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As a 5 year old child I met elves pixies or fairies on a regular basis, I have never taken drugs even as an adult although those that do, especially DMT, appear to meet them on a regular basis also. Perhaps as a young child I had the ability to manufacture this substance in some way, or was it just that these entities exist outside the realm of drugs and can cross the divide when they feel the need as in the folklore of old.


I ran across this article recently and thought it contained enough of interest to share it with CHANITES. There appears to be a very narrow divide between worlds and other places are there to be experienced if one has a notion to try.


extracted from


Aliens, Insectoids, and Elves! Oh, My!



      About a decade later, I was camping with three friends at Island Lake near Nevada City, California. A couple of us decided to take "heroic" doses of Psilocybe mushrooms one evening. I chewed down four grams, retired to my tent, closed my eyes, and got horizontal on my air mattress. As the effects of the 'shrooms came on, my inner vision revealed what looked like a dank moss-green hospital emergency waiting room. I seemed to be sitting on a bench in this room, and it occurred to me that it was odd that there were no patients being wheeled in or out. Kinda quiet for an ER. After some time, I noticed a few off-white football-sized larvae floating three or four feet off the ground in various spots. Following one of these with my eyes, I then saw an insectoid entity about the size of a small dog, whose back was facing me. It had a long mosquito-like proboscis that I could only partially see. Suddenly, it turned, and--realizing that I saw it--it made a high-pitched buzzing/shrieking sound. (I got the impression that it was sending out a warning alarm.) The entity then initiated telepathic communication with me, explaining that it was quite surprised that I could see it, as this usually didn't occur. It said that it lived by extracting human thought/emotion. Human thoughts were both the currency of its species, as well as their sustenance/energy source. (The needle-like proboscis was looking less friendly by the minute.) I was given the impression that--as the coin of its kind--different types of thought/emotion were valued differently; those with a more intense energy charge, such as fear or love, were worth more. The entity explained that it existed in another dimension so that it could feed off of human thought unhindered. (I got a feeling that the relationship wasn't symbiotic; perhaps these "thought drainers" somehow suck life energy from humans, along with the mental energy.) It claimed that it was the psychic equivalent of an actual insect that feeds on blood, skin, etc., with regard to the extent of any damage it might do to those on whom it fed. Yet I had a nagging feeling that it might not be telling me the whole truth. Maybe these creatures had some influence on inciting wars or disasters in the human realm? The experience left me feeling unsettled for some time afterwards.




For some who've seen DMT elves, the beings looked similar to traditional fairyland creatures. But many users describe them differently. Indeed, the diversity of "beings" encountered in DMT space leads one to think that everyone can't really be describing the same "creatures", and that the space must be populated with a multitude of discarnate entities: typical sci-fi extraterrestrials, humanoids, jellyfish, insectoids, clowns/Pierrots, reptilians, robots, octopods, and other sorts of beings have been mentioned. Author D.M. Turner had apparently catalogued at least nine distinct types of entities that he'd encountered. In discussing these with a fellow DMT psychonaut, Turner found that his friend had experienced four of the exact same entities, plus two others that Turner had never seen.15 With rigorous review, one might create a Bestiarum Vocabulum, charting which entities appear, and with what frequency, in response to the consumption of various psychedelics.

McKenna was gifted at painting a picture of the DMT entities and proposing theories about what they might mean:

Trying to describe them isn't easy. On one level I call them self-transforming machine elves; half machine, half elf. They are also like self-dribbling jeweled basketballs, about half that volume, and they move very quickly and change. And they are, somehow, awaiting. When you burst into this space, there's a cheer! Pink Floyd has a song, "The Gnomes Have Learned a New Way to Say Hooray." Then they come forward and tell you, "Do not give way to amazement. Do not abandon yourself." You're amazingly astonished. The most conservative explanation for these elves, since these things are speaking English and are intelligent, is that they're some kind of human beings. They're obviously not like you and me, so they're either the prenatal or postmortal phase of human existence, or maybe both [...].

