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Thank you for that post hiraa

And what I am saying is much of the data in the bible was around thousands of years before the bible was called a bible, I dont see it as bible, I see it as recorded text and or of glyphs, and that I take little notice of any dates there in, as when one has a portal to use, time becomes immaterial, like grains of sand on a beach, I see religions as invented by others to wrap around the core data, so as to suite there specific requirements for the barrow they wish to push

I am a Nature Philosopher and not a religious person nor an atheist as understanding mother nature is more powerful than Science or religion itself, Academia and science and religion, are basically time wasters, for the brainwashed, a pompous indulgence a pyramid of arrogant and ignorant power tools for the use of the Elite, A house of cards, all trying to trump each other or to steel each others kudos

Now there will be those that will say, bulla your alienating yourself, to them I say you have had more than 2000 odd years to work it all out and you failed, so dont be quick to judge anyone that has put the puzzle together and now holds the keys, to where our future lye's, so where dose that leave your religions your science your Academia

I hold no grudge or malice against anyone,as I have no time for such stupidity but I know where paradise is and I am aiming for it, those that wish to come come those that dont, fine

I hope that clears up any misconceptions about who bulla is

bulla joiner of missing dots 




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And here is a little something for your heart and mind that I hope moves you like it dose me

Rainbow Nation Earth Warriors

we are not alone

Bulla joiner of peoples

Thank you for posting this video Bulla, i really think the person who has done this has done an excellent job all round, bravo!!

Listen to the music and open your eyes and mind,

Keep up the good work my friends.


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Speaking of the Devil and it appears to save all our soles

And some small factors that do seem to collide, that may have slipped by everyone's dis-info radar detection devises

Being the Hadron collider and the aforementioned subject of the Higgs boson the god factor and Neutrinos, all being one and the same thing

Now it has come to pass that a message has apparently been received by some Galactic forces, that are readying themselves to free mankind from evil forces on Earth and that these forces have been in contact with mankind and there operatives

But wait for it, they have been communicating using, unknown forms of transmission frequencies and systems, and that they make it clear, they dont use any other form such as psychics or common equipment formats, instead all there transmissions from this far of Galactic force have been in, "YOU GUEST IT" Neutrino beams

Now it dose appear, like the Higgs boson and the God Damn God factor and the Neutrino factor  have all been around like an invisible Ghost milling up and down looking for a willing host within the corridors of the Scientific fraternities for some time

To this you would not be surprised to find similarities between this Galactic force and there secrete transmission system that they claim the enemy on Earth does not yet have and the ghostly existance and the very same assumptions being referred to

Quote " Some Scientists have suggested that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations could communicate across vast distances in space using Neutrino beams" 

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that this galactic force may well be reading the Scientific fraternities postulated ghosts stories, in fact so interlocked are they, you would begin to believe they may well have been written by one and the same Author, please find this link for your perusal


bulla joiner of dis-info dots 


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Well Well Well three holes in the ground

It does appear we are confronted by a double en'tendre, being here we have the Scientific fraternity arm of the Hadron collider with there artificial, Half rainbow maker, producing Neutrinos and Magnetic plumes that maybe causing hot spots and or sink holes and or strange and weird weather

Meanwhile unbeknowns to all en-sundry here is an entirely different, shall we say competing arm of the same Scientific fraternity,  wanting yet another 300 billion dollars for virtually the same research

But wait there is a difference between them, one is firing dangerous things off underground to make the Neutrinos, while the other, as they claim have been firing the Neutrinos of above ground willy nilly into who knows where or whose lounge rooms

Given the Neutrinos are a process of weather and the basis of the rainbows, then given every man and his dog has been blaming HARRP perhaps your all wrong and reajust you view finders 

Bulla the joiner of wikidots 

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Hi Sisss, nice link thanks for that I have done a little research into the above subject its unfortunate that the crystal is fractured, as this would have the effect of destroying any or all the original data encoded, making it spurious, in that case it could be something to stay well clear of and could be what the strange effects are about

Never the less its a fascinating find, the so called, "brass burnt hands" would have actually been pure gold, and given that which was described, and the fractured crystal factor, then it dose appear that the Pyramid itself has been struck by a massive lighting strike, and will be why the crystal is shattered, as it would not have been able to have sustained the massive power and heat transfer, which is the reasons for the golden cap upon the there tops to dissipate such an event, the red crystal would have been Sapphire being a Ruby, being the Sapphire is the only crystal that is capable of attaining the the Atomic crystallography and refractory genomics

AS to why its underwater now, given the massive amounts of gravity that can be generated, it can destabilize the entire surrounds for thousands of miles, and given it was or may have been on any fault line, then that would have made the Earth to heavy to sustain its self and that pressure would have caused it to sink, this I also suspect is also what took place with Atlantis, Ether that or at some time they came under attack from some massive gravity beam by others perhaps in an ancient war that took place

Now some time back I would never have entertained such thoughts, however now days I know better, given my special incite into the real history of the Ancients, and the power and capabilities of pyramids, a little note here, I was speaking with a good friend who  had that pyramid under the water explained to them some 35 years ago,and the person who had that data is still around and some contact is again possible so stay tuned and we may find out a lot more about it, and this data is over and above the crystal holder

Again sisss thanks for your interests  and input

Bulla joiner of dots                       

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;D yeah well I hope they know what theyre doing with all this stuff, else were all gonna end up Gods knows where....and you don't have to be a physicist to work that one out...

