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What ARE the Strange noises EARTH is making..??

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‘The Hum’ leaves village ears ringing

By John O’Mahony, Killarney

Thursday, March 01, 2012

"They are pleading with the Government to investigate the source of the constant, pulsating, low-frequency noise that cannot be traced despite repeated efforts.

Frustrated locals in a rural part of Beaufort, 15km from Killarney, have been hearing the bizarre noise since early last year but cannot find what is causing it.

Resident Barry Lynch said: "The first time we heard it was in Apr 2011 and it has been there 24/7 since then. We are nearly gone out of our minds because we can’t get a decent night of sleep and it’s there all day, every day.

"There are no mobile phone masts, windmills or generators in the area and the ESB has assured us that the problem is not due to any high-tension wires in the area.

"We thought the noise might be coming from water pumps installed in the area by Kerry County Council but an engineer switched the pumps off for a trial period and the noise was still there."


"It has become known as "The Hum" and is described in some reports as a worldwide phenomenon involving a mysterious, persistent and invasive low-frequency humming noise.

Complaints have been received from residents in several locations around the globe, including England, New Mexico, and New Zealand.

"It’s absolutely wearing us down and we are crying out for a good night’s sleep before our health starts to give," said Mr Lynch."


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What's causing the mysterious sounds coming from the sky that are so loud they set off car alarms?

Ted Thornhill

March 5, 2012

"Mysterious sounds have been heard booming from the sky all around the world – in some cases they were so loud they set off car alarms.

The unsettling noises were heard recently from Europe to Canada, sounding like groans and powerful horns.

In Germany noises coming from the sky were recorded on a video camera and uploaded to YouTube, with car alarms clearly heard going off in the background."


'The internet has been buzzing with theories about what the sounds could be, with suggestions such as Jesus returning and the world ending put forward. '

"But experts have said that there are rational explanations.

University of Saskatchewan physics professor Jean-Pierre St. Maurice told CTV that it’s electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts."


Shedding light on the matter: Could auroras be responsible for the strange noises being heard far and wide?

Read article at


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if they are from electromagnetic 'aurora' discharge then how come this phenomenon has not been noticed until now?

notice how these sounds are reported in predominantly christian areas?

are they man made (proj BB) to rally the religious indoctrination in line with msm 2012 hype?

if i was a devout christian, after reading revelations on top of msm/conspiracy world bombardment about this (pseudo) end of times in 2012 would have only one explanation to the phenomenon, that being jeshua is coming back and the trumpets of the heavens are proclaiming it

holographic images to follow, (after Damascus burning)

the term used in the circles of control is 'pre conditioning' or action predicted reaction i believe

just my thoughts on the matter

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Something's rattling small Wisconsin town

By the CNN Wire Staff

Mon March 19, 2012

"CNN) -- Mysterious explosions. Unexplained shaking. Something's going on in Clintonville, Wisconsin, but nobody seems to know what it is.

The sounds -- variously described as rattling pipes, clanging metal, thunder or firecrackers -- have continued on and off since early Sunday night in just one part of the small town of 4,600, located about 180 miles northeast of Madison.

Accompanying the sounds are vibrations that have shaken homes and household objects in the northeast corner of town, city manager Lisa Kuss said."

The sounds were loud enough Monday morning that a CNN journalist could hear them during a cell phone conversation with Kuss."


"While the Wisconsin sounds have yet to be explained, mysterious booming noises are not all that unusual. Recent media accounts include reports from North Carolina, Idaho, Tennessee and others.

U.S. Geological Survey scientist David Hill even published a paper in 2011 called, "What is That Mysterious Booming Sound?"

In it, he said such sounds are so commonplace in upstate New York, they earned the nickname "Seneca guns." They're also well enough known to be named by residents of Belgium, the countries around the Bay of Bengal, Italy and Japan, among other places, he wrote.

While the specific source of such sounds is rarely found, natural explanations abound, Hill said."

