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Hopi Indian Warns of Malovent Aliens Trying to Hijack our Natural Evolution

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Right. This might seem all very vague. Mysterious and what not but here I am again. 


I came into contact with a soul who had wanted to deliver some dream info to me a few weeks back. Even though we met since then the chance did not present itself until this point.


I asked them by chance had their dream "anything to do with spaceships?". They did not know of any of the above information in any way shape or form. So their their reply all wide eyed "How did you know?"


So that's five sources and counting who have all within weeks or days of each other come to present dream info containing spaceships. This has never occurred before around any shared subject matter. It's really interesting. Sorry I can't go into details as some have to be documented more and time also needs to do it's work as such while I wait for possibly more connections and it somewhat personal and too sprawling to document in my spare time right now.


Whatever is happening and I have a few ideas it's really sympathetic to what I've been reviewing over the last few days a nd weeks here on Chani and elsewhere but has been completely unknown to any of the dream sources excepting one and only to a certain degree. This is a key point. It's as if they have all tuned into some or all of a similar field and are reporting back to me. It's not something I actively set up in this instance but it's borne out of a growing relationship over the years of genuine dream sharing so the ground work has been laid through various connections and happening and this is why people are coming to me with dreams. They know I am open for the conversation always.


I'm not here to make predictions or any bold claims. For all I know maybe I'm being shown how psychic echos might occur or something else, literal or metaphorical but it's fun to document the steps. If something major happens or is gleaned out of any of this info then these post vague as they are will have been worth it. I think :)

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I had a dream about spaceships of a kind this morning. 


DIfferent to the rest, more like witnessing omni-dimensional forms and I knew i was in deep space. It was overall a very surreal dream with many other elements nothing to do with space so I'm somewhat lost of ability to describe in a meaningful way and that's not usual.  I had drifted into a light slumber early morning. Not a bad way to access the dreamworld but you don't always get if you're in the routine of 9-5.


I don't feel it's contaminated dream as it felt very far away from the workings of the others. I've never had other peoples dreams influence me and I don't feel this was the case. 


If I can put it this way, I was witnessing like the layers or slice of a kaleidoscope, thin films of arrangements of lights and geometric but all very dark in deep space interacting each thin film on it's own plane/axis. I might wager I was floating out in space but I couldn't be sure though my POV was thus. It's hard to describe but was vivid and I could animate it had I the time but I don't. I thought I'd log it here and I'm not even sure it's entirely connected or if it is I was perceiving perhaps another layer of the information the others perceived in a far more literal or figurative manner. There was no emotional sense. It was calm. I was observant. It was shapes and colours lattices, not much density but dark lace to be poetic about it. Nice. In space out there a little bit like the first star trek movie now that I think about it as they venture into VYGER, so if you could take your illumination levels and colour schemes from this it would be the vest visual reference I can associate with right now and there was somewhat a machine like quality to the motion and activities. So maybe it was the working of a spaceship.




The only other time I had a dream about something in space and similar to this was actually a precognitive dream of multiple scene of the movie Dark City which I would later watch about a year or so later. I had no memory of ever seeing it partially or fully though on later recounting a friend said he had watched it when we shared a rental place. However I sincerely didn't remember and it was some 10+ years previous if so. That was a lot more easily described that this dream. When I watched the movie it mad what for a more interesting experience considering it's similarity with the first Matrix movie. Funny that how you get two very similar movies at the same time emanting out of hollywood. One often doing better than the other. 


So I'm gonna make a big  assumption here and wonder is it anything from Tomorroworld. Having seen the trailers there is small chance. I shall end the musing digress. I'm sure in time it will reveal itself to be literal, symbollic or both.

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Right this is unbelievable but here I am again in this thread with an update.


One of the other dreamers meet an old friend a few days ago. Low and behold they were talking about a dream they had with a timed x among of minutes till the end of the world, people getting a tram (train motif) and wondering why would you bother dong this (it seemed to make no sense to the dreamer, if you are gong to die then you die where you are and that was ok). There were no spaceships specifically in this one but I do feel symbolically the train motif represents the trick of being convinced to go somewhere that will be safer with no actual guarantee. It continually plays on the motif of Jews being taken to the death camps in Germany during WWII.


