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Montenegro: on the footsteps of climate change
Feb 29, 2012


"MONTENEGRO – Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro. Montenegro is situated on the southern Balkan Peninsula connected with the Adriatic Sea. In Podgorica, we have modified Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers and mild winters. Podgorica is particularly known for its exceptionally hot summers: temperatures above 40 ° C. The highest recorded temperature of 45.8 ° C measured on 16 August 2007. The snow is almost an unknown event in Podgorica. This winter, the situation is completely different in Podgorica and especially the Northern part of Montenegro is blocked by snow, unprecedented in the last half century."  – Zeljko Mihajlovic


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Heavy snow fall in Jerusalem for the first time in four years

March 3, 2012

3 centimeters of snow fell, with snowfall reported in Ramot, Givat Ze’ev and Har Gilo; Egged bus company halts all lines to the capital.

By Oz Rosenberg and Eli Ashkenazi

"Heavy snow fell in the Jerusalem area on Friday, and for the first time in four years, parts of Jerusalem were white with snow.

Snow fell in Ramot, Givat Ze’ev and Har Gilo, and three centimeters of snow fall were reported."


Snow falling in Jerusalem's Sacher Park, March 2, 2012. Photo by: Olivier Fitoussi

"The Jerusalem municipality, which had prepared for the weather conditions in recent days, was due to clear snow from the streets of Jerusalem on Friday.

Snow also fell in the Golan Heights in the early hours of Friday morning, and classes were canceled in the Golan and in the area around Safad because of the weather. Safad area residents were also asked not to drive by the municipality, and there was no public transport in the area. 

Cold and stormy weather swept through Israel since Tuesday, and Friday was expected to be the coldest day of the year."


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The weather forecasts says that tonight will snow in my region (northern part of Italy).

Last friday we had a pleasant day with 20° C in the afternoon........ :rolleyes:

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Arizona cities buried in rare snowstorm as much of U.S. enjoys balmy weather

March 19, 2012


Flagstaff, Ariz.

"A winter storm and high winds struck parts of Arizona and New Mexico on Sunday, causing hazardous driving conditions, power outages and school cancellations"

The fast moving storm forced the National Weather Service to place parts of northern New Mexico under a winter storm warning until midnight Monday as heavy snow and wind from Arizona quickly blanketed the area.

The electric company PNM reported that around 33,000 customers were out of power at one point Sunday afternoon in the Albuquerque area due to high winds. A spokesman for PNM said emergency crews were working to restore power, and by 9 p.m. the number without electricity was down to 4,500."


"Meanwhile, much of New Mexico remained under a high wind advisory with damaging winds expected to reach up to 60 mph.

The New Mexico Environmental Health Department's Air Quality Division issued a fugitive dust/high wind notice until Monday that warned residents who are sensitive to blowing dust, such as those with asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory and heart diseases, to limit outdoor activity. Children and older adults also could be affected by particulate pollution, the agency said.

Dan Ware, state forestry spokesman, said high winds were the blame for a fire west of Silver City in the Wind Canyon area. He said crews contained a fire Sunday afternoon. He said burned less than 7 acres, and was not a threat to any structures."

Winter Storm Closes 180 miles of Arizona interstate


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IDK much about arizona's weather.......  But i had a girl who lived in AZ. and she had only seen snow "in the movies" probably up until now.

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IDK much about arizona's weather.......  But i had a girl who lived in AZ. and she had only seen snow "in the movies" probably up until now.

A major climate shift is going on and it's just beginning, mark my words.

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Photos: Hail Piles up Several Feet in Texas

Chris Dolce, weather.com Meteorologist

"Thunderstorms produced massive amounts of hail in northwest Texas on Wednesday afternoon.

Below is a collection of photos from social media and iWitness Weather showing the amazing scenes."



Spring hailstorm pelts Texas Panhandle



Posted on April 12, 2012 at 8:10 AM

"An unusual spring storm in the Texas Panhandle Wednesday afternoon dumped two to four feet of hail near Dumas.

Trucks were reported sliding off the road on Highway 287 as a result of the unexpected weather phenomenon. Snow plows were being used to clear the roads.

Some vehicles were trapped in the drifts of hailstones.

Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus said a tornado watch was in effect for the Panhandle region through 10 p.m. Wednesday, and the storms were moving very slowly between Pampa and Dumas north of Amarillo and to the east of Dalhart.

Melting hail and heavy rain triggered flash flooding in the Panhandle."


Anchorage breaks seasonal snowfall record

April 8, 2012

width=500 height=281http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/dam/assets/120408115022-alaska-snow-story-top.jpg[/img]turner.compic

While winter is a distant memory for most Americans, it continues unabated in Anchorage, Alaska -- where a new bout of precipitation this weekend helped the city break its record for seasonal snowfall, at more than 133 inches (3.38 meters).

Some 3.4 inches of snow -- and counting -- had fallen as of 4 p.m. (8 p.m. ET) Saturday in Anchorage, according to the National Weather Service.

That brought the seasonal total for the city to 133.6 inches -- breaking the record of 132.6 inches, set in 1954-1955.

And with snow continuing to fall into early Sunday morning, the figure promises to get even larger.

"Okay...now the records broken, could you please make the snow go away??!!" wrote one commenter of the Facebook page of the weather service's Alaska division."


First glaciers in Japan recognized

April 6, 2012


Coup de glacier: An ice gorge near Tateyama, Toyama Prefecture, that has been recognized as one of the three first glaciers found in Japan is shown last June. All three are in the Northern Alps. TATEYAMA CALDERA SABO MUSUEM / KYODO


Staff writer

"Scientists have found three glaciers in Toyama Prefecture, the first recognized in Japan and the southernmost in East Asia."

Researchers from the Tateyama Caldera Sabo Museum discovered the three slow-moving chunks of ice in the Hida Mountain Range, otherwise known as the Northern Alps.

Their research paper submitted to the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice was accepted Tuesday, the museum said.

A glacier is defined as a large mass of ice that over many years "flows" owing to its great weight, according to the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice. They are often found on high mountains, such as the Himalayas, and have even been found on Mount Kilimanjaro, which is almost on the equator. Until now, the southernmost glaciers in East Asia were on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula."


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Hail Storm Equals Crop Damage

April 18, 2012

Eric Rosales


This week growers throughout the Valley are accessing the damage of last week's powerful hail storm that rolled through the area.

The hardest struck was to the south, from north Hanford to the Kingsburg area.

The total monetary loss is still too hard to predict because the damage was so widespread, but it is in the millions.

Kings County grower Pete Hanse almond orchards are filled with almond buds. He's hoping for at least half his crop."

Pete Hanse says "Storms like this one I saw maybe one other time, but not very often."

The Kings County Farm Bureau says some clients reported 50 to 75 percent of crops destroyed due to the recent storms. "


This is in California folks....hail damaged crops...buy seeds. plant food...

Hailstorms hammer San Joaquin Valley crops

April 18, 2012


A supercell that pounded a large swath of the San Joaquin Valley with huge hailstones fills the sky along Highway 99 in the Traver area, which absorbed the brunt of the damage from the 1 1/2-inch hailstones that rained down.

Photo/Ed Needham

By Steve Adler

"A young orchard near Traver is subjected to a barrage of hail from a supercell that unleashed its fury on the San Joaquin Valley last week, causing millions of dollars in damage.

A series of freak April storms hammered the San Joaquin Valley last week, damaging vulnerable crops with a one-two-three punch of hail, lightning and tornados that caused millions of dollars of crop losses.

It will be several weeks before an accurate tabulation of losses can be made, but for some growers it amounted to 100 percent of this year's production. A number of crops suffered damage from the unrelenting power of hailstones measuring 1.5 inches in diameter or larger."

Nature's fury came in the form of "supercells"—large thunderstorms that moved slowly across the valley from Kings County, through parts of Tulare County, up to Merced County and all the way eastward to Mariposa County.

"The most destructive storm brought torrents of hail across a six-to-eight mile-wide swath of farmland that extended some 30 miles, accompanied by thunderstorms and numerous lightning strikes.

The epicenter of the more significant of two supercells last Wednesday was in Tulare County near Traver. Grower Ed Needham, who was caught driving near Traver when the storm struck, described it as "the sound of someone hitting my truck with a hammer."