Read entire story here...


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Going to add a video here from Dutchsinse....about these noises in Wisconsin...very very interesting...

Uploaded by dutchsinse on Mar 23, 2012

Clintonville Wisconsin -- be sure to search the terms ... "marathon wisconsin volcano" ... "caldron reservoir" .. and "lake superior volcanic" . The nuclear power plant to the east is called the Kewaunee plant .. all these sites have ONE thing in common... deep earth shafts... pumped or filled full of water.... add in craton/plate pressure and a bit of deep earth magma surge underneath the plate as it gets pushed by the Pacific unrest... and you get underground explosions in Wisconsin near a dormant volcanic site.

Dormant Volcano, Fracking , or Nuclear plant !!! JUST LIKE ALL THE REST .. we see within about 20 miles or less... remember GEORGIA??? Just a few months ago? strange "explosion" reports coming out of the ground... REMEMBER WHAT I FOUND ?!!! here it is again in case you didnt see , or in case you forgot ! http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/11132011-georgia-earthquake-near-d...

Georgia had reports of the SAME kind of activity just a few month ago in Nov. 2011 .. turns out .. VULCAN MINING COMPANY was mining Georgia's Pigeon Mountain dormant/extinct volcano just 19 miles WEST of the town that was reporting the ground explosions. YOU MUST READ THE ABOVE GEORGIA ARTICLE if you're going to understand whats going on in Wisconsin.

Coordinates of Clintonville WI to view on google earth: 44°37'40.01"N , 88°45'24.44"W

Marathon County volcanic chain is just one county west .. 20 miles approx.

check out several of these MSM reports over on Sheilaaliens page : thanks for covering this sheila !!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/sheilaaliens or on her website .. http://www.sheilaaliens.net

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Mysterious Sounds And Rumble Now Being Reported In Montello, 80 Miles South of Clintonville

March 21, 2012

Mysterious Sounds And Rumble Now Being Reported In Montello, 80 Miles South of Clintonville

"The strange sounds heard over three straight nights in Clintonville, Wisconsin, have now been reported 70 miles to the south in Montello. What are they?

Also, officials in Montello are reporting an unidentifiable slimy sludge has invaded the waste water system, never seen before. Can it have something to do with the weird booming noises residents of both towns are reporting?"

In Clintonville this evening, a town meeting is being held with city officials doing their best to answer questions and allay fears.

But, they admit, so far they have no explanation for the mysterious, thunderous booms shaking the ground in both far-flung towns.

Residents are bracing for another sleepless night, even for those not in the affected areas, because of the unease and fear this phenomenon is causing.

Why is it happening only at night? Are aliens starting to work the night shift?"


Here is another one about the noises in Clintonville, Wisconsin..

USGS: Micro-quake near Wis. city bothered by booms


Thursday, March 22, 2012

(03-22) 17:16 PDT MILWAUKEE (AP) --

"A minor earthquake occurred this week near the eastern Wisconsin city where researchers have been investigating a series of unexplained booming sounds, federal geologists said Thursday.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the 1.5 magnitude earthquake struck Tuesday just after midnight in Clintonville, a town of about 4,600 people about 40 miles west of Green Bay.

Geophysicist Paul Caruso told The Associated Press that loud booming noises have been known to accompany earthquakes. It's possible the mysterious sounds that town officials have been investigating are linked to the quake, he said."


So now they say it's an uncharted earthquake...but didn't they say it wasn't an earthquake? Now it is an earthquake...but then, how about the  noises 80 miles away...hmmmm???

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Mystery noise rattles neighbourhood

March 22, 2012



"A neighbourhood in Barrie's northwest end was rattled Tuesday night when a "sonic boom" brought residents out of their homes.

Rob Higgins and his two sons were watching TV around 10 p.m. when a loud noise, described as jet plane breaking the sound barrier, ripped through the Wallace Drive home"


"Originally, I thought it was some huge thing was thrown at our house. Not a car, but maybe a big barrel or something large," he said. "I went outside a realized everyone heard something and it couldn't have just been our house."