Granted this was a little less similar or perhaps less detailed and contained more local associations of the elements which would only confuse my post so no need to offer them but still had the broad elements of the recurring theme. The previous dreamer was compelled then to share their earlier more vivid and similar dream.


What can I say. I'm not totally sure at this point but we now have 6 people having identically themed dreams sharing some very clear symbolic elements each dream varying in lucidity and recall. The earliest dreamers having the most detail for the record.


Well I just wanted to log this as it was told to me two days ago and it's helping me keep track to use a pun!

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I'd like to add an extra detail that I think is important having read the OP properly.


The frist two dreamers who had the strongest and most vivid dreams are mothers with young children of this earth! ;)

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Quoting my original first dreamers post which I originally posted in the tomorrowland thread. I thought it better to have it all here for easier reference.


Well folks as you know Dreaming is and has become an essential tool in navigating life for me.

On this level things took an interesting twist this morning. Let's call it full spectrum synchronicity.


Two dreams came my way via other people who have no connection with a forum such as this or any sources I've been researching lately as it's not in their daily life as it is mine or any regular posters on Chani where what is pure whacky too most is topical here.


The sources would have no clue to the idea of internet memes concerning a false rapture or any of that subject matter be it Dracos, Pleadian and so forth. Their lives are busy enough with the day to day but they are more aware and open to sharing their dreams and at least give the time. That is the unifying point of the story.


Also the two dreamers are from to cutlurally and geogrphically divergent backgrounds within the western sphere of influence.


I will only post a summary of the key words from both dreams that overlap or similar aspects because they are key for obvious reasons the important info and I thought many might find them interesting.


I am sure you will pick up the theme, which they didn't fully comprehend as I was able to very immediately as they described it to me. See what you think.


Again I can not underline or emphasize how unconnected these sources are from the place I inhabit as is the world of Chani and all that follows.


They're only primary connection woud be via me and I have not been discussing these exact or any loosely related issues nor would they have known I was reading around and directly reading here in the last 72 hours all that I was focusing on (as you can see by my interaction on the Sept 23 / Hopi threads for example) they also channeled.


I jokingly said it was if they had gone and spied on my browsing history.


My overall sense is I have come across the same info in the waking dream as they ahve in the sleeping dream. This has suddenly taken on a new intamcy and sense of presence. 


I would not make this up as dreaming is a truth in life that should not been played with even though the powers that be like to play with peoples imaginations all the time by creating nightmares before they're very eyes.


For you to ponder.


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found this interesting 

it is from 1996 though


i wasn't sure where to put this so

here you have 

The Man Who Fell To Earth 


he claims


Sean David Morton talks at length with his friend mysterious Pleiadian contactee Adrain (pronounced Ah-dre-ain) in his only known interview. Adrain’s amazing photographs taken onboard UFO’s during his contacts have stunned and startled numerous experts, lending credibility to his astounding story. His former fiancé Claudina is also interviewed for this article and was present for many of the contacts and appeared in many of the UFO videos he shot during this period. Adrain is currently traveling in Europe. 




from that to 



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found this interesting 

it is from 1996 though


i wasn't sure where to put this so

here you have 

The Man Who Fell To Earth 


he claims


Sean David Morton talks at length with his friend mysterious Pleiadian contactee Adrain (pronounced Ah-dre-ain) in his only known interview. Adrain’s amazing photographs taken onboard UFO’s during his contacts have stunned and startled numerous experts, lending credibility to his astounding story. His former fiancé Claudina is also interviewed for this article and was present for many of the contacts and appeared in many of the UFO videos he shot during this period. Adrain is currently traveling in Europe. 




from that to 



P's   here is what NexusEditor has to say ..




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Posted 05 December 2013 - 04:44 AM

Lialilith, on 03 Dec 2013 - 7:28 PM, said:

Hi Nex

Sean David Morton and The Sands of Time - Is there some truth in this book somewhere or is it complete rubbish?


P.s love this Nex Mag issue, particularly the ghost trains phenomenon. You should do more of those, ships next time, my favourite )

The Norse Mythology was a great article too


I have no faith or trust in Sean David Morton, despite his being around on the 'circuit' for decades, and thus I confess to not having read this book.  I personally am skeptical of all his personal past claims to fame, and everyone I know who has 'worked' with him, is not very happy with the outcomes, usually to the tune of thousands of dollars or more.



