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Some new images to enjoy in the moment...

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13 signs that prove South Africa is anything but ordinary

from 2015, but truly timeless pictures  Katy Scott

"Lets take a trip through South Africa and stop to look at these hilarious signs along the way...  


Image Credits: Africa, this is why I live here

Ah sweet South Africa, you never fail to make us laugh. And no, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you, because we South Africans are all a little crazy." 

1. Anything illegal is more than "fine"

Marcus DeWaal l Facebook.comAfricaThisIsWhyILiveHere

snip   please visit the link for the rest, it is worth it.  I love South Africa, a truly unique land and so special!



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Another busy night at all the British henge sites as staff work all night to move the stones forward by an hour.




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