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The way I understand this, is that Google paid Mozilla a great sum of money, in order to become Firefox's default search engine.  However, Firefox browser remains the property of Mozilla, and has not been purchased by either Google or Microsoft.  Seems to me you could still use a different search engine.  Incidentally, both BRAVE and EPIC are based on Chromium, which of course, is Google, and with EPIC, if you are signed into a gmail account, then Google can track you, while you are, and since it's based on Chromium, it's always updated quite a while after an update for Chrome is issued. One of the top guys of BRAVE is a Mozilla guy, but it's still based on Chromium, and from what I'm reading, google is the default search engine for BRAVE.   6 of one, half dozen of the other.  Nothing is 100% secure, you can only do your best. (google's influence is hard to escape) Seems to me, FIrefox/Mozilla is still about  the only Windows browser independent of Chromium/Google influence as long as you use a different search engine, but the others mentioned do have some really good features.   disclaimer: this is jmo based on what I've read so far 

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Thank you heaps for that, breezy!! That's awesome to hear!!

Aha, now I see what's happening.

Yeah I noticed that from EPIC, and that's not the only behaviour I thought ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH?, too. It STARTED the change recently while I have been using EPIC for about 1-2 years by now, it used to be a lot tight for info gathering before, I think.

And I always think that WE need to keep on coming up with NEW BROWSERS in order to keep upping OUR protection.

Any new ideas coming from us would be challenged to get cracked in by those big mobs, so as long as we win the cat-mouse chase by keep up with new protection, that seems to be the best bet for us. 

It's annoying that we gotta keep on moving to one product to another, but if we can gain more protection by taking swift foot steps, I don't think we got much to do but to do that. 

I suspect Russia would be coming up with their own browser as they are creating their country-based intranet to secure themselves. So that would be the next wave of world trend, perhaps?

(Wouldn't it be cool if we are to see the "Truthers' Browser"! LOL)


The Search Engine which I've been trusting is DUCKDUCK.COM: check their features here https://duckduckgo.com/about

It used to be a very lame search engine but yeah people started to pound on it and now it is becoming a trusted search engine for many by the feel of it.

Still nothing like Ggl for far wider choice in results. I have to juggle it to log in due to my gmail account so for something I don't care to share with Ggl straight away, I use Ggl search, too, in the name of researching.

One of the best bet could be visiting Net Cafes and use their IP addies, not touching your own device.

Second of all, do huge juggling of OS in the first place involved in, but by swapping the OS around by providing a shell of a clean computer then using a few different OS of choice to retract your past doings---then apparently that process can wipe off the foot steps. I am no "important" person so I don't bother that far. LOL I don't possess IT head and can't even remember the proper ways to do it now. 

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I Think I saw BRAVE Got Controlled By Ggl Side......

Can anyone help me, please? I'm no way able to figure this out as I'm not bright on IT field.

I just had realised BRAVE browser has been doing something weird.

And I cannot be sure if this happening was suddenly Ggl side decided to take over what BRAVE was doing and messed with the security level to cause this?? 

I had B9 pages opened and until just a few minutes ago, they were viewable no worries. All happened right in front of my eyes.....as if they knew I was looking at the browser. LOL

Anyway, all of sudden all B9 pages turned into this:



It was like a magic wand being swang. Whoa. Within a second, every single B9 pages turned into red. LOL

And because I wondered what was going on, I clicked on the Learn more link.

This is the linked page opened:



(I don't recall this happened to me before. So I can't make any comparison as such.)

I'm baffled, but then you know what I had posted today earlier on......sod but grin. (If it is what I am thinking it is then obvious that the vid about them CHEATING and LYING to Humans was monitored that who watches it.................but I think the number wins, so I hope as many people possible can watch it. If that vid goes missing suddenly, then we know what's going on. If that vid manages to stay up, someone is trying to help and support us, and letting us to spread the news and warnings appropriately.) 

I'd very much appreciate it if anyone could make a post here and let me know if BRAVE is still good for the Truthers, who cop loads of targeting effects and need to be away from Ggl as much as possible.


Ps: STGReport has been very keen on BRAVE browser and saying all great stuff. So I want to believe in BRAVE, too. 

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Chromium is Google's open-source web browser project. It is a fully functional browser on its own and supplies the vast majority of code for the Google Chrome browser.

Browsers based on Chromium

Google Chrome

Opera. ...
Vivaldi. ...
Brave. ...
Blisk. ...
Colibri. ...
Epic Browser. and others. 

As for SGT, I swear I heard  him say, when he first started pushing Brave, that it was based on Firefox.  IT IS NOT! It is based on GOOGLE'S CHROMIUM.  Firefox, on the other hand, still belongs to Mozilla.  

I've never experienced what you did with all 89 pages, but I would have shut down my computer, and after rebooting, would have run a full virus scan BEFORE opening any browser.  Just because I get freaked by this kind of crap and would want to be sure I hadn't caught something I didn't want.  IF you are trying to avoid using GOOGLE, then neither Brave nor Epic browsers are for you.  Firefox has adopted Google as their default search engine, but you can get around that.  Such a pita all this is. 


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Thanks breezy! 

Yes I did all that immediately before I posted here, and NOTHING CAME UP....(´Д`)

That's why I thought it might had been done by Ggl AI as a sort of "official" backdoor being used.

But at the same time, I recall IBM chips were all coming with an easy door to be opened, which is what I'm using....so I understand we don't have way to stop such thing happening to us. But I just wished to feel we have some ways to deal with this....I know it's a wishful thinking, but I also believe our way of thinking can morph the reality. 

BTW I found AVAST got its own browser. But to make it into VPN, you are asked to pay per month.

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I thought you most likely had done so.  Right now I'm paying close attention to some things that I wasn't aware of before this reading about browsers I've done lately.  So easy to be tracked and in ways I never gave a thought to, and find I don't like it much.  

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