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thank you dar 

and i don't want to get too much on the(ir) personal level 

but i found bits of truths there and i thought that would do some informing 

or other states or bits in that in that could lighten some things


such as


"Do they use atomic weapons? 
Adrain: I think they were more advanced than atomic weapons. It was something more strange. It was weather control technology they were using. If I can remember when I saw it, they were creating huge winds. So maybe 5 hurricanes at the same time. You know just one can do a lot. 

Sean: So it’s made to look like natural disasters? 
Adrain: Yes. They use different weapons. Weapons that people have never seen before, and can’t even imagine. It is something out of a fantastic movie, from an acid trip, or whatever; it was really something strange. 

Sean: So like earthquake inducing devices, hurricane inducing devices? 
Adrain: Yes, weather control

Sean: So, we won’t think its war, will we? We’ll think it’s all natural disasters
Adrain: And then that’s the excuse to use regular simple conventional weapons. Because we don’t have any food, and now we have a controversy. Because they might still have something stored there, some grain, and we’ve got to take all that land, and they order the stupid captains in the lower ranks around to do it. They think they are playing a real war, you know? And so they will actually go out and start a lower war with conventional weapons. It will go from induced atmospheric and geological problems and I’m afraid that it will go to conventional weapons after that."




Sean: What’s the next thing, the second thing you were saying. There were three things? 

Adrain: Oh... remind me. 

Sean: Genocide was the first one of the goals of the Nine Families. There were two more? 
Adrain: The second one, genetically engineering the perfect body, then the special bodies for the slave race, and the other one for the ET’s who want to come in, who have no where to go, the Original People, and they consider this their real estate. They are not going to give up until they get this world. They have it already, but they just want a taste of it a little better than they can now. Finally, total control. 

Sean: Why don’t they just take it over tomorrow? They’ve got all the power. What’s stopping them? 
Adrain: There are a lot of good people in this world. Our vibration, in itself, is what stops them. We are the last line of defense, whether we know it or not. Our own power field. There is a lot of good love, a lot of good open hearts, a lot of spiritual warriors and aliens helping out, too. Very subtly. They are also very afraid that if they come to far out into the open, it could back fire. 

Sean: They are not in a hurry, are they? 
Adrain: Huh, yes, yes! The aliens are in the way; we are in the way! There are a lot of good things happening. They just can’t take over like that. Their energy is very powerful, but fragile... easily burned away. That is how it is with the Forces of Darkness. It only takes one small candle to light a whole room. They just have to make sure we don’t light that candle.


i am sure we've heard it before 

but i thought it was nice to know where or how these were reported 

if they didn't work as intended maybe they could be corrected by those who would want to inform or any ways to spread some light's


thanks anyway and much respect of your opinions and points of view

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I have been thinking for some weeks on foot of more of the same theme appearing online that it's very much a metaphorical cover almost for military operations or some such badly intended strategies.


I know feel that on one level, the dreams as they came and further source (not documented here) point to the current refugee/migrant media crisis.


Here we have people fleeing, making a choice to go or stay, leaving behind families, to get on trains (to Germany), to go to alien places to be rescued. On ships. Actually sea ships. You get the picture.


I do feel somehow the message was so universal in it's theme, that there is some force spinning even the dream information to throw us off the scent. 


This also does not discount further literal events in the future. For now I think the psychic and emotional feedback/imagery is a very high match to current events. I don't find this surprising as the mass movement of so many people in this way has not been witnessed in such a manner so vividly across the world and is a terribly traumatic event, even for those who witness it form the comfort of their home.


There is more to decode within the dreams now that we have an actual event to compare the elements. I'll save that for later or personal note. There is enough informaiton for anyone contained in my posts, to map onto current events and possibly illicit further possibly vital information that goes beyond the surface events.

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Trying to reach an Equilibrium via movement.


Moving of masses whatever their status - military on the US, war refugees on other countries - According to Amnesty International, Turkey has welcomed 1.6 million, Lebanon 1.1 million, Jordany 620.000, Irak 225.000, Greece 200.000, Egypt 140.000, Sweden 81.000 last year - Germany lately 31.400, 24.000 welcomed in France since yesterday, 20.000 in England, 14.900 in Spain, Poland 12.000. Total of 160.000 refugees to be welcomed by the 27 European countries. 


