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WHOA this vid got huge amount of info in it, and I'm still half way through.

Bosnian pyramids, Atlantis, Egyptian pyramids....hell a lot of things...(´゚д゚`)

Very interesting, although I have a different idea about Atlantis...

Especially for Mu, they just haven't found the stuff on the bottom of ocean in different place yet, I highly suspect, because of the recent DNA analysis being done among Asians and South East Asians...that picture tells a different story to what she is saying.

But still, I'm really intrigued by what she's laying out here!

Hope you'll enjoy this vid, too.



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Ancient Bloodlines and Lost Civilizations - ROBERT SEPEHR

The vid is a good compilation of interesting info trying to tie the fair skinned, blond haired, green/blue eyed people's distribution in the world, touches New Zealand's pre-Maori population etc, for me, it was interesting! 

BUT please do take the info with a grain of salt, because though it's not because of Robert, the technological advance in getting remaining DNA is becoming better and better very fast, I found some info he compiled about Japan was not exactly right in details---but that really looked like it's just because he haven't heard of the latest result I know of, and arrived to his conclusion that way.

All in all, I like what he does and appreciate all the visual presentations.

An old Irish legend about an ancient Egyptian princess


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12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave Found in Israel

February 8, 2017

Source:  Live Science

Link:  http://www.livescience.com/57800-new-dead-sea-scrolls-cave-discovered.html



Archaeologists recently discovered a cave (entrance, shown at left) near Qumran in Israel, though most of the "Dead Sea Scrolls" in the cave had been taken in the mid-20th century.

Credit: Oren Gutfeld & Ahiad Ovadia


A cave that held Dead Sea Scrolls before they were stolen in the mid-20th century has been discovered near Qumran.

Inside the cave, archaeologists found a blank scroll along with the remains of jars, cloth and a leather strap. The researchers said they believe these items were used to bind, wrap and hold the scrolls.

Between 1947 and 1956, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a series of 11 caves located near the site of Qumran in what is now the West Bank. The scrolls contain copies of books of the Hebrew Bible along with community rules, calendars and astronomical texts, among other writings.


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Khazarian Jews: The Origin and How They Expanded 

I feel loads of peeps started to look back to the history given by the War Winners, then started to realise even deeper plots were used...in this vid, the view brought me a very sobering feeling that They might had trashed themselves in order to be accepted by the rest of the world....?? Geeeeeeez....

And according to a fixer in Japan (now he's really into Ukraine...), Hitler did NOT fight for Germany. 

He just did what he wanted, and his aim was not there to win the war at all.

Very intriguing view and it was like a light bulb moment for me.

Hitler was searching for the relics.



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Southern European Colony of Reptilians Depicted?:  Vinca culture from Neolithic period


And I'd love to see the DISSOCIATION of symbol seen all around the world from friggin NAZI.

It belongs to the Humanity. It means that the Universe continues to flow.

The symbol has been with us, the Humanity for millennials.

It has NOTHING to do with the atrocity carried out by the NAZI during the WW2. They just used its power and what it signify.


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Supplementary Reading:

A Draco Faction guy Speaks Up in Japan

At first, I was laughing at this guy.

(Err...just the first impression I got was funny than being serious. I didn't realise what was to be revealed.)

But after a while, I had to stop laughing and listen to what he got to say.

Because his story actually matched in some places very close with what I heard from my own sources. (Being a contactee, I have a few different real sources to go and check with.)

Just in case the info becomes something handy for you to do further researches about the controllers of Earth and us, I post the info here.




I found a vid from 2013 that showed a Japanese guy speaking in front of the tv crew camera....and he said he's from the Draco faction.

