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Please post only that which will bring someone a good and positive feeling through good news stories, pictures, music, poetry or whatever you wish to share..Thank you...

Daughter hailed a hero for lifting up BMW to free her father pinned under the luxury sedan

from July 31, 2012

"A fast acting 22-year-old has been hailed a hero after she lifted up a car weighing a ton and a half to save her father, who became crushed under his BMW 525i.

Lauren Kornacki swept in to save her father, Alec, when a jack slipped as he worked under the car on July 29, at the family’s home in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Lauren, a recent University of Mary Washington grad, happened to be on her way out the door when she saw her father pinned under his luxury car."


Family hero: Alec Kornacki narrowly escaped death when his daughter, Lauren, lifted up the BMW that had fallen on him

"Finding her father unconscious, the terrified daughter let out a primal scream and yelled to her mother, Liz, to call 911."

" Lauren, a former basketball player, then knelt down and mustered up the strength to lift the weighty vehicle and free her father.

‘It flashed like, 'I'm going to lose my dad. His eyes were open; he wasn't responding to me. I knew I had to get his heart beating again, and I had to get him breathing,’ Lauren, who was trained in CPR from her job as a lifeguard, told local TV news station, WWBT."

Read the entire story here...quick thinking, heroine daughter...lucky guy...and I salute her bravery and quick witted thinking..


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Live your daily life in a way that you never lose yourself. When you are carried away with worries, fears, cravings, anger and desire…you run away from yourself and you lose yourself. The practice is always to go back to oneself. Thich Nhat Hanh

Working on inspiration....

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After the storm: Stunning double rainbow brightens Northern skies on weekend of tornadoes and torrential downpours... but at least it’ll be sunny by the end of the week


here is the rainbow...


Double delight: This stunning picture was taken by Paul Willows, who was watching a storm pass over his home town of Conisbrough in South Yorkshire when the dramatic double rainbow formed


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Forgotten $3,100 cash returned to widow, 90

August 1, 2012

ByManuel Bojorquez

"(CBS News) ROTONDA WEST, Fla. -- A widow in southwest Florida is celebrating a gift from her past, and is amazed by the kindness of strangers.

Evelyn Weiner knew she'd be surprised by what she would find inside an old film canister containing 8 millimeter film of times with her family in Connecticut.

She's now 90 and lives in Rotonda West, Fla.

Evelyn says the film dates back to the early 1940s. Amazingly, much of it is in color.

"Oh my God - 70 years -- I didn't even think about that!" she exclaimed.

Some of those memories: a younger Evelyn, times with her three children, cherished moments with her late husband, Mickey.

"We were always together," she says. "We did everything together. He was a good husband. But I was a good wife, too."

Family members asked her to preserve those memories, so Evelyn took the film to a nearby Walmart store, from which it was shipped to a company called Yes Video' in Georgia, to have it turned into a DVD.

But she wasn't expecting what happened next.

A Yes Video employee found a hidden stash of money inside the canister -- $3,100 -- and the company wanted to return it to her.


""It came at a very good time, as if my husband was still watching out for me," she says.

So for Evelyn, not only do the memories have a new life -- she says she has a renewed faith in the honesty of others.


So there you go...faith in fellow man's honesty restored...KUDOS!! to YES VIDEO...!!!  THANK YOU for returning the money to this lady..and Thank you to CBS for reporting the story, so we could share it...!!

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Possible da Vinci painting found in Scottish farmhouse; could be worth $150 million

Fiona McLaren, 59, had kept an old painting in her Scottish farmhouse for decades. She reportedly didn't think much of the painting, which had been given to her as a gift by her father. But after she finally decided to have the painting appraised, some experts are speculating that it may in fact be a 500-year-old painting by Leonardo da Vinci and potentially worth more than $150 million.

"I showed it to him [auctioneer Harry Robertson] and he was staggered, speechless save for a sigh of exclamation," said Ms. McLaren, according to The People.



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Look at the picture and see what you find..

Artist:Juan Manuel Vasquez

~This Is For All Natives Of The Heart On Mother Earth~

~Dedicated To Robert Morning Sky~

~May The Sun Shine Warmly Forever On Your Faces And Within Your Hearts~


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9-Year-Old Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raises 3K For Detroit!

August 6, 2012


"Joshua Smith, a 9-year-old boy from Detroit, Mich., has made national headlines over his ambitious efforts to help his hometown rise out of its ever-sinking debt.

He started off with a goal of selling $1000 worth of popcorn and lemonade and delivering a check of the said amount to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing’s office."


"After several weeks of vending, not only has Smith exceeded his $1000 goal (he’s raised more the $3,000), the young man has earned the respect and praise of supporters nationwide, the Detroit Free Press reports.

On Friday, several members of the University of Michigan’s basketball team showed up at Joshua’s door with gifts."


The Rosa Parks Foundation in Detroit has promised him a $2,000 scholarship towards his college education, as long as he completes high school with a 2.5 grade point average.