Needham said he was in his truck with two other farmers and had pulled over to watch a huge storm cell to the south when the other cell struck from the north.

"It started out small and was no big deal and then all of a sudden the side-view mirrors on my truck shattered and the road started getting covered with huge hailstones. I looked at the wind and saw that it was going south, so I took off and went to the south and got out of it," he said.

Steve Johnson, a storm chaser with Atmospheric Group International, tracked the storms closely and estimated that the damage to agriculture could reach $25 million or more just from the two supercells that hit last Wednesday afternoon."

read this story here....then maybe buy seeds, and plant something...


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Destructive Snowstorm Targets Interior Northeast

Jonathan Erdman, weather.com Sr. Meteorologist

April 22, 2012

Heavy, wet snow

"Low pressure will intensify as it moves up the Eastern Seaboard from North Carolina later Sunday into the interior Northeast Monday. In concert with this surface low, a powerful dip in the jet stream and just enough cold air near the surface will team up to produce heavy, wet snow.

The areas of concern are western New York, western Pennsylvania, extreme eastern Ohio, parts of northern West Virginia and extreme western Maryland. The timing of the changeover to snow is shown by the model forecast loop below (denoted by white shadings). Snowfall rates may exceed 1" per hour Sunday night into early Monday, accompanied by thunder and lightning! "


tx gg

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Devastating hail storm kills 44 and 26 others still missing after mudslide rumbles through one of China's poorest regions

May 13, 2012

"At least 44 people have died and 26 others are missing after a massive mudslide swallowed a region in northwest China.

The slide was triggered by heavy rain and hail in the poor mountainous region.

The Civil Affairs Ministry said power and telecommunications have been disrupted in Minxian, Zhangxian and Weiyuan counties in Gansu province."


Mudflow: Soldiers help people to evacuate in Goumen Village, Minxian County, in northwest China's Gansu Province, after heavy rain and hail prompted a massive mudslide that killed at least 44 people.

The ministry said that around 150,000 people were evacuated and needed emergency assistance as a result of the storm that battered the county on Thursday evening and triggered the mudslide.


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Freak storm brings never seen before hail to Philippines, homes destroyed

May 19, 2012


Balls of ice the size of marbles or a child’s fist hit two barangays

"Local officials of Pinamungajan declared a state of calamity on Friday in one of two barangays that got hit by a strong wind and hail. The town is expected to follow suit.

Lamac barangay captain Mariflor Cantero, whose house the wind also leveled, said the officials made the declaration to hasten the release of aid.

Power and water supply in the affected barangays were disrupted, and the residents were still shocked by the sudden weather disturbance.

"They've never seen anything like this," said Representative Pablo John Garcia (Cebu Province, 3rd district) who visited the area on Friday. There was no way the residents could have prepared for what happened."


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There's a Car Under That Hail!

June 7, 2012




here's some more coverage on this hail storm in Colorado...

A Massive Hail Storm In Colorado Sunk Entire Cars

JUNE 7, 2012

"A nasty thunderstorm tore through Colorado Springs last night.

It brought three inches of rain and golf-ball size hail to form an icy slush several feet high that sunk dozens of cars. 

Twitter user Becky Anderson said, "This is the worst hail storm I've ever seen in Colorado."


— Becky Anderson (@becknarr) June 7, 2012

KOAA.com got some incredible footage of the flooded areas.

Is this another sign that the world is on the edge of collapse"



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Freak storm as Durban, South Africa hit by hail

June 9 2012 at 02:34pm


2637764506.jpgiol.co.zaReaders sent in their cellphone pictures of the aftermath of the hail storm. Sean Herd-Hoare lies on an icy hail bed in Durban North.

"A  freak hailstone storm caught Durban off guard on Friday night with unconfirmed reports of damage to roof tiles, gardens and uprooted trees.

Chris Hoare, in Durban North, said hail got caught in verges and gardens, and was as much as “six inches thick”. His son and friends took pictures of themselves playing in the hail. However, some suburbs like Glenmore and Westville escaped the storm.

Wisani Maluleke, a forecaster at the Durban Weather Office, said temperatures were around 18ºC on Friday night, and large clouds were visible over Durban. “There were reports of hailstones, but we cannot say where,” Maluleke said.