The General Commander of the Draconian Troops in Japan was his title. (I started to chuckle when I heard this....it sounded grandeur issue than the real story....I was wrong perhaps........(´・ω・`) )
His fake name is Makoto Miyake.
Apparently he'd been declining offers of any interviews in the past, but "The Time has come to reveal the Truths" and got onto this particular offer.
There were some insider peeps opposed to him to reveal about them but the plan went ahead.
Anyway, he went on like this:
He started to explain Reptilians and Dracos both got reptoid look but Reptilians are NOT Dracos.
It was both species that were looking for some new food source and place to live, and left their old homes.
It was 2,500,000 years ago, when they arrived to Earth.
Dracos told Reptilians to go and look for the food source on Earth.
Reptilians landed on Atlantis, found the "apes" there. (His own words)
Reptilians liked the taste of original Humans....(´Д`)
Reptilians--->went to Atlantis; they use this Eye symbol to declare they are the Reptilian Lizards side
eye_the nasty faction one_1.jpg
Dracos--->went to Mu. They also have the Eye of Providence as their symbol, but they were the first faction which started use this symbol. Then the Reptilians took it away to confuse everyone. Note the DIFFERENCE to the above and below.....knowing the differences could possibly save your lives in future..............:ph34r:
BTW this symbol is hanging in the Public Office in Hungary right now. An official meeting of the Presidents took place there when this pic was taken.  
Hungary_on the wall of an official room of presidential meetings_2017_1.jpg
Dracos told Reptilians to stop eating humans but Reptilians refused....they wanted to continue what they were doing.
So the Dracos told them to leave Earth.
But the Reptilians refused that. The "apes" were way too tasty for them. (´Д`) Also they got themselves established and having groovy time enjoying whole heap of culinary experiences on Earth. Party on, they decided.
While the Dracos arrived to Mu, then ended up residing in Japan from there. (Obviously elsewhere, too.)
He said Mu was in the Pacific.
According to the guy, it only took 1 week to modify the human genes, and the guy also says "Humans are all androids created by the Dracos using the Earth origenated genes".
About 100,000 Reptilian tweaked hybrids taking all the head of countries etc, they are taking the power-brokers' positions on Earth.
There are colonies of reptilians in Japan.
Japanese power-brokers like politicians, big business peeps, big media peeps are all Reptilian hybrids.
Dracos have been protecting Japanese peeps (humans). (Oh really? I dispute that bit. IDK where the hell he's from I thought....then I remembered he was also supposed to be an alien hybrid. He was not from here! LOL )
The situation of Reptilian invasion started to be pretty bad from about 18 years ago (counting to now for the tv program was shown back in 2013). He meant 2008. 
Interestingly, Aco and I conversed about this, and 2008 was a big year of time line merger/crossing happened. Not only about our Entity, but there were lots major stuff happening on Earth at that time.
2 chome, Komazawa, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, is the area where Reptilians have a highly concentrated colony in Japan
(Such localised address appearing suddenly, all audiences on the tv show and myself cracked up laughing!!! It's like suddenly some big alien faction guy picking the name of "Bus Stop # 215, Bankstown in Sydney, NSW, Oz".)
Reptilians in Japan are selling weaponised mobile phones there with specialised condensers embedded into the phones, using microwave outputs via internal cameras.
At the time of the tv show being made, in order to stop the invasion of Reptilians on Earth, Dracos were telling them that Dracos are far more superior than Reptilians in time of War. ( It means the Dracos were giving the stern warning against the Reptilians who used to be their allies when they came to Earth.)
Once 15% of Japanese population starts to wail out in pain, the Dracos will declare the war and start to move to cull Reptilians.
The guy was saying that "It's getting close to that number." Remember this was back in 2013?
2017-2022 War has began and truly, some Dracos are fighting against those Reptilians whom don't listen to them......
His explanation of the Differences by the look of 2 species:
Reptilians are LIZARD type, but the Dracos are ↓ (on the right) Oni (Japanese Giants with horns known to be too strong for ordinary humans to fight against) like.
reptilians are Lizard-Draco are Oni_2013_1.jpg
Image: from the vid link provided below. (c)to the rightful owner /"Bazuuka" 2013
He's completely believing in the Draco faction, by the sound of it.
30:25~ 37:15, you can see the guy on this vid.
IDK if we ever should believe in what the guy said in totality, however....by matching other jigsaw puzzle pieces I have, I felt the guy is releasing some important information we needed to learn.
But please don't just gulp down what he says. We need to come to our own individual conclusions as how it should be (LOL) in the Conspiracy Theory field....
By now, we have learned that the Dracos went nuts when they got infected by the Archons quietly.....
And they started to really do nasty crap against us, the Humanity.
But also we have heard that the breakaways of Draco faction happened, by choosing to evolve further with the Humans. So there are "not-so-bad" Draco peeps out there, too. (Some I figured still can't ditch their upper positioning, thinking they know better than we do. Not so anymore. Those got too used to looking down on us should grip the reality harder. We won't tolerate such oppressive attitude anymore.)
Reptilians don't give a damn and only wants to eat and use us for their own pleasure (and necessity for them). 
In the end, no one can stop the flow of evolution the Humans are creating.
If they don't ride the wave with us, they will experience massively bad news.
And even if to choose to go forward with us, the Humanity, they still need to learn heck a lot, just like we all gotta learn how to create truly awesome world together in harmony.
Both factions (and there are MORE aliens pushing their heads into this Earth matter) are facing to the big tough decision time.
Because the SAME SIDED peeps also had to fight physically and mentally in order to be in 3D world as a big picture plan...
Do we need that anymore?
I don't think so somehow.
Let's grow up, shall we?
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Newly discovered 400-million-year-old giant worm had killer jaws