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Clintonville booms:Residents say recent shaking worst yet

March 29, 2012

Written by

Carrie Antlfinger

Associated Press

"MILWAUKEE — Geological officials said Wednesday they are considering putting a seismometer in a Wisconsin city where a small earthquake was recorded last week after strong booms and rumblings shook residents once again.

? Clintonville booms: U.S. Geological Survey asks residents to report events to website

Clintonville police received 65 calls Tuesday night between 10:35 p.m. and 11:40 p.m. and another 19 calls came in between 3:25 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Clintonville Police Chief Terry Lorge said. Several of the booms were heard by officials at City Hall, he said.

Residents reported the most recent booming as the worst yet, city administrator Lisa Kuss said. Most of the previous calls came in from March 18 to March 20, when a 1.5-magnitude earthquake was detected by the U.S. Geological Survey. The calls had since decreased."

Mysterious Booms Coming From Underground !! - Clintonville WI !!


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That noise was not thunder, Pocono residents say

March 31, 2012

"Strong thunderstorms hit the Poconos Friday night, moving through shortly after 10 p.m. and continuing for at least a half hour, but the weather event that had folks talking was a loud sonic-like boom that shook houses at about 10:15 p.m.

Gilda Spiotta of Long Pond said, “The shaking last night lasted unusually long. Didn't sound like thunder, didn't feel like thunder, was wondering if something happened on 380/80; tanker accident.”

Another Long Pond resident, Lorene R. Allman-Mars: "My son was at the back door letting the dogs out and he reported that he saw a large flash of light fill the sky toward/above the FedEx distribution site on 940, then he heard a loud boom. It didn't look like lightning, it looked like a bomb blew up in the air. I was on the second floor of the house; I didn't see anything but I heard the boom and felt it shake the house. I actually felt it under my feet. The floors shook; I have never felt lightning shake the house like that before and we've been up here 20 years!"

Read entire story at...


Did You Hear That Boom? Residents Report Saturday Night Sounds that Shook Homes

"Police said they searched the area but couldn't confirm the cause of the noises. They said fireworks are a possibility."

By Jessica Schrader

Ferndale, Michigan

"Ferndale Police are investigating what might have caused three loud booms and light flashes that shook homes and concerned many local residents Saturday night.

The booms were heard around 9:30-10 p.m. and may have originated near the area of Hilton and Marshall. More than 40 people posted on Ferndale Patch's Facebook page about the incidents — describing flashes of light seen in the sky, their homes vibrating with the noise, and helicopters heard overheard following the sounds.

A Ferndale Police dispatcher said last night at 12:30 a.m. that they investigated the noise but could not find its cause. He said fireworks were a possibility."


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For those  that can hear these "noises"...,

I expect them to get more frequent and more intense.

[move] :-*:-* :-*:-* :-*:-*[/move]

I'll just say this here. won't be commenting on it, so a new thread dosen't makes sense to me.

Even if this is off topic...

Well what I have to say is...

Soon the light show should begin!

[move] :-*:-* :-*:-* :-*  :-*[/move]

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Loud Boom, Shaking Reported Around County  SAN DIEGO

10News Viewers Report Noise, Shaking Friday Morning

April 13, 2012

10News asked its Facebook fans if they felt it and well over 100 people responded

"Sallene Leang was working at a Seaport Village store when she felt the shaking.

"What I heard this morning … just the doors rattling; I didn't know what it was. I didn't think it was an earthquake because the ground wasn't shaking," said Leang.

The U.S. Geological Survey confirmed the shaking was not an earthquake. A representative from MCAS Miramar said they did not know what caused the booming sound.

Midway-area resident Carol Hill told 10News she thought the loud sound was her neighbor banging on her windows.

"All at once there was a knocking noise and a rumbling vibration on my kitchen window," Hill said."

