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Am I correct in thinking that this guy believes our atmosphere requires flares to stay healthy?

As I understand him, yes. He says that the flares expand earth's atmosphere.

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Here is an interesting read .. Kindle Edition only.. not in hard cover.. yet..


understand the real meaning of the indicated areas. The surprise came in January when the three points were connected in their turn by the indication of a resultant* in cosmic space having Europa, a moon of Jupiter, as its target.  I anxiously read the rest of the material.  It said that a precise area of the ice cap covering that mountainous area of Antarctica near Macor Base had melted down in two hours and had revealed an extraordinarily complex technological device on one of the mountain slopes.  Four pictures were shown from different angles with certain topometric references.  *The word resultant has a specific definition in mathematics: a single vector that is the equivalent of a set of vectors. The object had the shape of the frustum of a cone with an elliptical base.  It obviously worked as a kind of “cosmic buoy.”  It had the approximate size of a three story building; and near the top, at about two thirds from the base, it had a kind of “collar” like a wide fan, possibly a kind of antenna.  In the pictures, this particularity of its construction looked like giant panels, very bright, with red and white lines that looked like lasers.  There were many other elements there which I could not distinguish clearly from the pictures. The report further stated that it was impossible to identify the exceptional source of energy which could melt that huge mass of ice in two hours because the buoy was covered in a 210 meter thick layer of ice, but it was obvious that the source came from


Cinamar, Radu; Moon, Peter (2013-02-01). The Secret Parchment (Transylvania Series) (Kindle Locations 1844-1856). Sky Books. Kindle Edition.

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