in late March 2013, there will be a 8.0 event along the Pacific Rim, maybe the southern rim.

CH:  The solarwatch guys are quite correct.  He's very concerned about the earthquakes occurring in the mid-Pacific plate and this newly discovered mound of molten lava under that area.

It has the potential to be another Krakatoa event.

In 2003, he had a set of long term data and everything in that turned out to be extremely accurate.

This indicated the potential for a plate crack in the Pacific plate as a side effect of an upthrust event as new lands are being created.

Didn't realise at the time that this was the planetary expansion model.

So CH is certain that in 2013, we will experience the very first, and maybe a number of planetary expansion events as our planet grows.

We are seeing confirmation of this in physical material showing up under the Pacific plate which has never been there before.

There is a big bubble of molten material that has come up through the mantle which is under the ocean floor.

CH thinks this is what is causing the trembling and tremors which we've been calling the 7 and 8 earthquakes.

Expecting another around Feb 27th - an 8 or 9 in central Pacific.

In March, could see an edge event in the Pacific  plate.

Replicate the Bandar Aceh quake and tsunami (which was the result of the cracking of the plate that use to bind India and Australia but is now 2 separate plates, separated by 1200 km crack)

Expects 2 new plates - a northern Pacific plate and a southern Pacific plate when event is over (may take years)

But first will occur over this year before June 1

We will experience this as the Global Coastal Event.

If CH is even 10% accurate, life will change for all people in the N hemisphere in a very short period of time.

Life may not get back to normal for decades.

Chats about some scenarios, earthquakes, volcanoes etc

56:30 mins

The Great Silence

Started with the Arab Spring when government started to turn off the internet

Holes appear but not complete stoppage until  May 2013 when silence.

Silence could be no data coming in or in a situation when unable to collect it.

CH expects a big earthquake before June which will isolate the Pacific NW for some period of time

Maybe the rest of the world is fine but they're isolated and can't get data


SDM: Was in trouble with GUS because of his book The Sands of Time.

They told him that where he lives, they won't have to worry bout him after March 22nd.


CH:  Not talking about  displacement wave but a series of tsunamis

Internet is vulnerable because it runs through undersea cables ....

All the undersea cables will go with the expansion of the planet

Catherine Austin Fitts doesn't like Bitcoin (an electronic currency) because the undersea cables are controlled by the navies and these will go away with the GCE

British destroyed the Indian education system.

1:12:44 mins

CH:  Worries about Nemo.  A few weeks back, talked about potential for a polar vortex collapse into N America.

Polar vortex is like a cone.  Tip of cone at the pole.  Wide part is in space.

Cold in poles has nothing to do with sunlight. 

Cold particles are drawn in to the tip of the cone

SDM:  Magnetic and true north moving closer

Magnetic north became untethered.

Is Magnetic North which is moving towards Siberia, taking the cold front to the east coast?

CH: Correct and the reason it has done so is because of magnetic physics involved and also they changed  the atmospheric warmth process with all the corexit in the Gulf.

So the Gulf Stream is stuttering.

SDM:  To sink the oil, they dumped corexit which has destroyed the ecosystem and desalinated the water so the Atlantic conveyor stops (as depicted in The Day After Tomorrow) leads to an ice age.

There's this gigantic band of ice 30 miles high and stretches for hundreds of miles across the mid West.

With the desalination of the water, the Atlantic conveyor is stopping so the warm air is not going where it is supposed to go.

CH:  We've experienced the effects of that in Russia.

The cone there at the top of the planet is a soft cone.

It was maintained by a magnetic force that is no longer there.

Our magnetosphere is like Swiss cheese.

The only thing that has been holding it in place has been the atmospheric pressure

That atmospheric heat and pressure has changed with the conveyor belt being changed.

When the magnetic north moved and shifted towards Siberia, this soft magnetic cone dipped and elongated towards Russia and people got these -50 degrees temperature.

This may come our direction.

What is keeping the cone up and N America safe has been the atmospheric pressure, which is being blown all to hell with the current series of storms around the North East.

It can't collapse into the mid West, won't collapse into the North East.

