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EGA-chan, a Singer Song Writer

For those who would like some decent music around the bomb fire next to the water....here it is.

Ega-chan is a guy who so far not many had known as a muso before. He only got one album self released.

I never knew this guy until I came across to this Youtuber lad channel who has been showing the life filled with love for life.

The channel gripped many people's heart in Japan (even PM Abe met the channel lads, praising what they do), but this time round, Ega-chan's music and personality gripped the guys hearts.

I honour his creations because it's very honest music that's coming from heart and all tunes are well constructed.


I really wanted to share the whole thing about the vid with you people in CHANI.

These are Japanese lads, gathering around the camp fire, next to the sea they went to catch fish (that's what they do for the channel mainly), cooking up what they caught, and purely enjoying the beauty of nature and music they like getting played acoustically.

...I think loads of us can feel that experience would be a lovely one.

I'm sure lots of us had very similar thing happened and enjoyed such close-to-heart occasions.

We resonate so much by the same sort of beautiful thing. I think we honour the same sorta things.

I want to believe that we can unite because of such part of us.


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