One person said: "We felt it in Coronado but it did not feel like an earthquake. We thought it felt like an explosion or something."

Another Facebook fan said: "I live by Gillespie Field … I thought it was a jet taking off."

The National Weather Service has ruled out that the noise was caused by anything weather-related."


Then later on a couple minor eq were reported as having hit LA but not near San Diego, and at 1.4 and a 1.9  neither of which were in San Diego..

"A 1.4 magnitude quake struck Friday April 13, 2012, USGS reports to news, at roughly 8:18 AM PST. The quake was ninety-three miles from San Diego. The quake was north east of town, located closest to Indio, USGS tells news. The only other quake around that time was a 1.9 magnitude quake. But that quake was centered out near Seeley."


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NorCal Sonic Boom Possible Meteor Impact

April 22, 2012

leonid-meteor-shower.jpgnbc pic

This is from a very active Leonid meteor shower, but you get the idea.

"People in Northern California and Nevada reported hearing a loud boom in the sky above the Sierra Sunday morning.

The Tuolumne County sheriff's department said they are investigating the possibility that it might have been the physical impact of an overnight meteor shower. Some people in the Tahoe area said they saw what they believed to be a meteor just prior to the sound. Others said they saw a fireball streak across the sky at the same time.

People who live in in Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County, Placer County, Tuolumne County, Amador County and Nevada County contacted our sister station in Sacramento. KCRA is reporting that they heard the sound just after 8:30 a.m.

The Associated Press reported the explosion rattled windows and shook houses from Reno to Winnemucca in Nevada, and from the Sacramento to Bakersfield."


There was also a reported meteor streak in the South Bay Sunday morning at 7:50 a.m. Don Hirschfeld said he was at the Capitol Flea market when he saw a brilliant green streak race across the San Jose sky in the northeast direction. Hirshfeld said it lasted just a few seconds, but caught bargain shoppers' attention. There was no boom in the San Jose event and the streak ended with burn up flashes.


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Um....I give - what light show?


Explosion, fireball reported in Nevada, California

Some people reported seeing a brilliant light streak across the sky at the same time. Sightings occurred over roughly a 600-mile line across the two states, including Reno, Elko and North Las Vegas in Nevada, and the San Francisco, Sacramento and Bakersfield areas in California.

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A Possible explanation for those sounds??

Invention of radio

"Radio antennas radiate electromagnetic waves that can reach the receiver either by ground wave propagation, by refraction from the ionosphere, known as sky wave propagation, and occasionally by refraction in lower layers of the atmosphere (tropospheric ducting). The ground wave component is the portion of the radiated electromagnetic wave that propagates close to the Earth's surface. It has both direct-wave and ground-reflected components. The direct-wave is limited only by the distance from the transmitter to the horizon plus a distance added by diffraction around the curvature of the earth. The ground-reflected portion of the radiated wave reaches the receiving antenna after being reflected from the Earth's surface. A portion of the ground wave energy radiated by the antenna may also be guided by the Earth's surface as a ground-hugging surface wave"


Tropospheric ducting

"Tropospheric ducting is a type of radio propagation that tends to happen during periods of stable, anticyclonic weather. In this propagation method, when the signal encounters a rise in temperature in the atmosphere instead of the normal decrease (known as a temperature inversion), the higher refractive index of the atmosphere there will cause the signal to be bent. Tropospheric ducting affects all frequencies, and signals enhanced this way tend to travel up to 800 miles (1,300 km) (though some people have received "tropo" beyond 1,000 miles / 1,600 km), while with tropospheric-bending, stable signals with good signal strength from 500+ miles (800+ km) away are not common when the HA JA JA index of the atmosphere is fairly high.

Tropospheric ducting of UHF television signals is relatively common during the summer and autumn months, and is the result of change in the refractive index of the atmosphere at the boundary between air masses of different temperatures and humidities. Using an analogy, it can be said that the denser air at ground level slows the wave front a little more than does the rare upper air, imparting a downward curve to the wave travel.