They are teaching something. Theirs is a higher dimensional language that condenses as a visible syntax. For us, syntax is the structure of meaning; meaning is something heard or felt. In this world, syntax is something you see. There, the boundless meanings of language cause it to overflow the normal audio channels and enter the visual channels. They come bouncing, hopping toward you, and then it's like--all this is metaphor, they don't have arms--it's as though they reach into their intestines and offer you something. They offer you an object so beautiful, so intricately wrought, so something else that cannot be said in English, that just gazing on this thing, you realize such an object is impossible. The best comparison is Faberge egg


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Orbs flying around



A chair moving by itself


From the poster's note:

"Published on 2014/07/28

Is this a ghost at theatre? Spooky CCTV footage shows chair MOVING all on its own

This spooky video of ghostly goings on was recorded inside a closed theatre after a psychic medium's show.

In the CCTV footage, a chair mysteriously moves back unaided and unexplained beams of light float across the room.

It was recorded at Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex, on Sunday.

Medium Roy Roberts, who performed at the theatre the previous night, believes the video could prove there's a resident ghost.

Youtubeghost chair moving
Spooky: Chair appears to move without being touched
"We are very, very excited about this," he said. "There have been lots of reports about ghosts at the theatre, but this is the first time there has anything been caught on video here.

"It will be interesting to see how this develops from here."

Mr Roberts, a former ghost hunter, admitted to sensing the presence of an apparition the night before the incident.

Roy RobertsRoy Roberts Psychic Medium
Medium at large: Roy Roberts performed the night before
He said: "During the reading the previous night I kept feeling the presence of a young child. It was a very strong feeling and I just couldn't shake it.

"I was actually quite sceptical about it at first, but the footage does look very believable to me."

The building, which dates back to the 19th Century, is no stranger to spooky phenomenon.

Theatre manager Jai Sepple, 40, said: "There has been a lot of things happen here that are hard to explain.

"We have had darts hitting walls in an empty room, people being pushed when no one was there and even a child's bare footprints coming from nowhere.

"I am very sceptical of this kind of thing, but I can only go on what I see and experience and this certainly takes some explaining.""




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Ghost of figure standing on staircase' caught on camera at 16th Century Tudor mansion!!!
Published on Jul 30, 2014

"Ghost of figure standing on staircase' caught on camera at 16th Century Tudor mansion

This is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion.

A group investigating paranormal activity took the video which appears to show the image of a person standing on a staircase at Stanley Palace in Chester.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations describe the figure as a solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs.

Co-founder Aaron Robinette is seen in the video with team member Joanne May at a location they identified as a hotspot.

Aaron, from Southport, Merseyside. told the Chester Chronicle: “We were informed by the curator that there was a staircase with a door underneath it, where a man died.

“In the video, I’m sat on a chair and Joe is sat on the staircase, and we’re calling out to spirits.

“Nothing happened, but it was only when watching the video back that I saw it. It appears and disappears in shot, all in front of the camera.

“We try to disprove it and if we can’t find a natural explanation, like shadows or reflections, it’s the main reason I believe I can categorise it as paranormal.”

Aaron said that the video had over 7,000 views on its first day online, which has since risen to over 24,000.

The team uses a number of techniques such as laying down trigger objects which are filmed for any spiritual interaction.

Another method is the use of franks boxes which are specialised digital radios that scan on a loop for any spiritual communication.

Sefton Paranormal Investigations has been active for over five years and is a team of five volunteers."

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Some classic ghost images from films and tv shows were compiled into a short vid.

The captions are written in Japanese but most of the HUH? areas are circled for easier views.


Some are really full-on and probably you'd thing that's a produced stuff but...not so apparently....

Various movies from EU and the US appear at the end, too.


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Ghost Pictures Compilation 2014


OK peeps, don't wet your pants when you watch these videos....

I warn you....


These vids are far more scarier than watching any horror movies, because the pics chosen are from not videos, but photos taken by people just having their daily life and holidays...so close to our normality (Oh, except one that was taken from a part of a video, but that's just one...).


And my suggestion is; watch the second video ONLY if you could bear watching through the first one.


The second one contains some shocking ones even more than the first one (just my opinion), but the first one got me excited already with the decent input the poster made, compiling so many impact-filled pics from many eras.