A massive ice storm hit Virginia airport in Durban North. Spokesman for the Durban Air Show Ray de Vries said that this is one of the worst hailstorms the aviation fraternity had seen at the airport. “It looked strangely beautiful. The airport was closed due to dangerous conditions.”

A number of private planes are expected for the Springbok-England Test match, but de Vries said that airport authorities were confident the storm wouldn’t affect planes flying in for the game.

Durbanites, unused to extreme weather conditions, were abuzz on Twitter, while TrafficSA put out a weather warning for motorists, and emergency workers were on high alert. Some people tweeted that it was hailing “mini ice cubes” and that it was as “thick as snow”.


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Bizarre ice storm lashes Donegal in June winter like scene

June 12, 2012



irishcentralimg..The aftermath of a thunderstorm over Donegal on Thursday

Photo by David McIlveen/ Donegal Daily

IrishCentral Staff Writer

"Bizarre Irish weather for June has resulted in an ice storm in Donegal and pounding rain and flooding throughout the country.

The ice storm left several inches of ice near the village of Termon in Donegal the Irish Independent reported.

Local photojournalist Frank McGettigan stated he had never seen anything like it "No one around here has ever seen anything like this in June before. It was really odd."

A Met Eireann forecaster Joan Blackburn expalined the phenomenon "All rain starts as a frozen product," she said. "A downdraft would push the hail down quicker than it can melt, and this is not unheard of. Also, it's not particularly mild, and because the shower is so intense, the hail doesn't have time to melt and fall as rain."

Forecasters warned there is no let up in sight for the Irish with heavy rain and flooding predicted nationwide making last week’s heat wave a fond memory.The weekend will be unsettled, with some dry spells. "It has been wet -- and it's going to be wet," Ms Blackburn said.

However she said conditions will improve "Dry weather will start to make its way up the country, but it will be windy and wet for a lot of places.

"There is going to be strong and very gusty northwesterly winds, with gales of up to Force 9. The rainfall isn't quite as bad, but it will still be wet, and Ulster will be the

the last to dry out."

Police are warning of tough driving conditions. "Please be aware of all others on the road and travel a safe distance from cars in front of you," a spokesman said.

"Conditions can be changeable from area to area, so always drive at a speed suitable to conditions, and remain conscious that flooding may occur and visibility may be reduced."


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Weather channel to announce that they are starting to name Winter Snow storms for 2012 and so on.

:-[ Check out some of these Names  :-\


Look below picture on link below to see what names mean!

Full story and link here :


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Sheesh he likes his name in FULL TRIBUTE does he not.... they are not hiding behind the scenes any more that is for sure.

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Snow traps drivers for days in giant Russia traffic jam

MOSCOW | Sun Dec 2, 2012

(Reuters) - Thousands of trucks and cars have been stuck on a major highway, some for more than two days, in a traffic jam dozens of kilometers (miles) long caused by heavy snow northwest of Moscow, Russian media reported on Sunday

"Police in the Tver region said field kitchens were operating on the road, but many drivers complained supplies never reached them and they were running out of gasoline to keep their engines running and heating on in subzero temperatures.

"Drivers help one another and that's it, the problems are on the side of the authorities, there are no gasoline tankers, no water, nothing, we are just stuck here," a truck driver who identified himself as Sergei told Rossiya 24 TV channel.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dispatched Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov to Tver on Sunday for a meeting on the situation, and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was ordered to report to Medvedev on Monday on measures to end the jam and help stranded motorists, Medvedev's spokeswoman said."


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Winter Weather Claims Second Victim in the Balkans

Dec. 10, 2012

Naharnet Newsdesk 2 days ago


"Freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall in the Balkans, that seriously affected traffic throughout the region, claimed a second victim on Sunday as a man died from cold in northern Serbia.

The victim was found dead near his home in the village of Ravni Topolovac in northeastern Serbia, emergency services said.

The first victim was a 60-year-old man who froze to death in his home in the northern town of Novi Sad on Saturday.

Snow, accompanied by strong wind paralyzed northern Serbia and provoked chaos in road traffic, while the army and police were helping emergency services.