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Well lets see if these particle physicists and bulla are on the same page given I say the Higgs boson and its fields, I have discovered within the HydroH20@ Atomic Six and in 2007, see for your self

And this is why the Hadron collider added the "HydroH2o@Atomic six" chamber, they call the cloud or mist chamber

Further evidence and bulla support comes from the Iowa University and its NASA funded research and resent 2012 discovery release, that shocked the entire Scientific fraternity

Being the magnetic portals discovered fluxing 4 to 8 minutes but only on the lite side of earth extending out towards the sun that they say may reveal some form of another dimension 

The finding did not shock bulla as its what I published in "check the lucky numbers out" 07/07/20/07

Bulla seer of god/dots as did Horus Par/Excellence

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hay Bulla...I been thinking...these star gate happenings in the bermuda triangle area begin to make sense,,,sink holes etc...

all we gotta do is work out how to power up the pyramids then we'll all be able to time travel...all beit in a different dimension of course... wot fun...they'll be able to find out how to stretch or shrink time in space too so it will be a breeze to go galaxy hopping...

what then eh? will be be hearing from the kids...im bored... :-\

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Sisss you may be surprised to discover you dont need a Pyramid to build a star gate, the primary use of a pyramid was not to open a transporter, the star-gate was a complete byproduct of insignificance in the main, that is not to say it was not used, as I have explained that's how Horus and his people left this fiscal world

Horus being the king of light, the king of Electromagnetics that includes the full Monte the Photon, split photon, (Neutrinos) or super magnetics and the full Harmonic balance and imbalance up to and including the full square sine-wave four element driven array all the way to infinity into and through all the dimensions on and off this planet both via the actual rainbows and or the latter upgraded crystallized versions

The reason the pyramids were built was to circumvent and repair or substitute damage that was caused to earths primordial manetics and specific gravity generation systems some 12,000 years ago, when the natural rainbows were going into a decline very much like today, and were sending earth into a spiral chain reactive magnetic decline, that affected the Northern hemisphere and also was destroying the Ionosphere

You could say very much like what I see taking place today being the early onset of the repeat of history given we are locked within a 26,000 year cycle that repeats itself, just like a primordial CD Rom with repeat selected

To this we must respond accordingly man must lean to again help himself and each other where we can if we are to survive, for individually we cannot accomplish this task , as mother Nature can not now help or protect us, she the Luna Queen is wounded mortally, and has no way of overcoming this man made damage, we did it, we must now undo it,or the consequences I see will be Cataclysmic, beyond your wildest horror

As to Portals they are a natural occurrence that occur continuously, opening and closing at some hundreds per hour every hour and have done so for millions of years all around you and everyone else, across the entire planet, but only on the lite side of earth, it is they that make up the ionosphere, it is they that is the ionosphere,  that protects us, its just you dont see them, as you dont know how to, however that is not the main issue, getting this issue up front and beginning to plan how to fix it is, as to be distracted by other issues will be fatal

Bulla I have some dots               

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Here is a link for a bit of light relief given to me by a good friend for our pleasure  and when you look at the pictures and watch the Small video, then remember its all very simple, it is the missing rainbows that are causing climate change and the magnetic decline, so what is it about the powers that be, that there not understanding about mother nature

Or is it that fixing climate must first have a profit and lose statement, and if the powers that be cannot make profit from fixing the climate change, then it ant gonna happen ? and is that why they invented Carbon release, so as it can be capitalized on, profiteered, Taxed , bought and sold, listed on the share market, stock exchange, traded, wroughted, down sold, unsold, short sold 

It totaly bewilders me how the power of the world can invent a totally fictitious  set of imaginary circumstances that "fails" all scientific endeavors and any and all so called golden standard rules that science claims it has and applys with due diligence, to all comers supposedly regardless

And yet here is a supposedly progressive thinking country like Australia and here is the  Government, going against all odds and all known scientific evidence world wide and have introduced a Carbon Tax, is this pure madness, even when there chief annalist and climate specialist DR Evans after being asked to examine the carbon release issue, and he found it was a load of rubbish and a total fraud, and told the government so, and that resulted in his dismissal, because it wasn't what they wanted to here

i SMELL A RAT IN THE WOOD PILE , in fact a hole big nest of rats

Anyway here is the nice part of the post please enjoy


Bulla the pied piper             


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Thanks Sisss

It dose look like Photoshop has been around in differing formats for some time perhaps its out of Doctor Who

However One thing is for sure that the portals and or vortexes do exist and are very real, and can be opened and or closed, given I have shown you via the Cern Hadron collider, and the Neutrino Generator and receivers data I have exposed just what level the Scientific fraternities are at, and given that I say that they are a long way from actually doing it, Given surrogate wise, all there research and development all be it, they will not admit to it comes directly from the Black opps of the Rainbow data

To this I think I have published enough Data and interlocked it in such a manner that blind Freddy can tell you who is in front of who on the relevant issues in regards to the portals and or vortexes, "split Photonics" (Neutrinos) need I say more ? 

Further Id like to add that the average Joe blow, off the scientific test bench so to speak is not mentally equipped to go stepping through any portals as the culture shock alone would be enough to derange there mind, as its not a tunnel or pipeline with hand rails and or steps to guide you

To this I let Nostradamus explain it in his words, where I feel he dose it Justus for any would be time travelers, its not a place for the weak of mind and if one was to have the smallest glimmer of fear or apprehension of where one might be going even for a Milli second, then you may find yourself surrounded by you worst fears and nightmares it is not a place for the devious or faint hearted

Its a place only for the pure of Heart and mind and sole, or a place where one needs a guide, for within the endless dimension, there is both Hell and Heaven the past and the future and anything and everything that has or will exist

To this if anyone knowingly or unknowingly opens the said portal via what ever means, then be warned dont play with it just because you can, and remember it can be a two way proposition, and this may well be a timely message to anyone fooling with Neutrino machines above or below ground, as it has "been noted", it the Neutrino is not inhibited by Earthly matter nor can it be contained

Bulla master of dots         


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