For any paranormal researchers, these vids are treasure boxes as far as I concern.


The second vid was really good as it accumulated very clear pics from around the world, too, not only from Japanese source.


The compilation was made in 2014, so pretty fresh IMHO.

(Not saying the pics are new.)


The poster must have taken ages to compile this many of VERY WORTHY PICS to Study. My hats off to this poster...





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Caught on camera 'Ghost' walks outside police station

Caps Was Here
Published on Sep 25, 2014

Caught on camera: 'Ghost' walks outside police station
Officers at a police station in New Mexico believe they are dealing with more than just criminals. One cop at the post in Espanola believes he came in contact with a ghost on Saturday night - and has video evidence...


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 Strange Beings Light who pursue Trains in Russia




Sorry for self-quoting, but I had just a light bulb moment about how the light moves about.


It speeds up and down, as if it has its own mind somewhere, yeah?




Just put yourself in a hi-speed vehicle, trying to learn how it responds to your footing.

At the beginning, until you understand what sort of range of power you have to pump in to accelerate how quickly, the car would move just like that. (Even though probably most people only takes a few minutes or even less to "get" majority of "it"...)


And ok, it's stuck in the middle on the rail but definitely kind of following how train is going.

Or it could have already crashed against the back of train, if that thing doesn't care. 


May be we can imagine that "they" (whoever getting the training inside that beaming bright box and their people) made the tractor beam so the learners can learn how to fly the thing, and this is their elementary level of teaching/learning.


Just like a child is learning how to ride a bike...maaaaybe?? :wink:

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You Have to Look Closer, But It's There - and It's Creepy

October 10, 2014


"Do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t, video recently captured at England’s famous Dudley Castle might change your mind.

Dean and Amy Harper from Birmingham, England, were on a family trip to the old estate, which has been dubbed England’s most haunted.

Built in 1071, there have been countless reports of ghost sightings through the centuries."




Video at link

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interesting read at MessageToEagle.com



Ellen Lloyd - MessageToEagle.com - The Shining Ones true identity is considered to be one of the greatest secrets ever kept from mankind.

This amazing race created mankind and walked among humans as beings of flesh and blood.

Were they walking serpents, reptilians, or perhaps bird-men?

The Church tried to erase this almost forgotten race from history, but the legacy of the Shining Ones lives on, in each and one of us...

What is the connection between the Shining Ones, walking serpents, reptilians gods, and bird-men?

Join MessageToEagle.com on a journey and investigate the mysterious origins of the Shining Ones...

The Book of Enoch contains valuable information on the true identity of the Shining Ones, which is also the reason why the book was excluded from the Bible. 
Copies of the Book of Enoch which remained in libraries and churches were either lost or destroyed. The Church denied the world any knowledge of the work's true content for over a thousand years.

The idea that angels were beings of flesh and blood was uncomfortable. The thought that these angelic beings produced giant offspring with earthly women was next to a catastrophe as far as the Church was concerned. The Book of Enoch was simply dangerous to the religious establishment. 
The Church did all it could to distort the true identity of the Shining Ones and erase these beings' existence from history. 
Nevertheless, secret societies preserved the memories and forbidden knowledge of the Shining Ones...

Unfortunately, due to Christian propaganda this race is today remembered as fallen angels, demons, devils, giants and evil spirits. 
Denying the world knowledge of the Shining Ones is unacceptable as this race holds the key to our mysterious origins.


  References to the Shining Ones can be found in several ancient texts worldwide. The Book of Enoch is not the only sourcebook. All ancient civilizations were familiar with these powerful and wise beings who in prehistoric times visited every corner of the world.

The Shining Ones were no demons but a group of highly advanced extraterrestrial scientists who seeded life on this planet.

They were known under different names among our ancestors. All Pagan gods Zeus, Odin, Horus, Thoth and others, as well as Yahweh and Lucifer were members of the Shining Ones race.

It is naturally difficult to uncover the true picture of a race that has not visited our planet for thousands of years. 
Based on sacred ancient texts, mythology, and certain prehistoric depictions of the gods, and various ancient artifacts, it is possible to learn much about this enigmatic race.