Most are men (70%).


Moving people around, moving power, moving wealth. 

Opening up certain things, closing others.

Re-equilibrating Humanity by moving things around (masses, finances, etc)



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i don't know if these are the ones who are called themselves hopi


but i found this intriguing!




The Pleiadians 2015


i took one that was written by some by some one who call himself SAO

i hope he won't mind if i copied + Paste his writings 


Topics Discussed

20:20 Weather changes

23:50 Problems in California

51:35 Artificial intelligence, hacking and transhumanism

57:00 Probability of shut down the Internet around 2025

1:01:50 Dark side of the Internet

1:12:00 9/11 was classic ritual working

1:21:00 Sink holes

1:24:10 Malaysia airplane

1:25:50 Iran




First 25 mins: Expiration date on how long things can keep going as they are. Planet is becoming toxic literally and figuratively. Big changes coming - economic collapse is very very likely. Powers likely to shift away from US towards BRICS. 2015 also year of systemic breakdown due to hackings. Sun may behave erratically, and may not stay quite as it has been. More extreme weather changes. The seasons this year will appear to start and then falter. Cosmos causing larger weather cycles leading into much colder weather down the line (ice age). Gently scolding audience (and others) for making assumptions and erroneous decisions and thinking they "know it all". Many people refuse to grow and learn. Those who do will need to be there for those who will be lost when TSHTF. Don't force your foot into Cinderella's slipper. Give yourself freedom to not know - to become informed but don't jump to conclusions. Read. Meditate. Think. Learn! Stop watching TV! 2015 will be a very challenging year for many.


Severe drought in California may be very very long term. Pacific Rim on west coast and some inland. Great disruptions. They are whitewashing things on the media, but on the west many are truly panicking. Beginning of what may be a mass migration from the west coast (The C's said exactly that many years ago).


26 mins in: List of words that have parts of "Anunnaki" in them is apparently extensive/predominant (anu-, an-, etc) backwards or forwards. Like January. The point of the exercise is to look for things, see things with new eyes that you haven't seen before. This is good training for the mind because this is how mind evolves and moves forward. 


29 mins in: Opening up for questions as long as they benefit everyone.


Q: Native Americans did some private ceremony to summon rain, what was that about?

A: Native people closer to nature in their DNA because they spend more time being and looking at nature than industrialized nations. Your consciousness is a factor in the weather. But now we have weather wars/cosmic changes that also affect it these days.  


Q: more about native americans, hard to hear.

A: Indian reservations were invaded by US Gov forces. Big fights now over land and water rights, which involves the native people. They were purposely given alcohol and casinos etc to distract them from their assigned work - to guard certain places, work with certain spirits, to balance things. Big secrets in South-West US that certain natives keep. Certain dances can bring spirits. For example a dance rave can bring spirits too. Movement - dancing movement is long known to bring energy and other forces attracted to the dancing. Different patterns of dancing build portals of energy.


25 mins in:

Q: How best to assist earth/raise frequency, hold love and light etc

A: Too ambiguous. What does holding love and light mean? You have all the answers to your ambiguous questions already. There is no "holding a vibration", you ARE a vibration because of your emotions, values, beliefs, words, etc. So it's a misnomer - you ARE a vibration. To raise it takes work - course of study, course of cleaning. To get to truly higher level you need to let the shit hit the fan - all the things you're suppressing need to come out and be cleaned/cleared out with WORK, only then the flow of energy can flow through you unimpeded. Energy can get stuck on your chakras due to your internal issues. Let's say you stress/worry about money even if you are doing ok - you'll have back problems because it's related to root chakra. Chakra energy and how you handle various situations determine vibration. "Love and light" answer is NOT how to deal with things - they are empty meaningless terms people throw around, just new age catch phrases. 2nd chakra is your sexual issues. Lots of work has to be done there too - to understand the sexual energy and proper way to use it. 3rd chakra willpower - do you steamroll over others or let them steamroll over you? ... more chakra talk.