There is a potential for a storm to form which eliminates the last barrier there and the polar vortex will collapse over the North east and come to the point where the harbours would freeze.

There are 2 significant problems - when the polar vortex collapses in  our direction, you'll find tyre rubbers freezing and all the air going away.

SDM:  That's happening in the mid West.

CH:  Plastics will start to crack and metals will give way and you'd start losing power as the power lines will start falling off the poles.

So the infrastructure is going to contribute to the holes that leads to this Great Silence issue.

Then something happens which is expected to be an earthquake (which has been validated by the remote viewers)

In 2003 description set, it has never occurred but an earthquake was forecast for our area which is described as "bringing down bridges a thousand miles in all directions".

Maybe we'll have an earthquake in the Pacific as the plate cracks and the subsidiary effects are showing up in the remote viewing.

Seattle and the Pacific NW will be isolated due to big earthquake that will happen concurrent with the GCE and from that point on, CH gets no data.

Data says this will happen some time before June 1, CH may have no more electronic contact with the rest of N America.

That's how bad the description is.

CH said someone heard his forecast and put a $25K bet on the Superbowl  not completing on time due to a power outage

He won but they thought he had something to do with it.

They settled on 60cents in the dollar.

He got his $25K plus $91K

SDM:  Remote viewing.  In 97/98, held RV classes. View NYC in 2015.

Everone said the WTC was gone.

NYC was not destroyed but millions of people had begun to move out into N  Jersey etc because the water levels begun to rise, the pipes began to break and whole ares of the downtown financial district was underwater.

N Jersey was destroyed.

Also saw an EMP attack  that takes place off the coast of NYC like a bomb that goes off on a ship - like an atomic weapon at 50  miles off the coast.

Hurricane Sandy did much the same thing.


CH:  Get away from the coast

Get your bodies in shape for walking

The 2003 data set said water levels in NYC will be 2/3 stories high and people scavenging from one building to another in boats - in 2013/2014.

SDM:  In the 90s, the RV saw people scavenging in boats in the streets.

CH is preparing for an earthquake, getting ready for walking.

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thnx anon

CH "For some weird reason, they have to let us know that they are here and that they are doing this."

i hope to have answered this point adequetly

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thnx anon

CH "For some weird reason, they have to let us know that they are here and that they are doing this."

i hope to have answered this point adequetly

I believe the message is not for us but for others  ;) we just happen to be understanding the state of play more these days you might say which makes us low lowly PAWNS the ultimate KING slayers  ;)

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Today's podcast from CH at:


There's an interesting part at the end:

49:38 mins

Some interesting occurrences in the Pacific NW - rumours and odd activities from TPTB

CH has heard rumours of how the government is planning on a very large earthquake this year that in the west, is going to an 8.0 or larger, that's going to have a significant impact on bridges, overpasses and buildings.

CH got his info from 2 guys who went to the same meeting but they heard info differently

One heard that 80% of all the bridges and overpasses and buildings will be made unusable/destroyed.

Other guy heard that 80% of bridges and overpasses but only 20% of the buildings will be made unusable/destroyed

The FEMA people who gave the info to CH's sources, think this will be sometime before the end of the year, more summer than not

Another person has drawn CH's attention to a strange NGO with weird contacts and contracts with the government to study a continent-wide natural disaster in N America.

They've got funding for this, ahead of it

So they know it's coming and they're going to study it.

They're going to study its impact.

That's what the NGO is set up to do.

It's labelled as an 'ecological study' but much of the data gathering is focussed on social breakdown and degradation and social contract breakdown as a result of the natural disaster.

This is a pointer that someone in the federal government thinks that major shit's going down and they are going to have a record of how it went down.

I wonder if this might have anything to do with all the major bridges having been wired up with explosives, as described in David Wilcock's article:


.... top-level insiders are now telling us that charges have been planted in key bridges and airstrips around the US.

The Eisenhower Interstate System, from its inception, built cubbyholes into bridges where incendiary devices could be planted at all the key locations that were necessary to bring them down.