Although the Shining Ones walked among men as beings of flesh and blood, they possessed features that made them stand out from other people. 
When two Watchers (Shining Ones) appeared to Mose's father, Amram, he described their encounter as follows:

"And there appeared two men very tall, such as I have never seen on earth. 
And their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps; and fire forth from their lips. Their dress had the appearance of feathers... [purple], their wings were brighter than gold, their hands whiter than snow. 
They stood at the head of my bed and called by my name."

The Book of Enich contains several passages describing the Shining Ones appearance. 
This race did not possess wings. Angels were rarely deemed to possess wings until well into the Christian era. Wings were in fact grafted on to existing accounts of angles sometime after the first century A.D.

The Shining Ones were very tall. These beings were of much greater stature than their contemporaries. 
The ancient man did not make statues of giant size and nature to glorify himself or his chiefs, but only to represent his gods, the Shining Ones.

The Shining Ones had a very light skin that was described as "whiter than snow". it is said that these unearthly beings were shining "like the sun". What could the ancient writers mean by such a term?

The description of a meeting between the prophet Enoch and Yahweh could offer an answer to our question.

One occasion Enoch was greeted by the archangels Gabriel and Michael, who were also members of the Shining Ones race. 
Enoch was asked to undergo a certain ceremony in which he was covered with oil by one of the archangels.

"And the Lord said to Michael: "Go and take from Enoch his earthly robe, and anoint him with My holy oil, and clothe him with the raiment of My glory."

And so Michael did as the Lord spake to him. 
He [stripped me off my clothes and] anointed me and clothed me, and the appearance of that oil was more than great light, and its anointing was like excellent dew; and its fragrance like myrrh, shining like a ray of the sun. 
And I gazed upon myself, and I was like one of His glorious ones. 
And there was no difference, and the fear and trembling departed from me."

There are several interesting facts we learn from this passage. 
Enoch was stripped off his clothes and anointed with some kind of oil that had a fragrance like myrrh and made him shine "like a ray of the sun". 
With the oil on his body, Enoch noticed that he was shining like all the archangels.



Read more: http://www.messagetoeagle.com/shiningones.php#ixzz3GM1e5GMx

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It's freaky...

It's a true story.


ANNABELLE the Cursed Doll



"Annabelle the doll not only moved but could write too. About a month into their experiences Donna and Angie began to find penciled messages on parchment paper that read "Help Us" and "Help Lou". The hand writing looked to belong to that of a small child. The creepy part about the messages was not the wording but the way they were written. At the time Donna had never kept parchment paper, on which the notes were written, in the house, so where did it come from? "





This coverage isn't really a good story telling material, but anyway you'd get the gist in 3 minutes anyway. :wink:

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i've heard or read that if our ancestors saw us today we would actually glow now i think about it is it because of our body or are more alkaline ?

electricity - some days i am more static and it is explained here


Human Electric Energy

Nerve impulses are electrical energy signals; and, they creates energy-fields around the body and electro-magnetic energy waves that can travel away from the body.

Nerve Impulses - Electricity in the Body   nerve%20impulse.gif   Image originally from the Science Museum website.



Human electricity energy is generated by chemical processes in nerve cells. Billions of nerve impulses travel throughout the human brain and nervous system. A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical activity that passes from one end of nerve cell to another. Each impulse is the same size it; it is the frequency, impulses per second, that carries information about the intensity of the nerve signal.

Neurons are the basic unit of the nervous system. Neurons are responsible for sending, receiving, and interpreting information from all parts of the body.


more at http://www.spiritualgarden.net/info/human+electricity.html


one more thing

maybe thats why doctors electrocute when a patient dies 

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P's, when the heart starts to play up with wrong rhythms, the cells are programmed to continue beating regardless---because if they don't, the body will die. It's a mechanism of heart muscle cells.


To gain the correct beating pattern, YOU MUST STOP THE HEART BEAT, FIRST.

That's what you get by being zapped full on.


Once it stops, then the heart can resume beating in the original, better rhythm.


So they electrocute you to STOP THE HEART.

Not re-starting it, when you zap anyone with an AED.