"A foundation spokesperson cited Joshua’s entrepreneurial spirit and civic-mindedness at such a tender age for the award offer, according to the Free Press:

“Special consideration for a scholarship was given to Joshua because, at such a young age, he is an enterprising civic-minded young man who shares Mrs. Parks’ spirit of service and commitment to building a brighter future in his community,” said foundation president Delora Hall Tyler.

Ironically, Joshua’s mother, Rhonda Smith, was awarded the same scholarship when she graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1987."

Read the rest of this feel good story here..


kinda reminds me of the rings a stone makes upon being dropped into a pond...

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NBC affiliate Wood TV shares the inspiring story of Make-A-Wish wish child Michelle.

August 7, 2012

"Michelle's wish will allow her to see her athletic heroes at the gymnastics and swimming venues at this year's London Games! Michelle's wish was made possible thanks to the support of our 2012 WAM Riders and our National Office."


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now that is purely precious...a make your heart feel good kinda thing dang...I am all touched right now...  ;)

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Baby elephant orphaned in slaughter finds a foster mom


"By Miguel Llanos, NBC News

A three-week-old elephant orphaned when his mother and two dozen other elephants were slaughtered in Chad last month appears to have been adopted by a foster mom, a nonprofit in the Central African country told NBC News.

Nicknamed Toto, the male was being cared for by village officials when he ran away and later reached a nearby herd, said SOS Elephants founder Stephanie Vergniault."

""Now he seems to have an adoptive mother," she said, but noted "we are not sure she is accepting him 100 percent." SOS Elephants asked local officials to provide volunteers to monitor the situation.

SOS Elephants had initially thought it would have to ship Toto to a protected wildlife refuge in Kenya, but now hopes he'll become one of the herd."

read the story here...



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Turning Gamers into Citizen Scientists


A Stanford lab prints genetic material created by players of an online puzzle game called EteRNA

They are video game enthusiasts with no training in science, but cracking a code is their kick.

When enough of them play the online game EteRNa, medical mysteries unfold...

Story by Doug Gross

" Palo Alto, California (CNN) -- Long before he became a scientist investigating the building blocks of life, Rhiju Das had another goal.

He wanted to code a version of the 1987 shoot-em-up arcade game Contra for his Apple IIe computer.

"I learned some of the language and stuff like that," he said of what would ultimately be a failed effort. "Nothing came of it -- except that it demystified the whole thing for me."

Now, as an assistant professor of biochemistry at Stanford University, he's married that childhood streak of gamer curiosity with his work investigating RNA, the tiny molecules essential to life and central in the hunt for cures to diseases like cancer and AIDS.

He's the co-creator of EteRNA, an online video game in which players solve puzzles that also happen to mimic the way strands of the stuff will behave in nature.

The game has become a digital breeding ground for a stable of citizen scientists as apt to publish their findings in a scientific journal as they are to share a virtual high-five over a high score. And that's surprised even him.

EteRNA is one of a small but growing cadre of games that seek to deploy video gamers -- virtually none of whom have backgrounds in the sciences -- to help solve riddles that could lead to major medical breakthroughs."


"Players of Foldit, the game from which EteRNA emerged, did that just last year. Instead of RNA, they focus on protein molecules. And they deciphered the structure of the Mason-Pfizer monkey virus -- which had stumped scientists for 15 years -- in just 10 days."


""An interesting thing we noticed, especially when designing EteRNA, was that the more 'science-y' we made the game, the more people wanted to play it," he said. "That flew against our assumptions. It can be easy sometimes, as a professional scientist, to forget just how romantic the scientific project can be for outsiders."


"The value of the players' contributions, Das said, boils down to human intuition.

Scientists have built computer programs to decipher and build new strands of RNA. But none, he said, can pick up on the subtle, emerging patterns quite like a dedicated human brain. In short, a computer algorithm may be good at telling you what's already happened. But unlike a curious human, it will be really bad at guessing what's going to happen next.

"We're relying on humans to do something computers can't do, which is create hypotheses," Das said. "There's no computer who can do that. They don't have imaginations."

For all of the sometimes mind-boggling advances society has seen in medical science, Treuille believes that researchers in some ways are still at a very basic starting point.

"Biochemists today are akin to our ancestors gazing at birds and wondering how to build flying contraptions, except that we're peering inside the cell," he said.

"What we see -- the dance of proteins which gives rise to life -- is so amazing that scientists have become convinced that understanding protein folding will enable us to control life at the cellular level, which is, of course, exactly what we need to do to attack big medical problems like cancer."

Read this fascinating story here..


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Lopez Lomong: From war child to U.S. Olympics star

From Jessica Ellis, CNN

August 9, 2012

"CNN From escaping bullets in Sudan as a young boy to becoming a track and field Olympics star, U.S. athlete Lopez Lomong has been running and defying odds nearly all of his life.


'At the age of six, Lomong, who qualified Wednesday for the 5,000-meter final at the London Games on August 11, was separated from his family when he was kidnapped by soldiers during a Sunday morning mass in his native country. Lomong was taken along with several other children to a prison where they would be trained to become child soldiers.