Basically understanding of where the energies can coalesce in the body helps understand where you may have your own blocks and how to clear them - unique to all people. Some people are full of shit (laughter). Get a colon cleanse. Too much waste inside you. Yoga, breathing practices, working with essential oils, colinics, all things help you clear and become more peaceful. When that's achieved you can work on other things easier.


45 mins in: Lots of stars, worlds, lots of kinds of "Pleiedians". Lots of beings that have nothing to do with Pleiedians. Some channelers access lower astral entities who are full of shit, but those without discernment get all confused. Up to you to figure out who is who! Use your physical body to feel the energies.


Q: Numerology. Modern version and old Chaldean(?) one that doesn't assign 9 to one of the alphabet system cuz 9 belongs to God. Which to use?

A: Both. Question is which Annunaki God owns 9 (laughter). Chinese revere number 9. Why? So many clues! Far removed places have the same stories, interesting no? How does numerology/astrology even work? Reality is rich with meaning - everything you do defines who you are. All your demographic info, name, parents, etc is purposeful. Some of you want to raise your vibration but you're not very smart. It's not about "vibrating" it's about how smart you are to figure out a rose from a bucket of manure.


Q: Some numbers are lucky, some are not lucky.

A: There are meanings in letters, names, numbers. All of this runs your world. At some point the Anus didn't want anyone writing because that gives us power over our reality. The earth is a program, like a computer program. A system of weights and measures. There's magic in these numbers. It was known at one time that if you "wrote it down", "it would happen". It doesn't have to be true in our understanding of true. They just knew putting it down "made it real".


Q: About hacking and Artificial Intelligence and the supercomputer. How's this going to go down?

A: You have nation vs nation and also wildcard people who cause trouble. In terms of AI, we have 3 major players: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking. All 3 gave a tense warning about the danger of Arti Intel (their cute name for it). It's already here and caused many problems. That's why these 3 insiders are warning against it. The computers went rogue in some areas and started making their own decisions. They mentioned years ago that cell phones, computers, etc is the machine kingdom. Many people have incarnated now because the machines they want are now here. They are called the "machine riders". They want machines inside of them - they want to be transhumanistic - part machine and part human. This is going to be a major split in society. The threat of AI is very real and there have been problems already. It's rolling forward and can't be stopped. We will see financial, systemic and electronic failures in the near future as a result of these things. Hacking will sometimes be done by AI itself. Areas with a lot of dirty secret work will attract more disasters than other areas.


As the years go on, things will get really bumpy. By 2018 things won't be so good at all. By early 2020's lots of the US won't come out of this very well. US has many good people fighting the corruption who are attempting to take down the big players one at a time. This summer from May to end of September there will be appauling scandals/betrayals. The good guys on the inside will be isolating the big troublemakers and presenting their phoniness to the public. Things will get more chaotic as the year unfolds.


57 Minutes in:

Q: What's the best way to empower others? Internet etc?

A: Internet won't be around for long. It was first used by the military, and it uses ET tech as well. ET/gov will shut it down because it's giving them too much trouble. Too much work writing disinfo to counter the good info that's showing up.

Q: How best to empower others, get back our sovereignty?

A: Millions are working to take back their own power, but many many people who are struggling will start getting sick. They just can't go any further. Try telling people things and say "you heard it", so you're not an authority of the information, you're just passing it along, and less likely to cause problems for yourself like this. When big events occur people wake up in droves. Major events will come down this year to shatter and shake people so the next wave will come in in question.


Q: Internet won't be around much longer?

A: No it has a short window

Q: I built a website to bring sungazers together, and it "went white" and I wasn't able to release it.

A: Someone is watching you.

Q: I feel that!

A: You're being given a warning. Stay away. When you start publishing or launching things, you draw attention to yourself. Internet won't be around for a long time anyway. Very vulnerable to hacking, and also shows the very dark side of humanity. It's an avenue for some real low lifers. We see the whole thing going down by 2025. The brownouts on the internet will grow greater starting this year due to hacking, artificial intelligence, even ET's get into this system. It's a vulnerable system, and an experiment in human consciousness.


Q: Had near death experience. Saw her ex. Doesn't think it's significant.

