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Jan. 1 snow cover set U.S. record

January 4, 2013

"Snow coverage in the United States on New Year's Day was the most in 10 years with 67 percent of the 48 contiguous states covered by snow, meteorologists say.

That surpassed the previous record set in 2010, when the new year saw 61 percent of the United States beneath snow, AccuWeather.com reported Thursday.

That was the year of the mid-Atlantic blizzard dubbed "Snowmaggedon" that set a long list of records in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore."


New Delhi suffers coldest day in 44 years

Jan 3. 2013

"New Delhi has suffered its coldest day in 44 years amid a cold snap across northern India, the local weather office said on Thursday.

The maximum day temperature on Wednesday reached just 9.8 degrees Celsius (49.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the lowest since the winter of 1969 when records first began, an official in the local meteorological department told AFP, with a minimum of 4.8 Celsius.

There is expected to be little respite in the coming few days with the weather office forecasting that chilly conditions will prevail."


More than 100 die of exposure in cold snap

Jan. 3, 2013

"LUCKNOW // More than 100 people have died of exposure as northern India deals with unusually low temperatures.

At least 114 people have died from the cold in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a police spokesman, Surendra Srivastava, said yesterday. At least 23 of those died in the past 24 hours.

Mr Srivastava said many of the dead were poor people whose bodies were found on sidewalks or in parks."


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NEMO info

Feb 9, 2013

A state-by-state look at the Northeast blizzard


Clobbered by record-setting blizzard, Northeast begins to dig out

By Erin McClam, Staff Writer, NBC News

"Updated at 5:55 p.m. ET: A gusting winter storm buried parts of the Northeast under 3 feet of snow and left millions of people with little to do Saturday but wait — for lights to come on, flights to resume and packed-in cars to be freed.

Transportation systems slowly flickered back. New York airports reopened on limited schedules, and Boston’s Logan hoped to open later, even if no flights could take off.

But for the most part, the country’s most populous region came to a standstill for a day. Elected officials pleaded with people to stay inside, even after the snow stopped, to let emergency crews and snowplows do their work."

“This is going to go on for a number of days,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said. “This will not all be done today.”

The storm was blamed for at least nine deaths, including a child poisoned by carbon monoxide and an 81-year-old Connecticut woman who was clearing snow with a blower who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver."

Several Videos to watch...



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Feb 10, 2013

Northeast digs out from blizzard: 11 dead, thousands without power

"BOSTON, MASS - The Northeast started digging itself out after a blizzard dumped up to 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds, killing at least nine people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

By early Sunday, utility companies were reporting roughly 350,000 customers still without electricity across a nine-state region after the wet, heavy snow brought down tree branches and power lines. About half a million had been down as of late Saturday. Air traffic began to return to normal Sunday after some 5,800 flights were canceled Friday and Saturday, according to Flightaware, a flight tracking service. Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, and Long Island MacArthur Airport reopened on Sunday morning.

Both were closed on Saturday. Boston’s Logan International Airport reopened late on Saturday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Rare travel bans in Connecticut and Massachusetts were lifted but roads throughout the region remained treacherous, according to state transportation departments. As the region recovered, another large winter storm building across the Northern Plains was expected to leave a foot of snow and bring high winds fromColorado to central Minnesota into Monday, the National Weather Service said. South Dakota was expected to be hardest hit, with winds reaching 50 miles per hour, creating white-out conditions.

The storm was expected to reach parts of Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming and Wisconsin. Friday and Saturday’s mammoth storm stretched from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic and covered several spots in the Northeast with more than 3 feet of snow."

Read more here


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Winter Storm Shuts Down Panhandle

Dozens of motorists filled emergency shelters after their rescues from vehicles stalled in the worst blizzard of the season in the Texas Panhandle

Feb 26, 2013


KAMR  A strong winter storm blowing through the Texas Panhandle has lead to road closures and blizzard conditions in the area.

"Lingering winter weather in the Texas Panhandle has left some roads and schools closed a day after a blizzard dumped a record 19.1 inches of snow in the Amarillo area.

National Weather Service meteorologist Krissy Scotten in Amarillo says the snowfall total Monday bested a record set Feb. 16, 1893, when 19 inches fell.

She says the city's snowfall was the second-most in a 24-hour period, just behind the 19.3 inches that fell March 25, 1934. The storm that moved across the Texas Panhandle also was the third all-time snow event. The most snow in one event was 20.6 inches that fell March 25 and 26, 1934.