Our body is amazing, and the heart will re-start itself. Let's cherish our bodies.

I think we are wearing a miraculous thingy!

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Once it stops, then the heart can resume beating in the original, better rhythm.


So they electrocute you to STOP THE HEART.

Not re-starting it, when you zap anyone with an AED.


Our body is amazing, and the heart will re-start itself. Let's cherish our bodies.

I think we are wearing a miraculous thingy!'



i remember some where i have read that in deep(er) meditations some have developed to control their beats maybe can be depicted through 

these techniques 



Characteristics of Pulse

The distinctly different pulse movements (gati) for each dosha type are:






Fast, feeble, cold,light, thin, disappears on pressure

Prominent, strong, high amplitude, hot, forceful, lifts up the palpating fingers.

Deep, slow, broad wavy, thick, cool, warm, regular


Best felt under the index finger

Best felt under the middle finger

Best felt under the ring finger


Moves like a cobra

Moves like a frog

Moves like a swimming swan

diag_pulse_16.jpg1) Fast, Narrow, Feeble, Cool, Irregular
Rate is 80-100 beats per minute The placement of the index finger denotes the pulse of vata. When this pulse predominates, the index finger feels the throbbing more strongly. And the pulse feels like the movement of a snake, quick and slithery.

2) Jumping, Excite, Prominent, Hot, Moderate, Regular Rate is 70-80 beats per minute The placement of the middle finger denotes the pulse of pitta. When this pulse predominates, the middle finger gets a stronger feel, it is active and jumpy like the movement of a frog.

3) Slow, Strong, Steady, Soft, Broad, Regular, Warm
Rate is 60 -70 beats per minute. The placement of the ring finger denotes the pulse of kapha. When this pulse predominates, the ring finger feels the strongest effect. This pulse is slow and resembles the floating of a swan.

Examination of Movement (Gati) and Their Conditions





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Aliens/Ghosts roaming on Earth


For the Yosemite National Park footage at the beginning of the vid, from the first time I ever watched it some months ago, I thought the figures are humans walking on stilts. 


If the pairs of stilts are using one tall set and the other short set (different length stilts) then that movements and height difference can be explained, I felt.

So to me that's some silly humans wearing very buggy, over sized sized white sheet materials to wrap up the whole figures including stilts. What would you say??

There are other "alien" images that actually look like human using long sticks to look weird... 



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Cursed Axe Murder House Tries to Claim Another Victim

On June 10, 1912, in Villisca, Iowa, six members of the family of Josiah Moore and two people staying with them overnight were bludgeoned to death with an axe. The murders were never solved and many believe the house is haunted by some or all of the victims. On November 7, 2014, the Villisca House nearly claimed another life.

According to the Villisca Axe Murder House website, the house has been preserved and for 20 years has been available for both day and night tours. It can also be rented for a night. Many visitors claim to have heard children’s voices and seen paranormal activities such as falling lamps and flying objects. Psychics allegedly have spoken to spirits there and paranormal investigators have recorded audio, video and photographic evidence of ghosts. One of those investigators may have had the ghosts or the house turn on him.


The Villisca Axe Murder Victims

Robert Laursen, Jr., of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, was conducting a paranormal investigation at the Villisca on November 7. He was alone in a room in the house, which has no electricity or running water, when he began screaming for help. Other investigators found him suffering from multiple self-inflicted stab wounds. Montgomery County police and paramedics determined he was in critical condition and took him to a hospital in Clarinda, which flew him by air ambulance to Creighton Medical Center in Omaha.

Did the house or its paranormal residents have anything to do with Laursen’s stabbing? While there was no evidence of foul play, Montgomery County Sheriff Joe Sampson had this to say:

According to the current owner of the house, other than the original axe murders, this is the first incident of this kind to occur there.

I don’t believe it’s an accident. Why he did it, we have no idea.

Did Laursen incite the wrath of the house or its victims? Did he discover something that might have caused the spirit of the still unknown murderer to try and stop him? Will this increase tourism at the house? Only time will tell.


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Poltergeist Activity captured at Whitstable Nutrition Centre, UK


Is this genuine or what???