Ducting can occur on a very large scale when a large mass of cold air is overrun by warm air. This is termed a temperature inversion, and the boundary between the two air masses may extend for 1,000 miles (1,600 km) or more along a stationary weather front.

Temperature inversions occur most frequently along coastal areas bordering large bodies of water. This is the result of natural onshore movement of cool, humid air shortly after sunset when the ground air cools more quickly than the upper air layers. The same action may take place in the morning when the rising sun warms the upper layers.

Even though tropospheric ducting has been occasionally observed down to 40 MHz, the signal levels are usually very weak. Higher frequencies above 90 MHz are generally more favourably propagated.

High mountainous areas and undulating terrain between the transmitter and receiver can form an effective barrier to tropospheric signals. Ideally, a relatively flat land path between the transmitter and receiver is ideal for tropospheric ducting. Sea paths also tend to produce superior results.

In certain parts of the world, notably the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf, tropospheric ducting conditions can become established for many months of the year to the extent that viewers regularly receive quality reception of signals over distances of 1,000 miles (1,600 km). Such conditions are normally optimum during very hot settled summer weather.

Tropospheric ducting over water, particularly between California and Hawaii, Brazil and Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia, Strait of Florida, and Bahrain and Pakistan, has produced VHF/UHF reception ranging from 1000 to 3,000 miles (1,600 – 4,800 km).

Tropospheric signals exhibit a slow cycle of fading and will occasionally produce signals sufficiently strong for noise-free stereo, reception of Radio Data System(RDS) data, and solid locks of HD Radio streams on FM or noise-free, color TV pictures.

Virtually all long-distance reception of digital television occurs by tropospheric ducting (due to most, but not all, DTV stations broadcasting in the UHF band)."


SAO/NASA ADS Physics Abstract Service

"The propagation mechanisms of ultra-short radio waves and microwaves are governed by the composition of the troposphere and their space-time structure of the refractive index field. Useful effects are obtained by chaff clouds concerning communication channels, masking of targets or meteorological research. A wide field of posiibilities seems to be within the scope of weather modification experiments. But due to the huge variability of cloud and rain parameters only minor propagation changes are to be expected. A successful application of remotely determining atmospheric temperature profiles is the modulation of the atmospheric refractive index field by sound waves and tracking the acoustic wave fronts by a Doppler radar (Radio Acoustic Sounding System). Oil and alga slicks on water surfaces may change the reflection/scattering and emission properties for radar waves. They also suppress evaporation which may influence the development of tropical storms but just so evaporation duct propagation of microwaves."


Now once again...why did we go digital and ditch UHF VHF frequencies??

Read this info and think about it...does it explain the sounds we are hearing...

tx kdog

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May 21, 2012

"AN investigation has been launched into the cause of a mysterious boom which shook buildings across the Island on Saturday afternoon.

Hundreds of Islanders reported hearing a loud bang – similar to a sonic boom – at 1.04 pm.

The boom was so loud it rattled doors and windows from Gorey to St Ouen and even measured on the Island’s seismograph in St Aubin.

But despite speculation that the noise was caused by a military jet travelling faster than the speed of sound, Jersey Airport has confirmed that no aircraft capable of causing such a noise was in the Island’s airspace at the time.

And Jersey Met Office has confirmed that it is unlikely that any meteorological phenomenon could have caused the noise."


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Sonic boom’ caused tremors felt across the north of Scotland

May 23, 2012

"A sonic boom has been blamed for tremors that were felt by residents across the north of Scotland.

The strange vibrations were phoned into police late on Tuesday night by people in Cults, Inverbervie, Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Cove, and even Arbroath.

A spokesman for Grampian Police confirmed the reports and said the force had received around a dozen calls between 8.45pm and 11.15pm on Tuesday.