"More than 660 people, including 30 children, who were trapped in their vehicles due to snow, were rescued on Serbia's roads," head of the national emergency services department Predrag Maric said.

The highway towards Hungary was blocked for several hours while vehicles were stuck in an 11-kilometer (seven-mile) queue, he added."

A woman gave birth in a truck as she could not reach a hospital in the northern town of Zrenjanin and named the baby girl Snezana (Snow White), Beta news agency reported."


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Snow Storm in Ukraine on Saturday, 15 December, 2012

Dec 15, 2012

"Heavy snowfall and strong wind blocked roads across northern Ukraine and left hundreds of villages without electricity, authorities said Tuesday. The Emergencies Ministry said sleet, snow and powerful wind brought down power lines in some 200 villages in northern Ukraine. With snow as thick as 50 cm in some areas, hundreds of cars were blocked on the snow-covered highways in the northern Kiev and Chernigov regions. The snowy weather has caused traffic chaos in the capital, where some 10,000 of cars have been stranded on major transport interchanges and bridges. More than 30 traffic accidents occurred in Kiev Tuesday morning, according to the authorities. As of midday (1000 GMT), the Boryspil International Airport and Kiev airport still operated normally. "


Tx Reddwolf

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Down to -50C: Russians freeze... as strongest-in-decades winter hits (PHOTOS)

novosti-ria-yakov-andreev.n.jpgRIA Novosti / Yakov Andreev

December 19, 2012

"Russia is enduring its harshest winter in over 70 years, with temperatures plunging as low as -50 degrees Celsius. Dozens of people have already died, and almost 150 have been hospitalized.

­The country has not witnessed such a long cold spell since 1938, meteorologists said, with temperatures 10 to 15 degrees lower than the seasonal norm all over Russia.

Across the country, 45 people have died due to the cold, and 266 have been taken to hospitals. In total, 542 people were injured due to the freezing temperatures, RIA Novosti reported.

The Moscow region saw temperatures of -17 to -18 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, and the record cold temperatures are expected to linger for at least three more days. Thermometers in Siberia touched -50 degrees Celsius, which is also abnormal for December."

ria-nvosti-alexey-malgavko.jpgRIA Novosti / Aleksey Malgavko  awww, I would adopt this puppy if I could...

Read this story here


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Snow, wind, freezing temps could usher in winter season

Dec. 19, 2012

Garrett officials expecting blizzard-like conditions

"Jeffrey Alderton Cumberland Times-News

CUMBERLAND — The first official day of winter Friday may bring a real taste of seasonal weather with several inches of snow, gusting winds and wind chill readings in the single-digit range.

And, to no surprise, the higher elevations are expected to bear the brunt of the storm.

AccuWeather meteorologist Paul Walker said Wednesday that a winter storm will be moving into the area Thursday afternoon.

“The storm will be starting off with warmer temperatures and rain and then change into snow showers Thursday night and into Friday. There will be a few inches of snow and windy with some pretty cold air moving in,” said Walker, who has been a professional weather forecaster for 35 years.

Six to 12 inches of snow could be expected in far Western Maryland and 3 to 6 inches in the lower elevations of the region.'

The National Weather Service posted a winter storm watch for Garrett County and extreme western Allegany County for the period from Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.

Tim Thomas, local observer of the National Weather Service, said, “This will be a wind-driven event and we will have snow showers but we don’t really expect any snow accumulations in Cumberland.”

But for Frostburg and points west, the weather may be much worse.

The forecast also calls for wind gusts from 40 to 50 mph, temperatures with high readings in the lower 30s and upper 20s. Wind-chill readings are expected to hover in the 8- to 12-degree range."

“The coldest period will be Friday night into Saturday,” said Walker.


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Think the UK weather is bad? Try Inner Mongolia

A freezing blizzard hits the Xilin Gol region of Inner Mongolia, leaving drivers stranded in sub-zero temperatures with visibility as low as ten metres.

Dec. 29, 2012

"A freezing blizzard pummeled the Xilin Gol area of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Saturday morning, severely affecting road traffic.

On the No. 308 provincial highway, vehicles found themselves stuck in deep snow as severe blizzards lowered visibility from 200 metres to less than ten metres in just ten minutes."


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