I do not believe Eisenhower was aware of this feature when it was first installed -- but it does seem he discovered at least part of what was going on before the end of his presidency.

President Eisenhower famously warned of "the rise of unwarranted influence... by the military-industrial complex" in his farewell address.

This diabolical plan may well be part of what he was warning us about.


I asked my insiders if black-ops teams planted these charges and then had to be killed to protect the secrets. I was surprised by the simplicity and elegance of the answer.

"It's a lot simpler than that. Why kill any of your best people if you don't have to?"

"I don't get it. What is stopping these guys from spilling the whole story to their wives some night when they're really drunk and depressed -- particularly if they get all pissed off at their bosses once the checks stop coming in?"

"What if the people who did this had no idea they were planting bombs in the first place?"

"Oh shit. I think I'm starting to see where you're going with this. Go on."

"All you have to do is hire ordinary workers to do safety checks. You pay them to drill holes in the concrete of these bridges. They then send in their scopes and equipment to test for "structural integrity", such as cracks and fissures in the concrete.

Then, they put in radio-controlled 'detectors', which supposedly test for humidity, temperature, air pressure, acoustic vibrations and so on. These devices do, in fact, do all of these things... so no one asks any questions.

Once the 'detectors' were put in, they filled in the holes with cement... and went on to the next one.

Little did they know they just planted demolition charges that can be set off with the push of a button.

The plan is to set 'em off all over America, all at once, when the public finally realizes how badly they've been screwed... and forms a mass uprising."

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New podcast

E39 - March 5, 2013 - sinkholes, chemtrails, time changes.


He explains that sinkholes are natural phenomena, as a consequence of the planet expanding.

Very heavy chemtrailing is an indication that something is up, but he doesn't know what that is.

The part on the time changes is very intriguing.

That part starts at 17 mins and he takes a long time building up to what it is.

I was listening, thinking, "Go on, spit it out!"

In an earlier podcast/interview, Clif has described what happens if someone travels back in time and say, drops out of mid air into a medieval period.  Nothing ever happens in that place at that time and suddenly this time traveller appears.  Such an anomaly disrupts the fabric of the matrix and affects everything, even if this time traveller were to then disappear as abruptly as he arrived.  Something of a similar nature may have happened in the first week of Feb, which has changed our world indelibly.  Other people doing similar work to Clif also report this.  Plus some psychics.

The physical manifestations which indicate such an event having occurred include wounds which had been healing, suddenly reverting to the state they were in 3 days earlier.  Another person reported the opposite - the holes of his stitches disappeared before his very eyes.

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The last topic in that wujo is very interesting and has got Clif all excited.

Clif High reports that something strange happened in the first week of Feb. 

There are other people who do similar work to Clif who have noticed this.

He spends a long time building up to it (17 mins to 24 mins of droning on and on about his work etc)

From 24 mins:

There's Clif and 3 others in the same field who have noticed a change on a particular date.

Thinks there's been a temporal intrusion

He doesn't really know if something has intruded into our time but all 4 of them have independently concluded that time has been altered / a ripple has gone through time / there's been a wrinkle in time

Because of the nature of the work they do, they are particularly sensitive to nuances relating to time.

They watch sets of items.

Between the 4 of them,  every single item that they observe in this particular set support the idea that something occurred in time.

What has happened?

It might be an intrusion in time eg a time traveller popped into our time from a distant future.

Since such a time traveller is a much more complex being than the nature of reality in our time and because that complexity came back or appeared in our time, time itself had to adapt in order to be able to support that being in this matrix.

They think that happened in the first week of Feb.

Why do they think something has happened?

Out of the 4 of them, 3 had wounds in early Feb

For 2 of them, the temporal alteration/wrinkle/hiccup caused the wounds to reverse the healing process in a weird way.

The process was speeded up for the third person

Clif had a large, painful burn on his palm which was healing nicely but on a certain day, this reverted to the state it was in 3 days earlier.

Another had a wound with stitches which had been removed, and this person could see the holes disappear and the wound completely healed.

Aspects of duality.