He said: “Grampian Police can confirm that following the numerous reports from members of the public who felt 'tremors' during the evening of Tuesday, May 22, the British Geological Survey have reported no significant seismic activity. No reports of injuries or damage have been received.

“The Ministry of Defence have confirmed that they regularly conduct supersonic flight over sea around the whole of the UK, when aircraft do fly at such speeds a sonic boom is created that could be mistaken for an explosion or a tremor."

gee...if this is done on a regular basis...wouldn't the people be aware of what it is??

Read the whole story for the explanation given...


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West Michigan puzzled over Sunday night booms

May 30, 2012

"WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - People are buzzing over what could have possibly caused a loud boom and violent shaking last night and this morning throughout West Michigan.

The reports came in from people in Calhoun, Branch and Kalamazoo Counties.

People from all over say they felt and heard it, but Newschannel Three has only heard of one case of actual damage happening during the same time.

John Nieuwenhuis, who lives in Oshtemo, says that he felt and heard the explosion, which shook his entire house.

"Where the two trees are parallel and something completely scrapped both trees off at the same height and laid them to the west," said Nieuwenhuis.

Nieuwenhuis called the fire department but after extensively searching, they couldn't find the source of an explosion.

"I've never seen anything like this, we cut down trees, we log trees and what could have taken this down I have no idea," said Nieuwenhuis.

Newschannel Three tried to search into what might have caused the explosions but, it was a clear night and there was no earthquake activity reported anywhere in the Midwest.

Air Traffic Control in Kalamazoo says no planes were in the area that might have broken the sound barrier."


OK...no planes...no sonic boom...no earthquake....but it took two trees down...hmmm vibrations it would seem ...?? 

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Strange Unexplained Sounds Detected in Pacific Ocean


NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) have detected various unexplained sounds from deep in the Pacific Ocean. This article lists the most baffling ones that scientists can’t figure out.

For the past 20+ years, scientists have been listening to different noises coming out of the deep oceans and have recorded seismic activity sounds, ice noise and various marine population and migration sounds.  But along with these discoveries, there have also been a few sounds that are unexplainable and have not been identified yet.  Various theories have been proposed to account for these sounds such as an unknown marine animal, ice sheet splitting or becoming unstable and even aliens and UFO’S have been discussed.  Below is a list of the most powerful unexplained sounds along with a sample of the actual recording for each."


The Bloop Noise

This sound was detected in 1997 by NOAA and is an ultra-low frequency but extremely powerful noise.  The sound was traced to a very remote part of the Pacific Ocean that is located west of the Southern tip of South America.  The sound that was recorded resembles a living animal but it does not match any known marine creatures and it was several times louder than any other marine animal.  The sound also was picked up by multiple hydrophone sensors that were 5,000 kilometers apart, making the sound the farthest reaching sound ever found in the ocean

Read the whole story here...


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Source Of Loud Boom In Foothills A Mystery

August 24, 2012

"EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – People from all over El Dorado County say they’re hearing loud booms several times a week, but there are many theories on what is causing them.

“I thought it was thunder,” said one person.

“It’s definitely not thunder; too consistent. I thought it was just mining,” said another person.

“I always considered them to be sonic booms from flying aircrafts for years,” said Loring Brunius, owner of Sierra Rock Diamond Quarry.

People who live near Pleasant Valley say their days have been interrupted by loud booms, shaking the floor beneath them.

“You can feel it in the ground, no question about it. But no one’s been able to figure out why,” said Pleasant Valley resident Peter O’Grady. “I tend to hear somewhere between four to six of these things during the weekdays usually between 11 p.m. and 2 p.m.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom just like that,” said Lorren Gonzales, who lives near Pleasant Valley.

And the rolling foothills of El Dorado County make it difficult for them to even tell where it’s coming from."

Read story here


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what do the sounds have in common with

Canis Major (Sirius)

the Voyager spacecraft

the evidence is compelling

its an answer back in the language thought we would understand?

or is it directed to the whales?

please watch the following carefuly

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