I'm not sure on that; what I am sure is that the happening freaked out the shopper...




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Hello Blue --


  Have seen this video before when it was presented in the US, all in all it's a good investigation with 1 exception--when the power expert @ 41:10---41:30  is commenting about the light in Mezcala that it was from a touching limb that was causing a short --- having worked in the Utility Power biz for many years know full well that any and every hi-power transmission path is routinely cleared of any and all obstruction including anything that would come within 11 feet of touching the towers and lines --FYI - 11 feet is the closest that any object can get without causing an arc, the voltage is so high that it will jump that far and the higher the voltage, the further you must stay away -- patrols go out every day it's an industry standard across the world. 

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Ghost in Public Hospital Guadalajara, Mexico


This is uploaded back in August 2008.

Has anyone heard it's been debunked?

The thing is, first I shared the same idea of debunking it with lots of comments made pointed out how the vid can be faked.


Considering those points and then viewed the vid, I actually felt this is taken naturally---those 2 people acted as how I'd act---"if that happens to me" sorta thing.

So the vid maybe truly real deal....?


The male surgeon or nurse can physically turned his head around to right to chase the movement of the black figure as he enters into the theatre, but his mobile phone camera can be accidentally facing to the left.


You'd not be watching the camera view if you are walking faster and aiming to find something to get better grasp of the environment, I think.

If so, then the camera move make sense. Thus you can say it may not be a fake there.


Then a female nurse looks like came inside the theatre after him.

If you are to have believer-glasses on to analyse the situation, you'd say it's natural because she DID NOT SEE the black figure, and because of the guy going off like that, she'd be wondering wth had happened and would follow him in.

And if she didn't scream then, she didn't see the black figure in the room, which means because she was standing at the doorway, no escape point to that black figure...it must have vanished.


But some may say the black figure person can hide behind the theatre chair that's away from the cam view.


What would you think...??


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 Transition from the consciousness being focused in this dimension, what we call physical life, to consciousness being focused in the non-physical, or what we call death is an interesting question that arises to each and every single human being, I think, during their physical lifetimes.


 There are countless books written on the subject of life-after-death, although the term is insufficient, many studies, documentaries, etc.


 In one of the threads on TCP, I believe in the 'Encounters with the tall beings' I stated my belief that other physical ETs have a very different relationship of spirit/total- self to physical being.


 Having had this interest in death, which I never perceived as such, I always felt many books to be highly incomplete. After reading countless books I feel I can now recommend two books that, from my personal point of view, contain extremely valuable information not tamed by too many beliefs. The books are:


1.) Seth speaks: The eternal validity of the soul (Jane Roberts) 1971

2.) The Ultimate Journey (Robert Monroe) 1994


 Both books contain similar, if not always identical, descriptions of transition to the non-physical. I will outline some of these points here, although both books are treasure troves, thus are essential for those interested in the subject.


1.) Death is a very natural and easy process, much less 'shocking' than birth for example. Many people are not even aware they are dead at first.

2.) What one experiences directly after death, although the point of death is not exactly clear, highly depends on the belief system one held during the physical existence. Those that are not able to let go of the physical, might linger around for a while, others go into the belief territories, both collective, like religious territories of heaven or hell, and individual. 

3.) Other total-selves, both unconsciously during sleep or consciously during OBE can assist those recently deceased to orient themselves and realise their physical life is over.

4.) The loved ones greeting you can be a real experience, it can also be other guides choosing such guises to ease the transition

5.) One can reexamine the past life and is able to dwell into other lives, as time there is not what it is here. Past and future lives are.. simultaneous. 

6.) There is an amazing level of clarity in terms of what you feel there and how you felt about different people during your lifetime

7.) Souls do have a different level of development, but it is a tricky aspect due to time being non existent per se out there.

8.) The options available to a soul which sheds its beliefs (if there were any) are plentiful, ranging from reincarnation in the same plane, reincarnation elsewhere, 'graduation' to a different level of existence, etc.


 Most importantly: soul is eternal. Soul is not a noun, it is a verb, it is a process of change and becoming.


 Both books are highly recommended.

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