Scotten says Amarillo normally receives 17.8 inches of snow for the winter."


"As of 7 p.m., the heaviest snowfall Texas was recorded in Amarillo with 19 inches of snow, 16 inches in Fritch, 15 inches in Pampa and 14 inches in Booker.  In Oklahoma, 15 inches was recorded in Woodward and 11 inches in Shattuck."


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Ice World: Record snowfalls inundates cities across the globe

This is proving a freakish year for weather, but Japan is having an odder time of it than most. The country has had a record winter for snow, and northern Japan is currently coated by unprecedented volumes of the white stuff – more than five meters at higher altitudes, with houses turned into igloos and roads into snow tunnels


Texas blizzard breaks 120 year old record:

BBC News - Record snowfall in northern Japan.

Roads in India buried under 100 ft (30 m) of snow:

Ahead of them stands a 100-foot-tall wall of snow and they are slowly cutting their way through the mass to connect this Himachal Pradesh hill resort to landlocked Lahaul Valley in the Himalayan slopes. They are the dedicated men of General Reserve Engineering Force (GREF), a wing of the Border Roads Organization, working to reopen for traffic the snow-marooned Rohtang Pass located at 3,978 meters in the Pir Panjal mountain range, 51 km from here.


Canada sees record February snowfall

Toronto broke a snowfall record for Feb. 27, according to Environment Canada. At Pearson International Airport

Ice Boulders Go Viral


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Winter storm slams Midwest, takes aim at Washington


Snowstorms are heading to the U.S. East Coast after paralyzing travel in parts of the Midwest. Malini Wilkes reports..


Winter Clings On With Upper Midwest Snowstorm

By DON BABWIN, Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — Mother Nature is apparently saving the best, or at least the biggest, for last.

Chicago residents expected to find themselves in the midst of a storm that could wind up dumping as much as 10 inches of snow in the area before the end of Tuesday — the most since the 2011 blizzard and its more than 20 inches of snow.

[READ: Winter Storm Deja Vu: Plains States Buried Again]

"This will be the biggest widespread storm of the winter," National Weather Service meteorologist Amy Seeley said. The forecast is for 8 to 10 inches throughout northeastern Illinois and northwest Indiana, a far cry from last March, which saw less than a half-inch of snow and was the warmest one on record in Illinois."


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UK braced for horrendous weather

March 22, 2013  (trying to catch up)

"Britain is bracing itself for more horrendous weather conditions which are believed to have claimed a first victim, closed hundreds of schools and brought travel chaos.

A landslide and floodwater in Cornwall, thought to have been triggered by torrential rain, smashed through a block of flats partially collapsing the building. Emergency crews and specialist investigators found a woman's body after picking through debris at the Veronica flats in Looe.

The body is believed to be that of Susan Norman, who is in her 60s and police said was unaccounted for, having not been heard from since returning to the flats on Thursday night. More than a dozen residents in Sandplace Road were evacuated after most of the building's front-facing wall crumbled away, with debris and mud crashing on to the back of the property from the road behind it."


"Comparing it to similar winters, it's provisionally going to be the coldest March in 50 years, although that can't be confirmed until we reach the end of the month," Mr Lee said. He referred to 1962 - when average temperatures were even colder, at 2.8C (37F), adding: "That will take some beating. But the way we are going it looks like we are heading towards being the coldest March since then."


Spring dumps blizzards on United Kingdom: the coldest March in 50 years



Winter refuses to loosen grip on much of U.S.

March 25, 2013

By Amy McConnell Schaarsmith / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Winter-weary residents of southwestern Pennsylvania braced for yet another round of snow and ice -- seriously, Mother Nature, again? -- Sunday as a massive storm system swept in from the Midwest, dampening hopes that springlike weather might finally be near.

By Sunday night, the storm covered much of the eastern half of the country, from Iowa to the eastern seaboard and as far north and south as Michigan and Tennessee. Along its path across the upper Rockies and Midwest, the storm left as much as a foot of snow over the weekend, with wind gusts creating drifts of 2 to 3 feet in some states.

Just 3 to 5 inches of snow was expected to accumulate across much of southwestern Pennsylvania overnight, with another 1 to 2 falling this morning, according to the National Weather Service in Moon.