Alessandra Potenza      Feb. 24, 2017

Meet Websteroprion armstrongi


An artist’s rendering of W. armstrongi attacking a fish about 400 million years ago James Ormiston

"Scientists have discovered a new species of extinct, marine worms that had snapping jaws and grew to an estimated 3 feet in length. The species, called Websteroprion armstrongi, lived some 400 million years ago — and is believed to be Earth’s oldest “Bobbit worm.” The species is described in a study published this week in the journal Scientific Reports.

Bobbit worms are giant marine monsters that dwell on ocean floors to this day. They can be as long as 10 feet, and their hunting strategy consists of hiding beneath the sand and then shooting out a fraction of their body to attack fish and octopi. Their name apparently comes from Lorena Bobbitt, a US woman who cut off her husband’s penis with a knife in 1993. The nickname was chosen because the worm’s jaws “resemble scissors, or because the exposed portion [of the body] resembles an erect penis,” according to a 2011 paper.

snip  tweet video

The newly-discovered species, W. armstrongi, was identified thanks to several ancient jaw fossils stored at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. The fossilized jaws reached about 0.4 inches in length — the largest jaws recorded in ancient marine worms. The jaws’ features also "unambiguously" showed that they belonged to a new species, according to the study. From the jaw size, the researchers estimated that the body of W. armstrongi was over 3 feet.

"Gigantism in animals is an alluring and ecologically important trait, usually associated with advantages and competitive dominance,” lead author Mats Eriksson from Lund University said in a statement. "It is, however, a poorly understood phenomenon among marine worms and has never before been demonstrated in a fossil species.”



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The Oricharcum of Atlantis Found??: 

'Atlantis Alloy' Recovered in Greater Numbers From Ancient Shipwreck


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Massive Statue of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Found in City Slum

Sarah Gibbens    March 10, 2017

snip video

"Archaeologists from Egypt and Germany have discovered the remains of an ancient Egyptian statue they believe could depict one of history's most famous rulers.

The likeness of what may be Pharaoh Ramses II was found submerged in groundwater in a Cairo slum.

"We found the bust of the statue and the lower part of the head and now we removed the head and we found the crown and the right ear and a fragment of the right eye," Khaled al-Anani, Egypt's antiquities minister, told Reuters.

The 26-foot statue is made of quartzite and could be up to 3,000 years old. The Antiquities Ministry in Egypt is hailing the discovery as significant. The remains lack an inscription bearing the pharaoh's name, but the discovery's proximity to a temple devoted to Ramses suggest the statue is of his likeness, the ministry says.

A limestone statue of Pharaoh Seti II, the grandson of Ramses II, was also found at the site.

The discovery was made by a joint effort between Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities and researchers from the University of Leipzig. A rising water table, industrial waste, and piling rubble have made excavation of the ancient site difficult."

Picture of quartzite colossus possibly of Ramses II

A quartzite colossus possibly of Ramses II and limestone bust of Seti II are seen after they were discovered at the ancient Heliopolis archaeological site in Matareya area in Cairo, Egypt on March 9, 2017. The statues were found in parts in the vicinity of the King Ramses II temple in the ancient city Heliopolis, also known as Oun, by a German-Egyptian archaeological mission.



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3rd Vid re: Ancient Egyptian Artifacts Discovered in Turkey Connecting to Atlantis? C14 Dated 10,000 BC---Exclusive Images Revealed

Exciting stuff...!! Timeline of artifacts going back way too far than what archaeologists want to accept.

Carmen's got hell a lot of cutting edge research aids, landing on her laps in critical timing with the Universe helping her to get to those puzzle pieces.