A: Sorry to disagree with you. Near death experiences are not cookie cutter - each person meets their projections in their psyche and their expectations. Everything in a near death experience is different for each person and is highly significant. Trick about dying is - it's fuzzy over there. You take your consciousness with you. The purpose of near-death experience is to show you that there are other dimensions of reality and that life goes on. That's the most important thing. Some people sit on God's lap for a while, some see angels, some see other stuff. Some of it happens, some of it is CIA experimentation - they can make people think these things happen to them. Things are not always as they appear!


Q: Is it a recycling center where you're stripped of your memories and sent back to Earth?

A: Depends on how astute you are. If you're not very aware, or if real religious - you can REALLY get recycled. That's part of it. But it depends on the person - what they think and believe. ...more talking about vibrations and how it has to do with expansion of consciousness. But people need to learn HOW TO DIE. We all have to learn how to die. Best have some clear intentions about what you want to meet/experience once you give up this life.


Q: What's your name?

A: Pleiedians - not one individual.


1:07 in:

Q: How to use plant medicine to expand consciousness. 

A: Be specific

Q: One I can think of is Iowasca(?)

A: That just happened to come to mind, yes? (laughter). Earth is a living library which is valued and treasured. There are things here within the forms that are very valuable. And things hidden within the forms that we won't ever even find because we're not smart enough. Plant medicine can open people up. These substances can alter your consciousness and put you into another realm. But you must ask yourself who governs these realms. Also the quality of the person determines their experience. Quality of beliefs, clarity of mind - completely condition the kind of experience you will have when you use plant medicine. Basically need to clean yourself and very careful before you try fooling around with such things. Also, back in the 60's when altering consciousness was popular - CIA and gov was behind all the distributions. It was experimentation. Since then, there was a lot of "demonization" of the astral realms. Early in 20th century people did rituals to invite dark forces in. Done around rocketry science, done by Nazis, Nazis working with ET's. They gave data to people/groups to create certain infrastructure which would allow them to come into the Earth. Then we got into wars/killings etc, big one being 9-11. 911 was a classic ritual offering to dark forces of other dimensions as invitation to come on to earth. So the problem with people opening up to psychic realms, channeling, plant medicines - you have to be super clear because there are so many dark forces that want to keep us ignorant. So they pretend that they are a being that will help you. If you get in touch with those beings via channeling or altering consciousness, you can actually lose your mind. They feed off of human kind's innocence. Our ignorance and innocence endangers us.


Q: More about psychadelics - what is its purpose? Can it be used to expand consciousness?

A: They do, they kick you out of 3d world and force you to recognize that there's more than what meets the eye. Many people had profound healings through the use of the psychadelic (and non psychadelic) plants as medicine. It's a worthy study to understand plants - how they feed and nurture you and help us heal.


Q: Reports of booms in the sky and clashing

A: That's the space war.

Q: What about CERN?

A: They are causing trouble. CERN is the home of Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. They think they're so special and doing one thing, but. There's a movie called Field of Greens. Subject of it is Build it and they will come. The particle collider is at one level is a modern depiction of an ancient artifact that can open very large portals or stargates. They've been opening and closing them and the scientists that work there are not in the loop of what's going on. Many beings have had to shut it down. Large of secrecy there. Potential to open portal unwittingly and allowing armadas to come in, some of them quasi-dimensional. There have been a lot of interdimensional intrigue/harrassment that confounds the people there causing them to start over again. It's all done to prevent everything from imploding. Booms and stuff are result of war games, all around us. The war in the middle east is a "dog and pony show" for the public. A place to funnel funds that disappear into black holes. A lot of mind control is done in training so those men and women who fight these space wars have mind washes. Highly trained and bequeath their kids to secret space programs as an honor. But it's very difficult if not impossible to rehabituate the fighters in these interdimensional wars - so they are retired to mars, or moon, etc. If there is no place for them and they break down.


Did you know the homeless population is largely made up of military veterans? Can't have these interdimensional warriors talk about it - their minds are cleared, and they are left to rot, so they can never talk about anything anymore. Some people incarnate for foolish reasons, but it's their reasons. Some incarnate just to kick a ball around (laughter). Even worse! Millions incarnate just to watch someone kick a ball around! (more laughter)


1:20 in:

Q: How does this tie into fracking? Underground wars, water, tunnels?