These examples represent 2 of the 20 items they observed which led them to conclude that something happened

This is akin to the Stradivarius argument which Gordon Duff wrote in:


Argument:  Stradivarius made these great violins and then one day, something happened and nobody can make another violin that sounded like those previously made by Stradivarius.

This had nothing to do with the wood, process, environment etc but rather that one day, a certain level of complexity intruded and the nature of wood and sound changed thereafter and we lost a certain level of purity or whatever in the upgrade to the new complexity.

Some military guys argue that this is evidence that there has been a temporal dislocation/ wrinkle/ hiccup etc and thereafter, everything was different and Stradivarius violins did not sound the same

In Clif's understanding of spacetime, such a thing could be caused by a being of greater complexity than the temporal moment you are in because you grow in complexity with each and every moment that you exist.

So all of reality has to change, spreading out from the nexus point of that complexity in order to accommodate that complexity without  a temporal disruption of some significant size eg the being exploding with a vast amount of energy released

The universe could choose to react that way.

If the Universe decides it doesn't want to support time travel, then every time you send someone back or forwards into time, KA-BOOM! they turn into a giant explosion.

Then it dawns on you that sending a rabbit back in time results in a nuclear explosion in 1956 or whatever.

No-one could make any sense of that nuclear explosion until now, when in 2013, we find out that some guys in a time lab shoved a rabbit back in time and Universe doesn't want to support rabbits going back in time to 1956 so it blows it up when it shows up there.

If you postulate that Big Bang existed, you have to postulate that Universe would react that way in a Big Bang universe to temporal intrusions because of the way time would be constructed in such a universe.

You'll have to shed the energy and not allow it to intrude.

Good thing we don't live in a Big Bang Universe

In the Little Bloop Universe, when a being of greater complexity shoves his complexity back into time in our space, our space and time grows and opens up a bit to accommodate him.

No big deal; no worries.

Then, because he is vibrating at a higher level of complexity than we are, all of reality has to catch up at the very next time that vibration changes - which is 23 trillion times a second (I have no idea how CH arrived at this estimate - it was in his podcast on the Little Bloop universe which was very boring for I understood it not at all)

From that point on, a ripple goes out through timespace from the nexus of that being/whatever showing up here - that wrinkle/hiccup/whatever in time that occurred

If a being was sent back here, wherever that being lands, that point becomes a nexus in time and a nexus in space and ripples go out in the Little Bloop Universe that we actually live in, that increases  the complexity of everything around them.

And it changes things, like sound etc.

All 4 of them independently concluded that something happened in time.

In addition, Clif has been contacted by some psychics who also believe that something has changed

36:28 mins

CH doesn't think this impacts on the global coastal event (GCE), earthquakes, solar expulsions, volcanoes etc

Maybe recently either a time traveller has just appeared or left.

Doesn't know how Universe would react on such a complexity shift with a being showing up here

But it can be argued that the greater effect will be felt when they left - when the Universe calms down the greater level of complexity back to where it was previously

Eg if they were here for 18 days; as they left on the 18th day, the Universe calms down the complexity because it didn't have to accommodate the higher level of complexity, then that is when we would notice these kind of things.

CH is undecided.

Either something arrived or left.

Maybe the military has been monkeying with time and they've done something which CH and others have picked up.

As far as CH is concerned, there has been no change in the data stream to suggest that any of the events he has forecasted in the past month or so, have been  altered in any way.

Since this occurred in the first week of February, with the time that has passed, all 4 of them  believe that their processes are unaffected even though there are residual traces within the data - they call them 'fossils' - that something has occurred.

Group conclusion:  There was a shift in the complexity (or a shift in time/ some kind of a hiccup etc) and they caught it.  They do not know if they caught it coming in or going out.  Don't know the duration nor its impact nor its effects

It doesn't appear to have affected any of the forecasts that  members of the group have made

CH has no idea of where this will lead - he's the only one of the four who is known to the public.

As for the psychics who have contacted CH, 2 of them have a public forum and they can get the word out and discuss this as well.

We have a change in time which they can validate.

4 of them came to the same conclusion independently.