She gets a lot of synchronicity for her research, just like what Drunvalo Melchizedek used to describe for his amazing synchronicity he continued to encounter as he was researching sacred geometry deeply (a long time ago). 

Thanks mega heaps to Cr. Carmen Boulter and Dark Journo! WoooHooooo!!

I leave some screen shots of the insane discovery she got to in Turkey....not only Egyptian but very much of Goddess cultures from around the world with Etruscan type of artifacts ALL in the same place...(which to me it's indicating that most likely case is; someone left them together there intentionally!!)

And now the area of the dig was CLOSED by military, after the discovery of the artifacts was made......another indication that someone didn't want those to be found/studied closely?? Why??

C14 testing is NOT reliable but still fascinating to push back the dates so far back, I feel.

It is truly weird and wonderful!!

*Pics (c) to rightful owners; apparently some pics belongs to Hassim, and others to Dr. Carmel Boulter.

Dr Carmel Bs Turkey Discoveries_C14 dated back to 10000BC_The Goddess_7.jpg

Dr Carmel Bs Turkey Discoveries_C14 dated back to 10000BC_The Goddess_1.jpg

Dr Carmel Bs Turkey Discoveries_C14 dated back to 10000BC_The Goddess_2.jpg

Dr Carmel Bs Turkey Discoveries_C14 dated back to 10000BC_The Goddess-Atlantean Princess_6.jpg

Dr Carmel Bs Turkey Discoveries_C14 dated back to 10000BC_The Goddess_5.jpg


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I almost posted this article to the Meteor thread, but I suspect this might be more fitting here, so here we go.

Was a 1905 Cowichan meteor a message from outer space?

January 7, 2015 · Updated 9:46 AM 


Incredible Meteorite Found With Hieroglyphics Canada - 1908


The vid below is reading the link pages as audio, but with some pics, I thought it maybe handy for us.


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Gobekli Tepe: Angels and Dinosaurs

The vid is from 2015, made by the awesome newearth channel. It's a bit old but stunning to see the statues. In recent time of Carmen's find about whole bunch of artifacts that look like gathered from all over the world found stashed in one place in Turkey, especially flabbergasting to see a King Tut's sarcophagus like brilliant art work to heck a lot of the Goddess figurine and related objects were identified 10,000 yo via C14 testing.

Then connecting to the peeps who created and BURIED Gobekli Tepe site under the sand to preserve the whole lot with intention.....whoa.....(and how do you explain that such huge region was covered by sand in very short time?...Thus lots of us wondered about Alien technology application on the site.)

How the artifacts got there in the first place is a mystery perhaps, but now we know there was a clear passage that link up with Scotland to Turkey UNDERGROUND go back 12,000 years.

Lots dots are connecting for artifacts of how they got there, but imagination flies with the mingling of cultures happened through the underground passages! 

Also for Carmen's dig site is the one where got the jumble of artifacts from all over the world, but SOMEONE INTENDED for the later generation to find them in one place for some reason?


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World's biggest dinosaur footprints found in north-western Australia

March 27, 2017     Ben Collins

Richard Hunter lies next to the world's biggest dinosaur footprint

PHOTO: Richard Hunter lies next to a 1.7m dinosaur footprint belonging to a sauropod. (Supplied: Steve Salisbury)

"Scientists have published details of the world's biggest dinosaur footprints, found in Western Australia, with the sauropod prints measuring a whopping 1.7 metres.

They top a dinosaur footprint found in the Mongolian desert, reported last year, that measured 106cm.

The scientific description of the 1.7-metre footprints has been published by University of Queensland vertebrate palaeontologist Steve Salisbury, in the Memoir of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, after a two- to three-year peer review process.

The footprints were found on the north-western coast of Western Australia, where Dr Salisbury's research project has revealed the journeys of dinosaurs up and down the coast.

"We've got several tracks up in that area that are about 1.7 metres long," Dr Salisbury said.

"So most people would be able to fit inside tracks that big, and they indicate animals that are probably around 5.3 to 5.5 metres at the hip, which is enormous."

The dinosaur that left the prints on what is now sandstone rock platforms, on a remote coastline north of Broome, was the largest member of the sauropods, which includes well-known dinosaurs such as the brontosaurus."




WA's dinosaur coast: Bid to protect Broome's ancient footprints after maps published

Bind Lee Porth places her hand in the dinosaur tracks she discovered.

