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Only 25 Percent Of The Population Can See All 39 Colors In This Chart


How many can you see?

" Bear with me while I bring up “The Dress” one last time — don't worry, though, it's not what you think. There is a scientific reason some people saw the dress as black and blue while others saw it as white and gold, and it has to do with the distribution of color receptors in our eyes. Diana Derval, an expert in neuromarketing, posted a visual test on LinkedIn, which can determine the type of vision a person has. The test is a color spectrum consisting of 39 unique colors. The number of hues a person can differentiate on the chart points to the amount of color receptors, or cones, that person has. If you see fewer than 20 colors, you, like a quarter of the population, are a dichromat, meaning you have two types of color receptors. Those who see between 20 and 32 colors — the majority of the population — are trichromats, with three different color receptors. And those who see 32 to 39 colors (this is me!) have four types of cones in their eyes. They're the tetrachromats, a group that makes up about a quarter of the population. Tetrachromats, in addition, would have been less likely to be tricked by optical illusions, like that which defined the debate over the color of “The Dress.”

"I'm sure we all recall "the dress"




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Image may contain: text

This reminded me of a recent visit from one of my sons and 6 year old granddaughter.

Son asks could you please get my water bottle out of the car, to which she replied, without making eye contact, if you give me a minty.

No you can't have a minty.

Dad got his own water bottle.

I believe he is sharpening his skills in hostage negotiation, for the future.


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Weather pattern shaped like penis over Toowoomba


RESIDENTS have been left in stitches after an unusual-shaped weather system was seen approaching Toowoomba.

The storm was seen advancing on Toowoomba from Armidale and had an unusual resemblance to male sexual organs, The Chronicle reports.

Nicko Mickle noticed the system on a weather website and capture the hilarious moment.

“Crazy storm on its way to Queensland, looks likes old Toowoomba is about to cop a flogging too.”

Others were quick to see the hilarity of the image.

Bruce Mcguigan said: “It’s about to get a hammering.”

Jake Cotter was more concerned about Dalby which he said was in the “firing range”.

Jamie Spear channelled a weather reporter and said: “Looks like strong penetration rapidly moving in likely to produce extreme wet and windy conditions throughout the inner regions.”


Today the Bureau of Meteorology says the weather will be mostly sunny with a slight chance of showers during this afternoon and evening.



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