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Chinese River Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red

A waterway in eastern China has mysteriously turned a blood red color.

Residents in Zhejiang province said the river looked normal at 5 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday morning. Within an hour, the entire river turned crimson. Residents also said a strange smell wafted through the air.

“The really weird thing is that we have been able to catch fish because the water is normally so clear,” one local villager commented on China’s microblogging site Weibo.



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Fire in the South Pacific: Hunga Ha'apai underwater volcano erupts to turn the sea blood red and the sky grey with ash

Victoria Woollaston

Jan. 13, 2015



An underwater volcano off the coast of Tonga is spewing ash high into the air - causing air travel chaos and turning the surrounding ocean the colour of blood. 

The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai underwater volcano is around 40 miles (65km) north of Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa.

Its ash plume has reached heights of more than 14,765ft (4,500 metres) and the eruption has disturbed algae in the region, causing what's known as a red tide.

All international flights around the island have been cancelled, but domestic flights were continuing as scheduled, according to Tonga Airports chief executive Viliami Ma'ake. 




A short-lived eruption in March 2009, (pictured) lasted for almost a week. At the time, geologists said the eruption originated from two volcanic vents - one was located on Hunga Ha'apai, while the other was around 330ft (100m) offshore.The two vents spewed so much debris, however, they created a new land mass.



I would like to take this one step further with some random thoughts I had after Reddwolf brought my attention to this story about this underwater volcano turning the surrounding water red.  You can see from this thread, that we've kept a bead on the stories regarding lakes, and rivers around the world, mysteriously turning red all of a sudden. "They" never find or state a cause for it, other than pollution or algae, but what if.  


I believe just recently it's been said that volcanoes all over the world, are connected to each other. Thinking of a body that has arteries and veins, and that body gets boils, one breaks out, then in another spot, another breaks out, and so on, with the infection traveling through the blood ie: arteries/veins.  Sort of like if volcanoes are all connected by a main artery called a lava tube, one erupts, then down the line another erupts. So then, could we consider that the lakes and rivers, such as the Yangtze, may have happened to have been, in ancient times, a main artery or an even closer to the surface lava tube that time has worn the top off of, and then filled with water accordingly, after being exposed? Could it be possible that recent volcanic activity under these lakes and rivers caused them to turn red, just as this volcano off Tonga is doing to the water around it, right now? That yes, it is pollution, but not industrial or human caused, as we are led to believe? That the gasses, and chemicals from volcanic activity under the surface of them are responsible? In chat, Icanseeatoms mentioned hypoxia, or lack of oxygen would turn the water red. Anyone who has walked on the surface of the lava beds originating from Kilauea or anywhere else for that matter, where lava as a liquid is flowing into the sea under the hardened surface of the lave fields, will realize that once you step onto the top of that still warm but solidified lava, you cannot breathe. The gasses that emanate from the lava itself  take your breath away. So then it would be so in those waters that turn red also, if it has anything to do with volcanic activity, and there would be dead fish, and most likely dead birds too.  Could this also explain those millions of dead fish in waters that haven't turned red? What else could cause a whole lake or river or areas around a sea to turn oxygen deprived so quickly?  Just thinking out loud, random thoughts.




Dec. 13, 2014


"Beit Zera| A mysterious phenomenon has been affecting the waters of the Jordan River in Eastern Israel, near its junction with the Yarmouk River. Thousands of dead fish and aquatic animals have accumulated on the shores of the river over the last hours, as the color of the water has turned to an eerie blood red and began emanating a strong sulphurous smell."





End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red

August 1, 2011


"A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Times, but probably is the end of a popular fishing and recreation spot.

A drought has left the OC Fisher Reservoir in San Angelo State Park in West Texas almost entirely dry. The water that is left is stagnant, full of dead fish — and a deep, opaque red."







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Mysterious 'Blood Rain' Tints Water a Gruesome Hue

Mindy Weisberger

November 12, 2015




Water in a basin in Fuente Encalada (Zamora) was stained red by the algae Haematococcus pluvialis, brought by the rainicon1.png.

Credit: Joaquín Pére


"Residents of several villages in northwest Spain received an unpleasant surprise last fall, when they noticed that the water in their fountains had turned a gory shade of red. The tint wasn't left behind by a guilty murderer's bloody hands, but rather by microscopic algae that arrived in a recent rainfallicon1.png






But at the time, no one knew what had caused their pristine reservoirs to suddenly resemble grisly crime scenes. Speculation ran rampant, blaming everything from contaminants dropped from airplanes to biblical plagues (a similar "blood rain" episode in Kerala, India, in 2001 sparked suggestions that the rain had extraterrestrial origins). Joaquín Pérez, who lived nearby, decided to collect rainwater to see if he could detect the culprit, according to a statement by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technologyicon1.png.



