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i am WM 73 marryed 46years same girl she can't leave too broke, live near center of alberta can. A real bush ape pair!!!!!!!!!!! now what the hell is wrong ! had a hell of a time getting in to chani  blocked ,menny differn ways  to get this site without skipping around for hours just to log in ? had to go to chani.invisionzone.com  now is this how  to get here???

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Hi all, I am new here to Chani and have chosen the nick Xtal as homage to the powers within the rocks.


I feel that there is a relationship on a cosmic scale between the mysterious energies of crystals and our own temporal cognition and ability to manifest, be that healing or more tangible objects, providing the intent is one of benevolence towards the greater good. To quote the bard (500years gone),  King Lear to daughter Cordelia "Nothing comes from nothing...speak again". Without intent there is no progress and where intent is self effacing, great leaps are strattled with ease. (eg. Tesla)


I will admit at the outset that I am a conspiracy theorist, primarily on the basis that great men don't get deaded (JFK, MLK, RFK to name a few), that steel and concrete don't dustify and that to lose a modern jet airliner is just plain BS, not to mention the murder perpetrated in all of the above. 


One reason I have joined up here is that I have followed the 'me tel u' thread on gloop for some time and have been alerted to a post that for me has a resounding context as to this being the fuse year. I will post up the details shortly in the appropriate forum.


Thanks for having me along for the ride folks, looking forward to getting to know you all. 

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