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Ah, the memories EW. We were just there in April. Did you notice all the giants slotted in amongst the normal little people depicted in the battle murals on each side of the temple?


We only had a very quick visit - no time to study the murals - there are literally hundreds of meters of them - that would be a photo-study in itself (now that we have cameras and software that can do it - affordably).


And now some more pics you may like - including the dinosaur!

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image.jpgimage.jpgMy GF found this ID in an old book she had laying around, any insights? Would be cool if we could return it to his family , funny thing she found it while looking for an old Leonard Cohen book ,looks like this fellows name was leonard too

Edit to add this link of a description to nearly the same one 

Also to note we found this on the night of rememberance day nov11 


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