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Some new images to enjoy in the moment...

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"My local grocery store reserved a parking spot for fat people to grill in."

I was really enjoying taking advantage of my new favorite picnic spot, that is until some cop started yelling at me for some reason... 

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Crazy cute range of Teabags....yes, teabags....



There was an interview article of the company owner.

He said that he himself stays behind in the company till wee hours making these up by HANDS!!! ROFL

Anyway, the company was supposed to deal with freshly caught fish and all, somehow this teabag business has been more focused. The demand is high and their stock has ran out very fast and many of them are on waiting list for restock. I want the raccoon one!!! LOL


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Anyone loves the sound of Yoshimura Muffler for motor bikes?

I was cracking up as I came across to this report of a special Yoshimura System muffler.

It's not for motor bikes.

It's for the Light Weight TRUCKs.(≧▽≦)


Well apparently it helps the performance of the truck, but the cost is like A$930 for titanium cover/A$750 for stainless cover.

These were specially created for Suzuki and Mazda trucks. 



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WTH! Anyway it's all ok now.

Eels in Seals, a Slippery Situation

How does an eel end up in the nose of a seal?

December 5, 2018



Photo: NOAA Fisheries/Brittany Dolan

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