Bacteria in the Chromatiaceae family may have caused similarly blood-red water in a Texas lake in 2011"




note the Texas lake was posted above

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Satellite image of red River Nile evokes biblical legend

April 2, 2016





A satellite image of the Nile using infrared technology colors the river in red (Courtesy European Space Agency, April 2016)



Photo uses infrared technology to map heat created by vegetation surrounding the Egyptian river


"A newly released satellite image of Egypt’s Nile river shows the river colored deep red, bringing to mind the biblical first plague in which the waters of the great river turned to blood.


But, this time at least, it is not the wrath of god that is responsible for the river’s crimson hue: The European Space Agency’s Sentinel-3A satellite, which took the picture, uses a radiometer to measure infrared energy.


The heat radiated by vegetation around the river is therefore responsible for the red color.
The satellite, launched in February, is designed to monitor environmental changes. It is the third of more than a dozen “eyes in the sky” that make up the Copernicus program, which the ESA describes as the most sophisticated Earth observation system ever launched."
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Crimson Tide: Residents stunned as Russian river turns red

Sept. 7, 2016

By Madison Park and Radina Gigova, CNN





Authorities in Russia are trying to determine why the waters of the Daldykan River in Siberia have suddenly turned bright red.


"(CNN)A Russian river located by the Arctic town of Norilsk turned bright red Tuesday, looking more like an enormous blood vessel than a body of water.

Stunned residents shared photos online of the bizarre scene at Daldykan River.
Authorities are trying to determine why the river changed colors and are evaluating possible environmental damages.
The water may have reddened due to discharge from "an unidentified chemical" from the nearby Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant, Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment said in a statement Wednesday. If a pipeline broke, contaminants could have leaked into the river, the ministry added."
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‘China’s Dead Sea’ turns blood red 

Sept. 29, 2016



"The red-hued Yuncheng Salt Lake, also known as “China’s Dead Sea”, has recently become a popular destination for thousands of fascinated tourists.


The ancient salt lake, which is 500 million years old and covers 120 square kilometers, isn’t, in fact, a crime scene, but rather the natural result of algae in the water.
snip    video
A rise in temperature and light intensity caused organisms called dunaliella salinas to recently turn red. While it certainly looks unusual, the phenomenon has been seen in France, the US, Turkey and more recently, Iran .
“In the marine environment, Dunaliella salina appears green,” said Mohammad Tourian, a scientist at the University of Stuttgart, of Iran’s Lake Urmia that suddenly turned deep red in July.
“However, in conditions of high salinity and light intensity, the micro-algae turns red due to the production of protective carotenoids in the cells.”
BREAKING: "China's Dead Sea" Blood Red
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I think it's an effect of the sunlight at the Golden Hour - either right after sunrise or just before sunset. Photographers covet this.

You can tell that the sun is low in the sky by the shadows. And he says everything is red down to the ground, but that's not true. Look at the shadows down at the bottom. And if you really look at the trees deeper in the woods, they aren't quite as red/orange because the light isn't hitting them as much. I think it's also a bit cloudy and maybe with moisture in the air, which probably increases the effect (like with rainbows).


"These two photographs of the Tyn Church in Prague, Czech Republic were shot during different times of the day. The left-hand version was shot during the middle of the day, while the right-hand version was shot during the golden hour before sunset."



Image by Mark Hamblin 


Some other examples here: 


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Kamakura, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan 5-5-2017

Peeps there thinks it's Red Tide.

Freaky. Apparently local peeps never seen such large areas covered by the Redness like this time before.

I thought we were not supposed to be dipping into the Red Tide......no??(。´・ω・)?


Here are some screen shots in case you can't play the vid embedded onto the linked page:

Akashio-5-5-2017-copyright NNN Japan_Kamakura Japan_1.jpg

Akashio-5-5-2017-copyright NNN Japan_Kamakura Japan_2.jpg

Akashio-5-5-2017-copyright NNN Japan_Kamakura Japan_3.jpg

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Mysterious orange water at Dubai Marina raises concerns

June 23, 2017         

Mysterious orange water at Dubai Marina raises concerns

The waters of Dubai Marina turned orange on Thursday. Courtesy Stewart Clarke

"DUBAI // The waters of Dubai Marina mysteriously turned orange on Thursday.

Residents were quick to share their concerns on social media suggesting that an oil spill could be responsible for the change in colour.

A spokesperson from Dubai’s Municipality said they had not yet identified the cause and a team of officials had been sent to inspect the site on Friday morning.

"There are some speculations that the spillage can be from a near by construction or from groundwater", the spokesperson said.

Residents said the water was still strangely coloured on Friday morning.."



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Three rivers turn blood red in Malawi and Indonesia shocking baffled residents

Jan 2, 2019


(c)Povo News 2018     2018/12/19
(c) syarif abbas 2018



(c)Tribun Jateng TV 2018


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