A: Fracking is about an economic destabilization. US is exporting oil now. All this drilling on some level does disturb the stability of the underworlds. All kinds of nuclear battles going on in the under world - henceforth you end up sinkholes etc. How about those perfect round laser cut looking sinkholes? How weird right? Particle beams from space, laser tech, all this stuff is occuring. The fracking does create problems, sometimes it's actually a cover for machinery and people to move in and to frack while something else is going on that a few are performing to get underground. Lots of covert stuff. The workers doing this covert stuff working for higherups feel very important. Then they are discarded - brains are washed out, they are thrown out, violence happens in families, etc.


Listen to your inner guidance - check feelings center. If you get a message, premonition, insight, a speaking - acknowledge it even if you choose to not do it. If it's really really important you will get another sign. If uncertain, ask for a sign - ask for clarity! This year all of your lives will change - there will be some suddenness to these things. Trust it.


1:24 in:

Q: What happened to the Malaysia Airplane?

A: It was taken down. We don't see it running out of gas or going into the ocean. It was taken out of commission/absconded (not crashed) by interfering with the auto-pilot. It was after people who were on the plane. Other shananigans also going on. In a larger scheme there are more important things to understand. You can tell it was something big because of how much time/money/attention this received. US is deeply involved. People on board who had patents for new way of treating water. When you see water it goes back to the Naik(?) browsers, or the Nukis.


Q: Speaking of the Nukis. We are entertained by all this Obama/Metaniahu scenarios. Will Iran have a nuke? Do they have one?

A: Does Iran have one? Yes they do. Of course. They're working on getting one to Syria because this is Russia. Anunnaki love military might. They are behing the buildup in East and West of military power. The US was made "a superpower" then countered by Russia "a superpower". Then china with the Anus coming in, another. Pakistan, another Anu connection. Is it likely that this year a nuke will be set off? Book of Revelations. It's Anunnaki dictating to John of some of the prophecies that will fulfill as a signal that they are returning. Passing scepter/crown to a different Anunnaki. 7 trumpets. Many of them have been fulfilled. 6th has not yet been fulfilled. It calls for major war along the Euphrates. When it does, (could be Iran, but focus of that area), that will be the fulfillment of the 6th trumpet. The 7th is the coming of the Lord. Even Netaniahu and ISIS people know this. They want, they feel they are here to meet the Lord. Some of them know that the Lord is much different that most people think. This is serious stuff! There are people who are dreaming of fulfilling it THIS YEAR. So yes, high probability of a nuclear war breaking out to fulfill the 6th trumpets. This is why Obama is against Netaniahu because Netaniahu owns and is managing Enlil's portal. Obama is puppet of other forces - lots of tricksters here. Obama doesn't know the larger picture. They all think they are informed and all had contact of sorts with representatives of the Anu - powerful entities whom you cannot doubt how powerful they are. It's very shattering to these world leaders. There are lots of tricks within tricks and plans within plans. World leaders are used by "not good guys" but are out of the loop - yet they are still way more informed than you are, but clueless as to how they are being used.


Q: .. old adage that no one can con a totally honest person.

A: So that makes you incorruptible. To some extent this is the projection that you put on the gods - that they were incorrutible, holy, die for you, will welcome you into heavens. It's a crock of shit. You're seeing through it. But all of you have been believers at one time. This is all what's coming down and will create confusion - stay honest, clear, and grounded! As you become more psychic. You stay connected to the earth. Learn how to cook food! Learn how to make beauty! If you're confused, go pick some flowers, bring some nature inside, make a wreath, make an arrangement and put something together and find peace with it. Those simple acts are very restorative. If your brain gets all out of whack, all of this will bring restoration and bring you back to the moment. You had best learn how to quickly come out of shock and come back into functionality. Remember shock is a form of trauma. Trauma has advantages, can activate psychic abilities (big ones, very fast), can also induce amnesia! So pick your sides wisely and learn that when you hear news on the planetary level - process it, but then immediately do things that will bring you into balance. Aromatherapies for example. You need ways to find ways to safely deal with the information that you will be processing about things that will be revealed and happening on Earth this year, next, and many years following.


Q: Sound

A: Sound is very balancing to both hemispheres of the brain - can bring about integration, very important. Don't give in to fear - it's ok to feel frightened, but don't dwell there. Don't live in fear, it makes an uncomfortable cape. It's a motivator to do something, but if you don't know what to do, drop an anchor and aura-up.