"I saw kids dying every day and I would say, 'OK, maybe next time it's going to be me,'" remembers Lomong, 27. "That basically changed my life and from that moment I'm no longer six years old -- I became an adult."

But a few weeks later Lomong managed to escape from the prison camp with the help of three older abducted children. Barefoot but determined, Lomong and his friends went a through a hole in the prison fence and started running as fast as they could, in what Lomong describes as their "race to freedom."

After running for three days and nights the boys finally reached Kenya, where Lomong spent the next 10 years of his life in a refugee camp."

In 2001, Lomong's remarkable life journey took another turn. Aged 16, he was among the nearly 4,000 "Lost Boys" who were resettled in various cities across the United States as part of a U.N. and U.S. government program.

Read more: Former 'Lost Boy' runs boot camps for business

He was adopted by a family in Tully, a small town in upstate New York, where he went to high school and first started thinking of running as a career."

"He became a U.S. citizen in July 2007 and one year later he made the national Olympics team, taking part in the 1,500-meter race in Beijing. Lomong didn't make it to the finals but was honored by his fellow athletes who selected him as the as flag bearer for Team USA.

"That is the most incredible thing I take away from the Olympics," he says. "It's not only track and field. There are swimmers; there are wrestlers; there is everybody united and we are all walking together to bring as many medals to our country. Those are the things that I will never forget -- I was very excited to be part of that and carry America's flag into the opening ceremony."


IF you think you have it bad...check out Lomong's story...He may not have won a medal, but gold doesn't make the man a winner...


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Gave a homeless guy a £20 note on Friday evening....

Poor guy started greeting, cuddled me and kissed me on the cheek.

Was really moved by it, as I was just going to waste it in the pub but decided I had enough (unusually).

Taught me a wee reminder of a life lesson,

That while Money might not be everything, and we should let it govern our lives...

We should be thankful for who and what we have....

And like the mustard seed, the smallest things can make a big difference, while the homeless guy will do what ever he wants with the money, the fact that others around me witnessed someone like me embrace someone like him as a brother, will have made others think a little more. Not everyone, but someone...

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Brothers in arms: The touching moment two hugging gorillas were reunited in their park enclosure after nearly three years apart

Kesho the gorilla was separated from his brother Alf after he was chosen to take part in a breeding programme

But the brothers acted as if they had never been apart when they were reunited at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire

By Rob Preece

PUBLISHED: 09:26 EST, 15 August 2012

As some stressed parents know only too well, brothers don't always get on.

But when these two gorillas were brought together for the first time in almost three years, they hugged as if they had never been apart.

Kesho and his younger brother Alf recognised each other instantly as they set up home at a new £3million gorilla enclosure at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire.


Embrace: Gorillas Kesho and Alf embrace give each other a hug after being reunited at Longleat Safari Park

Read the story here..


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many thanks Breezy I have already shared this with friends, I really like the music as well

Some people on this planet, people that it’s best you never get to meet, have suggested I’m one tough cookie when the chips are down, but I’m telling you Breeze that video brought tears to my eyes

I think the music was the decider LOL  :-* 

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Rare sand kittens, thought to be extinct in Israel, settle into new surroundings after being born in Tel Aviv zoo

August 16, 2012

Four kittens were born 3 weeks ago at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv, an open-air zoo, but photos were only recently released

They may be four tiny kittens, but they are a big development for Israel's wildlife.

Four sand cats, considered extinct in Israel, were born three weeks ago at the Ramat Gan Safari near Tel Aviv.

The sand cat (Felis margarita) has been listed as a ‘threatened species’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

There is a video and right here I had two pictures posted...however, they are Reuters' photos, and I had to remove them, so as not to risk Chani...so you will have to go to the link to see the pictures...and YES, they are worth it..

The international family consists of mother Rotem from Germany, father Sela from Poland and of course the four youngsters born in Israel.

Sand cats are true desert cats that have a high mortality rate among newborns in captivity.

But at three weeks these kittens are doing fine mainly thanks to Rotem.

Mischievous: The sand kittens will soon be available for the public to view

Protected: The sand cat (Felis margarita) has been listed as a 'threatened species' by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature

'Sand cat is an extinct species in Israel, although in the world it's not extinct, it's nearly threatened,' said Keren Or, Zoological Information Coordinator in Ramat Gan Safari Park.

'But here in Israel it has been extinct because it was pushed away from the sand by other mammals.'

The zoo is taking part in European program for breeding sand cats.

Like some other desert animals, sand cats are capable of surviving without drinking - they obtain all the water they need through their food.

They prefer hunting at night - usually rodents, and occasionally hares, birds and reptiles"


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Maga is a cat-loving teen patient with cancer at Seattle Children's Hospital. She's had to be in the hospital many times, and during her stays what she misses most is her own cat Merry. Seattle Children's Hospital asked the Facebook fans to share their favorite cat photos and used these pictures to create this "cat immersion" for Maga -- an audio/visual experience to bring thousands of "virtual" cats to Maga's room.


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