42:50 mins

They agree that something occurred at a level so fundamental, that if it was not directly affecting time, it appears to have affected their temporal sensing mechanisms spread among 4 different competing methodologies, all at the same instant.

They noticed it at the same day and while it didn't affect their processes, it left a 'fossil' in all of their individual records

What could this be?

Rory suggests it's one of those reappearances of that ship in the Philadelphia Experiment or maybe giant UFOs showing up here.

If we think of time as being a pond or a river, imagine what it would take to disturb the flow of a river for even a brief minute.

Even a grain of sand thrown in a still pond can set off ripples.

With a river which is already rippling like hell - their methods look for the peaks and troughs in the river - imagine what it would take to cause that whole river to change, albeit for a brief period

And then for them to catch it.

It would have to be quite sizeable - you'd have to throw in a boulder.

They haven't seen anything yet

CH has seen some acceleration in his data sets but he can't tell if that's natural or related

It appears that a certain level oflinguistic patterns are slightly enhanced ahead of the level of the forecast.

It could be that his forecast is wrong or because of this wrinkle

Eg his forecast of sinkholes.  There is a greater number and a greater spread of sinkholes than forecasted because of this wrinkle.

CH and another of the group will be rigging a temporal trap to look for other deviations that may indicate that this is an ongoing situation.

47 mins

If our consciousness, as a whole, was altered, we won't be able to understand and know about it, like in Groundhog Day.

The character Bill Murray was playing was isolated from the effects of the repeating day but everybody else was subjected to it.

If we were in that situation where we are subjected to a mass level of consciousness changing, we'll never be able to catch it.

We'll never know about it.

But the 'fossils' in the various processes - data collection - do validate that something happened

They have 20 other items - material, physical items such as those reported in George Ure's site as his wujos where people report strange, temporal anomalies such as things going missing.

Maybe it wasn't a time traveller.  Perhaps it's these people working in time labs causing problems.

Maybe someone in a time lab put too much electricity in the machine which has the effect of throwing the big rock into the river which the 4 of them managed to catch

It can only get more interesting from here.

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Thanks Anon...

I remember Clif sayin' that time travel is not possible.. Said that a year or two ago.

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Guest smallhagrid

Clif is a very good speaker, and works quite dilligently at trying to make his work comprehensible to folks across a wide section of the population.

YES=> he can seem a bit windy and does repeat phrases when trying to explain things, but I think that even still, he does make wonderful presentations.

My impression is that the 'blip' he and the others noticed was meant to be noticed, and I suspect that others here who've read and gotten some good out of the document entitled ET101 will also likely see what Clif described in a similar way.

My personal POV regarding theories and/or assumptions:

I think that anyone asserting that they base an entire paradigm on 'knowing' that this planet has a molten core is commiting themself to possibly finding extremely large errors in their observations at a later date.

I think this simply because AFAIK, no humanoid of our species has ever made travels and/or reported on the layers of this planet well beneath the ocean's floor and all the way to the core (whatever it may be after all...).

Another possible area for large data errors is any claimed 'knowledge' of the exact movements of this solar system and/or it's exact movements as viewed from outside of it - here again, nobody has been able to go anyplace and make studies, measurements and observations with enough time passing to be in any manner accurate; any such claims are based upon theories and/or assumptions only.

(And just to be clear=> if anyone DOES possess such enhanced knowledge with surety as mentioned above - it is kept very tighly in secret and is not common knowledge.)

Regardless of all that - IMO Clif High's presentations are mostly well worth listening to and even in his more drawn out bits there is usually something interesting to be heard - but this all is just my 2 cents on this subject...

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Maybe this was what caused the Feb hiccup


The Forces of Retribution

by Stuart Wilde - February 9, 2013

.... I’ve seen the Forces of Retribution arrive ... two days ago I saw the most extraordinary light of a celestial dawn, the brightest I’ve seen in ten years.

The Beings have the power of spontaneous combustion, which is going global right now ....

I’m sure the arrival of the celestial Dawn will sweep over the world gradually, but we have to trust and be patient, for the first time in years I’m very confident. The time that was predicted has arrived.