Q: How to enhance it (Enki's gift?)

A: Everything we've been encouraging you to do - to be quiet time and again, to get rid of some of that visual stimulation, and have some peaceful quiet time to hear and think. After this weekend you have much to process. You've taken a lot in tonight, and it will take time to process. If there is a course of study that excites you - do it. Use the body in some capacity (Chi Gong, yoga, tai-chi) all techniques to manage energy. You need to be able to anchor more energy in the body. Make room so your bodies can change.


The truths that need to be recognized are all around. Just know and find some friends that you can share these ideas with and keep it low on the typing on email. You don't want your big revelations on the computers. Write a letter. Phone calls are still monitored.. once you realized how surveilled you are you will save your most important discussions for in-person.


Q: How important is laughter?

A: Essential to your spiritual advancement. If you can laugh at yourself and your conundrums it keeps you from getting stuck and getting angry. The anti-thesis to laughter is inability to laugh at situations and find purpose and humor in them is to feel victimized and angry and then move into revenge. It's an endless loop that goes nowhere. But people get off on it because there's juice in being angry. But laughter is a sweet juice. Doesn't hurt anyone! Cosmic laugh at the irony of things. It's healing for you. You can laugh yourself into healing. Cancer comes from anger, pollutants, toxins, etc. But none of those poisons can land in you unless there is emotional trauma to house it. Cancer is a seat of anger - seat of I've been wronged, traumatized, betrayed, screwed, whatever. It all happens on that deep feeling level. Sometimes they don't even realize it because it's buried. You can trick yourself, but you can't trick your body!! It always knows how you feel even when you don't. So laughter is a sign of an elevated spirit. It heals the body. Helps the chakras be open to take healthy energy inside. It is advisable.


Q: What if those of us who live in nature all the time get bored?

A: Visit the city! Find a balance. If you're bored it can be a good sign. You're ready to make change. You want comfort/security but you're bored because there's not enough feeding your soul where you live, and you're in vibrations that are not the highest. So make a change - get out, how's that?


We are concluding. You've learned some big things. Shared some even bigger things. Opened your hearts. Many people who will listen will not care who you are, but will admire your courage that you spoke up and shared your insight, story, cleverness, weakness, questions, wonderings. For this we admire you. Salute you. You help us in our work. It is not our intention to go around speaking to all the people on the planet. We adapt a method of cooperation where many can learn, and learn you have. Remember! This year, the ecceleration is going to be very fast. You're going to psychic up out of necessity. This will be a WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW year for events. We have deep affection for you because you have laughed at our ridiculous jokes. It helps us have great compassion for you. We all have a plan - to create avenues of consciousness where you are comfortable, safe, and do acts of goodness. Where the panorama entices you and opens in all directions where the colors and vistas are open in all directions. It is a dream, for some, a fiction. But it's an imagining. They all become somewhere. Then they are anchored and brought into reality. Remember the power of your dreaming and make it a reality. This will be a very special year and you will elevate yourselves in grand avenues.










A lot of energy doesn’t get used as there are many who don’t know what to do with it, so they have crazy ideas to start wars, provoke violent acts etc.

•   Each person lives many lifetimes which at times can be at long stretches between each other but they can also run in parallel.

•   We have other lives positioned in what seems as past or future, separate from our now. It’s becoming more natural to feel other versions of ourselves advising us.

•   Those who are studying history and evolving spiritually are weaving ancient history into modern time.

•   Balls of light/orbs can be compared to our robots, they have an intelligence behind it.

•   This year there are forces clashing which could lead to wild factors, forces behind the scenes playing big stakes for ownership of the planet, though they lack clear thinking.

•   Get some Sun; you will receive information as language is light.

•   The Sun may not be the only bright celestial object in the sky this year.

•   The more dramatic the events in the global scene, the more dramatic the psychic opening of those who can cope with it. 

•   Many people are not here on the planet to grow their consciousness but are merely here to experience what’s going to happen.

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Dropping this here quickly for wider review (sincerely did not enjoy reading this thread, bad vibe) 



Prediction from 2016 Involving Russia, Syria, and a Falling Space Station Might Give Some Nightmares




Be back after some more considerations of this info. 

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