Still, local road crews were leaving nothing to chance, said PennDOT spokesman Jim Struzzi in Pittsburgh.

Crews spent Sunday evening pretreating roads with brine and mounting plows back onto trucks. By midnight, when the heaviest accumulation was expected to begin as the main body of the storm moved in from the southwest, the highway department planned to have 70 to 80 trucks out across Allegheny County, Mr. Struzzi said.

"It will be our full fleet," he said. "We're ready for battle."

Heavy snow was expected to continue through the pre-dawn hours, then lessen as the day progresses. The winter storm warning issued by the National Weather Service expires at 11 a.m. today."


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Confused Weather Drops Over 30 Inches of Snow on Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2013

Abby Ohlheiser

"It's a snowy Memorial Day weekend for parts of the U.S. On the aptly named Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York, there are at least 34 inches of snow on the ground. What's that look like? Glad you asked:

May 26, 2013 34" at Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Lake Placid

"Published on May 26, 2013 

Over 30" of snow grace the upper elevations of Whiteface Mountain over the Memorial Day weekend.

"According to Weather Underground, a couple of other mountain peaks in Vermont reached 18 inches of snow, while some towns with higher elevations clocked in at about 7 inches of snowfall this weekend. To figure out how unusual the snowfall this weekend was, Weather Underground had to go back to 1816:

Most famous of all cold and snowy late season events would have to be the infamous 1816 ‘Year without Summer’ and the snowfall in June that occurred in the eastern U.S. and Canada. Between June 6th and June 8th accumulating snow was observed as far south as the Catskills in New York (where one inch was reported) and highlands of central and northwest Pennsylvania. Snowflakes were seen at sea level as far south as ten miles north of tidewater on the Hudson River just above New York City.

But, they note, snowfall in the north east this late in the season hasn't been unheard of since then: the area tends to get some late season snowfall every 5-10 years. Just not nearly as much as this time."


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Snow in June: Russia’s Siberian town in absolute anomaly (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

June 2, 2013


"A layer of snow on the second day of summer has put the citizens of the Russian city of Kemerovo completely out of humor.

Meteorologists say the anomaly occurred because a cyclone brought cold Arctic air from Kara Sea region into Siberia dropping, temperature to lows typical for summer north of the Arctic Circle.

Bloggers were at a loss when commenting the issue.

“Snow in Kemerovo TODAY? That’s hardcore. The weather must’ve forgot it’s June.”

“With a sense of terror has just learnt it’s been snowing in Kemerovo. What’s next?”

“Tornado in the US. Floods in Czech Republic. SNOW in Kemerovo!”

The city in South Siberia is situated on 55°22'17.58" north latitude but even for that region -2 Celsius on June 2 morning is over the top. The region has seasonal inland climate, which means really cold winters and very hot summers."


Southern Hemisphere: New Zealand Brace for deluge, heavy snow - MetService

June 3, 2013


Burkes Pass closes due to snow

"MetService has issued severe weather watches for parts of the country.

Westland, Buller, Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Wellington, Wairarapa, Bay of Plenty and Rotorua are among the regions set to face heavy rain and wild weather over the next 24 hours.

Pictures sent to ONE News show heavy snow has been causing disruptions for motorists on the last day of the long weekend.

Vehicles with chains waited for hours this afternoon for roads to open in Burkes Pass, just north of Tekapo.

Eight firefighters in the area were called to push at least half a dozen cars out of the snow and assist police with road control, Volunteer Fire Chief Officer Craig Willis said."

Read more here


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Extreme 5" Hail Storm in Santa Rosa New Mexico July 4, 2013

Meteorologist Rob Guarino

want to thank Teressa Chavez for the photos sent in yesterday for the wild hail storm in Santa Rosa NM.  The hail covered the ground like a snow storm in the middle of winter and the pictures are a WOW.



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Freak hail storm strikes Taber Alberta

"It was like a winter snowstorm, only it's hail," continued Buckingham.  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  It's all over town, I think.  There's cars stuck on the street trying to drive..."


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Freak hail storm strikes Taber Alberta

"It was like a winter snowstorm, only it's hail," continued Buckingham.  I've never seen anything like it in my life.  It's all over town, I think.  There's cars stuck on the street trying to drive..."