The liars will fall, hit by an unseen force, and the tens of millions of devil humans that have brought so much pain, degradation and misery to other humans, will be destroyed. Many fall to demonic possession and insanity.... Generally they can feel their oncoming demise as an inkling even now, as the satanic flows over them to capture them, but they don’t know enough about metaphysics to label it properly. ....

None get away, their positions are known and calibrated in the etheric field of the earth, which acts as a vast memory, storage disc. I’ve seen that explained in visions. They give off a pulse that is easily identifiable. Nothing is ever lost, there is a final record of everyone’s life and what they did and so that is how it all works in perfect symmetry.

The Forces are like accountants, they balance equations, and part of that rebalancing is redemption and absolution. For that you need humility and an act of contrition. Evil people are not humble, so that side of the equation is denied to them.

I've emailed the link to Clif and also asked if the healing process on his palm reversed on 7th Feb but I'm not hopeful of an answer as he never replies these days

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RE: Clif,

I think he's definitely onto something, as opposed to being on something. But he is often wrong! If you take his advice, it behooves you to do your own investigatin'

He started recommending bitcoins last year. I didn't just take him at his word, I started sniffing them over and researching them myself. After I concluded they were in a bull market, I bought some.

But I can't tell you all of the 'ohnoes' that he has had over the years. Whatever happened to that "summer of hell" he predicted for 2010? 2010 came and went and I recall that summer being fairly normal.

But he does throw out ideas to go look at, that's for sure. Just don't take him at face value.

He obviously pisses off the people who run things, that's for sure. He makes them unhappy. And perhaps for no other reason than that, I continue to pay attention to him. Because like GLP banning the word "bitcoin", whatever it is that's pissing them off, whatever that reason is, I want to explore it and perhaps lend my energy to it.

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New article at  http://www.halfpasthuman.com/gnawing.html

Just don't be there when trouble strikes.

The disturbing days ahead are the beginning of real 'times of challenge' as our solar system, and our world changes under our feet.

Many humans will run around losing their minds in various and unsettling ways. Avoid being in their path or engaging with their insanity. You will not be able to aid them if you do not first secure your own future.

Many humans will insist on leaving corporeal earth at this time. Endeavor to not be caught up in their frenzied departing as some may insist on going in crowds.

If Kettler's info is still good, the earth changes now will be more devastating than before


“From this, we came to the realization that we simply couldn’t hold Mother Earth in check the way we had before. It mattered not our intentions had been good. The internal pressures and strains had to be allowed more natural release. Our efforts to help, sadly, were in some ways making things worse. Therefore, we are shifting to what you’d call a triage model. Think of us as having only limited ability to help Mother Earth, with the priority’s being to keep her alive, even at the expense of some of her symbionts. You people of Earth.”

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Here's a shorter version of the 20 April podcast - the uploader very kindly took out the unnecessary sounds thus reducing the running time by a quarter.

Topics Discussed:

Shockingly, the Global Coastal Event appears to be on schedule for on or about 20-May-2013 (one month, or 30 days)

The GCE appears to be every much to be the greatest event in our current human history

The GCE is a process that will be occurring over a period of a decade or more but the main brunt of the GCE will occur over approximately 7 days.

It is anticipated that the rebuilding and recovery following the GCE will take a minimum of 10 to 30 years (or more in some places)

The Planetary Expansion Event will occur mostly in the Southern Hemisphere

GUS (Government of the US) going Batshit Crazy and into underground, literally.

There is no evidence that the US government exists above ground after the GCE

Financial Markets and all Paper Abstractions Starting Total Collapse this Coming Week and Next

Alien Invasions and Alien Wars

Data Holes Merging which may prevent or limit future Wujo reports and IDIRs

It is Time to Get Prepared for the End of the World as We Know It

Editor's Note: Please be aware that I edited this audio to remove Clif's breathing sounds, uhhhhhs, and other unneeded utterances. In so doing I was able to reduce the runtime of the original MP3 from 1hr 6m 12s to 49m 29s representing a reducion in runtime of approxiamtely 25.5%. If you object to, don't like or would rather listen to Clif's original MP3 audio for this Wujo you can download that from his website.