PHOTO: There are thousands of dinosaur footprints across the region, including on Broome's Cable Beach. (ABC Kimberley: Sophia O'Rourke)

Article at link


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Aerial view of the El Palenque royal palace location. This is the oldest palace uncovered to date in this area of Mexico. Insert: King K'inich Kan Balam II of Palenque, Temple XVII panel. Detail.


Evidence of A 2,300-Year-Old Mesoamerican State Society? Immense Palace Complex May Rewrite Mexican History

29 MARCH, 2017


Source Link:  http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/evidence-2300-year-old-mesoamerican-state-society-immense-palace-complex-021302


The remains of an ancient royal palace in have been unearthed in southern Mexico. It is considered to be the oldest royal structure ever excavated in the area – dating back 2,300 years – providing evidence of the ancient rise of centralized power in Mesoamerica.

Could this be a Key Discovery?

Discovering evidence for the rise of early state societies in Mesoamerica has always been a great challenge for archaeologists and the newly found royal complex could be an important key that opens many doors for them. Excavations completed in 2014 at the site of El Palenque in Mexico’s Valley of Oaxaca revealed a palace complex with separate areas where a ruler handled affairs of state and lived with his family, as archaeologists Elsa Redmond and Charles Spencer, both of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, claim. "This 2,300-year-old palace is the oldest multifunctional palace excavated to date in the Valley of Oaxaca and is a key indicator of the early state society that emerged there at this time,” the archaeologists told the International Business Times .

According to the conclusions of the experts examining El Palenque in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , only a ruler of a bureaucratic state (a system of government in which most of the important decisions are taken by state officials rather than by elected representatives) could have managed the construction of this centralist seat of power.


Read more at above link


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It was NOT Sumerian culture which created writing forms; the BALKAN region's discovery was further back in history


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"The Easter Island. One of the most remote places of the earth, and without no doubt one of the most surprising. Before its official discovery at the end of the years 1700, this grain of rock has been thought to be just a legend. shipwrecked souls to throughout the world the chance to do, there has lived the rest of their days in total isolation. where the island is inhabited by a population of mixed race, it was a long belief that she had been inhabited since a few thousands of years.

However, some talented people have discovered the remarkable things on this territory is restricted, that said the opposite and supported the accounts of the vast history of the islands. If I say to you that not only is there an ancient pyramid hidden near the island. But that of the grid lines scoured in the face of the Easter Island. Draw the exact lines to multiple ancient sites in Egypt, including the pyramids in Giza. In the vicinity of the Rapa Iti, casts a very old and little-known pyramid, just what exactly is the Easter Island done with of the Pyramids and the characteristics of land that are clearly linked?


Easter Island Mystery : Strange Pyramid Found On Easter Island 2017



Pyramid Found On Easter Island?


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MOTHER OF ALL FINDS Egyptian archaeologists discover EIGHT MUMMIES in 3,500-year-old tomb near ancient city of Luxor

April 18, 2017      Mark Hodge

"The mysterious death vault dated roughly from 1,500 to 1,000 B.C belonged to a nobleman named Userhat

EGYPTIAN archaeologists have discovered eight mummies in a 3,500-year-old tomb near the southern city of Luxor.

The tomb, discovered in the Draa Abul Nagaa necropolis near the famed Valley of the Kings, also contained colourful wooden coffins and more than 1,000 funerary statues.

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered six mummies, colourful wooden coffins and more than 1,000 funerary statues in a 3,500-year-old tomb

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered six mummies, colourful wooden coffins and more than 1,000 funerary statues in a 3,500-year-old tomb

snip pictures

The mysterious death vault from roughly 1,500 to 1,000 B.C belonged to a nobleman named Userhat who worked as the city judge, the Antiquities Ministry said in a statement.

Head of the archaeological mission, Mostafa el-Waziri, said: “There are 10 coffins and eight mummies. The excavation is ongoing.”

The tomb comprised an open courtyard leading to two halls, one containing four ancient coffins and the other including a chamber that houses six."

A member of an Egyptian archaeological team holds up one of the artefacts

A member of an Egyptian archaeological team holds up one of the artefacts

An archaeologist works on a wooden coffin discovered in a 3,500-year-old tomb in the Draa Abul Nagaa , near Luxor

An archaeologist works on a wooden coffin discovered in a 3,500-year-old tomb in the Draa Abul Nagaa , near Luxor



There are more pics at link.

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