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Probing the secrets of the Antikythera Mechanism

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Guest BHD

"It tells us that things were going on in second century Greec, that we have no idea about"

I love this device, simply for the fact it MAKES THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY SQUIRM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say to anyone, make one now. By all means use modern techniques like laser cutting, water jet cutting.

But making the bits, does not create the device, or the maths behind it, or the reason for it!

Someone made something amazing back then, possibly a device for calculation, that did not rely on electronics.

The Ruskies had that same approach for decades with their space craft, working off needle tumblers (like those tiny little music box pianos, you know the sort, with a balerina turning on top?) so that solar flares and the like did nbot disrupt any operations.

Maybe this as a version of that type of thinking?

Never get tired of seeing this and things like the Bahgdad battery etc.

Thanks Anto.

BTW, are you the same Anto as on GLP? with the rocket ship avatar?

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one of the most remarkable facts about the device is the symbols etched on the metal surface, marks that are so fine could not of been etched by any conventional tools at the time. In todays world we use lasers to mark metal to similar depth and width

the device was a calculator of astral allignments (a more advanced sextant) including lunar phases which translated planetary movements to various different types of calendars in use at the time

this is the ultimate navigators tool reaching the accuracy of todays gps, by using advanced mathematics, metalourgy and a mainstream unaccepted knowledge of astronomy (Aristarchos of Samos)

this is one example of many that escaped the clutches of the ususal suspects in 'their' effort to hide our True heritage and capabilities wilst stunting our technological evolution



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Mysterious 2,000-year old ‘computer’ was used by Ancient Greeks to predict future

June 13, 2016

Sean Martin


"AN ancient 2,000-year old ‘computer’ was used by the Greeks to study the movement of the stars and predict the future, it has been revealed.


The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient set of intricate gears which date back to 60BC.
Following a study of the device which has been ongoing for 12 years, researchers have concluded that it was used by the ancient Greeks to map the movement of the Sun, Moon and other planets to chart solar and lunar eclipses.
Mike Edmunds, an astrophysics professor from the University of Cardiff, said the research “confirms that the mechanism displayed planets as well as showing the position of the sun and the moon in the sky.”


Additionally, the researchers believe that the device predicted the colour of a forthcoming eclipse, which has left the scientists baffled.
Pictures are Reuters, there are several - snip
Mr Edmunds said at a conference in Athens: "We are not quite sure how to interpret this, to be fair, but it could hark back to suggestions that the colour of an eclipse was some sort of omen or signal. Certain colours might be better for what's coming than other colours.
"If that is so, and we are interpreting that correctly, this is the first instance we have in the mechanism of any real mention of astrology rather than astronomy.”
Alexander Jones, a history professor at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World in New York, added that the device was well-ahead of its time and was used to teach people about the universe.
He said: "The texts were meant to help the viewer to understand what was the meaning of all the different points and dials, what it would teach them about the cosmos that they lived in ... and about how, through cycles of time this related to their lives.”
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Hard to believe our 'brain' people today are dumber than those in 60BC, but obviously we haven't come as far as some think and we are actually a backward race compared to those before us. Not surprising at all when I come to think of it.

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It would be interesting to see what they have deducted from the mechanism so far - what gears connect to where, and the ratios..


From that, it would be easy to reverse-engineer it, either or both mechanically and computer-wise, to do further analysis, and to explore the mechanism further.

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