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In an IDIR, Clif said a major bank will go under on Sunday.  He thought it might be an Asian bank because of it happening on a Sunday.  Looks like it's an Irish bank, IBRC (formerly Anglo Irish)


Talk about getting Cyprus'd

100% haircut for pensioners

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In an IDIR, Clif said a major bank will go under on Sunday.  He thought it might be an Asian bank because of it happening on a Sunday.  Looks like it's an Irish bank, IBRC (formerly Anglo Irish)


Talk about getting Cyprus'd

100% haircut for pensionershttp://thechaniproject.com/forum/Themes/default/images/bbc/quote.gif

Oh mannnn....

japan warring thing will commencecing before 15 may secretely

but me think probable japan problem as me say be4 big war same shape yes 2 come yor line time soon

yor bank go down no stop anymore ok

elders very wory about waring plans your leaders intend

waring changes line time prediction and probobolity sory


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Here's hoping it meant the Federal Reserve Bank

Amazed it hasn't already. 

Many think it's their amazing ability to kick the can and reinvent ways to do it.

I think they are messing with time/space. 

The next time they stick their hand in the cookie jar, maybe they'll  get sucked into it. 

Dream: New Headline: Cookie jar eats alein servant toads.  Karma now balanced.  Universe Peace Accords signed, find perpetual conflict a PITA, ends experiment.  CHANI invited for tea by grateful cousins.


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Guest smallhagrid

Anonymous, this post is a real gem !!!

Here's a shorter version of the 20 April podcast - the uploader very kindly took out the unnecessary sounds thus reducing the running time by a quarter.

Apparently this YT poster does the cleaning-up to all of Clif's wujos, and I wish to have known of this sooner as it is vastly better listening minus the extraneous sounds and such - a really pleasureful improvement - thank you.

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George Ure's published some of Clif's earlier work on the global coastal event in today's blog:


....with Clif's standing permission, here's part of the descriptor set which was peeking through SIX YEARS AGO:

"Much of the [waterlevel] supporting cross links are connected internally within Terra over to [rainwater] and [flooded marshlands/wetlands/estuarine].  There are also very large supporting sets for [inter tidal zone] and [death/disease/malaise].  The supporting sets for this instance of [dearth] as an aspect are speaking directly to the [downing] of the [inter tidal zone].  For those of us who have been educated in the geophysical oceanic systems realize that it is indeed possible to ‘drown an ocean floor’ as most of the habitual species within the inter tidal range require the access to very low tides.  If the tidal ranges have/will shift, it could cause [drowning] of the more sensitive, and non-mobile creatures within this littoral environment.

The descriptor sets paint a picture of [rapid/sudden] [forceful/energetic/electric] [flows] of [waters] [up into/up over/through] [saturated/filled] [salt marsh/marshland].  Further supporting layers go to the image of [beaches] (over) [flow/flowing/flowed], and [erosion] (under) [concrete] [retaining walls/structures/buildings].  The descriptions include [visible] aspect modifiers suggesting video coverage within the global mainstream with images such as [miles[ and [hectares/acres] of [salt marsh/marshland] (disappearing/dropping/falling) [beneath] the [flow].  The other descriptors within the area are pointing to a [winter] occurrence, in the midst of [gray seas] and [dark] [clouds].  While the descriptor set *may* be pointing to ‘storm’ event, as we do have this context within the supporting group, it is occupying a relatively minor role, and we do have the dominant aspect being [waterlevel]. The inference that we are taking from this is a tidal event or change of such a nature as to persist at least long enough to alter the inter-littoral ecosystem.

Within the [inter tidal drowning] structure are supporting aspects which suggest that [some/people] (will) [hesitate] (to) [flee] and in the process [lose] (precious) [minutes/time] for [action] which in turn [precipitates/draws_out/involves] the [need] for [rescue] these sorry individuals will include many who end up [drowned]. "

If you subscribed to the Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis reports in 2007, you can find this is the ALTA 0108 (All) summary on pages 60 on.

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