Cool pics at the link!! 8)

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Freak hailstorms dump tons of ice on New Mexico and Alberta, Canada

A storm dumped inches of hail on Santa Rosa Wednesday evening leaving a lot of ice and damage in its wake. The storm, which moved in from San Miguel County, lasted for about an hour. Thursday morning, Santa Rosa still looked like a winter wonderland from the air. Ice blanketed the streets, parks and rooftops on the Fourth of July, the morning after the storm that dumped 3-6 inches of nickel- to golf-ball-sized hail that accumulated to feet in depth in some places.



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I just have to put this on this thread..


helo vet ikke

tanku vet ikke

me unerstan question now

when heaven object apeer cause many volvcanos xplode

earth move becuase magnet vortx change

volcanos and earth moving under water cause oceon begin make very big waves cause big storm big snow

big ice waters come down

many u drown watch dolfin closely they know when this hapen

this hapen b4 15 may ok

Haven't we been seeing big hail storms?  Big waves hitting the coast lines..most recently Chile?

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Backwards storm: Kansas lashed by 100 mph winds, and soft-ball size hail

July 25, 2013


"As sunrise brings fresh light to the aftermath of strong storms in southern Kansas from Tuesday night, authorities are beginning to assess the toll. Hail as large as baseballs was reported in east Hutchinson, according to Reno County Emergency Management. Winds estimated as high as 100 miles an hour were reported in southern Reno County near Pretty Prairie. The town itself was hit hard by hail and strong winds, knocking down trees and blocking streets. “Please Please Please stay away from Pretty Prairie for now. They are not letting people into town at this time,” a post on Reno County Emergency Management’s Facebook page implored.

A hail stone measuring 4.75 inches in diameter fell near Yoder in eastern Reno County and hail as large as tennis balls was also reported. More heavy rain strong winds struck Argonia in Sumner County Tuesday night, which was still picking up the pieces from Monday night’s microburst storm that ripped portions of the roof off the high school and elementary school.

Officially, Wichita recorded 1.02 inches of rain, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Schminke. But heavier amounts were reported elsewhere in the city – including an inch of rain falling in just a half-hour at Central and Ridge Road in west Wichita.

Substantial rain over each of the past two days in the Cheney Lake watershed area is likely to boost water levels at the lake. With the ground already saturated, runoff into the lake – which until recently was Wichita’s primary water source – should be considerable. –Wichita Eagle


Softball size hail damages parts of Kansas

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Peru Snow: Tens Of Thousands Stranded

Extreme snowfall in Peru leaves around 33,000 people stranded and around half a million livestock dead.

5:04am UK, Sunday 01 September 2013

Tens of thousands of people have been left stranded in southern Peru following what authorities say is the worst snowfall the region has seen in a decade.



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Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions
 The Peruvian government has extended to nine more regions a state of emergency called to cope with unusually cold weather and heavy snowfall. At least two people have died and 33,000 others have been affected by the cold spell, local officials say. Tens of thousands of animals have frozen to death over the past week.


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Thanks Breezy.

Casper WY is where i am right now for work. The above footage in your video is less than 1 mile west from where I am typing this from..lol

14-16 inches, super wet snow.

The snow is so wet that when I was clearing off the snow on the car and scooped some out from under the snowpack, it is a light blue color underneath, Its been a way long time since I've seen that!

All the trees are still mostly green and fully leaved. This sucks because the damage to the trees as I was out about today is HUGE. Whole tree limbs as large as 8 inches in diameter have been ripped right off many of them due to the weight. all of them are drooped. Some of the smaller ones will be able to be cleared off, but some around here are over 40 feet, and there is no practical way to get the snow off them without a ladder truck.

Its sad to look at. :(


So far no wind which is nice as it can howl here.

Parts of I-90 and I-25 are closed.

Ill be off for Houston Sunday for about 10 days, Ill see how it is when I get back, lol

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Arctic invasion: Brutal weather system threatens most of US with snow, ice, wind

December 5, 2013




Daniel Arkin, Henry Austin and Erin McClam, NBC News

An enormous, brutal mass of arctic air is shoving south over most of the U.S. — threatening 32 million people for the rest of the week with snow, ice, wind and extraordinary drops in the temperature.

Some of the country's biggest cities are being hit: Ice threatens to knock out power in Dallas, Denver could get almost a foot of snow, and Chicago could plunge from the mid-50s on Wednesday to the low teens by Friday night.


"This cold air is going to overtake just about the entire country," said Carl Parker, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel.











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